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mchelen2i may have forgotten to put the i/o shield into the case during my last build, resulting in having to take out the whole mobo again :D01:01
daftykinswhen you get those cheap metal ones with the little lips that need to sit on top of IO ports for grounding, sometimes i've assembled things with those picking inside a LAN port say and had to start over01:04
daftykinsvery frustrating, those01:04
mchelen2yeah i'm kind of surprised they haven't improved much after all these years01:22
mchelen2i was impressed with other aspects of the case, like mounting options & cable management01:22
ducassehi all07:00
BluesKajHi all11:47
EriC^^that was funny15:45
ducassewhat a f*****g twit.15:46
ducassea small nsfw warning would have been nice.15:47
EriC^^he just upped the anti15:49
daxoh jesus15:50
daftykinsdo tell (:15:50
ducassewth is wrong with this guy?15:50
EriC^^some guy pasted this relating to his no flash working query https://ptpb.pw/768415:51
ducassedaftykins: "oh noes, pr0n doesn't work"15:51
daftykinshmm that actually just opened as a page of unicode or some such to me15:51
EriC^^daftykins: yeah15:51
daxgenerally the ones that aren't messing around find a better test case15:52
EriC^^wget https://ptpb.pw/7684 && xdg-open 768415:52
daftykinsi got my 7 year old RMA'd RAM replacements today :D all in and working!15:52
EriC^^great :D15:53
daftykinsthey sent it before i even sent mine, which was quite unfortunate for their policy15:53
daftykinsi could've held onto mine too if i were a naughty type of fella :P15:54
EriC^^i've been going on a lot of shopping sprees at the supermarket lately15:59
EriC^^the shopping cart looks kind of funny, it's full of stuff like a 9 year old got some money and went shopping, tons of skittles, fruit loops, whip cream cans, etc16:00
ducassedaftykins: you had the das keyboard, right? blank keys?16:01
EriC^^i basically eat whip cream, then down some hershey's chocolate syrup16:01
EriC^^eat skittles and cake etc16:01
EriC^^you know, the healthy life16:01
daftykinsducasse: yep16:02
daftykinsstill here on a spare chair behind me, relegated to nothing right now16:02
ducassedaftykins: happy with that? did it take much effort getting used to?16:03
daftykinsthough for typing i definitely miss the cherry blues, really nice feel to those - just a shame it started playing up so much16:03
daftykinsah i could always touch type, the only problems are if someone phoned and i had to hold it with one hand, tough to one handed type on blank - or if you want to quickly type something standing up beside the desk, that sort of thing16:03
ducassethat was what i was thinking of. i don't look at the keys normally, but in situations like that i do.16:04
ducasseit'd be _hilarious_ when my mother is visiting and wants to use my machine, though. that + my i3 setup = confusion :)16:05
daftykinsyep friends would come over and struggled big time, i was really shocked16:08
ducasseyou could have also switched the layout to dvorak ;)16:10
daftykinsno, that's too extreme - compatibility with others for peoples systems i'd work on is more important to me16:11
daftykinsmessing with someone elses settings = a huge idiot move16:11
daftykins(such as if i was at a clients, for example)16:11
ducassethat is _not_ nice, i agree. i was thinking more of others trying to use a blank keyboard with dvorak layout on your system.16:12
daftykinsah right, haha16:14
daftykinsmy mistake16:14
ducasseyou are right about the compatibility thing, that must slow people who normally use dvorak down, wouldn't it? i don't know if i could keep two so different layouts in muscle memory.16:14
daftykinsmmm too risky for me to consider trying16:16
daftykinsplus laptops...16:16
daftykinsones that i daren't even imagine taking a key off of :D16:16
ducasseno point in learning dvorak when you touch type on qwerty, i think...16:17
ducassei know they claim it's faster, but doubt there can be enough difference to matter.16:18
ducassedaftykins: have fun installing the new ram, btw, i've got to either install that damned cpu cooler or get on with trying to grok routeros...16:24
daftykinsyeah, the effort to re-learn would be huge16:24
daftykinsoh i did it already, ran a pass of memtest86+ and it's all good :)16:24
daftykinsso now i have  2 x core 2 quad PCs with 8GB RAM16:25
ducasseshould be, with new sticks :)16:25
daftykinsyeah just nice to give it some work16:25
daftykinswhat i was getting with the last RAM was that if i turned it off and unplugged the mains cable, in 10 minutes it wouldn't POST again16:25
daftykinspretty sure the motherboard it was in that has blown capacitors zapped it in some really subtle way16:26
ducassesounds probable. i need to get some more memory for this laptop, but i need to get authentic hp sticks...16:26
