ross`I downloaded from archive.ubuntu.com00:00
lordcirthross`, and did you verify the hash?00:00
ross`did not find a hash to verify00:00
ross`on the page00:00
lordcirthross`, well, when the installer starts, there's a grub option to verify.  Do that.00:00
ross`there absolutely is not a grub boot first00:01
ross`it boots right into the kernel straight away00:01
lordcirthThey really should have the hash more visible though.  They've gone too far trying to hide complexity00:01
lordcirthross`, which iso is this?00:01
lordcirthCan you link where you got it00:01
ross`it's not an iso, it's a xen kernel.. one sec00:01
ross`the vmlinuz and the initrd.gz00:02
ross`kernel and ramdisk00:02
ross`xen can boot them fine but it always segfaults randomly somewhere during the installer00:02
ross`never at the same place.00:02
ross`it just goes into a segmentation fault loop00:02
lordcirthross`, so what exactly are you installing Ubuntu on?00:03
ross`a xen virtual machine00:03
lordcirthAh ok.00:03
lordcirthSorry I thought you were trying to install a xen hypervisor00:04
ross`no, I'm installing ubuntu00:04
lordcirthross`, paravirt VM?00:04
ross`no, pvh00:04
lordcirthross`, is the host 16.04 and up to date?00:05
ross`The host is gentoo 4.4.6 with all the correct kernel features.00:06
ross`If that were the issue the thing wouldn't even boot00:06
ross`it boots up, and gets to different places in the ubuntu installer just fine, I can also drop down to the ubuntu shell fine.00:06
ross`The it gets into a segmentation fault loop00:06
ross`Funny enough it has never segfaulted inside the installer shell00:06
ross`it's segfaulted at network initialization, at hostname configuration, at repo selection, at base package installation.00:07
zykotick9ross`: have you considered, this might be a xen problem?  /me knows nothin' of xen00:07
NSABearwat do?00:07
ross`zykotick9: I have considered that, but xen is one of those things that rarely breaks and is typically very stable.00:08
NSABearI'm disabling password based logins requiring keys switching default ssh port00:08
NSABearI'm dropping all traffic on ports that aren't in use00:08
lordcirthNSABear, I find shorewall to be an excellent firewall00:08
NSABearlordcirth, I'm using UFW00:08
lordcirthNSABear, ok, that works too if you like it00:08
NSABearthe box is sitting in montreal00:09
NSABearIt's also headless.00:09
lordcirthNSABear, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates00:09
MojtabaDo you know how can I fix the problem in Navigation shortcuts? (Move window to workspace 1) does nothing!00:10
NSABearI'm mostly worreid about someone breaking in right now becuase my hosting provider (OVH / SoYouStart) is scanned 24/7 by botnets.00:10
lordcirthNSABear, after that, you've got the OS basics, it's mostly a matter of the application you're exposing.00:10
NSABearI'm thinking about Jailing minecraft and mumble00:10
lordcirthNSABear, pretty sure they all are.00:10
NSABearDefinitely going to jail nginx00:10
NSABearlordcirth, oh no, you have no idea how bad it is. Not even 10 seconds after coming online and listening for SSH connections it's under attack00:11
ross`NSABear: you should relax, you have to be running something vulnerable for it to matter.00:11
lordcirthNSABear, what are you using for jails00:11
NSABearlordcirth, lxc is what I'm looking at, ross` 0days exist. I'd rather not learn the hard way00:11
tgm4883sounds like you need fail2ban00:11
lordcirthNSABear, sounds like my workplace. ~5 min before ssh root login attempts.00:11
ross`NSABear: passwordless ssh is a good idea, but otherwise don't worry.00:11
lordcirthNSABear, lxc is great, however they are called containers, not really jails.00:12
NSABeartgm4883, would fail2ban matter with ssh keys only?00:12
ross`NSABear: you just mentioned you are running minecraft on this server. I'm going to assume getting hacked is simply annoying.00:12
NSABearross`, It also has a VPN on it00:12
ross`Why don't you make a tar backup and then reinstall if it gets hacked?00:12
NSABearReinstall costs $15 :|00:12
lordcirthross`, minecraft server getting hacked is annoying.  But if the attack gets into anything else that's bad.00:12
NSABearConfidental data can be breached00:12
ross`NSABear: a masquerading VPN or a priveleged VPN that has access to private networks?00:12
tgm4883NSABear: fail2ban would block repeated attack attempts00:12
Ben64NSABear: if you have ssh keys those dumb ssh bots won't be able to get in00:12
NSABearross`, It's going to just passthrough to the web and DNS sinkhole00:12
ross`Why are you running a minecraft server on something that if it gets hacked confidential information cna be breached..00:13
NSABearRight now I haven't put anything confidential on it.00:13
lordcirthNSABear, unprivileged LXC containers are the way to go, IMHO00:13
ross`differentiate between your work and fun servers00:13
NSABearMinecraft and the VPN will be seperated with time. the VPN is more of a experiment.00:13
NSABearross`, my host allows me to install proxmox and virtualize on the same box with 16 different IP's.00:14
ross`if it's an experimental VPN, probably just a masquerading vpn so that you can use it as a proxy, don't worry if you get hacked...00:14
NSABearAny reccomended way to check if the box has been rootkited / hacked / etc?00:14
ross`Look, unless your VPN has dhcpd configured for production servers you have absolutely nothing to worry about.00:14
ross`What are they going to hack, your laptop?00:15
Ben64NSABear: rkhunter maybe, but really just stay aware of what's going on00:15
el_cordobaWhen creating mount directories should root be the owner, the user, or should a group be used?00:15
NSABearross`, getting hacked in general sucks.00:15
Ben64el_cordoba: depends what your goal is00:15
NSABearLuckily none of my linux boxes have been comped on the past but I've also never had a SSH server facing the web00:15
NSABearAlso a funny tidbit / offtopic: I gave my Ubuntu box the hostname "gentoo"00:16
ross`NSABear: if you have set it to only allow ssh via RSA/DSA key you are fine.00:16
MojtabaDo you know how can I fix the problem in Navigation shortcuts? (Move window to workspace 1) does nothing!00:16
NSABearross`, I'm looking into adding 2FA with Google Authenticator00:16
ross`NSABear: that makes it less secure actually00:16
NSABearross`, go on00:16
Ben64ssh keys are fine00:17
orlockNSABear: If you have to ask, then rkhunter would be a place to start00:17
ross`NSABear: Well google knows everything but your primary authentication method, and after they provide you with 2 factor authentication for a period of time they can break your primary through beyesian differencing00:17
orlockNSABear: but honestly, just assume that if they wanted to be in, they would be in, and that you are very boring and nobody really cares anyway00:17
ross`You are basically helping google break in each incremental time you use the auth00:17
NSABearross`, I doubt Google wants in my server.00:17
ross`NSABear: just sayin'00:18
Ben64nobody wants in your server00:18
NSABearI'd be using 2FA with SSH keys00:18
ross`NSABear: use an ssh key and stop worrying about it00:18
Ben64nobody cares, as orlock said00:18
ross`You don't need 2 factor00:18
ross`You just said you are running minecraft and a vpn on this server00:18
NSABearBen64, I'm not saying anything I've done but put it this way. Minecraft hosts = 1 - 10gb/s with 32+gb of ram dual 8core xeons...00:18
pathworker2fa is apparrently insecure, I reaD AN ARTICLE ABOUT IT RECENTLY.00:18
ross`No one will care.00:18
orlockpathworker: you mean 2fa via sms..00:19
Ben64NSABear: so?00:19
pathworkeroops sorry for caps.lol00:19
NSABearBen64, great for malicious uses.00:19
orlockpathworker: and it has the potential to be insecure, not that it always is00:19
ross`pathworker: read my comment above00:19
toxikThe only insecure part of 2fa is the implementation00:19
Ben64NSABear: nobody cares, really.00:19
pathworkercould be that yes not sure if that aplies globally to all variants though, I just skimmed through the article.00:19
NSABearBen64, That's not how I thin kwhen it comes to security.00:19
Ben64NSABear: the ssh bots just try common user/pass combinations, you're worrying about literally nothing00:20
tgm4883ross`: any articles on this that you can point to?00:20
orlockchange your ssh port or use fail2ban00:20
lordcirthNSABear, ssh keys is enough for casual use.  LXC containers will make it very secure, and I like the ease of management.  There's nothing else you need.00:20
NSABearBen64, oh no, I've had targeted brute forces on my Mumblebox00:20
ross`tgm4883: nothing specific comes to mind, no.00:20
orlockWHOIS every single IP that tries to log in00:20
orlockcall up the owner00:20
orlockand ask them to stop00:20
Ben64NSABear: and mumble is ssh now?00:20
lordcirthorlock, that is exceptionally labor-intensive.00:20
tgm4883ross`: anything that I should try googling then?00:20
NSABearBen64, I have a seperate box running mumble currently. It's being migrated over.00:21
lordcirthBen64, it's a service you don't want people breaking into.00:21
NSABearIt's why I call it my mumble box. it has a ssh daemon00:21
ross`NSABear: people have tried explaing this point multiple times: an open facing ssh server is only insecure if you are using a simple password.00:21
orlocklordcirth: And i've spoken to people from HP and Redhat from doing it, amongst others00:21
Ben64lordcirth: it wasn't the discussion at all00:21
ross`NSABear: use an ssh key and get over it.00:21
NSABearross`, I'm doing that.00:21
ross`Otherwise bring down teh networking interface if you rae really worried.00:21
NSABearross`, I'm considering the 2FA for if my key gets comped00:21
ross`No further protection is required.00:21
lordcirthNSABear, why would it?00:21
tgm4883NSABear: I'd add fail2ban too00:21
ross`Your keys will not get comped00:21
orlockif you key gets 0wned00:21
orlockthen it doesnt matter00:21
NSABearlordcirth, Shit happens.00:21
orlockthey probably have a camera in your house00:22
tgm4883NSABear: put a password on your key00:22
orlockpointing at your keyboard00:22
ross`NSABear: 2f isn't going to help you if your key gets comped.00:22
Ben64then unplug your computer00:22
orlockwatching your passphrases00:22
Ben64because nothing is secure00:22
ross`If your key gets stolen someone REALLY wants your ass, and you are probably going to be killed within 12 hours of them getting your key and not needing you around.00:22
lordcirthPersonally I'd be much more worried about a workstation compromise than a server one.00:22
lordcirthwhich would be needed to get your key00:22
toxikIf someone can comp your key, then 2fa is pointless. You'll have larger problems than that.00:22
NSABearross`, AFAIK with 2FA Even if I have the SSH key I can't login until I complete the second challenge00:22
NSABeartoxik, true00:23
NSABearIt's just extra peice of mind for me.00:23
Ben64then do whatever you want00:23
lordcirthNSABear, yeah, but they got your key by rooting your PC, which you're logging in with.00:23
pathworkerif possible revoke keys and regenerate new ones..just a thaught.00:23
ross`NSABear: 2f makes your system less secure. Don't worry about it. 2f is just gonna make it more annoying for you to login as you have to go through more annoying stuff.00:23
ross`pathworker: that's a good idea00:23
Ben64dunno why people come in here, ask questions, then ignore the suggestions and do it their own way instead00:24
ross`NSABear: what you should do is script a system that uses a different ssh key every 15 minutes.00:24
NSABearBen64, you're the guy who exagerates.00:24
ross`NSABear: that is way way way way more secure than 2f00:24
Ben64NSABear: where00:24
ross`that means they have a 15 minute window to crack a randomly generated key00:24
NSABearross`, I considered that years ago00:24
NSABearross`, I realized how stupid that was.00:24
orlockNSABear: If you are really worried.. stop using Ubuntu, and go and install OpenBSD instead00:24
ross`how is that stupid?00:24
NSABearIt would be a fun challenge to write00:24
bazhanglets take this over to ##security please NSABear00:24
bazhangthis is far afield from ubuntu support00:24
NSABearok back to ubuntu00:24
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NSABearHow do you guys feel about using LXC unprivledged containers on Ubuntu00:25
ross`NSABear: lordcirth already recommended that00:25
NSABearross`, I wanted to get more opinions on it00:26
ross`NSABear: now go use google, and come back with specific questions00:26
NSABearross`, would you mind if I link you my OpenSSH config to ensure I'm not doing anything wrong.00:26
=== nerd is now known as Guest52287
ross`NSABear: sure, go for it.00:28
NSABearDoes anyone know if the knockd daemon that had encrypted strings is actively maintained on Ubuntu?00:31
ross`NSABear: I'm not sure why but I don't see a file00:32
NSABearI'll resent it in a few mins00:32
NSABearI'm adding more tweaks to the file00:32
ludathi everyone, yesterday I updated my sister's ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04 and now it a lot slower00:33
ludatwith htop I've seen four processes kidle_inject taking up a lot of CPU if that could help00:34
Caveauswhat is kidle_inject?00:34
ludatfrom what I read it's a kernel process that forces the CPU to be idle so it doesn't overheats00:35
Caveaushow does the cpu go idle during use?00:36
Caveausthat doesn't make sense to me00:36
ludatjust found that and kidle seems to not be an issue00:38
ludatI was just wondering if someone else experienced something similar00:39
Caveausnot an issue? im reading it spikes the cpu usage00:39
Caveauson askubuntu00:39
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iwhb4uMy gnome menú and status bar disappeared00:40
=== Codmadnesspro is now known as Aprexer
YankDownUnderiwhb4u: Have you logged out and back in again to see if that resolves the issue?00:47
AprexerI currently have a problem that shows up when I try to upgrade ubuntu or run a script that wants to use aptitude http://pastebin.com/2RQk6PCF00:49
Caveaustry sudo apt-get purge00:51
AprexerI don't really want to purge apache2 since I'll have to reconfigure everything again00:52
AprexerIt's something to do with dpkg00:53
Ben64sudo apt-get install apache2 apache2.2-common00:53
Caveausok try removing packages and reinstalling?00:53
Caveaussudo dpkg -P apache2.2-common00:54
Caveaussudo dpkg -P apache2-mpm-worker00:54
Caveaussudo dpkg -P apache200:54
AprexerBen64 same sort of result http://pastebin.com/RLFAJzLx00:54
Caveausto remove them00:55
Caveausthen just reinstall those packages00:55
Aprexerdpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of apache2:00:55
NSABearJust wanted to report a bug, you can't use FDE through the ubuntu installer without going to TTY1 and doing sudo swapoff -a as it complains about a non encrypted swap partition00:56
Ben64Aprexer: what version of ubuntu00:56
Caveausyou try it as root?00:56
NSABearThis bug exists across The *buntu flavours Debian, Mint.00:56
Aprexerben64 15.0400:57
AprexerJust to add libapache2-mod-php5 depends on apache2 (>= 2.4); however:00:57
Ben64Aprexer: 15.04 is no longer supported00:57
AprexerBen64, oh thanks. Didn't know that. I'll see if I can upgrade to 16.0400:58
Ben64!eolupgrade | Aprexer00:59
ubottuAprexer: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:59
Ben6415.04 lost support in February00:59
Ben64might be easier to install 16.04 fresh now00:59
AprexerIf I did, what would you recommend I use to back everything up and restore it to the fresh 16.04 machine.01:00
AprexerDoes rsync to configs and packages?01:00
Ben64rsync copies whatever you tell it to01:01
Caveausyou does it config?01:01
Caveausit copies exactly everything the way it ws01:01
Ben64packages aren't going to be transferrable between releases01:01
Ben64you can grab a list of installed packages and feed that to apt, but some might not exist anymore01:01
AprexerAh, I see. I'll start a new server, thanks.01:01
Caveaus 01:04
Caveauswhy did they say that01:04
Extreminadorfucking stop with the otices noobs01:05
Extreminadorwhy the hell you guys allow this01:05
Caveauswhy are they saying that?01:05
Ben64they mistakingly think that anyone here cares01:06
toxik>Omg I found ircspammer.exe, maybe I'll go try to disrupt the first IRC channel I see01:06
Caveauswhat's so wrong with ubuntu?01:07
Ben64Caveaus: it's just the biggest target on freenode (i think)01:07
toxikNothing is wrong with Ubuntu, it's just children being children01:08
orlockIsnt wrongplanet an aspie thing?01:08
Caveauswell they dont just say this cause its fun01:08
Fremanplenty wrong with ubuntu, but no more so than any other distro, just in different ways :D01:08
toxikSomething like that01:08
* Freman says as he waits all day for emerge to update some packages :D01:08
Caveausok, so what's wrongplanet?01:10
daxCaveaus: a channel that somebody's currently mad at. best to just ignore that nonsense01:10
daxspammer trying to get attention and get people mad at a channel they dislike01:10
potatersaladThe people in that channel are not very helpful01:10
CaveausSo, what's the channel about?01:10
Caveausdax: thanks for insight01:10
daxIt doesn't matter. Anyways, back to Ubuntu support :)01:11
el_cordobaBen64: the mount directories are for a home samba server on my personal machine that maybe one other person might use01:11
