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bbaqarHey guys. Trying to move a project from launchad to github. Is there anyway I can convert the launchpad merge history of the project to git commits?10:16
Odd_Blokebbaqar: You mean from Launchpad's bzr hosting?  (Launchpad does support git hosting also.)10:20
bbaqarOdd_Bloke: i need to move a charm project to a github account.12:14
bbaqarSo i need to change the hosting aswell.12:14
bbaqarJust for information how to configure git hosting?12:14
Odd_Blokebbaqar: https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Git12:15
bbaqarOdd_Bloke: Thanks.12:17
bbaqarJOIN  /#juju12:18
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pbekare there problems with launchpad building snaps? I got a: fatal: unable to access 'https://git.launchpad.net/~pbek/qownnotes-snap/': Resolving timed out after 493986 milliseconds17:00
pbeklike in: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/276190580/buildlog_snap_ubuntu_xenial_arm64_qownnotes_BUILDING.txt.gz17:00
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dobeyhmm, why does publishing binaries in PPAs take so incredibly long now? it's nowhere near 15 minute range any more :(18:14
tsimonq2I agree with dobey18:15
tsimonq2it's getting ridiculously slow18:15
acheronuk> 1hr for a package earlier18:19
apollo13packagecloud.io is your friend :D18:23
tsimonq2apollo13: nah, we need to use Launchpad for one reason or another, so it's just easier to mention something here. Your alternative solutions don't help ;)18:23
dobeyain't no friend of mine ;)18:29
dobeybut seriously, uploading packages to some other places really doesn't help with the development of the ubuntu product which is hosted on launchpad :)18:29
apollo13tsimonq2: hehe, just trying to help -- I just wouldn't expect much out of free solution18:32
dobeyi'm pretty sure my employer pays a fairly decent amount for launchpad.net ;)18:33
apollo13oh you can pay for launchpad? TIL :D18:34
apollo13I still get a 500 when trying to login, jay18:35
dobeythat's not launchpad i guess18:36
apollo13it is18:36
tsimonq2Git merge proposals are painful, I will at the very minimum submit a bug, maybe I'll scratch my own itch18:36
apollo13my email addresses conflict…18:36
dobeytsimonq2: you mean the bit about the target ref?18:37
tsimonq2dobey: everything, everything. The way you make MPs against Git repos, how it doesn't automatically pick up on the repo you want to submit an MP against, nightmare...18:38
dobeyeh? it works fine for me18:39
dobeyall i have to do is type in "master" for the target ref18:39
dobeyeverything else is pretty much done already18:39
dobeytsimonq2: i suspect you are probably pushing to your +git URL and then proposing from there?18:40
tsimonq2it does work fine for basic stuff18:40
tsimonq2I figured it out18:40
tsimonq2but it's annoying when dealing with complex things18:40
dobeyeh, everything in git is complex18:41
dobeyso not sure what you mean :)18:41
apollo13did you try http://www.git-legit.org/ makes a few common tasks nicer18:42
tsimonq2apollo13: did you get the point of me telling you "Your alternative  solutions don't help"18:43
tsimonq2apollo13: :P18:43
apollo13tsimonq2: you seem to be pretty much resistent to change :D18:44
apollo13but well, I was mainly refering to "git is complex", not your issue per se18:44
tsimonq2apollo13: you also hear dobey before? :D18:44
tsimonq2although I don't work at Canonical (hope to one day but don't now), let's say they pay a lot of money for it :P18:45
apollo13good for them (or not, probably depends on the POV ;))18:45
apollo13oh, I wanted to work on landscape at some distant point in the past18:46
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