qenghoHi hi hi!01:33
qenghoHmm, I want my GPG agent to forget passwords at suspend/hibernate. I can HUP it. Should I put that in pm-utils' config dir, or a new systemd service that "sleep" target wants? This last bit sounds suspicious to me.04:52
* qengho silently mourns systemd eating everything.04:53
pittiGood morning05:50
seb128good morning desktopers06:49
desrtsaluton, karaj!06:49
desrthey seb, pitti, qengho :D06:49
seb128oh, desrt is back?06:49
seb128hey desrt ;-) had good holidays?06:49
desrtyup.  awesome.06:49
desrtand now i have an awesome inbox... for some definition of "awesome"06:50
qenghodesrt, seb128: heyheyhey!06:50
seb128the post holidays deal-with-emails day ;-)06:51
desrt....on the topic of email06:52
* desrt guesses she needs to figure out gmail at some point06:52
seb128if you use it?06:52
desrti just got google apps... i'm kinda sick of fastmail06:52
flocculantdesrt: what you need to figure out is mark everthing as read and hope important things get resent :p06:53
desrtand they sorta forced my hand by disabling their secondary authentication systems last monday, with two days advance notice.  i use the secondary system as my primary, with my primary password written only on a piece of paper at home.  sigh.06:53
desrtso i lost email until i go home to toronto (in half a month)06:53
desrtso for now i sent it all to NSA^Wgoogle instead06:53
qenghodesrt: fastmail talks some U2F now?06:54
desrtu2f would be cool06:54
* qengho thinks he read that.06:55
desrti'm sure their new system is better than the old one.  what's totally not cool about it is that they disabled the old one with two days of notice.06:55
* qengho nods.06:55
qenghoTwo months is barely acceptable.06:55
didrocksgood morning!06:57
qenghoThe Didier. Hi.06:57
didrockshey qengho ;)06:58
qenghodesrt: Yep, I did read that. Fastmail talks U2F now. Not that you can trust them any more. But, a small consolation.06:59
pittihey desrt, how are you?07:00
pittibonjour seb12807:00
desrtawesome. looking forward to start working again07:01
desrt...after i dig myself out from email07:01
qenghodesrt: You're throwing away an excuse to declare email bankruptcy! :)07:02
desrti'm fairly sure there's some important stuff in here ;)07:03
pittiI just don't get along with gmail's web UI; it's still bearable for a couple of emails, but way too clumsy for the volume of work email that we get07:06
qenghoIt's annoyingly close but-not-exactly Mutt's keybindings.07:07
larsudesrt: morning. subscribe to their "blog" (you get email notifications) - they've been talking about this for a while07:17
larsualso, they said they won't remove the old system until Aug 3107:18
desrtwell, it stopped working on monday, as mentioned in the email that they sent to me07:18
desrti've already decided to let it go, in any case07:18
desrti'm living almost 100% in the G universe in other aspects now, and this is sort of the last thing i need to do07:18
desrtand fastmail's phone app is so so so bad07:19
desrtwhich is pretty much the thing that is really killing it for me07:19
larsuya, this is why I went ios, their email app is amazing07:20
larsuand works with open protocols ;)07:21
qenghoFWIW, I connected Gmail app to fastmail. It was pretty nice.07:22
seb128salut pitti07:23
seb128hey larsu07:23
seb128wie gehts?07:23
larsuhey seb128!07:23
larsugood. married life is SOOOO different07:23
didrocksoh, a larsu here!07:23
didrockshey pitti07:23
seb128larsu, shouldn't you be larsk btw? ;-)07:24
larsuseb128: yeah...............07:24
larsuI think I'll keep larsu for nostalgia (and tons of people know me as that)07:25
pittihey larsu, congratulations! *hug*07:25
larsuthank you pitti!07:25
larsuhow are you?07:25
seb128desrt, you don't have somebody in Toronto who has your keys and could go see your password and give it to you over phone or something?07:25
pittilarsu: quite fine indeed; we've been in Berlin over the weekend for a wedding, now looking forward to our summer vacations from Wednesday on07:25
