Kiloshi magespawn inetpro superfly thatgraemeguy paddatrapper thatgraemeguy theblazehen and others06:43
paddatrapperHey Kilos06:47
theblazehenhi Kilos06:50
magespawnhey Kilos06:54
superflygood evening06:58
inetproGood morning/day/afternoon/evening/night! Happy Monday! Hope you all have a wonderful new week!07:01
Kilosty inetpro and ditto for you sir07:02
Kiloschores time07:10
dlPhreakGood morning.07:30
Sicelogood morning08:05
dlPhreakHi Sicelo 08:08
Sicelohow are you?08:08
thatgraemeguy'lo 'lo 'lo08:12
dlPhreakHi thatgraemeguy, Sicelo how are you?08:18
dlPhreakI mean I'm good, how are you?08:18
Siceloi'm well, thanks08:20
dlPhreakSicelo: Good to read. Did you have a good weekend?08:25
Siceloyes thanks. weekend was absolutely fine, besides the wind, which i did not like at all08:29
chesedomorning all08:35
dlPhreakGiven that I have very little recollection of the past few days, I would say it must have been a very good weekend, Sicelo ^__^08:38
dlPhreakMorning chesedo 08:38
theblazehenHim Kilos09:08
theblazehenBusy morning.. Wow09:08
magespawnhey back09:42
* andrewlsd enters lurk mode10:09
theblazehenhi andrewlsd, magespawn10:17
andrewlsdhi theblazehen10:24
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
theblazehenIt annoys me when products insist on having an ssl cert :/ Don't they know that some people do it with a reverse proxy...11:03
jeritno greeting tsk11:11
Kiloshi jerit 11:11
jerittheblazehen: I legit didn't know that a thing such as reverse proxy existed until I saw your comment now11:11
Kilosyou must greet first when im away11:11
theblazehenhi jerit11:12
Kiloseveryone else lurks till you ping them11:13
theblazehenjerit: I'm running nginx as a reverse proxy inside my network, as it looks at the Host header, then does a DNS lookup on internal DNS and routes correctly. Then I use caddyserver.com for ssl termination with Lets Encrypt. Use the seperate nginx as caddyserver processes the config at startup = you can only define a group of upstreams, but can't change them based on dns11:16
theblazehenSo public internet -> caddy -> nginx -> the service you want11:16
theblazehenhttps://smokeping.home.theblazehen.com for example11:17
chesedotheblazehen: I use the same (this image https://github.com/jwilder/nginx-proxy) for my docker services on home server11:19
theblazehenchesedo: I saw that when I was looking before. You need to do add the env vars for each new host though?11:20
theblazehenchesedo: https://linx.home.theblazehen.com/caddyfile.ext and https://linx.home.theblazehen.com/nginx.conf11:22
theblazehenAlso, caddy requests ssl cert as soon as a request for a hostname comes in. So, very simple example:11:23
chesedotheblazehen: yes, env for each container that you want to proxy11:24
jeritO_o I think this is all over my head right now11:24
chesedotheblazehen: guess caddy is way faster too?11:24
theblazehenI can run `docker run --name testdockernginxthing nginx`, then go to https://testdockernginxthing.home.theblazehen.com11:24
theblazehenchesedo: Supposed to be11:24
theblazehenHTTP 2, written in go etc11:24
theblazehenI actually just ran the docker command11:25
theblazehenCheck it out11:25
theblazehen`lxc exec dockerHost -- docker run --name testdockernginxthing nginx ` literally all I did11:25
chesedowow, will do... gotta go for now11:26
* theblazehen is planning on having caddy and nginx running as a caching reverse proxy on my dedicated server.11:29
theblazehenHome host has 32 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD cache and 3 TB usable storage, pretty good i5, but a 1 mbit upload speed11:30
theblazehenDedicated server has 2 TB HDD storage, only 8 GB RAM, some xeon processor but a 500mbit up / down link, unmetered11:31
theblazehenAnd home host has a lot lower latency11:33
theblazehenGoing Desktop (LAN) -> router (running pfSense) -> bridge on pfSense (I bridge the physical interface for servers with the openvpn L2 VPN) -> caddy -> nginx -> service in less than 0.7 ms11:35
theblazehenCompared to a 213 ms RTT to my dedicated server11:35
* theblazehen needs a bigger SSD. HDD light is on a large amount of the time11:36
theblazehen$ (lxc list | grep RUNNING; lxc exec dockerHost -- docker ps | grep -v CONTAINER; echo removes the header &>/dev/null) | wc -l11:41
theblazehenOne annoying thing is docker images which insist on using a specific port internally. Since I don't use the docker port forwarding I'm stuck with the  internal port11:45
* theblazehen needs to get my gitlab docker building working11:46
* andrewlsd goes to look at caddyhost.com11:57
theblazehenandrewlsd: You mean caddyserver.com?12:03
* theblazehen would like to get http://rt.fm/, and put man pages there12:05
jeritwho knows how to find dog fighting websites on the deepweb?13:47
jeritI'm thinking I might be able to find my dog if I could find such websites13:47
andrewlsdtheblazehen: yes.14:18
andrewlsdcheerio all. hope it's a quiet evening o/14:41
magespawnchat later all17:04
theblazehenhttps://rachelbythebay.com/w/2014/10/27/ps/ huh. 2nd time I found something helpful on this blog. Highly recommend reading it all17:34
cal_pyhey guys17:52
Kiloshi cal_py 17:52
cal_pyits been a while lol17:52
Kilosyeah where have you been17:53
Kiloshi MaNI 17:53
cal_pyhow has everyone been?17:54
Kiloswe all just carry on17:57
Kiloshow are you?17:57
Sicelowhat does PPA mean?18:05
cal_pygood good thanks Kilos started a new job, geting to do cool things with python EVENTUALLY!!!!!!18:09
Kilosgreat cal_py 18:09
cal_pyhave you been to AUS?18:10
Kilosleaving on the 30th18:10
Kilosbooking flight tomorrow so hope the rand doesnt drop again tonight18:11
cal_pyis ganna be lakka thou18:14
Kilosno touring, just visiting my girls18:14
Kilosbe nice to be pampered for 3 months18:15
Kilosi spose ill come back fat as a pig18:15
Kilosevening superfly inetpro 18:38
Kilosmy two ballies18:38
Kiloswb ra1v3n 18:42
Kiloshi kulelu88 18:47
* superfly is in bed reading on his Kindle 19:01
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:29
Kilossee you tomorrow19:29

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