ubottuDinosaurus called the ops in #ubuntu ()04:17
crayonmeh.. banned from main chan again... any reason why this keeps happening?07:19
crayon* Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned).07:19
Flannelcrayon: What's your IP and/or host?  (not your cloak)07:39
Flannelcrayon: Bans will match those as well, and it's possible you're getting hit as a part of those, but we can't find out/fix it until we know what that is.07:40
crayon* [crayon] is connecting from *@
crayonthanks for looking into it07:43
Flannelcrayon: Try that.07:45
crayonthank you so much07:46
crayonwas that what it was?07:46
Flannelcrayon: Yep.07:46
crayonsorry about that!!!07:46
crayoni appreciate you helping me to resolve it07:46
FlannelSo, let us know if it happens again in the future, obviously someone who shares dynamic IPs with you sometimes causes trouble.07:47
crayonis it possible to add me to an invite list that way i can login and you can keep your ban active?07:47
FlannelIt is, but that's usually less discoverable for ops, so we like to avoid it.  But if this becomes a frequent issue, we'll definitely consider it.07:48
crayonthanks Flannel07:48
FlannelLike I said, let us know if it happens again, and we'll figure it out.07:48
FlannelHave a nice day.07:48
Unit193Weird, doesn't get a PIA cloak.07:52
bazhang<DIOUjk33> BIng GO09:48
bazhangtwo great tastes bing and pokemon go09:48
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Arpho said: ubottu: this one is the closest for me: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir6-2/Wily10:45
ubottuEriC^^ called the ops in #ubuntu (Krepay)18:42
PiciI can't see what those squares are.18:43
hggdhPici: italics, cursive. "I would like to inform you that no one gives a fuck about what you think"18:55
Picia hardy user too?19:01
hggdhI do not know. I can only find three hits for it: join, this message, part19:38
Picihggdh: sorry, I was referring to another user who was asking about a hardy problem.  Earlier we had someone using breezy.19:47
hggdhoh, OK19:57

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