daftykinsyou might not have them there but i love just going to www.crucial.com/uk as they guarantee compatibility if you pick the system - free return if it doesn't work, too16:29
ducassei tried putting another disk (an ssd) in this laptop, and it refused to recognize it.16:30
daftykinshmm that's weird16:33
daftykinsstandard 2.5" SATA?16:33
ducasseyup. didn't see it at all.16:33
ducassetried another hdd, even from another hp, but no go as it wasn't on the "approved parts" list.16:34
daftykinsugh i find it really wrong the companies that whitelist hardware, like Lenovo/IBM with wifi cards16:34
ducasseyep, it's just greedy to do so.16:35
ducasseit's not like i would have expected them to support it.16:36
daftykinsi'm meant to go to the west coast again today for a restaurant meal with friends, though it's solid rain all evening and tomorrow - and i was planning to cycle16:37
ducassesounds like you need a new plan :) how was the bbq?16:38
daftykinsyeah pretty good thanks :) good fun showing up and parking by bike beside their house, seeing them in the kitchen through the window16:39
daftykinspulled my phone out and messaged my friend saying "hey, look left!"16:39
daftykinsleft at 1:30am and man the ride home was a strain16:39
daftykinsproper up and down valleys despite the relatively short distance16:40
daftykinshmm yesterday i struggled to boot a 14.04.1 server DVD, might try again16:40
ducassei did that to a friend around the time the first matrix movie came out, sms'ed him "knock, knock" before ringing the bell. just couldn't resist :)16:41
ducasseoh god16:42
ducassedamn cat came in with a bird.16:42
ducassenot a dead one, to put it that way. started flapping around in the bathroom. unfortunately for the bird, she caught it again before i did :)16:47
daftykinsi'll never forget the time i heard a noise in the kitchen, went to open the door and all i saw was a bird flying straight for my face... managed to close the door again just before XD16:48
ducassei hate it when she does that, but it's a package deal kind of thing. most of the time i need to catch them and get them out, that can be tricky. mice are much easier :)16:50
ducassewhy wouldn't the 14.04 server image boot, btw?16:51
daftykinsmmm not sure, it just froze up during the load16:52
daftykinsjust about to swap it over and have a go, although i have to be at this restaurant in 2hours :(16:52
daftykinsall these social obligations stop me from geeking out with fun things16:53
ducassefroze while booting?16:53
daftykinsyou know how server has the text installer? it was kind of the first purple screen before you'd get the first question asked, it just stopped loading there - probably a sign of the old optical drive more than anything16:54
daftykinsi might just install to the disk from a flash drive in a machine with working USB, then transplant it16:54
ducasseah, vc4 has the installer log, you know?16:54
daftykinshrmm if it doesn't behave normally i tend to think it's not worthy of my time16:55
daftykinsnice, PC still boots up after being unplugged :D RAM was definitely the culprit16:58
ducasseone small victory :)16:58
daftykinsoh no that one bad module had me chasing red herrings for ages16:59
ducasseif memtest doesn't find anything wrong, bad memory can be painful to track down.17:00
ducassewhy on earth is this machine swapping? vm.swappiness=1 ...17:04
daftykinshaha i changed the CMOS battery in this machine with the fried USB on the mobo, now it won't power on at all pressing the power button...17:05
daftykinsthis happened with one of the other boards that no longer functions at all17:06
ducasseoh, fun. not trying to enter bios or anything?17:06
ducassewell, no, if not powering on... but no blinkenlichten? nothing?17:07
daftykinsah my fault, i foolishly tried to plug in the EPS connector blind so only half of it was in XD17:08
daftykinsooh nice it's working today17:14
ducassebtw, do you know how much memory i should reserve for an intel gpu or how to figure it out?17:18
daftykinsdepending on the model i recall there being an automatic option17:20
ducassethen it just allocates what it needs? this manual is really not very detailed :)17:21
daftykinsyeah, i thought the modern hardware memory allocation for on-die graphics had a four letter acronym to refer to memory management17:22
daftykinspauljw_vm: wb sir o/17:22
daftykinslol just booted into this 14.04.1 install, 192 packages to update, 106 are for security17:22
daftykinsi picked that because i prefer to stick to the 3.13 kernel :)17:22
ducasse"this item allows you to empower both integrated and discrete graphics devices for the multi monitor output." that's it. wth does that even mean?17:23
pauljw_vmhi daftykins, everyone.  don't blame you, i'm sticking with 14.04 too.  too many changes in 16 and my systems here all do everything we need with 14.17:24
daftykinsexactly, 16.04 can be all up to date but it's a newer kernel with greater needs i don't require :)17:24