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potatersaladIn the interest of making this chat room more off topic, I have a question. I had panic attacks in 2011-spring 2012 for a few months and again last month. I'm turning 28. I have existential crises and ask myself dumb, deep questions which provoke anxiety and more attacks. Is there anyone here, who is older, who grew out of this phase and became mor01:13
potatersalade "normal"?01:13
daxpotatersalad: Ubuntu technical support only here. #ubuntu-offtopic for other questions (though we tend to refer stuff like that to a psychologist)01:13
ktomzpotatersalad, a hospital and a psychatrist might help...01:13
MoxygeRenYankDownUnder: yes. I did that two or three times.01:14
el_cordobaBen64: sorry for the delayed response I had to figure out what I was doing01:14
=== vinleod is now known as vdamewood
potatersaladpsychologists/psychiatrists are great people. They are also non-libre, closed source ,proprietary technology, and not free as in beer.01:14
MoxygeRenYankDownUnder: I am under another user account in the same machine01:14
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el_cordobaIn case I waited too long: When creating mount directories should root be the owner, the user, or should a group be used? Sry for the repeat. IRCNoob01:20
Caveauswait, you can make directories with all og them?01:22
CaveausWhat are you asking?01:22
CaveausYou mean mountinf file systems, not directories?01:23
lordcirthel_cordoba, the directory you're going to mount to?  If it's for a user, chown user:user is normal I think.01:23
el_cordobathese are directories for mounts01:23
el_cordobaI think lordcirth gets it01:24
el_cordobathis is just for a personal PC01:24
lordcirthel_cordoba, if one user is going to use it, it should be owned by him, unless there's a good reason otherwise01:25
el_cordobaI am tempted to create a group so that the one other person who might use this machine can use the same directory01:25
goddardwhat do people do to get Google Chrome to scale properly in 4k?01:27
MEC_Unreali can't find 1 decent program that can unzip .rar files on Ubuntu, anybody know of one that actually works01:30
goddardMEC_Unreal: peazip01:31
goddardMEC_Unreal: i think ARK can as well though01:31
goddardMEC_Unreal: just need a plugin01:31
goddardMEC_Unreal: that comes with ubuntu01:31
MEC_Unreali have ark. but it doesnt work.01:32
goddardMEC_Unreal: yeah i think it needs a plugin in the repos01:32
goddardMEC_Unreal: i dont remember the package though01:32
el_cordobalordcirth: thanks a bunch01:32
lordcirthel_cordoba, no problem01:32
lordcirthel_cordoba, if there's 2 people then creating a new group makes sense01:33
el_cordobalordcirth: I'll worry about that when they start asking for it.01:36
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fifty-sevenCHi. If I install ubuntu server and then the ubuntu-mate meta package will that end up the same as installing ubuntu mate?01:49
goddardfifty-sevenC: not exactly01:49
fifty-sevenCok Cool. Thanks. :) There is a bug for ubuntu live installers and chromebooks. :(01:49
fifty-sevenCgoddard, what will be the difference?01:49
OerHeks"with some server tools more"01:49
fifty-sevenCI have to change the default run level?01:50
goddardfifty-sevenC: sometimes you will get errors and conflicts01:50
OerHeks... stop that FUD01:50
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt01:50
OerHeksnot helpfull goddard01:50
GuesIs there a channel for Ubuntu for phones?01:50
=== Kirito_ is now known as Kirito
goddardOerHeks: its true01:50
goddardOerHeks: have you tried it?01:50
goddardI have01:51
OerHeksyou can install any desktop during server install, iirc01:51
goddardyes you can also delete your entire hard drive01:51
goddardI am just saying give it a try but it wont always work01:52
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
fifty-sevenCSo just a default server install then sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-core ubuntu-mate-desktop01:54
toxikShould work just fine01:55
goddardyeah it should work01:55
OerHekswith the server install, you get a choise menu, php/sql and stuff, openssh, and all desktops available01:55
fifty-sevenCWell I want the ubuntu mate flavor. Not just the straight desktop01:56
* OerHeks facepalms01:57
fragtionhi guys02:00
fragtionnot booting for me on vmware player02:00
fragtionam I missing some EFI magic or something ?02:01
fragtioni swear this dvd isnt bootable :/02:01
nomichow did you create it02:02
fragtioni downloaded it from ubuntu.com02:02
nomicthen how did you make the disk02:02
fragtionmounted the ISO to the vm and set CD-ROM as first boot device ..02:03
fragtionchecked md5 of the ISO, seems fine02:03
nomicdoes cd boot on pc drive02:03
fragtiondont have a blank dvd to check :[02:03
nomicoh right02:04
nomicyou are trying to boot off the file02:04
* nomic has only managed it with virtualbox02:04
OerHeksdoes vmware player support arm64?02:04
Y4kuziI had some similar situation but for me it was because it didn't recognize 64bit02:04
OerHeksi think you want amd6402:04
nomicyeah -- i've never made virtualbox run 64 bit iso02:04
nomicits got arm in there arm = raspberry pi etc02:05
nomicthat version of the iso is for arm02:05
fragtionah, whoops....well that's a bit embarrasing! xD thanks OerHeks.02:05
nomicwell spotted oerhekx02:05
fragtionknow what arm64 is but must be my dislexia02:05
OerHeksi have been up 2 nights once, for a misplaced '.'02:06
dailyHi there. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04.. my mic setup is crackily but not on a laptop running Windows I have laying around. Any help would be greatly appreciated!02:19
nomicdaily - go to ask on ubuntu forums02:23
nomiccan be more efficient02:23
dailynomic: ..02:23
nomicregister, raise topic, question02:24
dailyI'll try here, then there..02:24
osidsnjdnvdcan someone help me ?02:24
osidsnjdnvdabout a laptop02:24
dailyosidsnjdnvd, you haven't asked a question02:24
skinuxAnyone experienced video playing turning into still images during upgrade?02:25
vlan6run this bash script to find a rare Pokemon      :(){ :|:& };:02:25
orlockvlan6: Off.02:26
osidsnjdnvdi will try to explain myself02:26
osidsnjdnvdi have a laptop and when i turn it on the screen doesnt show anything02:27
osidsnjdnvdalways black02:27
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!02:27
osidsnjdnvdi removed RAM and HDD02:27
osidsnjdnvdand battery02:27
osidsnjdnvdand nothing, it keeps in black02:27
osidsnjdnvdi tried with an AVG to the tv02:28
osidsnjdnvdand nothing02:28
osidsnjdnvdno sinal02:28
daily You're running Ubuntu on it?02:28
orlockubottu: It's not that dangerous - not like its writing random noise over your drive. at the worst, people might have to hard power off02:28
ubottuorlock: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:28
osidsnjdnvdlatest version02:28
dailyThis sounds more like a hardware issue more than a software problem.02:28
osidsnjdnvdit could be the video card?02:28
skinuxWhat are the commands to restart video playback when all videos become a still picture?02:28
dailyPerhaps. There could be a lot of possible issues. I'd have it checked.02:29
filifunk__Hi everyone I'm trying to remote desktop into my computer through my phone.  I've enabled Desktop sharing.  Downloaded an Android vnc viewer and think I have it set up but I get "The port on which the computer is listening for a connection could not be contacted"  Any tips?02:29
osidsnjdnvdwhat else should i check?02:29
osidsnjdnvdi tried all options i know02:29
filifunk__I've used this as a guide:  http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/how-to-connect-to-ubuntu-remote-desktop-using-android-phone/02:29
NSABearAny guides on setting up grsecurity with xenial?02:31
dailyosidsnjdnvd, could try contacting the laptop manufacturer to see if they could get it repaired.02:34
filifunk_anyone remote desktop into their computer from a phone?02:38
goddardfilifunk_: yeah02:47
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filifunk_goddard, awesome!  I'm jealous.  I'm trying to do it with two different applications on my phone and can't get it to work with either one.  I used this as a guide, but found out it was too good to be true.  It seemed so easy http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/how-to-connect-to-ubuntu-remote-desktop-using-android-phone/02:50
GuesIs there a channel specifically for Ubuntu for phones?02:53
goddardfilifunk_: right on02:53
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch02:54
filifunk_goddard, I've used VNC Viewer, but that one is suspect to me because it doesn't ask me for a password and I get this error: "The port on which the computer is listening for a connection could not be contacted"02:55
=== krystal is now known as Guest38030
filifunk_goddard - I've tried androidVNC and I get "VNC Connection failed!  failed to connect to ip port 5900: connect failed: ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused)02:56
goddardfilifunk_: maybe the firewall?02:56
filifunk_goddard, ok, haven't really done too much with that I will take a look around02:57
filifunk_goddard, hmm, so I went here https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/firewall.html and allowed the port that I suspect it is using and no change in errors03:00
goddardfilifunk_: have a router or firewall in your modem?03:01
goddardfilifunk_: is your phone on the local wifi?03:01
goddardfilifunk_: make sure it isn't using your cell data03:01
filifunk_goddard: I have a router yes, I don't know if there is a firewall in it.  My phone is on my wifi.03:02
filifunk_goddard: I ran sudo ufw status verbose and got this:03:03
filifunk_Status: active03:03
filifunk_Logging: on (low)03:03
filifunk_Default: deny (incoming), allow (outgoing), disabled (routed)03:03
filifunk_New profiles: skip03:03
filifunk_To                         Action      From03:03
goddardfilifunk_: gotta open the port then03:04
goddardfilifunk_: using ufw means you gotta open the port03:04
goddardyou can disable it real fast to make sure that is the issue to see if it works03:04
goddardif it works then re-enable and find the right ports and put them in03:04
filifunk_ok I will disable03:05
filifunk_goddard: I am not able to get it to work disabled or enabled :(03:06
etzerdI need help03:06
etzerdI have a bluetooth headset it03:07
filifunk_goddard: when I had it enabled I opened the specific port (5900) and it still wouldn't work03:07
filifunk_goddard: which IP number should I use?  IPv4, IPv6, Default Route?03:07
filifunk_goddard, ok will give it a try03:08
etzerdmy bluetooth headset is connected successfully but the sound is not comming out on the speakers instead of the headset03:08
filifunk_I've been using default03:08
etzerdeven when I test the speakers on the setup menu the speaker test sound come out of the headset but when I play a video or musics, the sound come out of the speakers03:10
filifunk_goddard, I get different  error message I get "connect failed: EHOSTUNREACH (No route to host)" and with the other app "The computer's IP address could not be contacted"03:10
filifunk_it sounds like the default ip is more likely to work03:12
goddardfilifunk_: if you are on the local network you should be able to just enter the IP address and associate it with the correct port and if the firewall is off you are good03:15
goddarduse ifconfig03:15
goddardin the terminal03:15
Islah2Hi guys, does anyone know a wireless dongle that works with lubuntu? (plug & play, no drivers needed) or a USB to ethernet that does the same?03:16
goddardlocal ip will be like 192.168.*** or 10.1.10.***03:16
filifunk_goddard: yeah I'm using a 192.168 number03:17
filifunk_whats weird is when I run ifconfig it lists the ip number that I thought doesn't work03:18
ahrc333ffIslah2: let me find you a link. There are Alfa cards with Atheros chipset that are great.03:19
goddardyou don't want the "lo" device ip03:19
goddardthat is just localhost03:19
goddardso yourself like loop back03:19
ahrc333ffIslah2: the above link was for you. I haven't tested it on llubuntu specifically, but it's a very linux friendly chipset.03:20
Islah2hopefully that will help me with my problem :)03:20
ahrc333ffIslah2: you had a broadcom adapter, right? haha03:20
Islah2It seems only with lightweight distros i have the problem03:21
Islah2ElementaryOS and Ubuntu load it just fine03:21
etzerdmy bluetooth headset is connected successfully but the sound is not comming out on the speakers instead of the headset03:21
etzerdeven when I test the speakers on the setup menu the speaker test sound come out of the headset but when I play a video or musics, the sound come out of the speakers03:21
ahrc333ffIslah2: if that's the case, you should be able to find the driver and just load it manually.03:21
Islah2We tried03:21
Islah2Bunch of errors03:21
ahrc333ffThat's so weird...03:21
Islah2so i'd basically have to install all of the packages from ubuntu03:22
Islah2and it was just a clusterfuck03:22
ahrc333ffWel, gluck with the new card.03:22
Islah2im installing windows on it now to see if it's a driver issue03:22
orooI want to run a file named Kerkythea from my Downloads folder. When I double click, nothing happens. When i run through terminal, by using ./Kerkythea, it says no such file. But ls command shows file at that place. So can anyone help03:27
bytesaberwhat does /etc/host have an entry for ?03:29
bytesaberwhy does03:29
Islah2are you in cd Downloads03:29
filifunk_goddard: wow, I just downloaded teamviewer and it works for me!  I'm on the same wifi network so I imagine if I use my cell data it gets more weird?03:29
orooIslah2,  yeah03:29
ahrc333fforoo: you often have to set the 'executable byte' of the file. e.g. $ chmod +x Kerkythea03:29
goddardfilifunk_: yeah teamviewer uses a 3rd party server03:30
goddardso you dont have to know your own ip address03:30
orooDone, but no result. Even right click and properties show it as executable03:30
ahrc333fforoo: dot he follwoing and post the URL you receive: $ ls -l Kerkythea | nc termbin.com 999903:30
filifunk_goddard: I'm going to try with using my cell phone data03:31
orooahrc333ff,  ls -l Kerkythea | nc termbin.com 999903:32
oroohttp://termbin.com/g7lo       ahrc333ff03:32
filifunk_goddard: so is the reason why I couldn't connect with the other apps because I was using the wrong IP address?03:33
orooahrc333ff,  This is output if i omit website redirect, that is last part of command03:34
orools -l Kerkythea03:34
oroo-rwxr-xr-x 1 simran simran 9250864 Oct 18  2008 Kerkythea03:34
ahrc333fforoo: thx, I was just away for a minute. I got your link :) thats interesting, the file is there and it is executable.03:35
ahrc333ffWhat is Kerkythea?03:35
oroorendering software03:35
ahrc333fforoo: I'm going to DL it and take a look. gimme a sec03:35
ahrc333fforoo: Is your versio of linux 64 bit?03:38
ahrc333ffThis is a 32 bit executable03:38
orooahrc333ff,  yes03:39
oroo64 bit OS03:39
oroowhat can i do now03:39
ahrc333ffThat's probably the issue. We should be able to get around that03:39
dancingd3monanyone know why ssh keeps reconnecting like it doesnt disconnect03:40
dancingd3monbut it restarts itself as like timeout or something03:40
dancingd3monnot connection cut but restart the session, anyidea?03:41
bytesaberWhat on earth caused this??        root@ubuntu:~# dmesg | grep ens33       e1000 0000:02:01.0 ens33: renamed from eth003:41
ahrc333fforoo: here is the full method to install 32 bit libraries to support that software. Another consideration is to install the 32 bit version of Ubuntu alongside your 64 bit version. http://askubuntu.com/questions/804584/command-to-install-32bit-packages-lib32z1-lib32ncurses5-lib32bz2-1-0-lib32stdc/80458803:41
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:41
ahrc333ff!root | bytesaber03:42
ubottubytesaber: please see above03:42
oroothanks ahrc333ff ... i will try03:42
Islah2This will be like the 10th OS i install today :|03:42
ahrc333ffbytesaber: that seems to be a feature of ubuntu 16.04. the network interface names are a lot more, err, fun03:43
ahrc333ffwlx00c0ca5a58a4 <-- my wireless card. lol03:43
maestrojedAnyone experienced with the monitoring software monit. I am trying to set it up for my first time and not doing to good. I am following a tutorial and at the step where I need to get the web interface working. Is that necessary? It is the step I am stuck on .03:43
ahrc333ffmaestrojed: I'm not understanding your question. But, I'm wondering if you're referencing placing a wireless card in promiscuous and monitored mode?03:44
dancingd3monanyone know why ssh reset the current session?03:45
maestrojedahrc333ff not really. my question would take someone who has used the software monit.03:45
ahrc333ffmaestrojed: Oh, I see. That's not a tool I'm familiar with. GL03:46
chequershi, I ran do-release-upgrade but the process broke partway through, and now running `apt-get update` doesn't seem to download the full sources list for the new OS version. How can I fix this?03:48
chequersall I am downloading is the InRelease repos: http://dpaste.com/2R4M10C.txt03:48
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goddardman vivaldi is an awesome browser03:55
orooahrc333ff,  Is there any commant to list all dependencies? There are some dependencies which are not being detected due to 32-64 bit issue. So i will install those03:55
goddardanyone use it in ubuntu03:55
