GGourlayHi, I asked a question about my USB wifi which I wanted to work, a user contacted me on private chat and after a command did not work (in his opinion), I did as he told, he asked to remote assist me with team viewer. Is this acceptable in Ubuntu's guidelines?11:55
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:55
k1l_usually the support is only done in the channel and not in pm. and we do not want users to give other users access to their machines11:56
GGourlayk1l_, I sould write !ops and then my message?12:00
GGourlayin the ubuntu chat?12:00
k1l_no. you can tell that user that you only want support in the support chat so others could help if needed12:01
GGourlaymy main problem is that this user asked for remote access, could try to gather information. I don't think Ubuntu thinks this is acceptable.12:02
k1l_yes that is right. but you did put the support into pm , too12:03
GGourlayWell, the user contacted me... should this user be permitted to keep asking for remote access on ubuntu channels?12:07
k1l_which user was it?12:07
GGourlayhis name is tatertots12:07
GGourlayI have screen images of this12:07
k1l_well. tell that user that you dont want any more support in pm. and you should not let anyone do that again in pm since then you go outside of the scope of the support channel and the ops.12:09
GGourlaycan't you ban his ip?12:09
k1l_i will talk to that user. but its on your part also that you keep support in the channel. that way we and the supporters or other users can have a watch on it12:09
k1l_GGourlay: well, you were fine with getting support on the private messages as long as he didnt offer support with getting access to your system. this is quite difficult. since what people do in pm is outside of the scope of #ubuntu. and wanting access to support is not that uncommon, even thos in #ubuntu we dont want that. but again: dont go into pms if you want the ubuntu channel rules to be active12:12
GGourlayk1l_, I understand, clearly. Here is the conversation: https://imgur.com/a/kre61.12:13
k1l_reading that i dont know if that is a malicious intention or just trying to speed up the support.12:20
k1l_i will talk to that user, but better you keep the support in the #ubuntu channel so other can peer review the advices12:21
GGourlayyes, i will use the channel's chat and not pm. I know, he could definitely have both intentions, i don't know. thank's for the help.12:22

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