desrtalmost gave them to a friend.... but in the end, i only gave her the key to my mailbox07:25
pittistill two days to break stuff :)07:25
desrtin any case, i can still receive all of my new emails07:25
larsupitti: oh nice, enjoy!07:26
larsuseb128: how are you?07:26
didrockspitti: git push; exit 0 :-)07:26
pittiwell, I broke things on Friday (systemd 231) and Sunday (systemd session start) already, so actually it's two days to sort out the fallout :)07:27
Trevinhogood morning folks07:28
seb128larsu, I'm good thanks! had a nice & busy w.e, slightly tired this morning but I'm working on it with coffee ;-)07:28
pittiseb128: ah, where did you go?07:28
seb128hey Trevinho, how was your long w.e?07:28
desrtpitti: thanks for dealing the death blow to systemd-shim as an upstream project07:28
desrti appreciate that i officially never have to think about it again :)07:28
pittidesrt: R.I.P. shim!07:29
larsuoh wow - congrats :)07:29
larsuit only took a couple of years07:29
pittidesrt: btw, prodding the Devuan guys wasn't very successful - https://twitter.com/DevuanOrg/status/75863041918520934407:29
pittiI think someone grossly misunderstood things07:29
desrtk thx07:30
desrtit was me, and this was all quite intentional from the start, k thx :)07:30
pittirole of acquisition #285 -- No good deed ever goes unpunished :)07:31
seb128pitti, nowhere fancy, we just had busy days, we went to look for new bathrooms floor tiles on saturday, visited several shops etc, then had dinner with friends and played board games, yesterday was busy with house cleaning and some painting and small fixes07:31
* Trevinho switched laptop07:31
pittiTrevinho: oh, new toys?07:32
Trevinhohey seb128, it was very nice... I've discovered a part of Tuscany I didn't know.... Awesome sea :-)07:32
seb128what laptop did you get?07:32
Trevinhopitti: no, I mean... I got two thinkpads this year... So I switched between the t460s (mobile toy) and the t460p (docked toy :-))07:32
Trevinhoso... hot-switch it was :-)07:33
seb128thinkpads... you should follow andyrock's lead, he got an actually nice laptop ;-)07:34
desrtpitti: somehow i have trouble seeing an angry tweet directed at me from a bunch of malcontents as "punishment"07:34
* duflu wishes a thinkpad as lovable as the X220 existed07:34
Trevinhoseb128: I spent less to get two machines... with that red thing in between my keys which... is something I can't live without now07:34
desrtduflu: it does exist.  it's called Thinkpad X220.07:35
dufluHuh. Cult of the Trackpoint07:35
desrtand you can own one for a truly excellent price07:35
Trevinhoduflu: that x220 seems to be a chimera... everyone wants that. I don't see why :-P07:35
dufludesrt: Hello to you and your wit. I meant new :)07:35
desrtduflu: good morning to you too :)07:35
seb128Trevinho, yeah, the nibble is much nicer than a touchpad07:36
seb128it's still over me how people can like/use touchpads07:36
dufluA nibble is four bits. AFAIK another name for Trackpoint is nipple :)07:37
seb128it's so much less efficient and in the way of you hands which always lead to random things you don't want07:37
TrevinhoYeah... Especially when moving... I mean, I was always travelling with a mouse before. Now I can be free.07:37
seb128duflu, lol, thanks ;-)07:37
Trevinhoduflu: and... For someone is also something else.... reddit docet :-)07:37
* duflu realizes only now his desktop "ThinkPad" USB keyboard has one too07:38
Trevinhoduflu: is that a full keyboard?07:38
TrevinhoI've the compact bluetooth one...07:38
dufluTrevinho: ;)  https://support.lenovo.com/au/en/documents/migr-7318307:39
dufluIt's the keyboard of an X220 in an external chassis07:39
Trevinhoah, ok... compact one then... I mean with no KP07:39
=== davmor2_ is now known as davmor2
pittihey Laney, wie gehts?08:03
pittisystemctl --user start laney.service08:03
LaneyProcess: 10256 ExecStartPre=/bin/is-awake-yet (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)08:05
davmor2Morning all08:05
Laneyit's davmor208:06
TrevinhoLaney, pitti: LOL :-)08:06