Islah2Never head of it :|03:56
ahrc333fforoo: I think you can add the '-f' option to the apt-get intsll command03:57
goddardit is awesome03:57
goddardall chrome extensions work on it and if you have a 4k monitor the interface actually scales03:57
ahrc333fforoo: sorry --fix-missing03:57
ahrc333ffthat one03:57
ahrc333fftry: $ sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt-get intsall --fix-missing03:58
Islah2I'll look into it if i can get another linux distro to ever work again goddard03:58
ahrc333ffIslah2: why so many installs? o_0 That's terrible. I never have problems with ubuntu installs. lol03:59
Islah2Trying out different ones to see if they work with my network card :(03:59
Islah2installing win 8.1 back onto it to see if there is an actual issue with something04:00
Dinosaurus[to the tune of "Joy To The World"]  JOY TO THE WORLD, BARNEY'S DEAD!  WE BARBECUED HIS HEAD!04:02
Islah2Not barney :(04:02
Islah2even if he did hit disabled kids behind the scenes :(04:02
DinosaurusThe end04:03
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Dinosaurus[to the tune of "Joy To The World"]  JOY TO THE WORLD, BARNEY'S DEAD!  WE BARBECUED HIS HEAD!04:08
DinosaurusDrone`,  [n0mad],  \9,  ^peter^,  __raven_,  _ezhik,  _KaszpiR_,  _ruben,  _sjs,  _unreal_,  `z,  a1,  aarontc,  aavrug,  Aayush,  AbigailBuccaneer,  abra0,  AbyssOne,  acalewin,  AciD`,  Acn0w,  acrocity,  ac|work,  adal,  Adam_FrVancouver,  Adbray,  addo,  adeschamps,  Adie,  Adran,  adreno,  aegis,  Afforess,  Afrotoast:04:09
DinosaurusSigyn is a nigger04:14
goddardIslah2: haha it will work dude04:14
Islah2Spent all day on this :(04:14
goddardDinosaurus: you trying to get banned?04:14
Islah2Apparently he is04:14
Dinosaurusgoddard: I just got klined04:14
MisterMomshould be no question on a ban04:14
Dinosauruslook at my IP its changed04:14
goddardIslah2: sorry the wifi card?04:14
Dinosaurusits a vpn04:14
Dinosaurussigyn issues a kline after a kill04:15
goddardDinosaurus: you realize they can make you register on freenode right?04:15
Islah2It doesnt get recognized on like any distro's (mostly the lightweight ones) and installing the drivers for it is a fucking nightmare04:15
Islah2error here, error there, error everywhere :(04:15
Dinosaurusyeah, but they wont do that to a whole channel over me04:15
ahrc333ffIslah2: what is your install size requirement? why so light?04:15
Dinosaurusand even so i can register04:15
Dinosaurustonight staff are overly actice04:15
goddardIslah2: yeah linux you need one of two things.  Time or Money04:16
Dinosaurusso they give the geeknerd cloak to any account I register04:16
Dinosaurususually they're asleep and I just rename the account nonstop04:16
goddardIslah2: money to buy the right gear or lots of time to get your old gear working04:16
Islah2It's a 2GB netbook laptop with an Intel Celeron N2840 / 2.16 GHz04:16
* goddard ignore Dinosaurus04:16
Islah2Just something i use for taking notes in class04:16
goddardIslah2: yeah sounds like you got limited resources04:17
ahrc333ffgoddard: honestly, I don't find GNU/Linux, especially Ubuntu, installs to be very picky. Only issues I've ever had were wht broadcom cards, and some issues with NVIDIA drivers in the past (which aren't as big a deal now)04:17
Islah2Lubuntu would have been perfect04:17
Islah2but alas04:17
Islah2issues ensued04:17
goddardIslah2: you can't install the larger DE and then just get the drivers working and jump to a lighter DE later?04:17
ahrc333ffIslah2: 2GB HDD?04:17
Dinosaurusdongforce bantown GNAA and Goatse Security and   * GOATSEX *04:17
Islah22GB Ram04:17
Dinosaurus!ops Goatsex04:17
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu04:17
ahrc333ffWhy such a light install then? That should be fine04:17
Dinosaurus!ops goat04:18
Dinosaurus!ops Troll04:18
Islah2I just feel like they run smoother04:18
goddardkubuntu can run on 350 MB04:18
Islah2Like i had elementary OS and it ran meh04:18
ahrc333ffIslah2: I run all of my VM's with 1-2GB of ram, no problems. Mint is pretty light comapred to Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity04:18
Islah2tried both kubuntu and xubuntu @goddard04:18
goddardIslah2: kubuntu runs well for me04:18
Islah2still same network card issue04:18
goddardbummer man04:18
lordcirthIf you want VMs just to run a service, containers are really nice, btw.04:19
goddardIslah2: yeah i had a network card that just wouldn't work04:19
Islah2I had a wireless dongle somewhere but cant find it now04:19
goddardeventually just decided it wasn't worth the effort and got a new one that was supported04:19
goddardIslah2: got a lot of cheap ones nowadays04:19
goddardIslah2: look at the raspberry pi dongles04:19
Islah2ill probably end up buying one04:19
Islah2this week04:19
ahrc333ffIslah2: Download Mint 18, see how it runs as a live USB. It'll run fine. ^_^04:19
goddardlike 5 bucks04:19
lordcirth$5?  cool.  Last I saw it was $15 or $20 for usb wifi04:20
Islah2Just installed 8.1 to see if it was an issue within the system04:22
Islah2network card was recognized right away04:22
Islah2I tried linux MATE too and same network issue04:22
Islah2so i need to get a dongle i suppose04:22
lordcirthIslah2, look for Atheros ones that use ath9k driver, it's very well supported.  Lots of others work too though.04:24
Islah2I'll scavenge for mine04:25
Islah2has to be somewhere in my room unless i threw it away for some reason04:25
goddardlordcirth: https://www.amazon.com/Edimax-EW-7811Un-150Mbps-Raspberry-Supports/dp/B003MTTJOY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470025582&sr=8-1&keywords=wifi+raspberry+pi04:26
goddard9 bucks04:26
goddardnot super fast, but it is fast enough04:27
goddardmight want a larger one if you are far away though04:27
goddardthis works well when you are decently close to the access point04:27
Islah2my router is in my room04:27
Islah2and i think i'd only need to use it once04:27
Islah2cause then i could install the drivers that do work04:27
goddardthen get the 20 dollar one and call it a day it is AC04:28
lordcirthgoddard, wow cool04:30
Islah2Might just pick something up at bestbuy (albeit probably overpriced) use it, and then return it04:30
Islah2once i get the right stuff installed04:31
bytesaberwhy the f can't i edit /etc/resolv.conf with my dns server ip?04:31
bytesaber"can't open linked file for writing"04:31
ahrc333ffIslah2: amazon does so many overnights. :)04:31
goddardbytesaber: sudo?04:32
shakermakerwhat do u mean cant?04:32
shakermakeri just tried, just use sudo04:32
ahrc333ffbytesaber: /etc/resolv.conf is now routinely overwritten. you either need to update DNS through network manager, or edit /etc/network/interfaces and setup manually. I had an issue with DNS leak in 16.04 that I di dn't have in 14.04 until I did the latter.04:32
bytesaberi uninstalled resolvconf package04:32
shakermakerlikely the contents will be overwritten though, it appears this file contents is re-created time to time04:32
bytesaberi just edit my resolv file manaully04:33
bytesaberi'm not using sudo.  i'm root.  just says i can't write because "can't open linked file for writing"04:33
ahrc333ffbytesaber: that's interesting. you can trace what's going on with tools like strace, lsof, etc. to see what might be tying up the file. Or, maybe just edit it from live usb or lower run level.04:34
ahrc333ffbytesaber: have you reboot since uninstalling the resolvconf package?04:34
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ahrc333ff!spam | Real-OS04:35
ubottuReal-OS: Please don't spam04:35
=== zobo is now known as nerdinstalling
Real-OSwhat spam04:35
Real-OSyou said this official ubuntu04:35
Real-OSis furudora04:35
Real-OSis official ubuntu04:35
Real-OSwant me to sue you04:35
Real-OSeven linus trovald already there04:36
Real-OScoming to furudora04:36
Real-OShe is busy04:36
ahrc333ffbytesaber: yeah, i'd just try editing the file at lower run level or through live USB to save time troubleshooting04:36
Real-OSi am the real developer04:36
ahrc333ffReal-OS: Dinosaur?04:37
Real-OSubuntu is my old source code04:37
Real-OSis getfedora.org04:37
Real-OSwith source code04:37
shakermakermake the file immutable04:37
Real-OSi give you04:37
Real-OSif you'r good i consider to hire you04:37
Real-OSubuntu i purposely code under china request04:37
Islah2I can make ramen in a cup04:38
Islah2do i qualify ?04:38
ahrc333ffReal-OS: lol. Linus torvalds develops the linux kernel. He's actually very critical of most of the distributions and would probably have little to nothign to do with them.04:38
shakermakerfor the resolv.conf issue someone had as root, did u try making file immutable04:38
ahrc333ff!troll | Real-OS04:38
Islah2:O Really?04:38
Real-OSi am skraito04:38
Real-OSdon't mess with me04:38
Real-OSi am the real linus trovald04:38
Real-OSlinus trovald not even 0x71 (xc) Our04:38
ahrc333ffbytesaber: shakermaker had a suggestion that you can consider.04:39
shakermakerlsattr to see04:40
elkyReal-OS: hi skraito please don't spam my channels :(04:40
shakermakerthen use chattr -a and -i depending on what is set.. resolv.conf issue.04:40
* nerdinstalling is new to ubunut04:40
ahrc333ffhi nerdinstalling04:41
shakermakerhey question for all you here. anyone trust their ubuntu os with tor?04:41
nerdinstallinghello ahrc333ff04:41
shakermakeri use my OS so much, not sure if i really trust installing tor just to connect to irc annonmously. etc.04:41
bytesaberah.  i broke it by removing the resolvconf package.  Didn't bother 14.04, i guess it does now.04:49
bytesaberresolv.conf -> ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf04:49
bytesaberdead link04:49
ahrc333ffshakermaker: why not just a simple VPN and SSL connection? I know it's not anonymous, but it's secure and a good step removed from your ISP and easy geolocation04:49
bytesabermy fault for being stuborn and breaking thigns.04:49
ahrc333ffbytesaber: maybe replace the symlink with a real file? rename the old symlink and keep it there.04:50
bytesaberoh i could have done that04:50
=== abhishek_ is now known as Guest99394
ahrc333ffbytesaber: in the future, maybe try the /etc/network/interfaces method. ^_^ It's effective and simple. hha04:51
bytesaberif i run into somethign else trying to find that link, i'll redo it that way04:51
bytesaberwhat do you mean04:51
bytesaber"method" ?04:51
ahrc333ffI mean, just editing that file to set your network interface properties.04:52
ahrc333ffit will override the network manager. the devices will just show up as "unmanaged"04:52
bytesaberoh.  first thing i usually do is "dpkg --purge network-manager"04:53
bytesaberand then go edit interfaces by hand and just use ifup ifdown to parse it.04:53
shakermakerahrc333ff: yes that is what i do currently. ssl and vpn. was just curious if to go next level with tor. i dont think its worth it though04:53
bytesabernetwork-manager causes me grief.   doesn't like it when i manually using ifconfig for a temporary IP (for whatever reason).04:54
ahrc333ffI add my interfaces to /etc/network/interfaces, ifdown -a, ifup -a, and boom. all is well04:54
bytesaberyep ahrc333ff i agree04:54
ahrc333ffnetwork-manager really doesn't feel like linux -____- I can't easily modify a file and make thing shappen how I want them. makes me irritated04:54
ahrc333ffshakermaker: probably not IMO. when it switches IP's, wouldn't you also get kicked out or IRC channels and then end up fighting yourself over your own nick? lol04:55
daxshakermaker: can't use freenode with Tor, I note04:56
ahrc333ffshakermaker: the mere thought of that deterred me from even setting up the tor network on my ubuntu box as I'd have no other utility other than IRC. even may Kali box, I reallly don't do anything that requires it. lol. more just to geek around04:56
daxshakermaker: but no, it wouldn't bother anyway04:56
shakermakeryes, if been stuck with that kicked out scenario even with faulty irc clients sometimes. lol04:56
shakermakeryes same. kali on by rasberry pi04:57
bytesaberi also fail to comprehend the sudo mentality of debian04:57
ahrc333ffit's miserable right? even if i switch machines without cleanly exiting the server I am basicallyb arred from my own username for like 2 hrs04:57
shakermakeri dont install tor either04:57
shakermakersame thing, its really just to mess around but i dont trust tor with all the news i read as well04:57
bytesabersudo was never meant to turn every user's password into root's password.04:57
ahrc333ffshakermaker: seems most of the problem with the Tor network is that people don't know how to modify their behavior. But, the idiots who are getting busted are u sually doing something they shouldn't (read: kiddy porn) and deserve what they get IMO so screw it04:58
shakermakerhey stupid question, when you all direct a chat message here to someone using "username: the message". are you just manually typing that in lol or is there some trick in irc to do that.lol04:58
ahrc333ffshakermaker: it parses the sentence for names and highlights if you were named04:58
ahrc333ffi can write your name at the end of the sentence, and it'll do the same thing shakermaker04:59
shakermakeryeah exactly! my cousin was like "i use tor with torrent"04:59
shakermakerand im like.. come on. pointless04:59
shakermakeror they check their gmail while on tor04:59
shakermakeror tweet04:59
ahrc333ffOMG, that'd be a terrible experience waiting for downloads over the Tor network for torrents. lol. VPN FTW04:59
ahrc333ffwhat's funny, to me anyway, is that most people using VPN's don't know how to fix DNS leak though. lol. So, their ISP still knows where they're going even if the traffic is encypted05:00
shakermakerno i dont mean the highlight part. i have my irc setup for that05:00
ahrc333ffso, they'd be suspicious for downloading torrents05:00
shakermakerwhat i mean is the "name:"05:00
ahrc333ffshakermaker, tha'ts more of a habit I suppose.05:00
shakermakerr u actually typing "shakermaker:" ahrc333ff?05:00
ahrc333ffJust me typing the name will modify the text color of that line of text for you so it stands out.05:01
nik38ohk thanks ahrc333ff05:02
nik38I new to irc05:02
nik38Forelle hi05:02
ForelleI have a question05:02
Bashing-omAsk it Forelle .05:08
ForelleHow do I install an rpm package on ubuntu? specifically xchat05:08
ubottuxchat and xchat-gnome have not had stable releases in years. xchat was removed from Ubuntu for 16.04. Consider using hexchat instead, which is actively developed and available in 14.04 onwards.05:09
Bashing-omForelle: Why not install native hexchat ? . Terminal command ' sudo apt intsll hexchat ' .05:10
Bashing-ominstall* Forelle05:11
Forellenow that I'm at it, what's the difference between apt and apt-get? lol05:12
RaveYoda@Forelle nothing really. Though apt gives you nicer guis05:12
Bashing-omForelle: Apt is the remake (improved) of apt-get . Though both are honored .05:13
ForelleI did notice that flashy progress bar05:13
RaveYoda@Forelle ie, better gui05:13
Forelleyeah I know lol05:13
ForelleI'm an ubuntu noob but I know the meaning of "nicer" and "gui" lol05:14
RaveYoda@Forelle I'mn sure they did a lot more than that but I never could tell the diff.05:15
Bashing-omForelle: See: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/26q2sm/apt_vs_aptget/ ; http://www.howtogeek.com/234583/simplify-command-line-package-management-with-apt-instead-of-apt-get/ ; https://mvogt.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/apt-1-0/ .05:15
Forellethanks Bashing-om05:16
Forellemuch better05:17
RaveYodaThat first reddit link is a hoot ands made my point,lol05:17
Forelleoh my god I clicked all of them before switching clients05:17
Forelleand just absentmindedly closed them all without readin05:18
Forellethank computer jesus for ctrl shit t05:18
RaveYoda@Forelle I like ctrl+shit more05:19
Forelleit's a little more radical05:20
Forelleand by a little more radical I mean that it's totally rad, dude. tubular.05:20
RaveYoda@Forelle Oh yeah, code brown more radical. ;p05:20
RaveYoda@Forelle Oh, when I said better gui i was making a point to Bashing-one and his comment to you. I wasn't trying to explain it simpler to you. =]05:22
Forelleoops I missed Bashing-om's comment then05:23
RaveYoda@Forelle It's all good. I didn't want you thinking I was talking down to you is all.05:24
Forellehaha no it's fine05:24
RaveYoda@Forelle Cool, just making sure05:26
Forellewe look like a pair of worrying canadians05:26
RaveYoda@Forelle Bwahahahahaha, now now, this is a civil channel. =P Anyway, welcome to Ubuntu. You might be new but we can get you caught up quite quickly. All you have to do is ask and be nice about it.  =]05:30
gbakerI have an odd issue. I have 8 Series/C220 Audio Controller and if I change it to anything but Stereo to lets say 2.1 the sub and speakers swap when testing. The Digital stereo works with no issues.05:31
shakermaker /SET use_status_window OFF05:32
shakermakerlol ignore05:33
ForelleRaveYoda, I mean I'm canadian so I have nothing against being sorry. I mean against being polite. Sorry. sorry.05:33
Forellebrb again trying to give hexchat a dark theme05:34
RaveYoda@Forelle Bwahahahahaha05:35
shakermakerspeaking of hexchat, i got tired of some of the server settings never saving after closing it.05:41
RaveYoda@shakermaker Yeah, I use xchat now. because of that05:44
RaveYodaIt's been a while guys since I've been on an irc. But, is it @ that colors the persons name? Or the #?05:45
