GuesCan an X server run on any phones supported by Ubuntu Touch?03:09
JanCdo you mean XMir or "regular" Xorg?03:20
GuesI meant regular Xorg. I don't know about Mir. I'm generally just interested to know if X clients can communicate over a network with an Ubuntu Touch device.03:23
JanCyou can run XMir on top of Mir03:26
GuesDoes Mir lack GPU acceleration? Does Mir use GLX?03:41
dufluGues: I am the current Xmir maintainer, and I didn't even think to try out remote rendering support. I will try it out (party like it's 1989), but it's not a use case in Xmir we planned for...04:33
dufluIncidentally, Xorg has a global variable called 'party_like_its_1989' which is unrelated. I didn't mean to cause confusion for anyone who knows about that04:36
Jucatoduflu: hi. sorry to hijack the thread, so to speak. but is there a timetable n getting copy/paste to work between Xmir and native/other Xmir apps?04:54
dufluJucato: It's in progress but surprisingly Xmir code changes are not related to the project. Let me find it05:13
dufluJucato: Please join in: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/147199805:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1471998 in qtubuntu (Ubuntu) "[enhancement] Support copy-paste between X and Mir" [High,In progress]05:15
Jucatoduflu: ah thx05:16
Jucatoi see05:17
ahoneybunthis is a great review of the Pro 5: https://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20160801#ubuntuphone05:55
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mardyDanChapman: hi! Can you please point me at the diff for the fix of bug 1570774? I need to cherry-pick it into one of my testing branches10:24
ubot5bug 1570774 in Dekko "Cannot open message from inbox" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157077410:24
gihelfor those who read my question yesterday about battery draining fast, everything is ok now after using completely the battery and charging up to 100%, calibration problem10:50
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rosganihi all13:50
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Guest74720hi all16:46
Guest74720I am noob16:46
Guest74720Its possible to install ubuntu touch in microsoft lumia 535?16:47
ogra_hmm, waiting more than 1min would have helped ... perhaps16:49
Guest74720hi all16:49
Guest74720<Guest74720> I am noob16:49
Guest74720<Guest74720> Its possible to install ubuntu touch in microsoft lumia 535?16:49
ogra_Guest74720, can you install android on that device ?16:50
Guest74720i dont know16:50
ogra_(is the bootloader open  for that)16:50
Guest74720i just starting with phones16:50
ogra_i doubt it is ... if it was there would be a chance though16:50
ogra_(though you would still have to make a complete port to make ubuntu run... thats quite some effort)16:51
ogra_(i.e. not actually a beginner task i would say)16:51
Guest74720ive been reading on the internet16:51
Guest74720and it is difficult install android16:51
Guest74720in my ignorance i thought it would be like on the PC16:52
ogra_nope, phones are quite different16:52
Guest74720fuck i am bored of w10phone16:52
ogra_drivers are usually only created for the platform the phones are sold with ...16:52
ogra_so you would likely not find any android drivers for that device16:53
ogra_ubuntu used the android drivers to run the hardware ...16:53
Guest74720i understand16:53
Guest74720so I will have tho worst OS for a mobile all my life16:53
Guest74720and can ubuntu touch use .apks?16:56
mimecarno, it can't16:56
Guest74720thx so much all16:58
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mariogripmhall119: ping17:32
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abcddobey:  I've done a bit of research and it turns out the nexus 4 doesn't support vga. My mistake was to assume that because the lg version does the nexus 4 would too!19:01
dobeyabcd: ok19:01
abcdanybody know if the nexus 4 is likely to support miracast at anypoint?19:01
dobeyit is not19:02
abcdjust my work screen is vga only :-(19:02
abcdis the hdmi output hdcp protected?19:03
abcdapparently it is when its running android19:03
dobeyi don't think so. not unless that is some low level internal to drivers stuff19:03
dobeywhich, of course, it probably is19:04
abcdcool, might have to try getting a hdmi to vga converter. Techincially its illegal to get one to strip off the hdcp19:04
abcdstupid properity crap19:05
abcddobey: thanks for your help19:05
dobeywell, i don't think you'll be playing any blu-ray discs on a nexus 4 :)19:05
davmor2dobey: you mean you don't? I'm shocked ;)19:06
abcddobey: no, but I read that the nexus 4 puts overything out with hdcp as a matter of course19:06
abcd* on android19:06
dobeyabcd: yes, i'm sure google did so for legal reasons19:06
dobeyremember, google does sell you encrypted video content in play store19:07
dobeywell, tries to sell you it. not sure if you bought any or not :)19:07
abcdnope, only downloaded som free cartoons they offered for my kid19:08
dobeywell, probably were still encrypted :)19:09
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