sakrecoeraleb: hi, thanks for the extra corrections. the text is not synced with the png (made in inkscape) its a scetch, hence ther is no need to keep it in sync :)18:49
sakrecoerthat render.png file will not be used on the website.18:49
sakrecoeri'm looking into where it is most suitable to push the text to launchpad, if you are familiar with that and have an account.18:50
sakrecoeraleb: but you could also correct the text file, and email it to the list :)18:50
sakrecoerare you a pitivi dev, aleb ? :)18:51
dool7What's the most active linux IRC channel ?19:01
sakrecoerdool7: not sure, there's got to be many... #ubuntu is very active afaik19:02
dool7on freenode or other ?19:02
sakrecoerdool7: btw, hi! :) i've noticed you hanging around lately, but it seems i'm always off-list when you interact...19:05
alebsakrecoer: ok, I'll correct the text file and send it to you19:37
alebyes, I'm a Pitivi dev19:37
sakrecoeraleb: wow, thank you!! :)19:54
sakrecoeri made the fix you pointed out, so you might want to download the file again :)19:55
alebsakrecoer: https://gist.github.com/aleb/a7174c51d2e35f61a540ae7a823d3897 click Revisions to see the changes and Raw to get the text file20:54

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