LaserAllanhey there anyone know what the equivalent of net-snmp-utils is on ubuntu 1404?00:19
PenguinMan98I revoked root access to my ubuntu vps and created a user and now I'm not sure which username I picked. I can't get in. What options might I have?04:33
PenguinMan98I have the password04:38
PenguinMan98Just not the username04:38
ubuntu_Does anybody know where the drivers are in the linux kernel for 3g/4g i don't see anything in drivers/net  saying 3g/4g?04:50
ubuntu_Does anybody know device drivers for 3g/4g are yet incorportated into the linux kernel source i am still on  versions in the 3.xxx04:54
PenguinMan98I can't seem to get a straight answer from the net about the case sensitivity of the username I last picked04:56
PenguinMan98If I was connected via SSH and I set the username with a capital, could it be that trying to connect via ssh restricts me to only lowercase and thus I can't get in at all?04:58
cncr04sits case sensitive05:09
cncr04susually only lowercase05:09
ubuntu_you think the linux kernel would have support for 3g/4g even though most computers are only now providing it "hardware builtin " i bet. So it has to be in the andriod source code obviously so why didn't they add it to the linux source code. I would imagine driver writers for the 3/4g  arm  andriod phones would make it more arch independent to built to an x64/8605:11
ubuntu_Plus you can build the andriod source for x86/64 they have iso versions that you can mount on a loop device and search through for the 3/4g drivers maybe its just my older 3.xxx os's05:13
ubuntu_I have to look into eventually05:13
PenguinMan98I got in!07:40
happyBoyI just upgraded my ubuntu into 16.0410:49
happyBoyI just tried to run my local server by typing localhost on my browser it says file not found10:49
happyBoyanything that I have done something wrong10:50
bekksDo you have webserver installed?10:50
happyBoysorry for the delayed reply11:00
happyBoyI am using codeigniter and I think the apache server works because it is using codeigniter's 404 message as its message saying page not found11:01
happyBoyhow do I check whether apache is working in ubuntu 16.0411:16
bekksCheck its logs?11:18
happyBoyyup it is working11:19
albechdoes anyone know if there is a repository that has dspam in it? i know it is a rather old and unsupported spamfilter, but it is still the best there is. I know it is a rather old filter, but its still the best around13:28
albechi can see it was in 14.04 LTS13:29
albechheh, what pat? ;)13:32
i-!info dspam16:05
ubottuPackage dspam does not exist in xenial16:05
andolalbech: Assuming that you are fine with it not being unmaintained, how about just grabbing the trusty package?16:25
albechandol: is it possible to install a package from trusty?16:49
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showazhi, script "/etc/init.d/samba" not restart "/etc/init.d/winbind"18:06
showazubuntu very old samba versions 4.3 (4.4/4.5rc1 fixed all bugs (no ned patches bugfix))18:07
andolalbech: A lot of the time you can, all depending on the dependencies.18:16
showazandol: "dependency hell" technology18:21
albechandol: guess i could also compile it on a different vm18:35
albechnot a fan of having development tools/code on production machines18:36
showazandol: https://i.imgur.com/3W3HSxL.png dpkg-buildpackage / debuild / dh … hell duplicate tools18:36
SupaYoshiHi, im trying to setup a FTP server on my Ubuntu box, however I want to set it up with a usermanager, so I don't want to create local users, on the hsot it self.18:37
albechshowaz: haha18:38
SupaYoshiDoes nyone have a suggestion for a program i shhould use?18:38
albechSupaYoshi: depends on what you expect from the ftp server18:39
albechSupaYoshi: except ftp transfers ofcourse18:40
SupaYoshisecurity tls ssl18:40
showazSupaYoshi: pureftp+(FTP-over_TLS)+sql?18:40
albechSupaYoshi: pureftp is nice with sql for user management18:41
albechas showaz said18:41
showazSupaYoshi: /etc/passwd | sql |ldap | etc auth...18:41
SupaYoshithanks :D18:41
albechif you have lots of users or look for web integration18:41
SupaYoshithat's what i needed, sql support ahts great.18:41
showaz+ optimize limits for pureftpd18:42
showazanti-brute, traffic speed control, etc18:42
patdk-lapheh? ftp over tls works?18:43
showazPersonally I prefer ssh and the only keyauth.18:43
patdk-lapftps doesn't work with nat18:44
albechi dont really like ftp at all ;)18:44
SupaYoshiMe neither, but some end users need it for access to their webdirectory on my server :p18:45
showazalbech: mass hosting?18:45
SupaYoshii use ssh keys myself, but yeah..18:45
albechshowaz: what you mean?18:46
showazI think now the most attractive option and ssh authentication public key in the user's home folder, but we must immediately impose strong restrictions on the use of ssh for example only to transfer files and possibly versioning type ".git".18:48
albechi dont really have that problems as most of my users have their own VMs18:50
showaznew hosting panel can ssh only to transfer data, plesk 17prerelease even .git repository for the site supports18:50
showazkvm + dedup memory?18:50
patdk-lapwhy aren't you limiting ssh to using sftp?18:59
jonahhey does anyone here know a good solution to mirroring an ubuntu server and offering failover? I have a server already running and a spare that's the same hardware, it would be great to use the spare to provide mirroring and auto failover - even a bit of load balancing too if possible. i've read about drbd and it seems a bit tricky to set up and also a bit risky at block level... what do others use here?19:09
bekksjonah: We are using Veritas StorageFoundation HA or Infoscale Availability for clustering - on supported OS.19:10
jonahbekks: StorageFoundation HA eh? hmmm]19:11
bekksjonah: SFHA is from Symantec, InfoScale (the successor) is from Veritas.19:13
SupaYoshiokay ive got it working.. em, but the file creation is done by the user, i think i want files to be created by www-data19:16
SupaYoshiI want proftpd to be able to write files as www-data, so that the permissions are correctly set (755 for dirs, and 644 for fiels)19:26
albechSupaYoshi: thought you went with pureftp?19:28
SupaYoshiOh i em, went with ProFTPD... oops19:32
SupaYoshiI'll restart. haha19:32
KALASHubuntu is for niggers. use debian21:08
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