swift110hey cap00:09
capum321lubuntu doesn't boot anymore, i was working with adsl modem web interface, turned off, went back home with notebook on backpack. suddenly it enters Emergency Mode and ask to see log `journalctl -xb` which has 2500 lines of log, there is this red "unable to mount /home" but I am lost06:24
tsimonq2capum321: reboot, hold Shift, go to Advanced Options for Ubuntu, and boot into recovery mode06:27
tsimonq2capum321: then, go into a root console06:29
capum321but it kind enter root console by alone itself?06:31
capum321i can see "root@hostname:"06:31
capum321anyway, what next?06:33
tsimonq2one sec06:33
tsimonq2capum321: run: mount -o remount,rw /06:35
capum321all right!06:37
capum321just it?06:37
tsimonq2well now we need to look at a file06:38
tsimonq2open /etc/fstab in nano and copy the line with /home here06:38
tsimonq2letter for letter if possible :)06:39
capum321i should enter live linux to access such file06:47
capum321i would have to reboot06:47
capum321could you wait?06:47
tsimonq2capum321: no, you can access it from here06:48
tsimonq2capum321: that's what recovery mode is for :)06:48
capum321actually i am at dual boot (windoze box)06:49
tsimonq2capum321: that's fine then, boot into a live linux, Ubuntu-based (like Lubuntu) would be preferred :)06:51
capum321i have made last week a system rescue cd live usb, i should use that since would be faste06:53
tsimonq2capum321: well like I said, scratch Ubuntu, anything Debian OR Ubuntu-based is fine ;)06:54
capum321you are right i have bad time with this because it is gentoo06:56
capum321hello, some friends help me yesterday discovering why my linux won't boot: i have added a entry in fstab: "UUID=133A62F042D4E436 /media/user/label    ntfs-3g        auto,user,rw 0 0" - without quotes - I commented, when system went back which I am currently in. how could troubleshoot to allow it to mount on boot?15:15
tewardcapum321: 'discovering why my linux won't boot' is not helpful without what errors you were seeing, etc.15:28
tewardif you added an entry into fstab for your NTFS partition, you probably need to comment it out15:28
tewardand also make sure the mountpath and UUID exist15:28
capum321teward  you are unbearably amazing15:37
capum321you see it was working before with this line at fstab15:50
capum321suddenly, like so, it won't boot. i commented this line, thus it went back in15:51
capum321the UUID i got from blkid15:51
capum321the mount point exists15:51
capum321i worked with windows and linux meanwhile before it stopped working15:52
capum321ok here is output from "$ sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o auto,user,rw UUID=133A62F042D4E436 /media/user/label" http://dpaste.com/2NJ1TSY]15:56
tewardcapum321: did Windows go into hibernate at all?  Or shut down incorrectly?16:05
tewardbecause those errors are indicative of that being a potential problem16:05
tewardboot to Windows, run a windows chkdisk on it, and shut down (turn off Fast Boot first) before trying to boot to Linux and then try and mount it in Linux16:06
capum321turn off fast boot or hibernate?16:27
capum321ok, fast boot, i will try thanks16:29
tewardi was going to say both but i got busy16:42
bzbusing lubuntu 16.04 with latest flashplayer from adobe. but cannot watch any videos on https://rutube.ru/21:59

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