davmor2Laney: I was gonna be nice and not find any issues with 16.10 or 14.04.5 but now you've made me think I need to take a closer look so all the incoming bugs willcooke can blame you for ;)08:07
Laneypitti: good thanks! filled the pond at the allotment yesterday, hoping to attract some frogs/toads to keep the slugs down08:07
Laneyhow are you?08:08
pittiLaney: and hopefully not too many mosquitos? :)08:08
Laneyoh davmor2 did I show you this cake I baked just for you?08:08
pittiLaney: I didn't know that frogs drive out snails08:08
Laneypitti: we're already at mosquito bankruptcy :P08:08
Laneyso the others say08:08
pittiLaney: quite fine, thanks! We went to Berlin over the weekend for a wedding, it was nice (but lots of train travel again)08:08
Laneyit's all about the Berlin weddings this month08:09
davmor2Laney: hahahaha08:09
Laneywoah - last month, August already08:09
davmor2Laney: I know I need to book some holiday at some point too08:10
seb128hey Laney willcooke davmor208:10
davmor2morning seb12808:10
Laneyhey seb12808:11
Laneyhow's it going?08:11
davmor2hey willcooke you ping me on friday but I had the day off do you know what it was about save me digging through logs08:11
seb128good! though a bit tired08:11
Laneylate night?08:12
TrevinhoLaney: alpha freeze is over  now, right?08:12
seb128not really, but lot of house cleaning & small work (painting, etc) yesterday08:12
seb128apparently that was more physical work that I though :p08:13
willcookehappyaron, good afternoon!  Pls could you update your Trello board?  I added to NM Git tree issues.08:13
willcookedavmor2, <processing>08:13
LaneyTrevinho: yes, why?08:14
TrevinhoLaney: there was that silo to land08:15
andyrockmorning all08:15
Trevinhohi andyrock08:15
happyaronwillcooke: ok, doing08:15
willcookedavmor2, The "Turn off secure boot" installer option.  But s_eb128 answered, so I think you're in the clear08:16
willcookethanks happyaron08:16
willcookehey andyrock08:16
davmor2willcooke: ah cool thanks08:17
willcookeanyone else getting lag on Freenode?  I think it's my internet connection though08:19
Laneyfast enough here ;-)08:20
* willcooke checks ISP status pages08:20
Laney01/08 09:20:07 [ctcp(willcooke)] PING08:21
Laney01/08 09:20:07 CTCP PING reply from willcooke:08:21
willcookeso no lag there then08:21
Trevinhoah, Laney actually it seems that things have been released... not merged though, sorry08:22
LaneyTrevinho: yeah that got published last week08:23
TrevinhoLaney: sorry... I didn't see the mails because of bad filters but yeah...08:23
Trevinhoso the fact that it wasn't merged worried me08:24
willcookeurgh.  When you think you've reached inbox zero, then you scroll the window up...08:30
dufluOr in Thunderbird you have reached inbox zero and the summary says some non-zero number08:39
Trevinhowhat happened to yakkety? Compiz fails to build there...09:49
TrevinhoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:09:50
Trevinho sbuild-build-depends-compiz-dummy : Depends: libgtk-3-dev but it is not going to be installed09:50
Trevinho                                     Depends: libmetacity-dev (>= 1:3.16.0) but it is not going to be installed09:50
Trevinho                                     Depends: libwnck-3-dev but it is not going to be installed09:50
davmor2Trevinho: upstart user session replaced with systemd but I would assume that would have no effect on the issue you see09:51
=== pesari_ is now known as pesari
Trevinhodavmor2: no, I don't think so10:05
seb128Trevinho, could be the new gtk in yakkety-proposed? Laney might know about known installability issue10:11
Laneyjust wait a bit10:11
pittiapport has failed yesterday and today too on gtk3 and openjdk uninstallability10:19
Laneyit's just because of the icon theme10:20
Laney...which I'm now copying10:21
Laneyalso there's a pending MIR, but nothing here cares about that10:21
Laneycopy-package to the archive is scary10:23
* Laney closes eyes and presses enter10:23
davmor2Booooooooooom Did I hear the sound of a distant explosion from Laney's direction10:24
