cmaloneyrick_h_: How was the drive back?13:09
rick_h_cmaloney: i hate my wife's car13:09
cmaloneyrick_h_: Which one is that? I'm still thinking you have Ruby, and that's not right13:10
rick_h_cmaloney: the VW sportwagen13:15
cmaloneyAh, right13:15
rick_h_small, cramped, and being a "sport" means "no suspension give"13:15
cmaloneyWell, to be fair, it's not the luxury-liner of your truck. ;)13:16
rick_h_to be fair...I'm spoiled13:16
cmaloneyBut yeah, even though the Caliber was my old car it's strange for me to drive it. ;)13:16
shakes808How was PyOH?13:25
cmaloneyPretty good13:25
cmaloneySome really good talks13:25
cmaloneylots of energy13:25
shakes808awesome.  going to try to go next year13:45
cmaloneyIt'll be the tenth year of PyOhio.13:45
shakes808haha, sweet.13:46
shakes808is pyohio last weekend in july every year? or does the date float?20:04
cmaloneyIt tends to be the last weekend in July20:18
cmaloneynext year's is announced20:18
shakes808I don't see it. The site still has this past date still up there20:23
rick_h_they just got confirmation today and posted it on twitter20:24
rick_h_check their twitter account20:24
shakes808rick_h_: ... what is twitter?!  haha.  I will see if I can log into mine.  I don't do the social media often.20:25
rick_h_shakes808: ummm, ok. Well, then you might see if cmaloney can send you a handwritten letter20:25
rick_h_preferably in quil and ink, but maybe #2 pencil :)20:25
cmaloneyI'll sharpen up my Field Notes pencil for just such an occasion20:26
shakes808rick_h_: I would prefer quil.  I enjoy the wax stamp as well!  It makes it official20:26
rick_h_oooh, not sure how cmaloney signet ring is doing these days20:26
shakes808rick_h_: HAHA, then I am not sure if I will be able to make it, since it isn't official  ;)20:28
rick_h_shakes808: will be a bummer man20:28
shakes808OSU campus, then I will be wearing my U of M shirts that weekend :)20:30
rick_h_john did that...kind of crazy if you ask me but to each their own20:32
shakes808Did he come home? cmaloney, did he show up to work today? [ he still works there, correct? ]20:32
cmaloneyYeah, he made it back20:33
cmaloney(was going to joke about OSU removing him from the timeline, but that's a power even OSU doesn't have)20:33
shakes808HAHA, nice20:34
greg-grick_h_: I remember when nixternal almost got into a fight with a middle-aged woman at a bar for yelling "GO BLUE!" at OhioLinuxFest :)20:38
rick_h_greg-g: heh, I remember going back to the hotel early after wearing a big UM shirt to OLF20:39
rick_h_greg-g: especially since we went to a bar with an OSU game playing on the big screens...didn't feel I had chosen wisely20:39
greg-g:) :)20:40
greg-gRichard wasn't one to second guess his bad decisions ;)20:40
rick_h_no...he liked to be proven wrong first20:40
greg-gmakes sense I guess, give him data and all20:40
rick_h_lol, data driven20:41
cmaloneyI'm not sure he updated based on new information. ;)20:41
rick_h_well, you never know if it's an outlier or not20:41
rick_h_until you gather more data20:41
cmaloneyhad to have a compelling reason20:41
greg-gneed a/b testing20:41
rick_h_"first I walked in with a subdued UM hat20:41
rick_h_"after no reaction I B tested with a loud UM jump suit"20:42
cmaloney"then a Mariachi band playing 'Hail to the Victors'"20:42
rick_h_"the jump suit definitely gathered a larger reaction"20:42
cmaloneyRecommend traveling with the U of M marching band for conclusive evidence.20:42
rick_h_I'd rather be backed up by the UM offensive and defensive line players20:43
rick_h_the band...not so much20:43
shakes808rick_h_: +1 haha20:43
cmaloneyNever underestimate the power of the Tuba player.20:43
cmaloneyYou remember Diana. You know better than to trifle with her. ;)20:43
* rick_h_ was in the band, they're full of hot air! bwuhahahahahahahaha20:44
shakes808cmaloney: is it the player that you shouldn't underestimate, or the use of the tuba?20:44
cmaloneyrick_h_: Save for the drummers. We know how to beat things.20:44
rick_h_oh boy, we're in deep now20:44
cmaloneyand with the way UofM is playing I'd rather be in the band because they're the only ones beating anything.20:45
shakes808cmaloney: HAHA, just need to make sure it is the right thing that they are beating....  X)20:45
rick_h_says the professional sportsball commentator20:45
cmaloneyI think the only thing they say that's right is "Next year". ;)20:45
cmaloney(OK, I'ma gonna stop talking out of my ass now)20:46
shakes808haha, there goes the fun20:46
cmaloneyi think rick_h_ knows I know about as much about Football as I do about Country Music.20:48
cmaloneyeg: not much20:48
cmaloneyie, rather20:49
rick_h_:P I know UM is at the top of the rankings for the coming year20:49
jrwrenthey are?20:49
jrwrenGO BLUE!20:50

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