Wayward_VagabondDid anybody see my paste earlier?00:19
Wayward_VagabondAnd ifso, I didn't see anything after I linked to it00:19
mrkrampsyou've not pasted any link here00:19
mrkrampsWayward_Vagabond, 14.04, radeon hd 6480 and fglrx?00:21
mrkrampsproprietary gpu driver00:21
Wayward_Vagabondoh, yes to all 3 then.00:22
mrkrampswith an update of february 2016 fglrx 15.2 was added to the repository00:22
mrkrampsthis version of the driver only supports graphics cards with GCN00:22
mrkrampslate radeonhd 7000er series and later00:24
mrkramps--later ++newer00:24
Wayward_VagabondEr, my graphics driver is what's causing x to act strangely when I resume from sleep?00:24
mrkrampspls check driver version used with:$ apt-cache policy fglrx00:24
Wayward_VagabondInstalled: 2:15.200-0ubuntu0.500:25
mrkrampsuninstall fglrx and test the free radeon driver00:25
Wayward_VagabondIt didn't work for me, but I can't remember what the issue was00:26
Wayward_VagabondAlthough something that's also worth mentioning is, according to my power plan settings right now, the laptop shouldn't ever be able to go sleep.00:27
Wayward_VagabondYet it does.00:27
mrkrampsWayward_Vagabond, on closing lid?00:28
mrkrampsedit /etc/systemd/logind.conf00:29
Wayward_VagabondIt goes to sleep if lip is closed and it's not plugged in. The action should be lock screen.00:29
mrkrampsreplace "#HandleLidSwitch=suspend" with "HandleLidSwitch=ignore"00:30
mrkrampsand reboot00:30
Wayward_VagabondHmm, wonder if a manually triggered sleep would still have x act strange00:32
mrkrampsand if this setting won't help edit /etc/UPower/UPower.conf adding "IgnoreLid=true"00:32
mrkrampsor rather replace "IgnoreLid=false" with "IgnoreLid=true"00:34
Wayward_VagabondHuh, if I suspend via the buttom in panel, it /does/ resume correctly00:35
Wayward_VagabondThanks, it doesn't go to sleep from the lid closing anymore00:43
Wayward_VagabondIt doesn't lock the screen either, but I can live with that00:44
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guzzlefryIs turning everything off in Power Management enough to prevent the monitor from turning off?06:17
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xubuntu52wHey guys,14:58
xubuntu52wdoes anyone know how I can install xubuntu extras without flash14:58
xubuntu95wEpson L210 printer problem, Scan software cannot connect to device.16:28
pavlushkaxubuntu95w: you should have libsane installed in your system for that.16:33
xubuntu95wIs it possible to enable power manager plugin in desktop pc to control brightness. Or is there any other utiity to control brightness in desktops.  Now AMD catalyst control center not available with 16.04. Laptops have power manager plugin as default.16:37
pavlushkaxubuntu95w: and you might use the this sane official backport ppa:rolfbensch/sane-git, version is 1.0.2616:39
pavlushkaxubuntu95w: you can apply brightness level conditionally in power-manager.16:43
xubuntu95wPower manager not seen in panel and cannot be added also in desktop pc.16:45
pavlushkaxubuntu95w: you should find power manager in settings tab.16:46
pavlushkaxubuntu95w: and you can check it in terminal by running "sudo apt search xfce4-power-manager", should list the app as [installed]16:49
xubuntu95wok thank you16:52
Wayward_VagabondWait, when I upgrade, I can't keep catalyst control center?17:21
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