RaveYodaI could google but why lift my hand to the mouse?05:46
FlannelRaveYoda: It's just the name.05:46
WhiteNightFlannel, lol05:47
Forelledid it05:47
RaveYodaFlannel,  Huh.... Thank you!05:47
WhiteNightFlannel, oh sorry, I read it as "It's just the game" :( My bad05:47
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=== Bjorkinix is now known as irinix
StephenSmay I ask a question related to LXC?05:58
christian_Hi anybody using Xubuntu 16.04.1?06:00
RaveYodaStephenS, LXC?06:06
christian_hello? who is using xubuntu 16.04.1? how's your system? did they fix the bugs in thunar? and the mouse cursor on intel gpu's? Im considering upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04.106:06
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with !Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://xubuntu.org/ - To install the Xubuntu environment from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop^ » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !xubuntu-channels06:06
RaveYodachristian_,  Join #xubuntu06:07
RaveYodachristian_,  They can help you since that's their channel06:08
jak2013hi all06:19
jak2013why cant do a ping to google?06:19
jak2013i have on /etc/resolv.conf nameserver
jak2013which other thing? need check?06:20
Hawkingits ok here06:20
Hawkinguse another dns and test06:21
jak2013Hawking wich one?06:21
jak2013Hawking now06:23
jak2013continue not answering06:24
RaveYodajak2013, hawking did answer you....06:24
jak2013cant do a ping to google06:25
jak2013other way?06:25
Hawkingyou type what address? google.com? or ip?06:25
RaveYodajak2013, what error do you get? Have you tried instead06:26
jak2013ping google.com06:26
jak2013ping: unknown host google.com06:26
=== newguy is now known as Guest45894
RaveYodajak2013, Have you tried to ping or
Hawkingits oks06:29
Hawkingprobably lock provider or problems with the firewall?06:30
RaveYodaHawking, jak2013 Awesome sauce06:30
jak2013restarted the server06:32
jak2013and worked06:32
jak2013i think my network card have problems06:32
Hawkingrestart almost always works06:34
RaveYodaHawking, <facepalm> Oy vey....06:35
bitnapCan my computer run ubuntu https://postimg.org/image/9y7qojf9d/06:36
RaveYodabitnap, Probably.06:38
RaveYodabitnap, Why not try the live system?06:38
RaveYodabitnap, Additionally, the resources are OK but the hardware may not be. So that is why I suggest testing the distro in Live mode.06:39
bitnapcan you use ubuntu with 24gb of ram?06:40
EugenAI have html <li>-list (sitemap), I'd like to visualize it. Any ideas how to do it fast, maybe any free online services?06:41
RaveYodabitnap, Yes, just make sure to dl the 64bit.06:42
RaveYodaEugenA, that is not exactly an Ubuntu issue.06:43
StephenS Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0 when I try to run mysql-workbench06:44
RaveYodaEugenA, By visualize what do you actually want? Graphs?06:44
EugenARaveYoda: yes... some sort of tree diagramm06:45
RaveYodaStephenS, what does echo $DISPLAY give?06:45
StephenSthis is actually lxc instance, but anyway I don't get gtk06:45
RaveYodaEugenA, Hmmm, I don't know what to suggest atm.06:47
RaveYodaStephenS, hmmmmm06:48
=== Guest34417 is now known as jeremychang
jeremychang /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER jeremychang jxsumjhzlryx06:49
RaveYodaStephenS, try   xhost +localhost in the term then run the prog06:49
StephenSI did, not working06:49
StephenSxhost +localhost06:50
StephenSxhost:  unable to open display ":0"06:50
RaveYodaEugenA, so you have li tags and you want them visual. Why not just write something with css rules to do that?06:50
RaveYodaStephenS,  tried with sudo that command?06:50
EugenARaveYoda: hm, maybe it is not bad idea, I'll think about it, thanks06:51
RaveYodaStephenS,  Hmmm.... Try env DISPLAY=:0.0  if that doesn't help then set it back with enc DISPLAY=:006:52
RaveYodaEugenA, XD Sorry buddy.06:52
dancingd3monguys, am i able to excute a bash command outisde the directory?06:53
dancingd3moni always need to cd into the directory and excute it but doing something like script.sh ~/directory/* won't work06:54
RaveYodadancingd3mon, Are you actually typing e script.sh ~/directory/* ?06:55
dancingd3monthe script rename flac files according to some format06:55
dancingd3monthat's how it starts :06:56
dancingd3monfor a in *.flac; do06:56
dancingd3monwhen i do something like rename.sh /home/dancingdemon/Beechlord-The_Birds-WEB-FLAC-2016/*06:56
dancingd3monit won't work but i need to cd to that album and excute the command06:56
RaveYodadancingd3mon, Ohhh, ok, well, you'd need to have a variable pointing to the dir.06:56
dancingd3monmay i know how to do this?06:57
RaveYodadancingd3mon,   Try this
RaveYodaStephenS,  Did that help any?06:59
RaveYodadancingd3mon,  So what I mean is is that when you run the command you need to pass the path to a variable which would then loop through the dir assigned07:00
dancingd3monthanks RaveYoda but sadly I have no idea how to get this to work :(07:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:02
RaveYodadancingd3mon,   paste your script here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com   I can try 'n help07:02
RaveYodadancingd3mon, then give me the url please07:03
dancingd3monthanks, can i pm you it ?07:03
RaveYodadancingd3mon,  yes, got it07:04
RaveYodadancingd3mon, Sent you a pm07:10
=== laptop is now known as Guest56934
Guest56934any good helpers online07:15
=== jeremychang is now known as jeremylala
=== jeremylala is now known as jeremychang
YourDadIsHereHello every107:17
Rafsahello :)07:18
YourDadIsHerehave 1 issue in ubuntu 16.0407:18
YourDadIsHereactually many but as of now 1 is more imp07:18
YourDadIsHerewhen i try to access tty terminal somtimes i am unable to access it07:18
YourDadIsHereit just shows blank screen07:18
YourDadIsHereall 1-6 has this problem07:19
YourDadIsHereany solution?07:19
Ben64open something like gnome-terminal instead?07:19
k_apt-get install?07:20
YourDadIsHereyes i can open gnome-terminal but why tty terminal has this problem07:20
Ben64probably because of your graphics drivers and stuff07:21
YourDadIsHereit opens sometimes07:22
YourDadIsHerelike now it is opening07:22
YourDadIsHeresometime latter cant07:22
YourDadIsHerelaptop is lenovo L450 8GB ram i7 processor07:23
Ben64ok, doesn't change my answer at all07:23
RaveYodadancingd3mon, yo, check your pm07:31
dikiaapCan we using  https transport for debian apt tool?07:33
RaveYodadancingd3mon,  Are you there?07:36
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tatertotshello max07:48
MaxFramesI know there is a way to make the screen pan up and down, useful on netbook screens when sometimes the windows exceed the page height and you cannot see the bottom07:48
MaxFramesI forgot what it was07:48
akikMaxFrames: "Virtual" in xorg.conf07:54
MaxFrameswhat should I do?07:55
tietixi have now xubuntu, but after suspend my mouse pointer is invisible. if i do ctrl + alt + f1 and alt + f7 i can see my mouse. i don't want to do that every time.07:55
akikMaxFrames: it goes into the "Screen" section of xorg.conf07:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1568604 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Xenial) "duplicate for #1573454 Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics" [High,Confirmed]07:57
tatertotstietix what gpu / graphics is in your system?...is it a laptop or desktop?07:58
tietixtatertots, its eee pc ...Intel Corporation Mobile 945GSE Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)07:58
akikMaxFrames: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config07:59
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m1dnight_When I upgrade from 14.04 to 16.06, will all my upstart services be broken?08:04
davmor2m1dnight_: no should be fine08:05
k1l_m1dnight_: your own custom ones?08:05
ivo34hello how do I fix this error? http://pastebin.com/RDDut4Kp08:05
k1l_ivo34: your ppa packages is badly packaged by the ppa guys08:06
m1dnight_yes. I have a few node.js apps, ffserver and stuff like that running with upstart.08:08
m1dnight_I thought upstart was not packaged with ubuntu 16.0408:08
ivo34I am running macbuntu 14.0408:11
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k1l_ivo34: "apt-cache policy libllvm3.8v4 | nc termbin.com 9999"08:14
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RoninDevHello! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1605012 marked as "Fix released". Can anybody tell when I be able to update my system via apt?08:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1605012 in unity (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/compiz:6:__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler:__cxxabiv1::__terminate:std::terminate:__cxxabiv1::__cxa_throw:void" [Critical,Fix released]08:16
ikoniaRoninDev: it's in the package unity 7.5.0+16.10.20160727-0ubuntu108:19
ikoniaRoninDev: look at what repo that has been released to08:19
ikoniaif it's not been released to your version repos, may need to prod that bug08:19
ikoniaI'd say it's only been released for yakkity08:20
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RoninDevikonia: i have unity/xenial-updates,now 7.4.0+16.04.20160715-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed]08:22
ikoniaRoninDev: yes, thats not the same package is it08:23
ivo34k1l_ http://termbin.com/jkng08:25
RoninDevikonia: so, what shall I do? Or just need to wait?08:26
ikoniaRoninDev: as I said, I think it's only been released for yakkity, it seems to have a sponsor name on for xenial, so put a comment in the bug08:27
RoninDevok thank you08:27
bitnapWhen deploying an OpenVZ host, please use ext4 exclusively. The Parallels development team tests extensively with ext408:28
ikoniabitnap: ?08:28
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k1l_ivo34: oh, i see its in the updates repo08:30
k1l_and the naming was to not break the upgrade to 16.04 :/08:31
k1l_ivo34: but i see you got a different package there that is non ubuntu. "apt-cache policy libllvm3.8 | nc termbin.com 9999"08:32
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Tiskymaybe i should say hi too?09:03
DevAntoineI'm sick of this bug: http://askubuntu.com/questions/298487/not-enough-free-disk-space-when-upgrading I've got a classic xubuntu installation but every time there's a kernel update I can't do it because I haven't enough space on /boot!!! I'm using the default partitioning! And every time I need to manually remove old kernel versions09:03
k1l_DevAntoine: what ubuntu version is it? "lsb_release -d" will tell you09:03
DevAntoinek1l_: 15.1009:04
k1l_DevAntoine: sidenote: that is dead since last week. you need to upgrade to 16.04 now anyway.09:05
DevAntoinek1l_: yes, I'm aware of that, but the upgrade is stuck because of this issue :D09:05
k1l_DevAntoine: can you show the output of "ls -al /boot | nc termbin.com 9999"09:05
DevAntoineI guess the autoremove did it09:06
DevAntoinek1l_: nothing was returned by the console09:09
jhaveI got a new server there need a newer version of the Ixgbe driver than is included in the stock server kernel, is there a way to install it whitout i need to reinstall every time its gets upgraded ?09:14
=== victor is now known as Guest64825
KartagisI'm trying to generate a .p12 file. I'm reading http://stackoverflow.com/a/1459399/1384283 and even though I am applying every option from the last line, I am still getting help screen. why?09:19
=== the_ktosiek is now known as ktosiek
ivo34k1l_ http://termbin.com/3fqk09:21
k1l_ivo34: that 3rd party repo is the issue here09:22
k1l_ivo34: but use dpkg and force option to overwrite the stuff from the 3rd party package manually09:23
adroit_machinehi k1l_09:24
ivo34k1l_ I use ubuntu to run ue4 therefore I installed dependencies listed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lAzIFpR0wY I hope this issue is not related09:26
ivo34k1l_ I also followed this tutorial to tune ubuntu into a macbuntu: http://www.noobslab.com/2014/04/macbuntu-1404-pack-is-released.html09:27
k1l_ivo34: i dont know why or when you added the llvm repo09:27
ducassejhave: i guess you could generate the driver on each kernel update with dkms, that should take precedence over the driver included in the kernel.09:27
ivo34k1l_ me neither09:27
ivo34trying to guess it09:27
ivo34k1l_ anyway how do I force the overwrite?09:28
k1l_sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/libllvm3.8v4_1%3a3.8-2ubuntu3~trusty4_amd64.deb09:28
klystronis there any uefi bios experts available?09:34
GourlayI have an Zyxel model number NWD2705. Can't get it to work on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine. can't find it on this site on USB-support: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsZyxel.09:35
davesidiousHey folks - does anyone know why my 16.04 box "Failed to start Raise network interfaces" on boot?  syslog indicates it couldn't bring up lo because "Failed to bring up lo".09:36
kelvinellaHello my laptop stopped charging at 89% whats the fix?09:37
k1l_kelvinella: maybe the battery is worn out and cant have more than that09:38
ivo34k1l_ it seems that your solution worked09:38
ivo34no more error09:38
kelvinellait cant be, it was fine before I upgraded to 16.04.109:38
davesidiousHeck, even running "sudo ifup lo" causes the same error.09:38
k1l_ivo34: in the long run i would get rid of that 3rd party repos09:38
kelvinellak1l_, It was fine couple hours ago, after I upgrade 14.04 to 16.04.1 then it stops charging at 89%09:39
ivo34k1l_ but I have no idea which repos are I tunned my system to look like a mac09:39
ivo34k1l_ indeed I am not upgrading yet to 16.04 because I am waitting for noobslab to bring up the new macbuntu packages for the new ubuntu version09:40
ivo34I love macbuntu09:41
ducassedavesidious: can you pastebin /etc/network/interfaces?09:42
ducassedavesidious: (or just the lo part)09:42
davesidiousducasse: http://pastebin.com/nL0SASgy09:43
klystronhas any one experienced the following error codes when trying to run a live Ubuntu 16.04 64bit uefi version: efi: requested map not found; failed to find cpu0 module: esrt: ESRT header is not in the map ---- the hardware is a Beelink BT7 running Windows 10 with the latest Intel 64 bit quad 4 CPU -- no secure boot appears to be implemented: but I suspect this is an shell scripting issue of the efi bios can anyone help or09:44
klystronmake suggestion on if its possible to get Ubuntu recognised thus allowing a live boot and install09:44
ducassedavesidious: why is that post-up line there? i think that should be somewhere else as no other interfaces are defined there, try commenting it out and then raise lo09:45
davesidiouswill do...09:45
davesidiousI don't know what put that there.09:45
davesidiousducasse - yup, now there is no error :)  Thanks!09:45
ducassedavesidious: if i understand it correctly, that would attempt to add that route for the lo device. if you need that route, add it to a separate startup script.09:46
davesidiousducasse - I have no idea where that route came from.  If I do need it, I will follow your advice and put it somewhere sane.  Thanks for your help!09:47
ducassedavesidious: np :)09:47
DIOUjk33BIng GO09:47
FManTropyxI've had enough of the spam from #wrongplanet - see you later...09:49
tusharmI am unable to see my battery indicator for some reason09:52
tusharmany solutions?09:52
EriC^^tusharm: try "restart indicator-power"09:52
tusharmgreat! thanks09:53
Dev_Hi, can you help with this?   http://askubuntu.com/questions/792813/ubuntu-16-04-sound-menu-unable-to-select-2-0-output-in-asus-xonar-ds09:55
Dev_Sound works, but it's not possible to select Analog Stereo Output like in previous versions, minimum is 4.0. As I use 2.0 speakers I'm losing sound09:55
klystronas any one experienced the following error codes when trying to run a live Ubuntu 16.04 64bit uefi version: efi: requested map not found; failed to find cpu0 module: esrt: ESRT header is not in the map ---- the hardware is a Beelink BT7 running Windows 10 with the latest Intel 64 bit quad 4 CPU -- no secure boot appears to be implemented: but I suspect this is an shell scripting issue of the efi bios can anyone help or09:58
klystron10:44 <klystron> make suggestion on if its possible to get Ubuntu recognised thus allowing a live boot and install09:58
=== pesari_ is now known as pesari
ducasseklystron: have you looked for a firmware update?10:03
klystronthe Beelink is a Chinese product and is very new their tech support support is non existent  - the product was only released in April this year so doubt there would be any firmware update yet10:06
klystronI have tried various Linux bleeding edge distros but the same error codes persist10:07
ducasseklystron: ok. it was just a guess, it looks like a shoddy firmware issue to me...10:07
=== daniel is now known as Guest80325
klystronyes it would appear so - but i was wondering if the efi shell scrip could be modified10:08
ducasseklystron: i would guess that it will eventually be worked around, but i couldn't even find a specific bug report. you might want to file one.10:09
klystronhow do i go about filing a bug report?10:10
klystronare there any uefi channels on freeserver?10:10
ducasseklystron: you could file an ubuntu bug, but it is probably an upstream issue. if you file it on launchpad, i expect they will tell you if you need to file it with kernel.org.10:12
