mimecargood morning09:46
Flohackdobey: Hi this is Florian they guy lots of backup questions ;)10:09
Flohackdobey: progress report, I´ve managed to get a Nexus 5 backup device, flashed it with current OTA and restored all data to the phone ;)10:10
Flohackdobey: So I can say, a restore is nearly 100% possible, with a few BUT´s...10:10
Flohackdobey: Some applications seem to not expect a restore. Google Calendar does not start (or is it a Nexus issue?). The media gallery does not provide any thumbnails, also not for new pictures, this is weird10:11
mimecarjoin #innerzaurus11:18
gihelhello, battery seems to drain faster with ota 12, any reason ?13:32
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DPAHi, is there a way to change the time to utc time in ubuntu touch? I can set it to other time zones, but not UTC...19:10
mediaoneondra help!20:48
mediaoneGarret ru thr?20:57
KALASHis this a channel for nigger child touchers idk what ubuntu-touch is21:12
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mediaonecan anybody help me with rebuilding an ubuntu.img21:38
SebthreeBQM10HDanyone about?22:01

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