eagles0513875_hey all 08:16
eagles0513875_any devs around 08:17
eagles0513875_hey cfhowlett09:09
cfhowletteagles0513875_, yep09:09
eagles0513875_cfhowlett: can you kindly confirm something for me in regards to a particular package as i dont have an ubuntu studio setup installed yet09:09
cfhowlettI'll try. 09:10
eagles0513875_unless there is a web page which lists all packages and one can see a particular package and what release its in 09:11
eagles0513875_excellent thanks ill check there09:12
eagles0513875_thanks cfhowlett that helped tremendously 09:13
sakrecoerhi guys!18:53
sakrecoeri'm trying to find a good place to keep the feature-tour.txt file on luanchpad, but i don't want to mess up the website repos...18:53
sakrecoerfeeling a bit rusty on the branch thing... i see the new theme is in git... 18:56
sakrecoerand the old (? one of them) is in bzr, but seem to have last modification date linked to the git... https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-website/ubuntustudio-website/ubuntustudio-website18:57

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