fifty-sevenCThere is a bug in the installer for Ubuntu when used for Chromebooks. If I install ubuntu-server and install the ubuntu-mate meta package will it end up the same?00:52
ouroumovfifty-sevenC, maybe ask in #ubuntu ?01:41
fifty-sevenCAsking that appears to have started a flamewar. :)01:51
YankDownUnderfifty-sevenC: It'll be the same...with the exception of the way that the base is installed, really...it's simple enough to test out, if anything else.01:59
xlindsayi have a question: when i suspend and restart pc i sometimes lose wifi. does that happen to anyone else?02:13
YankDownUnderxlindsay: Yes.02:15
xlindsayis the problem reported?02:29
h8r1dx4Hi guys , Id like to get involved more with Mate , where do I start ? I cant really code besides Python . But I use mate Every day and rate I should give something back. Do you guys need Testers ?06:16
Codfectionu mean invovle in open source mate project07:00
h8r1dx4jip :-D07:05
sarwarhow to load new softwares07:26
h8r1dx4Do you want to know how to install software ?07:27
sarwaryes I want to draw a sketch.07:29
h8r1dx4Gimp will work for that07:29
sarwarOK I try..Thanks07:30
h8r1dx4do you want me to tell you how to install it ?07:31
sarwarI think Gimp is already installed. first I check then let you know.07:32
andy____hey can anybody tell me that how i can update my all drivers ?08:11
andy____hey please anyone tell me how can i update my drivers as video quality in ubuntu is way poorer than to win 10 in my system08:14
h8r1dx4try apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade08:15
h8r1dx4this will update all software and drivers08:16
andy____this is doing nothing in terminal08:17
h8r1dx4try sudo apt-get update08:18
h8r1dx4it will ask for your password08:18
andy____yes after that ?08:18
h8r1dx4then sudo apt-get upgrade08:19
andy____then ?08:19
andy____do i have to reboot ?08:20
h8r1dx4did it install any software ?08:20
andy____nothing much08:20
h8r1dx4can you set it higher there ?08:22
andy____it was already set to max08:22
andy____but still video quality color production is poor08:23
h8r1dx4then you might need nvedia / Ati Drivers , not really my area08:23
andy____okay btw i tried updating nvidia drivers but got error saying having broken packages or not installed08:25
h8r1dx4you can try sudo apt-get -f install to fix broken packages08:30
ouroumov_Did you enable the proprietary driver in Welcome -> Getting Started -> Driver?08:31
ouroumov_Also what do you mean "Video Quality"?08:31
ouroumov__hey wang09:41
wangAre you chinese?09:42
wangHow can i creat an icon on desktop in this system?09:44
wangubuntu mate09:44
ouroumov__right click -> Create Launcher09:44
wangI use chinese09:46
ouroumov__!cn | wang09:46
ubottuwang: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:46
ouroumov__If you need help in your native language, go there09:46
wanglet me try09:46
ouroumov__I don't know the chinese equivalent of "Create Launcher", sorry :/09:46
wangThank you09:48
ubuntu-mateHello :)09:52
ouroumov__hello ubuntu-mate09:53
ubuntu-mateman this linux thing is better than windows09:53
ubuntu-matecoming back to Ubuntu Mate from Linux Mint09:56
ubuntu-mate<-- Greetings from Australia09:57
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ouroumov__hunterFamily, greetings from France09:58
ssloveoi cara10:47
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hansackerhello everyone15:15
hansackeri installed ubuntu mate today and installed "xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl-extra" to get extra screensavers. now there's only a black screen in screensaver-mode even when i selected one of the default ubuntu-mate-screensavers.. any ideas?15:16
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Akulihansacker, i believe you can run xscreensaver from a terminal if you want to use that instead of the default mate one15:37
hansackerAkuli: i would like to use the mate-screensaver because its pretty easy by default and it worked before installing the new screensavers. in the config menu theres even now a long list of all the screensavers including the default ones but - as i said - black screen15:43
Akuliyou could remove whatever you've installed and hope everything works... other than that i dont know how to help15:44
ouroumovflexiondotorg, sorry to bother you. Can you take a look at this? https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/possible-memory-leak-in-mate-panel/7717/15 There's a good chance mate-panel and possibly eom are leaking memory all over the place in the LTS. I don't know what to do regarding a possible bug report. File against both?15:45
flexiondotorgouroumov, Yes, file against both. But will require evidence of a leak.15:46
ouroumovOkay. Launchpad or github?15:46
hansackerAkuli: hm. i would like to use some of the new screensavers, so removing them is not a valid optin15:46
Akuliouroumov, is that 16.04_15:46
ouroumovAkuli, yes.15:47
Akuliso 14.04 is fine?15:47
Akulisomehow i guessed it :) no surprise to me15:47
ouroumovDunno, haven't attempted to reproduce on 14.0415:47
ouroumovIs 14.04 using MATE 1.12.1?15:47
hansackeri have another question. im running ubuntu mate on a notebook and i'm used to do a douple-finger-click on the touchpad to paste the clipboard.. this does not work and even the gui-tool to configure the mouse behavior does not perform the action i set16:02
hansackerthen i added a startprogramm "/usr/bin/synclient TapButton2=2" and that does not work, too. i would like to thank someone for help16:02
