Fil_hi. help needed updating 14.04 to 16.04: muon got stuck asking me for a password of a VPN network, without letting me enter it. I started the upgrade from the systray notification01:07
Fil_is there a way to let it restart/continue? is it safe to restart to continue? it got stuck right at the beginning (9% of packages updated)01:08
TheTrashHm is it broken now? Safest thing I guess is to run sudo do-release-upgrade -d from an xterm01:13
TheTrashHm leave out the -d, I guess, but it's a no-op.01:14
Fil_"No new release found"01:15
TheTrashsudo apt-get dist-upgrade maybe?01:16
goddardwhat is the best way to set proper scaling for 4k in Plasma?01:16
goddardi can fiddle with a bunch of random stuff and it works pretty nicely for most apps but any easy button or something?01:16
goddardgoogle chrome is insanely small01:16
Fil_I tried that one, it says that E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)01:18
TheTrashHm, I guess the upgrade process is still running in the background, kill it?01:18
goddardTheTrash: if it is installing then no way01:20
goddardyou will have to reinstall most likely if that happens01:20
TheTrashIf it's stuck... we're already at that point.01:20
goddardTheTrash: http://www.teejeetech.in/p/timeshift.html01:21
goddardfor future reference01:22
TheTrashThings would have to break *really* badly for it not to be fixable from the CLI, though. But yeah I guess that's useful.01:23
goddardTheTrash: yeah but to me it isn't worth the trouble at that point01:23
goddardeasier to copy home directory and start over01:24
TheTrashYeah I guess01:25
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Fil_I killed the sub-process that was trying to restart the openvpn service. now it seems to be doing something again (but sadly I accidentally closed the window too, so I'm not certain).01:37
Fil_thanks for the advice01:37
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Startrek852Hello. I need to know how to increase saturation on Kubuntu 16.04. I used to use the Catalyst Control Center to increase it, but now I can't because there's no fglrx driver for 16.04.04:44
YankDownUnderStartrek852: System Settings => Display and Monitor => Gamma05:45
Startrek852I'm back, I got disconnected.06:02
Startrek852Changing gamma doesn't seem to do anything.06:18
YankDownUnderStartrek852: Have you considered "Redshift"? It's in the repos.06:29
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user|97110i have update my Kubuntu to 16.04 but now it does not start up. i have only see a black desktop. can someone tell me what to do /06:53
user|97110halfway the update my laptop was going out because the battery was low,so i think the update was not succesfully ended06:56
SmurphyIndeed. That's why updates are only applied with power-cord plugged in.06:56
SmurphyWhat you can try - if you are able to get to a console (black command line thing).06:57
SmurphyLog in, sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get -f install06:57
SmurphyIf no console is available, then boot into recovery mode and do the same.06:58
user|97110Smurphy , thanx yor first options does not work,but i will try boot into recovery mode07:01
user|97110i see on a black desktop only kubuntu 16.04 .............but he doesnt go further.07:05
Smurphyyes. Probably because the update/installation/setup of packages wasn't done.07:08
Startrek852Redshift doesn't seem to be what I want.07:13
user|73723Smurphy when i sudo apt-get update , i see ; ignoring provides line whit DepCompareOp for Package pypy-cffi-backend-api-mi07:14
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Smurphydoes not matter. It's the  sudo apt-get -f install which is important.07:32
SmurphyThe update line just make sure the local package-db is in sync with the repositories.07:32
user|73723how can i remove kubuntu in with a simple command ,so i can install it again07:48
Startrek852Sorry, accident.07:53
TheoryHow do I move an icon on the desktop...clicking and holding isn't working08:06
Theoryi got n/m08:10
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viewer|21942hi there short question where can i find the akonadi config at the moment system tray is empty and i don't get a startup working with the console10:29
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BluesKajHi all11:47
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moparisthebesthi, I just upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04, and now all my fonts are HUGE13:21
moparisthebestin the settings, they are set to size 10, but look more like ~25 or so did before13:22
moparisthebestmy resolution is the same as ever 1920x1200, so what am I missing?13:22
SmurphyCheck in System settings, what the DPI is.13:22