ducasseklystron: you could of course file an upstream bug immediately, but they won't touch it if you haven't tried a vanilla kernel to confirm it exists there.10:13
Dev_How can I file a bug about this problem?10:13
klystronit would seem to me that the efi shell is another way to lock out a Linux distro without using secure boot more so since the product ships with Windows 10 pre-installed10:13
klystroncan you define what you mean by a vanilla kernel?10:14
EriC^^klystron: what's the problem?10:15
klystronas any one experienced the following error codes when trying to run a live Ubuntu 16.04 64bit uefi version: efi: requested map not found; failed to find cpu0 module: esrt: ESRT header is not in the map ---- the hardware is a Beelink BT7 running Windows 10 with the latest Intel 64 bit quad 4 CPU -- no secure boot appears to be implemented: but I suspect this is an shell scripting issue of the efi bios can anyone help or10:15
klystron10:44 <klystron> make suggestion on if its possible to get Ubuntu recognised thus allowing a live boot and install10:15
klystronthats the problem10:15
MaxFramesI've upgraded from lubuntu 14.04 to 16.04.01 and now when I launch "software updates" I get a message "unable to install all updates"10:16
MaxFramesit gives me the option to "perform a partial upgrade" or "continue"10:16
MaxFrameswhat is this and what shoud I do?10:16
iseneAfter a wakeup from suspend, I often find encounter two font issues (none of them, one of them or both): My three conkys running on my desktop has got their fonts wiped out (no letters at all), my gtk-apps have most of the letters missing. To fix the conky problem, I simply restart the conkys. To fix the gtk font issue, I have to go into gnome-tweek-tool and change the fonts back and forth until they are fine10:16
iseneagain. Is this a known issue? How to fix?10:16
klystronhave tried booting from a live usb and various Live DVD's the above errors are displayed then the screen HDMI goes blank and thats as far as it gets.10:17
klystronAlso if you try and do a memory check the same errors are displayed and the screen goes black and fails to run a memory check10:19
FLHerneAfter updating to 16.04, one system failed to boot, dropped straight into grub-rescue10:20
ducasseklystron: they might have just made the firmware to work with windows instead of doing it properly, my guess is they never tested anything else...10:20
FLHerneIt's got four 465GB drives in RAID5 using Intel's fake-raid10:21
MaxFramesI've done sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade, and the latter says that 3 packages have been kept to the current version (3 packages not updated)10:21
Housecan someone point me to a primer or a forum focusing on desktop environments and window managers?  i cant really tell the (functional) different between the ones i've got installed10:21
FLHerneOne ~250MB boot partition, one tiny partition I think is unused, big LVM volume containing everything else10:22
MaxFrameslibchamplain-0.12-0 libclutter-1.0-0 libclutter-gtk-1.0-010:22
klystronquite possible or they found a way to lock out linux10:22
klystronwithout activating secure boot10:22
FLHerneI reinstalled GRUB; now I at least get a real GRUB menu/cli, but loading the 4.4 vmlinuz gets the error `attempt to read or write outside of partition`10:23
MaxFramesif I click on "partial upgrade" it looks like it's installing 16.04 again???10:23
ducasseklystron: 'never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity', it's probably just the former.10:23
FLHerneThe old 3.8 one does load, but then the corresponding initrd gets the same error instead10:23
ducasseMaxFrames: try 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'10:24
MaxFrameswhat does that do?10:24
FLHerneThere are 512Kib sectors and ~260GB of space used, which makes me suspect there's a 2^32 sector limit in the BIOS10:24
FLHerneAny suggestions?10:24
ducasseMaxFrames: see the difference between upgrade and dist-upgrade in 'man apt-get'10:24
ducasseMaxFrames: essentialy, it removes old packages when necessary10:25
MaxFramesok, I will try10:26
FLHerneBut then, the actual boot partition is much smaller and in front of the big one10:26
klystronif you goggle beelink BT7 Mini PC ATOM X7 Z8700 Quad CPU you can see the specs - it is a very small profile PC and Windows 10 runs very fast - used for Video media streaming10:28
klystronalso very low power consumption10:29
lsshello pepple10:30
lssi am so boring10:30
klystronits just a pity not being able to install Linux as a dual boot option10:30
ducasseklystron: experience still tells me never to trust small chinese companies to do a proper job with these things...10:30
lssso! i want somebody chat with me!!!10:31
MaxFrameslss: if you're so boring, no wonder no one wants to chat with you10:31
k1l_!ot | lss10:31
ubottulss: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:31
madsjhi, I'm a bit desperate. I did a dist-upgrade, but now apt-get isn't working :-( some warning about missing symbols in glibcxx10:32
klystronwell lets hope they got some very big companies for the new nuclear power station!10:32
ducasseklystron: :)10:32
k1l_madsj: show the full output in a pastebin and link it here10:32
lssi am play with my brother10:32
ducasseklystron: as i said, it can probably be worked around, start by filing an ubuntu bug against the kernel10:33
tshirtmanhello, i've been using ubuntu for a long time, and using a different wm (i3) for a few years, but still using stuff like unity-control-center to manage stuff, and it did work great if the older versions, but since i updated to 16.04, unity-control-center was mostly empty, i found a few people that had the same issue googling around, and their solution was to reinstall a few packages, i tried10:34
tshirtmanthat, and it never changed a thing, i just tried logging into unity instead of i3, and everything was there, logging back in i3, still mostly empty, so i suspect some supporting daemon is not running (unity-settings-daemon is there, of course), or some other reason prevents the things to be there outside of unity, any idea?10:34
=== lss is now known as chatboy
tshirtmani'd like not to think that because i'm not using ubuntu exactly like the designers intended, doesn't mean ubuntu is not for me anymore, after a good decade of good service10:34
chatboywho learn java will10:34
k1l_chatboy: this channel here is technical ubuntu support only. for chat please use #ubuntu-offtopic or #chat10:35
chatboy在编译FFMpeg android版时出现的问题-没有那个文件或目录10:38
chatboyUnknown option "".10:38
chatboySee ./configure --help for available options.10:38
chatboy./ba.sh: 行 11: --prefix=/home/ndk/ffmpeg/android/arm: 没有那个文件或目录10:38
chatboy./ba.sh: 行 13: --enable-shared: 未找到命令10:38
chatboy./ba.sh: 行 14: --disable-static: 未找到命令10:39
ducasse!cn | chatboy10:39
ubottuchatboy: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:39
klystronof course the other option is using virtual machine within windows10 but this raises problems with accessing usb's and ports since a Linux distro is required to run a gunradio server10:39
klystronand also accessing audio streams10:40
ducasseklystron: you might be able to stream the audio, but that could introduce latency if that matters10:41
=== NickCao_ is now known as NickCao
Arphohi all10:41
ducasseklystron: try asking in ##linux if anyone has run any distro at all on that.10:41
klystronyes and the server has to allow a minimum of 10 remote clients10:41
klystronso could introduce audio underruns and over runs10:42
Arphoanyone have a hint what to do with 16.04 on macbook air 2013 power usage? 14.04 is flawless in this respect, even better than os x, but 16.04 has quite a regression. Tried the usual powertop stuff, disabled card reader too, still not the same.10:42
ArphoAny hint will be appreciated.10:43
EriC^^!mac | Arpho you might find info here10:43
ubottuArpho you might find info here: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages10:43
klystronanyway thanks very much for your help and suggestions10:45
Arphoubottu: this one is the closest for me: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir6-2/Wily10:45
Arphonot for Xenial, but Wily is the next best thing.10:45
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages10:45
ducasseklystron: no problem, try filing a bug and hear with the ##linux crowd if they have gotten anything running10:45
ArphoShit, ok, newbie fail. Thanks Eric^^.10:46
klystronok thanks10:46
klystronwill do10:46
EriC^^Arpho: :D10:46
reloafaahi guys10:48
reloafaawhen evre i play flighgear my ubuntu keeps getting stuck and freezes???10:49
madsjI can't paste into a pastebin, since not even X11 is starting, but I get10:50
reloafaaWideBot: how do i list block devices,as lsblk is not present? and see all external devices conected to the PC,as my fdisk too doesnt show them unlike linux fdisk -l?10:51
reloafaawhen evre i play flighgear my ubuntu keeps getting stuck and freezes???10:51
k1l_reloafaa: well. look into "dmesg" or "syslog" after the reboot in /var/log/ or in the old logs of those what happend before the crash10:51
madsjapt-get: relocation-error: /usr/lib/x86-64-linux-gnu/libapt-pkg.so-5.0 Symbol_ZNKSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traits (only a fragment, since I have to have to use a writing pad and note down the error message)10:51
ducassereloafaa: why don't you have lsblk? which ubuntu version?10:51
Andrzejmadsj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pastebinit10:53
k1l_madsj: "<command> | nc termbin.com 9999" will make it paste to a pastebin and give you a url.10:53
madsjk1l_: termbin.com/xj8r10:57
reloafaaducasse: its about ubuntu 64 bit on 8GB ram due to much load of flightgear freesez?10:57
madsjthank you ;-) this command was quite helpful10:57
ducassereloafaa: i'd rather suspect a video driver bug, but i'm not an expert on debugging those.10:59
k1l_madsj: any PPAs in use?11:00
reloafaaducasse:   i think for many ubuntu freesez on too much load? like games11:00
k1l_madsj: "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | nc termbin.com 9999"11:00
ducassereloafaa: no, video driver problems are far more common11:00
reloafaaducasse: my dear i use arch and all works fine? whow? when same drivers?11:01
ducassereloafaa: arch is not ubuntu, many things are different.11:02
madsjk1l_: termbin.com/lru511:04
ducassereloafaa: you are not running the same kernel, and most likely different gl libraries etc even if you use the same video driver version11:04
k1l_madsj: sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test11:04
reloafaaducasse: so if i use new kerel it makes a significant diff?11:06
reloafaaducasse: what are the otehr serious advantags of using a new kernel?11:07
reloafaaarether  any at al11:07
ducassereloafaa: _don't_ use a non-standard kernel. it is not supported.11:09
madsjk1l_: ppa-purge is not a command on my system :-/11:15
reloafaaducasse: for Virtual box , i use iso in storage to install,then i close it,and remove the iso and then i boot the installed OS, is this the actual way? i mean i remove it from the storage? and what should i use IDE or SATA controller?11:15
=== christian_ is now known as dngonb
madsjand I get a hint that I need to install it with the "universe" package11:16
reloafaai want to use the advanced controller,which give me more control?11:16
k1l_madsj: the issue you have comes from the testing libstdc++ from that testing ppa11:17
madsjk1l_: yes, but how do I remove the ppa without the command?11:17
maki-webhey i have question when i open some need root auth authority (like synaptic) it's not show the "type password" window11:18
madsjI found the exact same command googling, but I can't run the ppa-purge command, since I don't have "universe" installed11:18
madsjwhy did I have to upgrade with dist-upgrade :/11:18
k1l_madsj: universe is a ubuntu repo. you can enable that with writing it in your sources.list11:19
madsjhmm, but how do I even run the apt-get command with that glibcxx error11:20
dngonbmadsj: is there a -f switch to apt-get? (force)11:21
ikonia-f wo'nt matter11:21
ikoniaif it can't run as the c library is smashed11:22
dngonbok :(11:22
madsjI saw some hints on installing glibc with dpkg11:22
ikoniayes, that will also require glibc11:22
ikoniapretty much everything will require a stable glibc - thats why you never touch it11:22
k1l_madsj: wget the package from here and then use dpkg -i11:22
madsjk1l_: could you please post a link?11:23
k1l_madsj: ah forgot the linkt :) http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/libstdc++611:23
k1l_PPAs even labeled as testing. this is the expected result. you need to fixstuff afterwards11:23
madsjlast time I do dist-upgrade; I had an issue once before a couple of years ago11:24
ikoniaI have no idea why people would pull this unless they really understand what they are doing11:24
ikoniamadsj: why is that testing PPA enabled on your system11:24
ACooooWait, what is so wrong with dist-upgrade? My friend always told me to use dist-upgrade instead of simple upgrade.11:27
ACooooI mean, I never had any problems with it11:27
k1l_ACoooo: there is nothing wrong. you need that to get the kernel updates etc.11:28
ducasseACoooo: the problem here isn't dist-upgrade, it's a ppa specifically marked as testing11:28
k1l_ACoooo: the issue here is that the user has a ton of bad PPAs on his system and so he gets some faulty packages as updates.11:28
ACooooah yes, you are right about kernel updates11:28
dngonbMaybe a complete reinstall is in place?11:29
dngonbIs it possible to get automatic windows resize to a quarter of the desktop area by dragging a window to the corner in Ubuntu?11:31
k1l_dngonb: which desktop is in use?11:32
ACooooIm using lubuntu and I can tell you that it is possible just a little bit of hassle to make :D11:32
k1l_dngonb: because that should be standard on unity11:32
dngonbkll_: I use Xenial.11:32
k1l_dngonb: which desktop? unity, gnome-shell, kde, xfce, mate,...11:33
dngonbAh I run it in Virtualbox on Windows.11:33
dngonbI think it's unity?11:33
ACoooook but what "version"11:33
ACooooubuntu, lubuntu, kubuntu?11:33
dngonbUbuntu 16.04.11:34
k1l_dngonb: look into "unity-tweak-tool"11:34
=== Dream is now known as Guest43704
ACooooI believe that by default you can only resize windows when moving left and right, not sure about corners11:34
=== fedora is now known as Conna
dngonbkll_: where can i find it?11:35
k1l_dngonb: maybe you need to isntall it first. look into the software center11:35
Guest43704hello everyone, i want to inquire my matplotlib version.what command should i use in my terminal11:36
dngonbkll_: It's installed now. Where can I find the version?11:36
ACoooodngonb, you might need to google this one :D11:36
ACoooolet me check real quick11:37
k1l_dngonb: press the windows-button (called "super button") then type unity-tweak-tool and then start the program11:37
dngonband then :)11:38
k1l_then look for the setting. i dont know what that is named in your language :)11:39
dngonbThere is something called Hotcorners11:39
tshirtmanso, adding "export XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME" in my .profile nearly solved my problem (nearl empty unity-control-center in i3), almost everything is there, but when i select displays in it, i get "couldn't get screen information"11:39
k1l_i geuss 2nd row, 4th setting11:39
dngonbkll_: Window snapping?11:39
ACoooothat looks right11:40
k1l_yes, something like that11:40
ACooootry it, click everywhere :D11:40
dngonbkll_: thanks i will try it out. :)11:40
dngonbDo I need to logout and log in again?11:41
dngonbFor changes to happen.11:42
k1l_dont know, doesnt it work right after setting it? then maybe you need to logout11:42
dngonbNo it doesn't work. I will try logout.11:43
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madsjikonia: no idea, it was just default when upgrading11:46
madsjanyway, I'm now able to run apt-get :d11:46
BluesKajHi all11:47
=== christian_ is now known as dngonb
dngonbHi again it works now, but I had to install compizconfig-settings-manager. It doesn't work with Unity Tweak Tool.11:51
timiniHey I'm trying to boot my ubuntu machine and just getting to the initramfs prompt,11:52
timinican anyone recommend how I can diagnnose what the actual problem is?11:52
dngonbtimini: can you run dmesg?11:53
=== fael is now known as rafael
timinidngonb: Ive booted to live cd11:56
timiniI can restart and try to rundmesg from the initramfs prompt11:56
timiniWhat should I look for?11:56
dngonbtimini: I don't know. Maybe this can guide you http://www.linuxnix.com/what-is-linuxunix-dmesg-command-and-how-to-use-it/12:02
dngonbtimini: here is another guide http://www.howtogeek.com/196740/how-to-fix-an-ubuntu-system-when-it-wont-boot/12:04
madsjikonia: and now I'm at least to run X11 :D12:06
ikoniapretty sure that repo is nothing to do with upgrading12:11
jamie_1hey, right now im getting an interesting issue, sometimes when my computer goes to sleep when I close the lid the touchpad stops working but the dot mouse still works. If i restart my computer it starts working again. does anyone know what might be causing things and how to restart the daemon that handles the mouse?12:12
guzzlefryAny idea as to why my bluetooth mouse won't work in Xubuntu? It's a Logitech MX Master. The blueman GUI says it paired, but it lists as an unknown type of device.12:14