pittitedg: I like all the green checkmarks in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-022/+packages !10:26
pittitedg: do you know what these two mean?10:26
pittiDestination version missing from changelog (yakkety/indicator-display, yakkety/indicator-session, yakkety/indicator-sound).10:26
pittiReady to build (vivid/indicator-location, xenial/indicator-location, yakkety/indicator-location).10:26
seb128pitti, the version missing usually means that the archive has a version that is not in the changelog10:28
seb128pitti, that usually means somebody did a manual upload/dput and didn't get it commited to the vcs10:28
pittiah, thanks; and the "ready to build"?10:30
seb128unsure about that one, usually it means the silo is ready to build but it has built in this case so I don't know10:31
seb128or maybe there were changes to some of the merge requests and it needs a rebuild to pick those10:31
seb128which would make sense because e.g https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274526838/indicator-display_0.1+16.04.20160504-0ubuntu1_0.1+16.10.20160722-0ubuntu1.diff.gz10:31
seb128that revert a bugfix upload from yakkety10:32
Laneydon't see indicator-location in the ppa10:32
pittino, indicator-location... ^ that10:32
seb128oh, sorry I misread10:32
seb128so I guess somebody added that to the landing list10:32
pittiperhaps tedg took it out to land it separately10:32
seb128but didn't trigger a build for it since10:32
seb128or added it to the silo10:32
seb128but didn't do the build step yet10:32
Laneyit looks like it's in the build log though10:33
Laneyprobably more efficient to ask a train person :)10:34
seb128there are some error if you toggle debug in that log10:37
seb1282016-07-29 22:24:12,911 INFO Diffed xenial/indicator-location.10:37
seb1282016-07-29 22:24:12,911 DEBUG10:37
seb128yakkety/indicator-location: Diff failed: No DSC found, was it ever built?10:37
Laneyit doesn't say that's an error10:38
Laneyho hum!10:39
seb128the DSC_URL is empty for it earlier in the log10:39
seb128looks like it could be a citrain bug10:41
seb128so yeah, better to ask on #ubuntu-ci-eng (or let ted sort it out)10:41
LaneyTrevinho: should be fixed now, please retry11:15
TrevinhoLaney: thanks11:38
Laneyno problemo homie11:39
tedgpitti: seb128: We also need to put unity7 back in there, but I was waiting for their silo to land before rebuilding.13:33
tedgSince we'd have to once it landed anyway.13:33
seb128hey tedg, how are you?13:34
pittitedg: hey, good morning13:34
seb128their silo landed on friday I think13:34
Trevinhotedg: there were few changes to do, but yeah..13:34
tedgAh, cool. I didn't see it on Friday.13:34
tedgI'll merge trunk and get that back up.13:34
Trevinhotedg: merging trunk should be enough now13:35
pittitedg: I tested the current landing PPA on yakkety, and with it I only have the session indicator; presumably because the inidiator-common bits landed but not the corresponding unity7 bits?13:38
pittiand I'm *really* missing my xeyes!13:39
Trevinhopitti: I guess so... is ups that requires such indicators...13:41
Trevinhopitti:  in the past it was the other way around... ups was saying "indicators, come here!" and they were started...13:42
Trevinhonow they're in "Wants"...13:42
pittithey actually do seem to run in upstart, I just wonder why I can't see htem13:42
pittibut I didn't really check much, deep in debugging netplan stuff today I'm afraid13:43
TrevinhoNot sure I prefer this way though... I mean, indicators won't probably change, but having unity not having the list of indicators it needs  was nicer13:43
pittiwhy would it?13:43
pittiwe can make ubuntu-session.target Wants=indicator.target, and hook all indicators in there13:43
pittior have unity.service Wants=indicators.target, not sure what is more appropriate conceptually13:44
Trevinhoso we don't have to maintain the unity-panel-service.service (and lockscreen one), but instead it's up to indicators to come up when the service calls them13:44
