brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:06
AzelphurQuestion, has anyone here used the BT OpenReach fiber modems connected directly to a PC?13:35
AzelphurI am wanting to bypass my router to diagnose a fault13:35
penguin42they run PPPoE don't they - never dealt with them13:38
Azelphurpenguin42: yea they do13:43
MartijnVdSinstall a PPPoE client on the PC and that should then work14:28
* penguin42 assumes NM can do that14:46
diddledanAzelphur: I've done it with pfsense14:54
AzelphurMartijnVdS / diddledan having some luck, I have installed pppd, copied the pppd config from my router to the PC, dialed and got a ppp0 interface with the right IP address15:01
Azelphurbuuuut, no internet connectivity. Ideas?15:01
diddledando you have a default route assigned by pppd? (route -n)15:01
Azelphurdiddledan, route -n reports a single row with iface ppp015:03
diddledanok it's not put-in your ISP's gateway then I guess15:03
Azelphuralthough it has a gateway of, that doesn't sound right15:03
Azelphurwell hmm, how does one fix that?15:03
diddledanyour ppp config needs the flag "defaultroute"15:04
Azelphurdiddledan, thanks, you're awesome :)15:06
Azelphurnow I can see if my SSH issues persist with no router involved \o/15:06
AzelphurI been debugging this ssh issue for MONTHS, I shit you not15:07
Azelphurbeen right down the rabbit hole, basically, after a while, all my ssh sessions (inc rsync and stuff) die after a while, according to some digging I did with an openssh developer, my packets are being modified somewhere, and the server is receiving a corrupt packet, and thus terminating the connection15:08
Azelphurhence removing the router from the equasion15:08
diddledanvery very odd15:09
diddledandid he say what was being altered about your packets or leave that as an exercise for you to discern?15:10
diddledansee TCP can fragment packets for example but that shouldn't break anything15:10
diddledanit sounds intermittent and so it's gonna be a pain to decide whether you have truly eliminated something from the equation15:11
Azelphurdiddledan, left it for me, although I do have the SSH loks15:12
Azelphurdiddledan, well, I've never had a rsync work for more than 20 minutes15:12
penguin42Azelphur: Have you tried adding a ServerAliveInterval to your ssh config?15:12
Azelphurso basically, if my connection doesn't drop within the hour, it's the router.15:12
Azelphurand ClientAliveInterval, both at various values, and I've tried rsyncd (works fine)15:13
Azelphurand I've tried different client and server hardware and OSes15:13
diddledanit might be your ISP15:14
diddledanand you've already thought of your router. what else hasn't been eliminated....? I can't think of anything else15:15
diddledanmaybe your NIC15:15
Azelphurcan't be NIC - tried different hardware15:15
Azelphur(on both ends)15:15
Azelphuryea, really eliminates it to router or ISP15:15
diddledanor potentially the last mile15:16
diddledansomething wonky with your line15:16
AzelphurI'm hoping it's the router15:18
Azelphuror possibly a dodgy switch15:18
diddledanif you can get a duplicate openreach modem thingy you can eliminate that as well15:18
diddledanI haven't looked to see how expensive they are though15:19
daftykinsi've got one of the openreach VDSL transceivers with modified firmware, don't use it but played around a bit - was £8 off ebay a bit ago :D16:13
penguin42what's modified about it?16:15
diddledanrooted I guess16:15
daftykinsthe alternative firmware gives you better stats, also lets the thing use one of its' two ports for NAT so you can have it act as a wired only router instead of just a dumb modem16:16
daftykinsit's the Huawei original vs. the BT branded and simplified, i think16:16
daftykinsAzelphur: very anecdotal but i had an issue a while back where my connection would drop a couple of packets for *anything* for a couple of seconds every half hour or hour, or similar - i could spot it easiest with an internet radio stream + a tonne of pings running from my file server16:17
daftykinsinterestingly dropping the term 'packet loss' had me transferred off 1st line telco support to someone else, so eventually traced it to a faulty line card in the exchange16:18
daftykinsi had pings running to google, the first hop in the data centre of my ISP that replied and the router - it showed the first two dropping a couple of packets but the last being fine16:28
SebthreeBQM10HDanyone about?22:01
m0nkey_Science has gone too far! https://i.imgur.com/w8hNyPx.jpg22:04
daftykinsm0nkey_: :>22:35
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