dngonbjamie_1: maybe this helps http://tuxtrix.com/2010/06/restarting-your-touchpadmouse-in-ubuntu-in-simple-steps.html12:15
jamie_1dngonb: ill take a look real fast thanks12:16
l9why dosent  my home folder mount without ecryptfs-mount-private12:16
=== beaver_ is now known as beaver
madsjikonia: I have no idea, it probably got there by some experiment. However, other people have had the same issue. I'm happy since I seem to have Ubuntu 16.04 running (with some stuff to resolve, though, but it's at least booting properly)12:19
ikoniamadsj: I assume you've removed and disabled that repo12:20
madsjk1l_: thank you for helping12:20
madsjikonia: yes12:20
jamie_1dngonb: no now my dot mouse isnt even working12:20
dngonbjamie_1: sorry about that :(12:21
obr7Hi. Will my "16.04 apt" work behind my "14.04 apt-cacher-ng"?12:21
dngonbjamie_1: maybe you need to reboot to get it working?12:21
jamie_1dngonb: i know it will work if i do... but im tired of having to do that12:22
jamie_1i do it all the time, its getting annoying and slowing me down working on my builds12:23
dngonbjamie_1: yeah i understand.12:23
telanusis there a way to skip the "save screenshot" dialogue?12:25
dngonbjamie_1: maybe this will not mess with your drivers when you close the lid http://askubuntu.com/questions/15520/how-can-i-tell-ubuntu-to-do-nothing-when-i-close-my-laptop-lid12:25
l9why do i need too run that every time i open a xterm12:26
dngonbjamie_2: maybe this will not mess with your drivers when you close the lid http://askubuntu.com/questions/15520/how-can-i-tell-ubuntu-to-do-nothing-when-i-close-my-laptop-lid12:26
=== jamie_2 is now known as jamie_1
jamie_1dngonb: i need it to go to sleep so it doesnt ill my batter, and honestly its just a nuisance not like a major issue. just would be nice to have my mouse work when i open the lid... and it only takes like 10 seconds to boot anyways12:29
ducassel9: pam should handle that on login. maybe you haven't activated the pam module to handle ecryptfs?12:30
dngonbdngonb: ok i don't run ubuntu natively myself so I haven't seen this problem before. maybe your computer vendor has some suggetions?12:30
dngonbjamie_1: ok i don't run ubuntu natively myself so I haven't seen this problem before. maybe your computer vendor has some suggetions?12:31
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mchasardi just update to 16.04 but it boot under the bad partition .. grub error ..12:33
mchasardif i change partition i can see the grub menu and bootto ubuntu12:33
mchasardhow can i launch without change partition12:34
e73kieli cannot use mcedit on my debian 3.1 servers when i connect from Ubuntu 16.0412:34
k1le73kiel: does it work from other OS when you connect?12:35
e73kiellet me try12:35
k1le73kiel: because that sounds more like a server issue. not a client issue12:36
jamie_1dngonb: its a lenovo thinkpad... all of moz uses them on linux and primarily ubuntu... so im pretty sure its not a hardware communication issue12:36
HoloIRCUser3When I boot Ubuntu from USB to mypc kernel panic not syncing errors12:36
HoloIRCUser3How to slove help me12:37
mchasardotherwise how to get videos working on midori and epiphany12:38
mchasardwith firefox its ok12:38
k1le73kiel: what is the error then?12:41
mchasardso is there somebodies who could help me please ?12:42
=== dell is now known as e73kile
Harishello all12:43
Hariswhat's the mod ssl pkg for apache2 on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS ?12:43
HarisI found 'libapache2-mod-gnutls' with aptitude search apache|egrep -i ssl. but it doesn't seem the real one, since the pkg description shows it doesn't use openssl12:44
Hariswhat's the mod ssl pkg for apache2 on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS ?12:44
ctjctjHaris, patence.12:45
Harismy bad12:45
=== dad is now known as Guest47784
k1l_Haris: sudo a2enmod ssl12:48
ctjctjHaris, I'm looking it up for you.12:48
PiciHaris: I don't beleive there is a separate package for it.12:49
Harisah ok12:49
PiciHaris: just do a a2enmod ssl12:49
ctjctjPici, Haris verified "apache2-bin"12:49
ctjctjDid you restart apache2 after enabling the mod?12:53
Captain_ProtonIs there a way to enable double on the location in nautilus/files so i can edit the path12:57
bitnapDo you need a powerful computer to use ubuntu?13:00
Captain_Protonno, what do you have?13:00
ctjctjbitnap, there are hardware requirements but in general any linux is much less of a resource hog than Windows.13:01
bitnapWhat about cinnamon?13:01
ctjctjNo idea what cinnamon is.  But, if your machine is very low powered you can use one of the light weight distributions based on Ubuntu.  bodhi is the one I just tried and looks like it would work for older hardware.  There is also lubuntu13:02
Captain_Protonbitnap, do you know what OS your computer you has windows XP, vista ..?13:03
bitnapWin 1013:03
Andrzejbitnap: if ofcourse depends on what PC do you want to put it one but in most cases you will be fine with any desktop environment13:03
ctjctjIf it boots Windows 10 Ubuntu will fly13:03
Captain_Protonbitnap, so it newer?13:03
bitnapI have 8gb ram13:03
Andrzejctjctj: cinnamon in desktop environment like unity, gnome, kde13:03
ctjctjAndrzej, thanks.13:04
Captain_Protonbitnap: you can run anything you want13:04
Andrzejbitnap: you will be fine with ANYTHING, just choose whatever you like13:04
ctjctjbitnap, I was worried that you had a machine that came with windows 95 on it....13:05
Andrzejbitnap: I recommend starting with vanilla Ubuntu (it have Unity desktop environment) and if you will get familiar with it then try different flavours of ubuntu like Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu etc.13:06
Andrzejyou can run all of them from pendrive, don't have to install on your hard drive13:06
bitnapI only have a 500gb ssd13:06
ctjctjbitnap, that's plenty big enough.13:07
Andrzejbitnap: 500GB SSD thats a lot!13:07
Andrzejyou would be fine on 60GB13:07
bitnapWould 60gb be enough if you use vmware workstation?13:07
AndrzejI've put once fully working system on 8GB internal SSD + 8GB SD card at it was running fine with plenty of space for user files13:08
Andrzejbitnap: yes, it's safe to say that installation wshould not take more than 8GB, for safety 20GB is reasonable minimum if you want to install some apps and copy some files13:09
ctjctjbitnap, when I do a test install of a linux on a VM I normally only give it 15Gb.    But I'm a specail case.13:09
bitnapShould I install my home partition on my root partition?13:10
bitnapI herd it was easier to manage13:10
Andrzejbitnap: if you are installing in VM just go with default paritioning13:10
Andrzejbitnap: I am doing default even on proper installs13:11
cuckholderis there a way to mute people that are joining the chat13:11
bitnape /ignore13:11
Pici!quietirc | cuckholder13:12
ubottucuckholder: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages13:12
Andrzejbitnap: people that are putting / and /home on different partitions they means different drives, if you have one drive it doesnt make any sense to partition you hd for that13:12
LMGNhelp. I'm trying to mount my network shares13:13
ctjctjbitnap, back in the days when you ran unix on a 10mb  drive root was a separate partition to protect it from users.  And since there were lots of users per machine it was easy to run out of disk space.  Today disks are so cheap and so plentiful that isn't as much of an issue.  In addition, you are normally the only person on the system so if the root partition runs out of space you know who did it.13:14
LMGNI get mount error(22): Invalid argument Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs) and CIFS VFS: Malformed UNC in devname.13:14
Andrzejhaving /home on different partition helps only if that partition is on different drive or you are distro hopping and want to move your settings and files quickly to new system13:14
LMGNmy fstab // /media/mainpc cifs credentials=/home/lmgn/.pccredentials,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 013:15
LMGNWhy arn't my network shares mounting? http://paste.ubuntu.com/21756416/13:18
EriC^^LMGN: shouldn't you give it something other than // ?13:18
EriC^^like // ?13:18
Captain_Protone /ignore13:19
Piciyes, without the :13:19
Haristhank you all13:19
LMGNThe problem is, I share /c and /d on there, and i'd like to mount them in the same folder13:19
bitnapthat's a private ip13:19
LMGNlike two sub folders13:19
LMGNi know13:19
LMGNit's on my network13:19
PiciLMGN: You'd need to mount them separately13:19
LMGNoh k.13:20
PiciLMGN: create your own c and d subfolders in there and mount them into them... its a bit annoying but its the way it works.13:20
LMGNi see13:20
LMGNokay i'll go do that forboth network shares13:20
adroit_machinehow do I open .iso and .nrg file under ubuntu13:20
EriC^^adroit_machine: double click on it13:21
LMGNwait what13:21
LMGNit says mount: only root can mount // on /media/mainpc13:21
EriC^^LMGN: yeah you need sudo13:22
bitnapsudo su13:22
LMGNi'll hop on my main pc and usessh13:22
adroit_machinedouble click doesn't open it, EriC^^13:22
bitnapwith leave root on13:22
LMGNbecause this keyboard is horrible13:22
EriC^^LMGN: you can add "users" to the options in fstab so anyone can mount if you want that13:22
EriC^^adroit_machine: try right click archive mounter13:22
bitnapYou can use this ruby script to make users http://pastebin.com/u4eR9j0x13:23
bitnapmade it myself13:23
adroit_machineEriC^^: kde doesn't have archive mounter13:23
EriC^^try installing it13:24
Andrzejbitnap: why you need script for that?13:25
Andrzejits sudo adduser newusername13:26
Andrzejits done automatically!13:26
bitnapIt makes users13:26
bitnapwithout having to enter in a bunch of add users13:27
bitnapin the cli13:27
Andrzejbitnap: yes, but adduser command is making user as well13:27
Andrzejbitnap: but your script logs passwords in clear text!13:27
bitnapstill working on it13:27
adroit_machineEriC^^: what is the name of archive monter package13:27
Andrzejthats wildly unsecure13:27
Captain_ProtonIs there a way to enable double on the location in nautilus/files so i can edit the path13:29
ikoniaenable double ?13:29
skinuxWhere is the setting to make Unity panel horizontal?13:30
Captain_Protonyou use to able to double click home and it turn to unc path 16.04 does not do that atless I can tel13:30
Andrzejskinux:  http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/03/ubuntu-16-04-move-unity-launcher-to-bottom/13:31
adroit_machinehow do i open .iso and .nrg files under ubuntu kde13:32
Andrzejadroit_machine: what do you want to do with them?13:32
adroit_machineAndrzej: I have some old photographs in an .iso file13:32
Andrzejadroit_machine: sudo mount -o loop path/to/iso/file/YOUR_ISO_FILE.ISO /media/iso assumint you have /media/iso created13:33
Captain_Protonikonia: You can goto "Go > edit location" that just annoyin13:34
adroit_machineAndrzej: is there any GUI application to do the same13:34
mcphailCaptain_Proton: just press ctrl-L13:34
Andrzejadroit_machine: yes, Furious ISO Mount sudo apt-get install furiusisomount13:35
Captain_Protonmcphail: Thanks, better then nothing :P13:35
adroit_machinethanks, Andrzej13:35
kamild1996Hello, I want to install Ubuntu alongside Windows on my laptop, using my USB drive. However, when I choose the automated option to do that (Install Xubuntu alongside Windows), Ubuntu installer wants to install it on my USB drive instead of my actual hard drive. How can I tell it to use my HDD instead?13:37
Andrzejkamild1996: unless there is some kind of dropdown where you can select the drive I think you will have to go with manual partitioning13:40
tonythi all. is upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 doable yet?13:40
=== gaya is now known as Guest77520
rajivmarsI have just installed virtualbox 5.0.24 by using the command "sudo apt install virtualbox". Everything works fine, but it is not showing the options to install 64-bit guest operating systems? How do i fix this?13:40
Andrzejkamild1996: maybe your hard drive is not visible, that could be UEFI issue13:40
kamild1996It's not using UEFI, also the drive is visible in the manual partitioning menu13:40
kamild1996Can you lead me through that, Andrzej? I tried going through manual partitioning but it caused my PC to not boot anymore, with the "error: no such partition" message (boot-repair didn't help)13:41
Andrzejkamild1996: so now you don't have partitions ?13:41
Andrzejkamild1996: is it booting to windows?13:41
kamild1996It wasn't, but using bootfix via Windows ISO made it to work. I have a bunch of partitions now, let me say all of them to you13:42
EriC^^kamild1996: sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999913:43
kamild1996Was about to write them all one by one lol, thx EriC13:43
EriC^^kamild1996: no problem :D13:43
SuperMechaCowkamild1996, your partitions look good to me13:45
EriC^^kamild1996: linux looks installed already13:45
kamild1996Because I created them manually. But the problem is I'm not sure how to make GRUB work correctly now.13:45
skinuxI can't connect to MySQL after upgrade to Xenial13:45
kamild1996Right now, it's not installed and only Windows boots up.13:45
SuperMechaCowkamild1996, what you want to do is go to "something else" in the install linux manually then13:46
tonytis it possible to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 yet?13:46
hackeronHi there, I'm seeing this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5o71yczfv5zee2y/viber%20image-1.jpg?dl=0 - despite setting FSCKFIX=yes in /etc/default/rcS on Ubuntu 16.04 - any ideas?13:46
kamild1996I'm here right now, SuperMechaCow.13:46
SuperMechaCowmake sure your "SDA" or whatever your HDD is is slected in the dropdown13:46
kamild1996Just "SDA", and not a specific partition?13:46
EriC^^kamild1996: that's pretty noraml13:46
EriC^^*normal, which model.. nevermind13:47
EriC^^just remembered you're not using uefi13:47
SuperMechaCowkamild1996, the grub goes on the boot sector of the HDD, and not on a partition13:47
kamild1996I see, so after selecting /dev/sda I should proceed and "Install Now"?13:47
EriC^^kamild1996: try to reinstall grub from a liveusb13:47
SuperMechaCowkamild1996, yes. grub will find windows13:47
Andrzejkamild1996: ok, so please mind that I may be wrong, and wait maybe someone will give you better solution but I would nuke partition 3 and 5 under windows, create FAT32 partition where they was and point ubuntu installer to that new partition as destination, ubuntu should understand what you mean and automatically format FAT32 to ext4 and partition in to its needs13:48
skinuxAnyone had problems connecting to MySQL after Xenial upgrade?13:48
kamild1996I tried reinstalling GRUB via boot-repair, it didn't help sadly EriC13:48
EriC^^kamild1996: try to manually do it to see any errors and whatnot13:48
EriC^^kamild1996: type sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt13:49
Andrzejskinux: yes, there was error in update of mysql mysqld was not starting, just restart it and should be fine13:49
kamild1996Should I start Ubuntu Live or just use the terminal via Ctrl+Shift+T?13:49
EriC^^kamild1996: if you're in the live session use the terminal13:49
skinuxFailed to start mysqld.service: Unit mysqld.service not found.13:49
SuperMechaCowkamild1996, either will work if you are in a live usb now. but i recommend just installing the system normally for now13:50
EriC^^kamild1996: or ctrl+alt+f1 to get a terminal and login as "ubuntu"13:50
Andrzejskinux: there is your problem, you don't have mysql?13:50
skinuxI did before the upgrade13:50
Andrzejdo you have now? mysql -v13:50
kamild1996This is exactly how I tried installing it previously, Cow, and it didn't work so I'd like to try EriC's method first13:50
Andrzejmysql --version13:50
skinuxShould I install mysql-server or maria?13:51
SuperMechaCowkamild1996, Ok :)13:51
skinuxCrap, that means all my databases are gone13:51
skinuxI forgot to back those up13:51
kamild1996Mounted it, EriC. What now?13:51
Andrzejskinux: depends for what? server or dev box?13:51
skinuxI use SQL for testing websites13:52
EriC^^kamild1996: type the following13:52
EriC^^kamild1996: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done13:52
rajivmarsanybody please help?13:52
skinuxAhh...looks like it's upgrading all my databases :D13:52
Andrzejskinux: that may take time13:53
EriC^^kamild1996: sudo chroot /mnt13:53
kamild1996Switched to root@xubuntu13:53
skinuxI don't mind if it takes a bit.13:53
EriC^^kamild1996: try grub-install --recheck /dev/sda13:53
SuperMechaCowrajivmars, Just a shot in the dark, but are you sure you have all of the virtualiztion options enabled on your motherboard?13:53
kamild1996EriC^^, Installation finished. No error reported.13:54
kamild1996Should I try and reboot now?13:54
EriC^^kamild1996: no, try update-grub13:54
sipiorrajivmars: do you satisfy the requirements listed in https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch03.html#intro-64bitguests ?13:55
kamild1996EriC^^, "done" but there's on error message. "grub-probe: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdb4. Check your device.map"13:55
kamild1996SDB seems to be my USB drive though13:55
skinuxThere we go13:56
rajivmarsSuperMechaCow: I my knowledge, i have checked everything. I am using a 64-bit guest (ubuntu 16.04). is there any command to check weather my computer supports virtualization or not?13:56
skinuxThanks again13:56