pittibut unity certainly should not individually enumerate all indicators?13:44
TrevinhoI agree13:44
Trevinhotedg: ^ ?13:44
pittiwe should keep teh same conceptual structure as with the upstart jobs for now13:45
pittiI mean, it's fine to change it of course, but preferrably not couple that structural change with the upstart->systemd transitino13:45
tedgWell, no. We want unity-panel-service to queue a different set of indicators than for instnace unity8.13:46
tedgSo there can't be an "all indicators" target.13:46
pittiso how is that done with upstart jobs?13:47
tedgWe only have the shared target for the after.13:47
pittiI suppose an indicator-foo.conf has a "start on" condition for unity 7, 8, or both?13:47
tedgpitti: We send a signal and everyone that is installed runs. Which is a problem. For instance on my machine right now I have two bluetooth indicators. gnome-bluetooth and indicator-bluetooth.13:47
pittiI see13:48
tedgThere's a similar problem with indicator-network and nm-applet. U7 uses nm-applet and U8 uses indicator-network.13:48
tedgTrevinho: In general, everything *is* backwards in systemd vs. Upstart. Upstart is event based while systemd is state based.13:49
pittiso an indicator-foo package should add its .service to unity7.service.wants/ and/or unity8.service.wants/ ?13:49
pittiright; in upstart you say "start" and let the "event avalanche" go lose; in systemd you say "this is the final state I want to have", and it starts transitive dependencies13:50
tedgpitti: We could go that route, I went the route where unity-panel-service lists the ones it wants. And then U8 could do the same. That's where the decision is made organizationally.13:50
pittibut this can (mostly) be mapped to each other13:50
Trevinhotedg: yeah... I know that... But there are targets. And we could maybe make targets differently for u7/8 sharing what can be shared13:50
pittitedg: ok; indicator-foo package adding itself to wants.d/ is more decentralized and easier for new packages, with an explicit Wants= list in unity7 you have more control13:51
tedgI don't think in this case decentralized is better, you'd want to add a package recommends/requires as well. They should go together.13:51
Trevinhowell, I think that's a different story honestly13:52
tedgIf someone wants to hack it, they can always add it to the wants directory.13:52
pittiso for the "core" indicators a "forward" Wants= list, and auxilliary ones like indicator-multiload etc. could still use an indicators.target.wants.d/13:52
Trevinhowell those kind of indicators are app-indicators...13:52
TrevinhoSo it doesn't apply to that13:53
tedgYeah, multiload won't work on U8.13:53
pittioh, ok13:53
pittiwell, you guys tell me what you want and I can then hopefully tell you how to model that :)13:53
seb128static list sounds wrong13:53
TrevinhoI personally would prefer avoid keeping a list of indicators in unity7...13:54
tedgseb128: You should tell debian you have issues with their control files :-)13:54
TrevinhoAlthough the debian/* bits could have those, I'd prefer avoiding touching th service files any time13:54
tedgIt seems to me that the service file should map to the control file. If it's "wants" there, it's "recommends".13:55
tedgWe don't have to list it in the service file per se.13:55
tedgIt could be done with a links file13:55
tedgThe state in systemd would be the same.13:55
seb128I don't understand13:57
seb128the panel would load third party system indicators if they are installed in the system location no?13:57
tedgHave a links file that symlinks all of the indicator service files into the wants directory.13:57
tedgThey would have to add a symlink in the wants directory, then systemd would start them at the right time.13:58
seb128but then you have 2 systems for our indicators and for others13:58
seb128that seems confusing13:58
tedgTwo systems? Two places to add symlinks depending on which desktop you're interested in.13:59
tedgIt allows for indicators to be in one and not the other.14:00