SmurphyMine, on a full HD screen, is around 96DPI13:22
moparisthebestall I see about DPI is 'force fonts dpi' and it's unchecked, I guess I'll try forcing it13:23
moparisthebestit's not really even just the fonts, the menu bars and such in some applications are huge13:24
moparisthebestah yep that fixed thunderbird at least, thanks much Smurphy :)13:25
SmurphyYou'll have to log-out and in again for it to be applied everywhere.13:26
SmurphyWhat's the regular font-size setting in your setup ?13:26
moparisthebest10 mostly13:26
moparisthebestyea I'm going to restart to see if that fixes the gigantic title bars and such too13:26
moparisthebestbe right back13:26
SmurphyWhat screen resolution you have in general ?13:27
moparisthebestwhich is just a bit taller than 1080p13:27
SmurphyWhich fonts are you using ? Default ones ?13:27
moparisthebestyep default fonts13:27
SmurphyOxygen ?13:27
moparisthebestNoto Sans 10 for general it looks like13:27
moparisthebestyes it was on breeze I switched back to oxygen13:28
SmurphyHmm. Never tried those.13:28
moparisthebestI'll report back after restarting :)13:28
TheTrashI had to do this to get rid of a lot of UI issues: http://askubuntu.com/questions/633097/kubuntu-15-04-plasma-5-3-showing-kde-apps-with-gtk-themes13:29
moparisthebestyep that fixed everything13:32
moparisthebestSOOOO much better, thanks Smurphy13:32
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chcknrubwhen will plasma 5.7.2 be included in LTS?16:17
chcknrubkde frameworks 5.24 will be released in LTS?16:18
chcknrubQt Version latest?16:18
chcknrubmy konsole sesions are not being saved... please release the latest versions16:19
soee_chcknrub: when they will be ready16:30
soee_Kubuntu developers need to package also QT 5.6 to make it work so it is not that easy16:30
chcknrubi clicked a single unread news in Akregator, then all the rest of the news are marked as read and all disappear16:35
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hyperdriveguyI'm having issues installing Kubuntu in UEFI mode.17:07
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Khaotichi all18:48
Startrek852I asked this yesterday, but I'm going to ask again. I need to know how to increase saturation on 16.04 without the fglrx driver and Catalyst Control Center. One user (can't remember the username) suggesting changing gamma and installing Redshift, but those aren't what I want.18:52
dirtsideHowdy. So I'm running Kubuntu 16.04 and I added ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports so that I could get a newer version of plasma-desktop that would hopefully fix some of the issues with the default version (5.5.5). I'm on 5.6.5 now but it's actually got some worse issues, so I want to downgrade back to 5.5.5. However when I try to run this command:19:54
dirtsidesudo apt install plasma-desktop=4:5.5.5-0ubuntu119:54
dirtside...it tells me that there are unmet dependencies:19:54
dirtsideThe following packages have unmet dependencies:19:54
dirtside plasma-desktop : Depends: kactivities but it is not going to be installed19:54
dirtside                  Depends: plasma-desktop-data (= 4:5.5.5-0ubuntu1) but 4:5.6.5-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1 is to be installed19:54
dirtsideIf I add "plasma-desktop-data=4:5.5.5-0ubuntu1" and "kactivities" to the install command, then it tells me it's going to downgrade plasma-desktop and plasma-desktop-data, and install kactivities, but aren't there a bunch of other auxiliary plasma-desktop packages that would also need to be downgraded? Should I maybe just log out, kill sddm, uninstall plasma-desktop completely, and then install plasma-desktop 5.5.5?19:54
dirtsideSorry, I figured that would all be one message with line breaks embedded in it, not multiple messages. *kicks IRC protocol in face*19:55
soeeinstall ppa-purge19:56
dirtsideHere's the whole shebang as a paste: https://paste.kde.org/p88izvztw19:57
soeethan: ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports19:57
dirtsideoh nice, that sounds handy. thanks19:57
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cucujoideaHello, i have a problem with Kubuntu 16.04 not showing the changelog of updates. The question was postet here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/788924/update-message-in-kubuntu-16-04 , but there was no complete solution yet.20:43
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jinxi1Sysinfo for 'jinxi-desktop': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.7.2 on KDE neon 5.7 powered by Linux 4.4.0-28-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz at 1199-2389/3300 MHz, RAM: 14733/32122 MB, Storage: 92/219 GB, 455 procs, 71.81h up21:27
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