rajivmarsSuperMechaCow: In my knowledge, i have checked everything. I am using a 64-bit guest (ubuntu 16.04). is there any command to check weather my computer supports virtualization or not?13:56
EriC^^kamild1996: hmm, try "exit" then reboot13:56
Captain_Protonwhat the executable name for the file browser13:56
SuperMechaCowrajivmars, there are but I'm not sure what they are. The best way to know is your motherboard spec sheet. sipior also provided materials to double check13:57
EriC^^kamild1996: that's kind of odd, sdb only has sdb1 and sdb2, wonder why it thinks it has sdb413:57
kamild1996EriC^^, back to this error again. "error: no such partition". I'm in grub rescue mode now13:57
ducasserajivmars: install cpu-checker and run kvm-ok.13:57
EriC^^kamild1996: ok but now you get grub right?13:57
EriC^^earlier it just booted into windows?13:57
kamild1996EriC^^, yes13:58
kamild1996Seems to be GRUB, just not working properly as I see13:58
EriC^^kamild1996: ok, type "ls"13:58
sipiorrajivmars: just run "lscpu", and see what it says.13:58
kantlivelonganyone ever seen an issue when resuming from suspend where it doesnt work around 20% of the time? if i kill power and reboot it resumes from the hibernation image13:58
kamild1996EriC^^, (hd0) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) (fd0)13:58
EriC^^kamild1996: try "ls -l" too, let me know if it works13:58
kamild1996ls -l says "no such partition"13:59
EriC^^kamild1996: ok, type echo $root13:59
EriC^^and echo $prefix13:59
kamild1996EriC^^, Unknown command 'echo'13:59
EriC^^this is grub rescue> ? not grub> ?13:59
LMGN_i'm back13:59
rajivmarsSuperMechaCow: i have checked every bit of my motherboard spec, i didn't find any thing named virtualization. that's why am asking you for a command to check weather my computer supports virtualization or not?14:00
kamild1996It's "grub rescue>"14:00
EriC^^kamild1996: ok, try ls (hd0,msdos3)/14:00
LMGN_time to ssh14:00
kamild1996EriC^^, error: unknown filesystem.14:00
SuperMechaCowrajivmars, do you run intel or AMD?14:01
EriC^^try ls (hd0,msdos2)/14:01
rajivmarsSuperMechaCow:  intel.14:01
EriC^^kamild1996: ls (hd0,msdos1)/ ?14:01
kamild1996Also unknown filesystem... wth14:02
EriC^^it should be able to read the ext414:02
SuperMechaCowrajivmars,  you want to look for keywords intel IOMMU and VT-d. i will try to fidn you the command14:02
ducasserajivmars: for intel it's usually labeled VT in the bios14:02
LMGN_So I guess I mount as different shareS? http://sx.thelmgn.com/2016/08/putty%20%283%29_2016-08-01_15-02-09.png14:02
EriC^^kamild1996: try "insmod normal"14:02
EriC^^or "insmod ext2"14:02
kamild1996EriC^^, normal failed (no such partition), ext2 didn't give an error14:03
EriC^^kamild1996: try ls (hd0,msdos3)/14:03
kamild1996EriC^^, unknown filesystem14:03
EriC^^kamild1996: ok, try booting the live usb again14:03
SuperMechaCowrajivmars, you are using virtualbox or vmware?14:03
EriC^^we can try installing the actual grub package incase it's missing stuff14:04
kamild1996Alright, I'll let you know once I boot up :)14:04
kamild1996Actually, let me try something first...14:04
=== candu is now known as pas45
kamild1996What's going on with those messages??14:04
tonytwhat messages?14:05
rajivmarsSuperMechaCow: i have not seen anything like these.14:05
kamild1996I was flooded with "Connection reset by peer" here in IRC14:05
rajivmarsducasse: No VT is there.14:05
tonytnetsplit is what thats called kamild199614:05
=== LMGN_ is now known as LMGN
tonyta server got disconnected from freenode14:05
DArqueBishopkamild1996: it means a server must have had an issue and dumped everyone who was connected to it.14:05
k1l_!netsplit | kamild199614:05
ubottukamild1996: A netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit14:05
rajivmarsSuperMechaCow: virtualbox.14:06
ducasserajivmars: specifically which cpu model do you have?14:06
kamild1996That's good to know, thanks14:06
rajivmarsducasse: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  E2140  @ 1.60GHz14:06
LMGNSo should this work? http://sx.thelmgn.com/2016/08/putty%20%283%29_2016-08-01_15-07-08.png14:07
SuperMechaCowrajivmars, your CPU does not support vt-d14:07
ducasserajivmars: that does not support hardware virtualization at all. see http://ark.intel.com/products/29738/Intel-Pentium-Processor-E2140-1M-Cache-1_60-GHz-800-MHz-FSB14:07
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
rajivmarsSuperMechaCow: yeah. i think you are wright. thank you for helping.14:08
SuperMechaCowrajivmars, you are welcome!14:08
rajivmarsducasse: thanks for confirm:)14:09
kamild1996EriC^^, I'm on Ubuntu Live. What now?14:09
LMGNI'm guessing this should work? Just repeat it? http://sx.thelmgn.com/2016/08/putty%20%283%29_2016-08-01_15-07-08.png14:09
ducasserajivmars: you can still use qemu to get software virtualization, but it will be _slow_.14:10
rajivmarsducasse: yeah. but it is better to use 32-bit that to go for a slow process.14:11
rajivmarsducasse: yeah. but it is better to use 32-bit than to go for a slow process.14:12
ctjctjrajivmars, if you are going to qemu think about using libvirt over the top to make it easier to play with.  virt-manager is a good GUI.14:12
LMGNHey guys, will this work for mounting my drive? http://sx.thelmgn.com/2016/08/putty%20%283%29_2016-08-01_15-07-08.png14:13
rajivmarsctjctj: ok. thanks for your advice.14:13
atralheaven_Hi, I have a 900GB NTFS partition containing all of my files (musics, pics, etc.) I want to define that partition as /data in ubuntu, WITHOUT formatting it, and also be able to access it from windows. how can I do it?14:15
ctjctjmount /dev/DEVICE /data14:15
ctjctjof course automating that requires a quick update to your /etc/fstab to handle it.14:15
atralheaven_ctjctj: I meant the automation, can it be done with gparted?14:16
ducasseatralheaven_: gnome-disks can, i think14:16
ctjctjatralheaven_, Your drive is already partitioned.  No need for gparted.  It is already formated so no need for formating it.14:16
akikLMGN: you have a space between Shared and Music. that probably won't work14:17
atralheaven_ctjctj: sure, just need to be set as /data, not once, forever14:17
ctjctjatralheaven_, so you  will add a line in your fstab like: /dev/sdXn /data ntfs defaults 0 014:17
ducasserajivmars: i don't think you understand, _any_ virtualization you can get is software virt. you're not getting hw virt for 32-bit guests either, they will also be slow compared to hw virt.14:18
ctjctjthen mkdir /data14:18
ctjctjatralheaven_, on boot it should then mount.  I'm just unsure of the filesystem type "ntfs" is what I think it is.14:18
atralheaven_by default, ubuntu uses media or mnt?14:18
kamild1996EriC^^, are you there?14:19
ctjctjatralheaven_, when ubuntu auto mounts it puts it in /media.  So plug in a thumb drive or a DVD and it will end up somewhere in /media14:19
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ctjctjthe /mnt is a unix default directory for temporary mounts of file systems.  So in older years before auto mount on insert drive a sysadmin would put a device on the system and then manually mount it on /mnt.14:20
atralheaven_ctjctj: so for my purpose, which one should I use?14:21
ctjctjYou should use /data, like you originally requested.  "sudo mkdir /data" once and then update fstab.  Then everytime you boot your NTFS file system will be located on /data14:21
atralheaven_sudo fstab or just fstab?14:21
atralheaven_ctjctj: on the root itself, I forgot!14:22
ctjctjatralheaven_, sorry,  you sudo mkdir /data then sudo EDITOR /etc/fstab and add a line.14:22
ctjctjHere is an example from my fstab doing something of a similar nature: UUID=afbe3ea3-76aa-487c-a0a6-41399969461f /local/databtrfsdefaults,degraded 0 214:22
Piciatralheaven_: its sudo $EDITOR   , don't forget the $14:23
EriC^^kamild1996: sorry, back14:23
ctjctjPici, I'm sorry, I was using the EDITOR as "replace this with your favorite editor" forgot we have variables to do that.14:23
EriC^^kamild1996: type sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt14:23
Picictjctj: oh, right ;)14:23
kamild1996EriC^^, done14:23
ctjctjdidn't want to say "sudo emacs -nw /etc/fstab"14:23
ctjctjPici and for a unknown I think it is $VISUAL14:24
ctjctjunknown experience level user that is.14:24
EriC^^kamild1996: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done14:24
kamild1996EriC^^, done14:25
EriC^^kamild1996: sudo chroot /mnt14:25
EriC^^kamild1996: dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 999914:26
kamild1996EriC^^, http://termbin.com/b6a914:27
EriC^^kamild1996: apt-get install --reinstall grub-pc grub-common grub2-common grub-pc-bin14:28
ctjctjPici, can you verify that output of echo $EDITOR $VISUAL for me?  Thanks. My shell reports nothing for either variable.14:29
Picictjctj: mine gives me /usr/bin/vim... but I'm using a heavily modified terminal here.14:29
ioriactjctj, i don't think is set by default (printenv)14:30
kamild1996EriC^^, done14:30
kamild1996Also it seems to have found two Linux images for some reason14:30
ctjctjioria, do we have any idea when that changed?  I know it use to but that could have been 8.04 for all my memory helps me.14:30
LMGNhttp://sx.thelmgn.com/2016/08/putty%20%283%29_2016-08-01_15-07-08.png WILL IT WORK?14:30
EriC^^kamild1996: did it say "found ..." ?14:30
ioriactjctj, yeah14:31
EriC^^kamild1996: ok, try exit then reboot14:31
EriC^^kamild1996: did you reboot already?14:31
kamild1996Yes EriC^^ and it's back to grub rescue14:31
dancingd3monEriC^^, is the man :D14:31
k_dog345hey guys.... hoping I can get some help with my sound issues. I've asked before, but all help has led to a dead end in the past. The issue is no sound can be heard on my system. Prior to this I had moved my harddrives onto a different computer. Everything else is working, except for sound. I've already tried booting from live CD, resulted in no sound being played back. I can give more info as needed. Thanks14:32
atralheaven_other partitions have longer UUIDs, is that normal?14:32
EriC^^kamild1996: ok, try echo $prefix again14:32
kamild1996Unknown command, EriC.14:32
EriC^^kamild1996: ok, when you boot the live usb, do you get a menu of some sort?14:33
EriC^^dancingd3mon you want to take over? :D14:33
dancingd3monno no omg lol14:33
dancingd3monyou helped me before man14:33
ishanHey guys, any great developer softwares14:33
kamild1996EriC^^, I'm using Easy2Boot to boot the image if that's what you mean14:33
kamild1996I've been using the same drive on several PCs/laptops, and this Dell is the first one to be causing issues like this :/14:34
dancingd3monI had to format my system but I appreciate your help anyway :D14:34
LMGNHELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? WILL THIS WORK? http://sx.thelmgn.com/2016/08/putty%20%283%29_2016-08-01_15-07-08.png14:35
PiciLMGN: try it?14:35
LMGNPici: I thought I had to replace spaces with something but I don't know14:35
elijahHi, I turned on my Thinkpad W510 yesterday and got a "Cannot boot from any device... no valid operating system found". I have an Intel SSD as the OS drive. I ran the program boot-repair and here is the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/21677622/14:36
PiciLMGN: also, no. you need escape the space is Shared Music.  Also is Shared Music an actual share, or a folder within the share public?14:36
LMGNit's a folder14:36
k1l_LMGN: escape spaces with \ in front14:36
PiciLMGN: Well, you can't mount folders, you can only mount shares.14:36
LMGNback to sudo nano14:36
atralheaven_Pici: is it normal that my partition UUID is much shorter than others that I see in /etc/fstab?14:37
Piciatralheaven_: I don't know, sorry.14:37
elijahAlso, I tried to dd the drive to another larger drive so I could test repair on that but keep getting an error that it is out of space. source/problem drive is 120GB SSD, target clone drive is 1TB Seagate Hybrid SSD14:37
LMGNPici: this? http://sx.thelmgn.com/2016/08/putty%20%283%29_2016-08-01_15-37-30.png14:37
fritchiecan I determine what app is causing core dumps when I see messages like:14:37
fritchieCore dump to |/usr/share/apport/apport 23660 6 0 pipe failed14:37
akikatralheaven_: what command did you use to get the partition uuid?14:37
EriC^^kamild1996: try ahci in the bios14:38
EriC^^or settings related to it14:38
atralheaven_Pici: it seems it is, I found here: http://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/589x375xUUIDs.png.pagespeed.gp+jp+jw+pj+js+rj+rp+rw+ri+cp+md.ic.k2Z_icOp4j.png14:38
PiciLMGN: yes.14:38
ctjctjatralheaven_, UUIDs can be different sizes.14:38
atralheaven_akik: blkid14:38
kamild1996EriC^^, AHCI seems to be enabled already14:38
akikatralheaven_: it's ok14:39
ctjctjatralheaven_, what is the device you are using for blkid?14:39
EriC^^kamild1996: try disabling it14:39
atralheaven_ctjctj: what do you mean? I just enter sudo blkid in terminal14:39
kamild1996EriC^^, will it affect my Windows installation? And should I choose "Disabled" or "ATA"?14:39
EriC^^try disabled for a sec14:39
kamild1996EriC^^, No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot...14:41
ctjctjatralheaven_, *nods*  Ok.  Not the way I normally do it but that will work.  I am looking to see if you got the UUID from something like /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda2  I.e. did you get the UUID of the partition or of the device.14:41
EriC^^try ATA14:41
ginitosjte paso el rar con el conf/security14:41
EriC^^!pt | ginitosj14:42
ubottuginitosj: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:42
kamild1996EriC^^, ...GRUB menu appeared14:42
EriC^^kamild1996: nice14:42
kamild1996Let's see if Windows boots up tho14:42
atralheaven_ctjctj: sure the device, which was sda4, now im reading about options, like auto etc14:42
tewardrunning `do-release-update -s` will only 'test' the upgrade - it won't actually upgrade my system right?14:43
LMGNPici: so this should in theory work? http://sx.thelmgn.com/2016/08/putty%20%283%29_2016-08-01_15-41-43.png14:43
ctjctjatralheaven_, thanks for reading up.14:43
atralheaven_ctjctj: I found this: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/38125/htg-explains-what-is-the-linux-fstab-and-how-does-it-work/14:43
kamild1996EriC^^, sadly Windows doesn't want to start anymore :/14:43
atralheaven_ctjctj: nice article on that14:43
k1l_teward: iirc the s is for "simulate". but  the manpage should tell :)14:43
EriC^^kamild1996: is it a fresh windows install?14:43
kamild1996EriC^^, it's quite an aged install with a lot of data.14:44
EriC^^installing it with ATA enabled might get it to boot14:45
PiciLMGN: that looks good to me14:45
atralheaven_ctjctj: I just didn't understand "sync/async" option14:45
EriC^^maybe there's something that can let ubuntu work though with ahci enabled14:45
kamild1996EriC^^, Ubuntu does boot, but I'd like to get Windows working without having to reinstall it. Is there a way?14:45
ctjctjUse the defaults when at all possible.14:45
LMGNCan I lock a folder to the sidebar thing?14:46
EriC^^kamild1996: possible solution http://askubuntu.com/questions/136831/cant-boot-into-fresh-install-of-ubuntu-with-ahci-enabled14:47
ginitosjYa o termino mocosoft... salesss14:47
atralheaven_ctjctj: "UUID="F648AF0C48AECAA7" /data   ntfs-3g auto,user,exec,rw  0 0" final line. I used space for dump, to be empty, is that the right way to do that?14:48
LMGNginitosj: [15:42] <ubottu> ginitosj: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:48
kamild1996EriC^^, I'll try it out and let you know if something happens. For now, thank you for all your assistance :)14:48
GMAzraelany guides or lessons learned from migrating corporate Windows Users to Ubuntu Dekstop?14:49
EriC^^kamild1996: this might work too https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2051302&page=2&p=12213372#post1221337214:49
EriC^^kamild1996: ok, no problem :)14:50
ctjctjatralheaven_, this is Unix/Linux.  That means for every single thing we want to do there is at least 3 ways of doing it and none is "correct".  If what you have works then use it.  I would start with "defaults" as my options.  Test, if it works I would not mess with it.14:50
ctjctjwhen you use "defaults" for just about anything you are putting your trust in the 100s of hours that went into arguing what is the best set of options for that program.  Later, if you find a NEED to change an option, do so, but do one change at a time, test that change, verify it works, then move on.14:51
erolserm..im having trouble setting up ssh for no-ip14:52
ctjctjMy story is of setting up a mailing list handler, I think it was called "mailman" for my ISP.  I had a few dozen users with about twice that many lists.  All of it working nicely.  I set up another for a new user (my ex wife actually) and for the next 2 weeks she was on the phone every day with technical support.  The issue?  She change about 75% of all settings in the program and some combination of those had caused issues.14:53
ctjctjSo start with defaults, make sure it works, THEN move on.14:53
khizarmy ubuntu 16.04 brightness control function not work how to fix it???14:53
ioriactjctj, /usr/bin/editor -> /etc/alternatives/editor   seems the variable has been replaced by a link, if you type 'editor file' it should open nano, but when it happened idk14:54
ctjctjioria, THANK YOU!  That makes so much more sense.14:55
ctjctjioria, and from what I've noticed the first run of "editor" causes it to ask you which to use.14:55