pittiright now I don't see how indicator upstart jobs would not start in unity8; but I guess that's what you are trying to fix here14:01
seb128sorry I though you guys were saying that the current mp has an coded list of indicators to start in unity7 code14:01
pittioh, /usr/share/upstart/sessions/indicator-application.conf has a quirk for that14:01
seb128pitti, easy ... right14:01
pittiso right now an indicator package decides for itself where it wants to run14:01
Trevinhoseb128: it has that14:02
seb128which makes sense imho14:02
Trevinhoseb128: not in the code, but in the .service14:02
pittithe corresponding model would be to ship a unity7.service.wants.d/ link but not a unity8.service.wants.d/14:02
tedgpitti: Yes, it is a change, to make it so that people can easily have both installed.14:02
pitti... in indicator-application14:02
Trevinhoseb128: see https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/unity/systemd-unit./+merge/300624 the ups service file14:03
seb128don't do that!14:03
* Laney plays the bisecting tune14:11
* tedg apparently fell off freenode, if someone replied, he missed it.14:21
seb128wb tedg, no much reply no but you didn't ask a question either did you?14:22
seb128"<tedg> pitti: Yes, it is a change, to make it so that people can easily have both installed." was what we got before you left the channel14:22
tedgseb128: I just answered, no question: "seb128: The service job lists the ones it wants by default. Others can be added with symlinks in the wants directory."14:23
seb128sorry if I created confusion, I didn't follow closely the start of the discussion14:23
seb128but I think it makes more sense having the indicator packages to opt in for the desktop they wants by using symlinks in .wants dirs14:24
seb128rather than having the panel service listing a defined static set14:24
seb128I understand others can still do the .wants14:24
seb128but you end up having different mechanisms in use depending of what indicator you look at then no?14:25
tedgNo, it's the same mechanism, we're just saying that unity7 should have a list of the ones it wants by default and unity8 should have a list of the ones it wants by default.14:26
tedgSo if u7 decides to drop nm-applet to go for indicator-network, that's a change in the u7 package, not an indicator-network and network-manager change.14:26
seb128well, then e.g indicator-session doesn't have a .wants symlink for unity7 in its binary deb?14:26
seb128so you end up having some debs including a symlinks and others not14:27
seb128I mean there is no symlink for indicator-session14:27
tedgEh, kinda. I doubt there are many indicators that would have symlinks in them. Reality is that there aren't many non-core indicators other than app indicators.14:27
tedgI can't think of any, but there probably is...14:28
seb128I can't either, but nothing blocks a company to have a custom one on their installs14:28
seb128I agree it's not a big deal in practice14:28
tedgCorrect, indicator-session doesn't encode who wants it. U7 and U8 encode that they want it.14:29
tedgFor instance, if we think of Xubuntu, they'd select indicators and make their own list.14:29
seb128it feels like giving the decision power to the desktop maker and not the user14:29
seb128also kylin and ubuntu might want a different set14:30
seb128like they might not like our keyboard indicator14:30
seb128then how do they opt out?14:31
seb128I guess they need an override or a symlink in another dir?14:31
shookeesHey all14:32
tedgseb128: Not sure how kylin customizes, new package?14:32
seb128tedg, that was a random invented example, but yeah they have a -settings with schemas overrides and such14:33
tedgseb128: Sure, more asking because I really didn't know :-)14:34
tedgseb128: I guess I don't see the set of indicators as a user config thing. They can tweek it with overrides and the such, and they can remove packages, but I dont' think it's a normal thing for a user to adjust.14:35
seb128well it is but in practice we have "show this indicator" settings in u-c-c14:36
