kjackalHello Juju world!08:58
lazyPowero/ kjackal   (belated)09:50
kjackalho lazyPower!09:51
lazyPoweri'm too hype to sleep. Google fiber incoming in ~ 3 hours.09:55
zeestratOnly slightly envious. You getting the 1000 or 100 Mpbs?10:02
lazyPowerI wont be able to fully leverage it until i get my POD delivered on the 17'th. I'll be limited to wifi, but right now i'm on some terrible DSL. This is a most welcome upgrade10:22
jamoni hate my 1mbit dsl10:24
jamondrawback to being in the country10:24
lazyPowerI feel your pain10:31
jamonyou can run a DC out of your home now :D10:31
lazyPowerThis particular DSL modem has the fun property of cutting out when someone in the building uses the microwave10:31
lazyPowerheh, i'll be happy to have my homelab setup again with a nice fat pipeline. I was on 100 Mbit business class w/ comcast when i was in pittsburgh10:31
lazyPowerand paying 2x as much as the google fiber cost, which blows my mind10:32
zeestratlazyPower: Any news on the ansible layer front by any chance?10:49
lazyPowerzeestrat - i haven't touched it outside of the initial work (circa charmer summit @ ghent), but i'm happy to mentor/handoff with someone that's interested in it10:50
lazyPowerhttps://github.com/chuckbutler/ansible-base for reference10:50
zeestratCool. I might take you up on that!10:52
lazyPowerExcellent :)10:54
zeestratSpeaking of layers, what is the main focus of the charm-tools project these days? Working on the reactive layer?10:57
jamonhah, my hubot charm works, there's earlbot111:14
jamonearlbot1: the rules11:16
jamonok well not so much, back to config-changed hook :(11:16
lazyPowerzeestrat - charm-tools is a handy collection of all kinds of goodness. Basically our tooling focus has been on building charms from layers yeah, but its also got a sister component for the charm store now, you'll notice when you issue `charm version` you get two versions back. One is for charm-tools (Developer bits) and the charm store cli (everyone)11:22
lazyPowerjamon - Nearly congrats then :)11:22
zeestratGotcha :)11:23
jamonhaving a bit of a hard time with this (my first charm)12:06
jamonstuff like using config-get and knowing what the output looks like to a bash script. i've tried juju debug and checking it that way, but even then config get expects a bunch of environment variables like socket path, context id, things that I can't seem to locate12:07
stubjuju bootstrap seems to have lost the --config option in the latest beta. How do I specify the apt-proxy and apt-mirror now?12:25
stubHuh. juju is juju 1. Which seems to require purgin juju-1, juju1.25 and juju-core to get rid of.... leaving me without any juju12:35
stubOk... purge juju 2.0 and reinstall, seems good.12:37
lazyPowerjamon - those variables are available via "config-get"12:37
jamonlazyPower: yes, i've been using config-get in install/start/config-changed12:37
jamonbut for inspecting the variable on the remote machine, it isn't so easy12:38
lazyPowerjamon - link to your layer and output for the issue?12:38
jamonheh i'm just tidying things up here now for a commit :)12:38
lazyPoweri'm happy to take a look and help where i can12:39
jamondoing the readme is slow going12:39
jamoni have too many assumptions about how someone other than me might use this12:39
jamonright here lazyPower: https://gitlab.com/jamonation/layer-hubot/blob/master/hooks/install#L24-4212:59
jamonand the corresponding config.yaml: https://gitlab.com/jamonation/layer-hubot/blob/master/config.yaml#L10-1312:59
jamoni've resorted to checking if the value is "True" as a string13:00
jamonalso, total aside, what would people here think of having a hubot in the channel if there isn't one already?13:00
lazyPowermarcoceppi ^13:01
lazyPoweri know that marco has strong opinions on the subject, i defer to his judgement there13:01
lazyPowerjamon - try if [ "${use_default_scripts}" -eq "True" ]; then ... fi13:02
lazyPowerjamon - also, slight suggestion on line 45, try using -z to test if its empty instead of == ""13:03
jamoni can't wait to do this all with ansible :D13:04
jamonthose suggestions ought to tidy it though, thanks13:05
jamonis using default: "" in config.yaml good/bad/acceptable?13:05
jamoni didn't dive too far into the go code to see how that's handled, "" seems to work13:06
lazyPowerjamon - we tend to leave no value completly empty in the definition that way it retains the null characteristics but empty string is equally as fine, you just have to detect it in the charm code13:08
lazyPoweri'm going to drop at any minute, fiber install beginning now.13:08
lazyPowerwill be back in a bit to check in on ya jamon13:08
jamongreat, enjoy13:09
jamonsend me some packets heh13:09
marcoceppijamon: personally, I prefer signal over noise. Bots just create noise and unless there's a very well scoped reason for one to exist I think it's best to leave them out of the channel13:15
jamonyeah i can't stand channels where every other message is a vcs commit, and then a slew of jenkins messages about staging builds13:19
jamonat the same time, some bot functionality can be really handy, like grabbing and announcing titles for http pages, so you don't have to open them if you aren't interested, etc.13:20
jamonkind of goes either way13:20
rick_h_natefinch-afk: ping for standup if you're around14:01
