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magespawngood morning06:34
ra1v3ngood morning08:28
Kilosmorning Squirm and everyone else09:04
ra1v3nciao 4 now10:55
SquirmSuch chatter today :D13:33
magespawnhard to get a word in14:12
magespawnchat later all14:38
Kilosevening all16:36
Kiloshi Langjan 16:37
LangjanHello Kilos are you well?16:37
Kilosgood news. packet was delivered ty16:37
Kilosill get it this week16:37
Kilosflu still same but ok ty and you sir16:37
LangjanGreat, thks for the good news16:37
Kilosi just woke up16:37
Kilosoh Langjan 16:38
LangjanHope you had a good rest, sounds like it - slept since yesterday? 16:38
Kilosmy boetie said he will give me 10k towards the trip16:38
LangjanPraise the Lord for boeties like that16:39
Kilosyesterday i was away at cop shop doing the proof of residence thing16:39
LangjanOK was worried that the sheep were out of hand16:40
Kilosthursday going to apply for pension16:40
Kilosneighbour taking me16:40
Kilosso slowly things are happening16:41
Kiloshi ra1v3n 16:41
LangjanYou should have done the pension thing long ago, its time some of our hard-earned assets are returned16:41
LangjanHope you have lots of patience...16:41
Kilosi tried before through the workmans compensation16:41
Langjanand time16:42
Kilostime for?16:42
LangjanNothing from WCA?16:42
LangjanTo cut all the black tape at pension office16:42
Kilosnope they went bankrupt at the time so sent me a letter and said i was healed16:42
LangjanLmga! In old days red tape was problem, now its much worse, black tape.  16:43
LangjanMany things get stuck in velchro16:44
Kilosoh well, i can only try16:44
LangjanYou will come right, just dont let them shunt you around and persevere until its successful16:44
LangjanThey owe you backpay16:45
Kilosill be dropped off there in the morning and picked up when it done 16:45
Kilosim only 65 and 2 months16:45
LangjanTake your sleeping bag16:45
LangjanAnd your ID and recent proof of residence16:45
LangjanDunno if you need photos, find out'16:46
Kiloslol yeah and a gotta get a 3 months bank statement16:46
Kilosi was told , proof of residence , id and bank statement16:47
Kilosso we swill see16:47
Kiloswe have had some very cold days16:47
LangjanOh yes of course bank statement16:47
LangjanEish! Not nice when you have chest probs16:48
Kiloshopefully your meds get fetched in town soon16:48
LangjanTry for disability also16:48
Kilosotherwise ill get it thursday16:48
Langjanthat will help you a lot16:48
Langjanits not meds, its nutrition16:49
Kilosyes man that16:49
Kilosai! ek sukkel16:49
Kilosty ill look at that16:50
Kilosty Langjan 16:52
pavlushkaahoy ZA!16:52
Kiloshows things your side16:52
Kiloshi pavlushka 16:53
pavlushkaHello Kilos :) how was the day?16:53
Kiloslazy and yours pavlushka 16:53
pavlushkanot so lazy, was a little rush :)16:54
Langjanhi pavlushka you well?17:09
LangjanDont rush too much...17:09
pavlushkayep, and you Langjan ?17:09
LangjanVery well thks pavlushka, spring is in the air! 17:10
LangjanDont like winter17:10
pavlushkawow, that's a relief! :)17:11
Kilosi gotta go eat17:12
LangjanLekker eet Kilos 17:13
Langjanpavlushka, were fortunate, lowest temp this winter was still over 7° C17:13
LangjanBit for ex Zululanders thats 3° below zero!17:14
LangjanKeep well guys, enjoy your evening17:15
ra1v3nGoodnight all18:52
Kilosnight all, sleep tight19:05
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