jbichaLaney: could you rebuild the GTK 3.20 stuff in main from http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/ I think I got all from universe14:36
seb128which is bit stupid because it means we have the service active for users who don't use it14:36
Laneyjbicha: later on, or sooner if you give me a list :)14:37
seb128jbicha, if you are the one who retried gnome-builder no point doing that it fails with the new vala, but you might want to merge 3.20 it should be trivial14:38
tedgseb128: Yes. Miss the gsettings bridge for Upstart, even though we never got it into production, was a cool idea.14:38
jbichaclutter-gtk gnome-sudoku gtkmm3.0 gtksourceview3 notification-daemon14:39
jbichathanks, yeah I syncd gnome-builder but it still needs a few more 3.20 stuff to build so...later this week14:41
seb128tedg, anyway, as said I think either way is fine, so I should probably just shut up and let Trevinho tell you what he wants since he actually maintain unity and is the one giving you an ack or not ;-)14:41
seb128jbicha, oh, the libpeas loader split went to debian? great14:42
jbichaseb128: yes, Laney did most of the work, I just nudged it a bit when it got stuck14:44
tedgpitti: So I tried moving the "wants" to a links file and it's complaining that the directory doesn't exist. Is there a way around that?14:45
TrevinhoLaney: I've a new SRU ready for xenial, when you have time please consider publishing that (https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1737)14:45
pittitedg: dh_links automatically creates links; how does your .links file look like and where/how does it fail?14:45
pittitedg: note that you need to specify absolute target paths in the .links file; dh_links will make them relative (that's a bit eww..)14:46
LaneyTrevinho: k, in a bit, poking inside the greeter atm14:46
TrevinhoLaney: no worries, take your time.... And there will be a yakkety landing coming in a bit too.14:46
tedgpitti:  https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/NgcB4kph/14:47
Trevinhoactually is there...14:47
pittitedg: can you show the line from the .links file here?14:48
tedgpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21764853/14:48
pittitedg: I think the second component can't be a dir, it needs to be a file; i. e. append foo.service to each line14:50
pittisee man dh_link14:50
jbichaLaney: could you retry the s390x builds from the list too?14:50
LaneyI retried all arches for the things you gave me14:50
pittitedg: or create them in the upstream build (which is conceptually better, but not that relevant if the packages only exist in ubuntu)14:50
Laneyunless ubuntu-build doesn't know about them14:51
tedgpitti: Ah cool, I was trying to take into Trevinho's concern that he'd like it to be in the packaging.14:53
jbichaLaney: it looks like you need an unreleased ubuntu-dev-tools for s390x https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/trunk/changes14:54
Laneyyeah I got it14:54
seb128jbicha, you might want to look at bug #1607663?15:28
ubot5bug 1607663 in vino (Ubuntu) "vino-server does not autostart on Ubuntu-GNOME" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160766315:28
attenteLaney: is pidgin supposed to show up in the results when doing 'appstreamcli search pidgin'17:43
ricotzTheMuso, hi, could you plan to cherry-pick this with the next pulseaudio sru for xenial? https://cgit.freedesktop.org/pulseaudio/pulseaudio/commit/?id=81d3eb84672726e61d46dcb429a73422f43b691c18:13
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seb128k, enough for today19:24
seb128have a nice evening desktopers19:25
seb128see you tomorrow19:25
willcookecya seb12819:25
seb128night willcooke!19:25
willcookemorning robert_ancell20:03
robert_ancellwillcooke, yo20:03
willcookenight all20:23
TheMusoricotz: Sure seems harmless enough. Luckily I might be SRUing pulse once I track down a particular bug so will look at doing that. Do you have a bug to reference for that?22:18

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