=== natefinch-afk is now known as natefinch
natefinchrick_h_: coming14:02
lazyPowerjacekn - back. hows the refactoring going?14:08
aisraeltvansteenburgh: mbruzek: I'm trying to get juju2/bundletester to play nice. I've got jujudeployer 0.8, jujuclient 0.52, and bundletester 0.7.1 (all latest via pip). I'm getting the jujuclient.EnvironmentNotBoostrapped exception, which looks like it was fixed back in May. What am I missing?14:24
mbruzekaisrael: are you using charmbox or is this your own system14:25
aisraelmbruzek: My own system, lxd inside lxd14:25
lazyPoweraisrael - did you grab from upstream? not everything has landed afaict14:26
lazyPoweri could be wrong, i think tim was saying it was like done.14:26
lazyPoweraisrael https://github.com/chuckbutler/charmbox/blob/beta-11/install-review-tools.sh#L22-L3014:26
aisraellazyPower: Not if it's in a ppa14:26
lazyPowerthats what i was doing to get the latest bits in charmbox14:27
lazyPowerworks with beta11/beta1214:27
aisraellazyPower: ok, cool, I'll grab those. Thanks!14:27
tvansteenburghaisrael, lazyPower: stuff is "done" but not released yet. if you want bleeding edge you'll need to run everything from source14:29
mbruzekaisrael: I have had success using the devel edition of charmbox14:30
lazyPowermbruzek - i dont have that in devel yet. I was waiting for them to land in the ppa, i did press a temporary charm box with those tho14:31
mbruzekoh my mistake14:31
aisraelAmulet is chocking trying to import distro_info. Hmm.14:39
aisraeltvansteenburgh: That seems like a missing dependency w/Amulet. Installing python3-distro-intro brought in the missing module14:42
aisraelI'll file a bug14:43
tvansteenburghaisrael: huh?14:46
aisraeltvansteenburgh: I hit a case where I was missing the `python3-distro-info` package after installing amulet from source. I'm verifying if it was me not following directions.14:50
tvansteenburghaisrael: if installing from source there wouldn't be any apt dependencies14:54
aisraeltvansteenburgh: Right, I get that, but would it attempt to pull in dependencies via pip?15:05
tvansteenburghaisrael: if you install it with pip, sure, but python3-distro-info is not one of them15:06
aisraeltvansteenburgh: Would it make sense to have the pip install depend on distro-info then?15:13
tvansteenburghaisrael: do you have a traceback i can look at? afaik amulet itself does not depend on that - if anything it would only be a packaging dep15:15
aisraeltvansteenburgh: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/21768436/15:23
aisraeloh ffs. I see it now. charmhelpers.contrib.amulet15:23
* aisrael gets another cup of coffee15:23
aisraeltvansteenburgh: Thanks for putting up with that. ;-)15:24
tvansteenburghaisrael: no worries15:25
lazyPowerpetevg ping18:28
petevglazyPower: hi.18:29
lazyPowerhey there :)  I recall some talk prior about you having written unit tests for a layered charm. are those somewhere i can take a look?18:29
petevglazyPower: yes. Two places. Let me grab the linkies ...18:29
lazyPowerbrilliant, thanks for this18:29
petevgnp. Here's a layer with unit tests: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-bigtop-base (look under tests/unit)18:30
lazyPowerhttps://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-bigtop-base/blob/master/tests/unit/test_reactive_handlers.py  -- oh my i've found the holy grail18:30
petevg... and here's a proposed generic harness that will, among other things, solve your ImportError woes if you don't have a lib/layer/charms directory in your layer: https://github.com/juju-solutions/charms.unit/pull/118:31
petevglazyPower: Hopefully it helps. :-) (And if it does, please drop a +1 in that PR, so that I can push the generic harness for others to use ...)18:31
lazyPowerWill do18:31
lazyPowerI wont be on it today but this is for tomorrow/later this week18:31
lazyPowerso i can get you early feedback for sure18:32
petevgCool. I'll look forward to the feedback (positive or negative) :-)18:32
kwmonroehey stub, petevg and i are having trouble installing a subordinate charm that includes layer-apt.  it fails pretty early: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21799021/ because of the recent inclusion of clear_removed_package_states (which eventually tries to import apt.apt_pkg): https://git.launchpad.net/layer-apt/commit/?id=625d18edfbba37210adf9e0f198b7be4bbd7e1d819:25
kwmonroestub: this particular subordinate has use_venv: true, but does *not* have include_system_packages: true as one of it's layer options19:26
kwmonroei know we could add "include_sys_pkgs: true" to the layer.yaml, but i was wondering if the apt layer could do something so that this was not required.. for example, include python-apt in it's wheelhouse.txt19:26
kwmonroefull disclosure stub, i know it's not that easy.  pip installing python-apt requires DistUtilsExtra, which i can't seem to find as a pip'able req: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21799623/ -- it seems like it's only available from https://launchpad.net/python-distutils-extra19:29
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bdxhey whats up guys?21:25
bdxis there any up-to-date network spaces docs floating around?21:25

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