daftykinssetting up this system as a kind of test backup file server i might be able to sell onto a client17:25
pauljw_vmi enjoy it in a vm, as now, but i'm not interested in upgrading the host.17:25
daftykinsgot one of my fave 3ware 9650-SE hardware RAID controllers ;D17:26
daftykinsthere we go all upgraded \o/ even that 40GB intel value SSD is nice for package installs17:26
pauljw_vmssd's are still in my future.  i'll get there.17:27
daftykinscore 2 duo E7400 (2.8GHz), 4GB DDR2 @ 1066MHz and the little SSD with 14.04 server :>17:28
daftykins1.5GB used - mmm17:29
pauljw_vmthat's what memory is for right?  to be used...17:30
daftykinsdisk space i meant there17:30
daftykinsbut yes!17:30
daftykins183MB used for RAM XD17:30
daftykinsoh guys be afraid btw, i ordered a beginners soldering kit last night17:31
ducasseoh, the one from amazon?17:31
daftykinsgot a few different parts in the end17:31
pauljw_vmby the weekend you'll be questioning what took you so long...17:32
daftykinsi've still got to identify all the blown caps and probably the ones that haven't blown and order replacements though17:32
daftykinshuzzah local bus looks good for tonight :>17:40
pauljw_vmthat's not bad17:42
daftykinssolid rain right now17:56
daftykinsoh dear it's 7pm already17:56
ducassebetter get going, then - have fun @ the restaurant!17:57
daftykins:D bus appears to be at 7:45 \o/17:58
daftykinsrocks up at 8:07pm that'll do :>17:58
daftykins3ware RAID controller firmware updated \o/18:02
daftykinsit's nice dealing with hardware that works ;)18:03
ducassenew version of routeros, do i dare?18:04
daftykinsnot if things work ;)18:06
daftykinsright i best head off folks, catch you later \o18:06
ducasseputting that one off until tomorrow, i need a couple of the fixes. enjoy, daftykins!18:08
OverCodertgm4883, well uh idk, maybe tell me what can I do to improve that PPA thingy. Also about the going through the terminal.. well um, you can just selected the outer text and copy the list as a command which can be just pasted into the terminal directly, or copy only the inner stuff and browse through nautilus, open via gedit, and paste.21:24
tgm4883OverCoder: you can't do it via nautilus unless you launch nautilus with root privs21:25
OverCodero right. I don't even use Ubuntu anyways :<21:25
OverCoderI mean I only use Ubuntu Server, so whatever. duh I feel sad after I spent these 2 days making the website :<21:26
tgm4883OverCoder: The ppa portion should place them in separate files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d. Since you have to go to the terminal anyway, you could just give it the 'apt-add-repository' command since that is cleaner than adding it to sources.list21:26
tgm4883Don't feel sad, I'm sure it was a good learning exercise21:26
tgm4883For the regular sources.list, I don't think you're going to find a better way to do that than the software sources Gui21:27
tgm4883You could see if that is implemented in a command line or ncurses way though21:28
OverCoderwell that's awesome21:28
OverCoderGonna go implement that.21:28
OverCoderThanks :)21:28
tgm4883OverCoder: yea apt-add-repositories is a much nicer way to do the PPAs21:28
tgm4883OverCoder: I do wonder how you are coming up with your list of PPAs and which ones are "trusted"21:29
OverCoderthanks :321:29
daftykinsalthough if you're going to a PPA to begin with you're probably straying off the tracks of using ubuntu server already23:02
daxtgm4883: lol23:07
tgm4883dax: I mean seriously, you guys just said that23:07
tgm4883dax: IDK what you guys ususally do with that, but might want to keep an eye on monsterdemon23:30
* dax looks up23:32
daxdaftykins: someone had trouble with LTS version numbers and basic math23:32
daxtgm4883: usually would ban them, but they /quit already :|23:33
daxthey did it in ##linux too, looks like23:33
tgm4883dax: that's why I need banning powers :)23:34
daftykinsah well #ubuntu only maintains ops from incompatible timezones so that these folk can get away with it, y'see23:34
daftykinsmust be tough to get everyone to meet up for the blood oath, i guess23:35
daxwe actually replaced the blood with salt, since there's a plentiful source of it around these days23:35
daxtgm4883: yeah. or i need to get a job where i won't be distracted by bloody windows licensing23:36
daxbeen looking at this stuff for days and it's still ridiculous23:36
daftykinsno, it's only salt if i wanted back in... i could point out your flaws but you guys like your little private club23:36
daftykinsyou're too busy doing your day job to even handle your task as an op :)23:37
daftykinssee this is the problem dax, you're probably one of the most approachable and you're still clamming up23:53
daftykinsyou've got too much of an us vs. them approach toward the volunteers when you should all be working together23:53
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