fifty-sevenCWhy is there no 14.04.5 installer for Ubuntu Mate?16:17
Akulififty-sevenC, there is16:21
Akuliyou just need to find it16:21
fifty-sevenC??? The downloader points to 14.04.216:21
Akulithen you can install from a mini.iso, or just upgrade16:22
fifty-sevenCWell I am hoping I can upgrade. :)16:22
fifty-sevenC3.16 is an old kernel.16:22
fifty-sevenCOld kernel, new hardware. Eyyy16:22
fifty-sevenCOn another note, I'm going to try to install 14.04 just to I can upgrade it to 16.04 in hopes I can bypass the gfxboot bug16:23
ouroumovflexiondotorg, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate/+bug/1608599 && https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate/+bug/160860316:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1608599 in mate-panel (Ubuntu) "Possible Memory Leak in mate-panel" [Undecided,New]16:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1608603 in mate-panel (Ubuntu) "Possible memory leak in eom" [Undecided,New]16:28
fifty-sevenCOk, gfxboot workaround. Use 14.04 live disk. gfxboot error complaint type help, then press enter and it boots. lmfao16:33
fifty-sevenCand no trackpad16:33
fifty-sevenCOld kernel is old :(16:34
flexiondotorgRight, I'm off. Bye...16:54
ouroumovhi DarkPsydeLord17:06
DarkPsydeLordhow are you?17:07
ouroumovI'm good. You?17:08
DarkPsydeLordwell working... (sort of)17:12
DarkPsydeLordyou know i usually take a few mins per hour to distract myself from code and sysadmin17:13
DarkPsydeLordanyway im just drinking tomato juice and reading some cache to check if i can be helpful at all XD17:20
ouroumovreading cache?17:20
DarkPsydeLordsorry log im thinking about other things hahahaha17:22
ouroumovWhat company do you work for DarkPsydeLord? (If you can say)17:23
DarkPsydeLordwell i work at 2 different places 1 is a mistery so i cant say anything about it (its not cia or nasa) just commercial stuff17:25
DarkPsydeLordand im the IT manager of a shoe company yes it sounds weird but its true17:27
ouroumovOkay ^^17:27
DarkPsydeLordthe frye show company17:27
DarkPsydeLordshoe not show!17:27
TwoNotesUpgrade 15.10 to 16.04.1 went perfectly.  Even the WiFi dongle works.  w00t17:28
TwoNotesNow I should not have to do that again for a few years (hopes)17:29
DarkPsydeLordbut its been a while since i encountered any issue with upgrading17:29
DarkPsydeLordor wifi17:29
DarkPsydeLordspecially on any buntu17:29
TwoNotesAll those nay-sayers a few months ago about what a dog 16.04 was didn't know what they were doing17:30
DarkPsydeLordwell i had a few troubles related to wifi in arch a few months ago but well that was you know my mistake17:31
DarkPsydeLordas almost everything i do in arch17:31
TwoNotesIt is easy to 'make mistakes' with Arch...17:31
DarkPsydeLordcommon mistakes17:31
TwoNotesMy headless x86 file server box and Rpi3 still run Arch.  I don't touch them now that they work17:32
DarkPsydeLordwell im always curious about aspects of linux so my arch machines are usually learning machines17:33
DarkPsydeLordand i break em often17:33
DarkPsydeLord*cough* every 15 days *cough*17:34
TwoNotesIs it possible to do an Ubuntu upgrade using a downloaded iso instead of over the network - it took hours.17:34
ouroumovDepends on how you set up your partitions17:35
ouroumovIf you have a separate /home partition then yes17:35
TwoNotesI don't mean replace the system with a new one.  I mean keeping all installed apps and configs17:35
TwoNotesI always have a separate /home17:36
ouroumovWell in that case, not that I know of17:36
DarkPsydeLordwell as a linux user i will tell no upgrade from live iso is possible17:38
DarkPsydeLordand geek from hell i will say17:38
DarkPsydeLordtheoretically is possible if you know the packages that must be upgraded!17:39
DarkPsydeLordbut ofc that is a long long list17:39
DarkPsydeLordwhich is way easier using net install to handle that for you17:40
Akulinetinstall isos are awesome17:40
DarkPsydeLordand having separate home folder make the whole thing easier for a clean install17:40
Akulijust install and everything's up to date17:40
TwoNotesI just worry about some outage hitting in the middle of it.  With an iso on a DVD I know the ISPcan't break my upgrade.17:54
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XineramaWhat's up people?19:12
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APoliTechhi all!21:04
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nomichi yankdownunder21:46
YankDownUndernomic: Peace21:49
kodi-1I have a problem with screen res on my resbarry pi mate installation21:58
kodi-1can someone assist21:59
nomicis your screen display less than the screen width22:06
nomichttp://www.opentechguides.com/how-to/article/raspberry-pi/28/raspi-display-setting.html   kodi-122:07
nomicdisabling overscan22:08
nomicmay be your problem kodi-122:08
kodi-1yes ... i saw something about it22:09
nomici had problem where picture was < monitor size22:09
nomicI disabled overscan ^ re article22:09
kodi-1but the file doesn't look like in the post, so I didn't wat to do bad things ...22:09
nomicrebooted .. fine22:09
nomicUncomment the #disable_overscan=1 (Remove the #)22:10
nomicyou back up file first22:10
nomicisn't problem22:10
nomicif your screen shows less than monitor size22:10
nomicthat is your problem22:10
kodi-1found it22:13
kodi-1I will soon reboot and check22:13
nomiccome backk - report22:14
nomicif ok22:14

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