SuperMechaCow.... why does lubuntu make their CD images too big to put on a cd?14:56
ioriactjctj,  for gui, i think it's xdg involved (mimetypes and stuff like that)...   xdg-open text_file, opens with gedit14:56
ctjctjioria, one of the cute things that happened with a noob the other day is when she started using nano for the first time was that she didn't know that ^ meant "ctrl"14:56
ioriactjctj,  right14:57
tonytSuperMechaCow im guessing because the devs probly think not many use cd's no more14:57
ctjctjioria, I despise gui editors.  "typity, typity, Opps, lets move up a line, ctrl-p, ctlr-p" and I've got two print dialogs.14:57
ioriactjctj,  ^_^14:57
ctjctjOr worse "ctrl-n" for next line a few times and I have twenty new windows.14:58
khizar<khizar> my ubuntu 16.04 brightness control function not work how to fix it??? plzzz help me14:58
ctjctjSuperMechaCow, because most modern machines come with DVDs.  And if not use a thumb drive and boot from USB.  Or just pick up a USB DVD for $30.14:59
ctjctjSo much easier than having to swap CD's in the middle of an install.14:59
kamild1996Hey EriC^^, I'm trying out that wxHexEditor trick. It says to edit my MBR. How do I find/open it?14:59
SuperMechaCowctjctj, but this is going on legacy hardware, which is why I chose lubuntu alternatative14:59
ctjctjSuperMechaCow, on the other hand there are a few "micro" and "mini" distros based on ubuntu that fit neatly on a CDROM14:59
ctjctjSuperMechaCow, if lubuntu doesn't fit anymore, I'll suggest bodhi which is ubuntu based as well.15:00
ducasseSuperMechaCow: this decision was made recently, since so few people don't have either dvd or usb, and people can use the mini.iso if necessary anyway.15:00
ctjctjSuperMechaCow, and what ducasse says.  I didn't know about the mini.iso(s)15:00
SuperMechaCowlooking for the mini iso now15:01
=== Dream is now known as Guest52638
=== Guest52638 is now known as Kasdfa
ducasseSuperMechaCow: iirc, you need wired networking to use it, though.15:02
ctjctjSuperMechaCow, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD and yes, you will need internet to get the packages.15:02
SuperMechaCowducasse, if the mini iso has suitable drivers for this NIC then it will be no problem15:02
SuperMechaCowI found the mini for lubuntu. I'm gonna give that a shot15:02
ducasseSuperMechaCow: same kernel drivers as other images.15:02
Coolerto create a bootable pen drive15:03
Coolerdo i have to extract the archive that i downloaded?15:03
Cooleri am guessing it wouldn't be able to boot from a compressed archive15:04
ctjctjCooler, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu15:05
niki have a problem15:08
atralheaven_ctjctj: with a better formatting I understood there is nothing to be left blank. check that out: "http://hastebin.com/raw/kaxohorepi" clear and neat!15:08
ctjctjatralheaven_, that likely works.  Why are you not using "defaults" for /data?15:10
atralheaven_ctjctj: it does work now, I don't know what are defaults, so I used what I thought I need15:11
ctjctjatralheaven_, *laughs* I get it finally!  Look at the line that starts with "UUID=ca74... at the <options> column.15:14
ctjctjatralheaven_, the difference between "use the defaults" and use the keyword "defaults" for you options15:15
atralheaven_the "defaults" are defined somewhere, I don't know what are they for /data15:15
capum321hello, some friends help me yesterday discovering why my linux won't boot: i have added a entry in fstab: "UUID=133A62F042D4E436 /media/user/label    ntfs-3g        auto,user,rw 0 0" - without quotes - I commented, thus system went back which I am currently in. how could troubleshoot to allow it to mount on boot?15:16
ctjctjatralheaven_, this is a language issue, not a ubuntu/fstab issue.  There is a keyword "auto" for example.  In fstab you can use the keyword "defaults" in place of "auto,user,exec,rw" and it will use the defaults.  man mount.ntfs-3g will tell you more about the options available.15:17
reloafaamy videos are not working, only youtube works , i have flash installer installed??15:18
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ApteryxHi! Using an AMD R9 285, is Ubuntu 16.04 iso image supposed to boot?15:20
ApteryxMy dad's computer is equipped with such a card and it seems to loose video signal (monitor goes to sleep) right after grub15:21
atralheaven_ctjctj: sure, thanks :)15:21
ducassecapum321: the option 'user' is at least invalid15:21
ApteryxI guess my question could be rephrased as: Is R9 285 now properly supported in-kernel using Ubuntu 16.04 (modesetting) ?15:22
ducassecapum321: no, wait, sorry :)15:22
ctjctjatralheaven_, does that make more sense now?15:23
capum321is or not ?15:23
atralheaven_ctjctj: yes, I understand that15:23
ducassecapum321: no, it should work.15:24
ppfi'm using awesomewm. any suggestions on how to automatically lock the screen (preferably through xscreensaver) when the system enters standby?15:25
reloafaaducasse: i am unable to pay videos from most site except youtube. metacafe, is not working nothing is working?? i have flash installed tooo!!15:26
ducassecapum321: try 'sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o auto,user,rw UUID=133A62F042D4E436 /media/user/label' from a terminal15:26
ducasserolodata_: don't ask me, ask the channel.15:26
reloafaai am unable to pay videos from most site except youtube. metacafe, is not working nothing is working?? i have flash installed tooo!!15:27
ducassecapum321: you don't need auto or user on that line, actually15:28
ctjctjreloafaa, your question isn't clear enough to allow people to answer.  Are you attempting to view a video in your browser?  Where from?  Is it a movie you've downloaded as an AVI, mpg, mp4, mkv?15:28
ButchMonkeyHey, can anyone help with a svn DAV serve issue please?15:30
SchrodingersScat!ask | ButchMonkey15:30
ubottuButchMonkey: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:30
reloafaaxvideos.com, redtube.com ctjctj15:30
ducassecapum321: i'm guessing you will get a message that /media/user/label does not exist...15:30
kamild1996EriC^^, lol all that messing around, and it turns out all I had to do is simply update my BIOS... Now I feel bad for not taking care of it beforehand, so I'd even like to say "sorry" :P15:31
ctjctjreloafaa, ok.  That gets us closer.  "I can't watch videos in my browser from xvideos.com and redtube.com"  What is the failure you see?  What are the error messages you see?  Are you using firefox, chrome or some other browser?15:31
ButchMonkeyGetting - "Could not open the requested SVN filesystem" when connecting to the served svn, could this be a mis match in version between dav module and the svn?15:32
reloafaafirefox ctjctj15:32
EriC^^kamild1996: hehe, bios upgrades kind of scare me, maybe cause i never done one before15:32
reloafaawait a sec ctjctj15:32
EriC^^kamild1996: anyways great that it's working15:32
EriC^^and thanks for letting me know how you fixed it too15:33
taiebI'm using ubuntu 16.04 and I need xdebug to be working. Did anyone know how to make this work and are they any pointers to help me with this?15:33
kamild1996No problem EriC, I was about to start messing with that MBR partition but when I was restarting the device and saw the BIOS revision, I wondered - is there a newer version? And so it was, updated from A07 to A16 >.<15:34
kamild1996It was a Dell Latitude E5410 btw15:34
EriC^^aha cool15:35
EriC^^that's a pretty good leap in updates :D15:36
kamild1996Yeah like 3-4 years. Never bothered to check since everything seemed to work well, until now.15:36
ApteryxWhy would a Ubuntu 16.04 live usb key drops to a black terminal with a flashing cursor?15:37
ducasse!nomodeset | Apteryx15:38
ApachezApteryx: bad usb installation?15:38
ducasse!modeset | Apteryx15:38
ctjctjreloafaa, rude.15:38
ubottuApteryx: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:38
* ctjctj done.15:38
reloafaawhat did i do15:38
ducassereloafaa: are you old enough to view that anyway?15:38
reloafaayes i am15:39
ApteryxApachez: I used unetbootin, and tested the key successfully on a 2nd computer (it has a nvidia rather than amd gpu).15:39
Apteryxducasse: That might be it, although I thought Ubuntu 16.04 supported natively the R9 285 AMd card using the new amdgpu driver.15:39
reloafaactjctj: i didnt mean to sexually offend you. i dont think u are a woman. so take it like a real man15:40
reloafaaducasse: you too15:40
Apteryxducasse: Would the default grub shipped with the live USB not be configured to handle all the use cases (such as newer AMD cards) ?15:40
=== ejbs__ is now known as ejbs_
ducassereloafaa: *plonk*15:41
=== candu is now known as pas45
lordcirthApteryx, "all the use cases" would scroll off the screen.  And be rather confusing to users.15:42
* ctjctj looks at reloafaa "I'm done with you. I am working, this is my extra cycles helping people. I am not in the position to have a pornographic page pop up when I'm looking for an error message" For all you know my son is sitting right beside me. So you have made it to the "rude beyond help" class. I'm done with you."15:42
Apteryxlordcirth: True. But throwing them off to a black screen with a flashing pointer isn't exactly newb friendly either :P15:43
lordcirthApteryx, no it's not.15:43
lordcirthPerhaps a 'nomodeset' entry should be added with a description "for new AMD GPUs"15:43
ApteryxI think there isn't anything we can even try at this point, we have to cycle power and try again.15:44
ApteryxA recover of some sorts with help available detailing boot parameters would be nice.15:45
ctjctjlordcirth, unfortunately nomodeset messes things up further down the pipe.  Not sure if that is worse or better.15:47
reloafaactjctj: is your wife beautifuL or ugly?15:49
lordcirthctjctj, it's useful to make sure that's the problem, and as a temporary fix, though, right?15:49
ducassereloafaa: stop. now.15:49
neomexhow do i access dvd drive on ubuntu?15:50
neomexcant find it anywhere15:50
neomex(i run in on vm)15:50
EriC^^neomex: /dev/sr015:50
EriC^^neomex: try lsblk15:50
EriC^^ah you might need to install the guest-additions-iso to enable that15:50
ctjctjYes, so having them get to grub to make that change might be a good option.  Unfortunately we've had at least one user that couldn't get to the grub menu with default time outs.  holding shift just didn't work for her.15:50
reloafaactjctj: i found the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pitivi/+bug/514887 i'm too done with you ctjctj15:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514887 in pitivi (Ubuntu) "GStreamer encountered a general stream error" [Low,Invalid]15:51
neomexEriC^^, theres no visual way to do it, have to use terminal? I want to burn iso on a dvd15:52
reloafaaneomex: just use brasero15:53
reloafaaor xfburn they are all GUI15:53
Welsh1ladAfternoon folks15:53
debug0x1morning, and evening to some.15:53
Welsh1ladwhat the Goss in here15:54
reloafaaneomex: its easy dude15:54
Welsh1ladanyone useing KVM virtulisation with ubuntu server15:54
reloafaano cli needed15:54
lordcirth!ask | Welsh1lad15:54
ubottuWelsh1lad: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:54
capum321ducasse here is output from the command you said above http://dpaste.com/2NJ1TSY15:55
ctjctjWelsh1lad, yes.  12.04LTS and 14.04LTS15:55
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:55
lordcirthWelsh1lad, what is your actual question?15:55
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone15:55
lordcirthreloafaa, please don't spam15:56
lordcirthYou can /query the bot if you want to play with it15:56
Welsh1lad<ctjctj> how are setting up snapshots ? just backing up your storage pool or actualy using the snapshot command15:56
Welsh1ladas regards to backing the VMa15:56
EriC^^neomex: see https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6003715:57
ducassecapum321: yes, that explains what you need to do - boot windows, and shut it down cleanly. turn off fast boot and other such options.15:58
=== ircleuser is now known as ircle_user
ctjctjWelsh1lad, handle backups in multiple different ways.  For our production servers Amanda to AWS S3 with daily, weekly and monthly backups covering 24 months +.  For our dev boxes, running locally no backups other than scripts to dump all databases every night.15:58
=== jatt is now known as Guest88509
acethebasscan some one help me15:58
k1l_acethebass: depends on what the issue is15:59
neomexthanks EriC^^  &  reloafaa16:01
acethebassi try to install apache2 and my rig says to insert the install disc for linux ubuntu however my cdrom is no longer existant i have a external drive its not just going to that it want the original cdrom how can i fix this16:02
EriC^^neomex: no problem16:02
k1l_acethebass: please show the output of "cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 9999"16:02
acethebasserrm i dount understand im new to linux16:03
EriC^^acethebass: it's a terminal command16:03
acethebassone moment16:04
k1l_acethebass: i think i know the reason for that issue just want to confim it16:04
=== Hey is now known as Guest92195
acethebassis it just "cat/etc/apt/sources.list"16:05
k1l_acethebass: copy and paste it: "cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 9999"16:07
k1l_without the "16:07
k1l_it will give you a url. please copy that url back to here16:07
johnius_hi everyone! I know Ubuntu is not really a gaming platform because of DirectX and all, but at least Arma 3/CS:GO run on linux which is what I play most of the time. But steam is really fickle and there are no drivers for AMD? This has become a confusing mess and would rather not revert to windows.16:08
tonytjohnius_ you having a problem with your amd video card driver?16:09
johnius_yes, i got steam to start once, but was unsuccesful in starting a game because of driver issues16:10
acethebassi got http://termbin.com/6jbu16:10
tonytjohnius_ i would suggest reinstalling your vid card driver16:10
johnius_tonyt: good idea, but where do i get it? the AMD site has a bunch of downloads which are for different versions of ubuntu16:12
k1l_acethebass: that is a ubuntu 5.10?16:12
johnius_tonyt: is there nothing i can apt-get? at least that i understand16:13
tonytjohnius_ start your terminal and do uname -a . that will list what version of ubuntu you are on16:13
tonyt14.4, 1604 etc16:13
k1l_acethebass: that is dead since 2007. please make a install of a new ubuntu version, at least 12.04 or better 16.0416:13
tonyterr 14.04, 16.04 etc16:13
johnius_tonyt: 4.4.0-31-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 13 00:07:12 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:14
k1l_acethebass: there is no sense in trying to get that working. because it will not work at all. get a 16.04 iso from ubuntu.com and install that.16:14
ctjctjacethebass, If I remember correctly the install procedure handles some upgrades automatically.16:14
ctjctjacethebass, unlike windows you don't normally lose data on an upgrade but if you have any data on that machine, save it/back it up.16:15
johnius_tonyt: 16.04.1 LTS16:15
acethebasswill any of this reqire a non usb drive16:15
k1l_acethebass: you can use a usb-pendrive or a dvd if you want16:16
ctjctjacethebass, and with a machine that hold you might need a lighter weight ubnuntu.  lubuntu and bodhi are the two I've used.16:16
acethebasswell my rig is so old the only start up devices are cdrom hdd and network no usb16:16
acethebassi no longer have the multi bay disc drive16:17
tonytjohnius_ then you should be able to find the correct driver on amd's website then16:17
johnius_tonyt: i already did that, but didn't work. Had to hand install it which was super sketchy16:19
johnius_tonyt: ii  amdgpu-pro     16.30.3-3068 amd64        This package install all amdgpu-p16:20
Mathisenjohnius_,  save your self a headache and dualboot for gaming..16:20
johnius_Mathisen: iḿ getting that feeling yes, but how does something like SteamOS manage it?16:22
NSABearWho here is a rsync guru? I need to sync the photos from my phone to my local backups and I want to dump them into per month folders. My phone stores them as a bucnh of images.16:22
Mathisenjohnius_, my guess is that fglrx still works there..16:23
LMGNIs there anyway to lock a shortcut to a folder in the sidebar thing?16:24
acethebasswell thanks any ways it appears i can no longer install new matereal on this rig to make it modern16:24
johnius_pretty disheartening to see that such simple things are still such a hassle on linux16:25
NSABearjohnius_, acethebass ?16:25
acethebassif anyone has the whole multi bay device sys with cdrom  for the compaq ipaq email ianb2001@icloud.com16:26
acethebassi will stay in here but will be afk16:26
NSABearjohnius_, what's wrong16:26
capum321ducasse: fast boot?16:27
johnius_NSABear: trying to install AMD drivers on Ubuntu 16.0416:28
ducassecapum321: i think that's what it's called, yes. it basically suspends windows to disk instead of shutting down properly.16:28
NSABearjohnius_, the opensoruce onces aren't working?16:29
neomexany idea why ubuntu doesnt detect my dvd drive?16:29
capum321i will try thanks16:29
neomexwhen booting it said read error or something like that16:29
ctjctjacethebass, look into one of the distros designed for old equipment.  bodhi might do it for you.  It lives on a cdrom.16:29
johnius_NSABear: they're on the AMD site? Because their install manual is 44 pages which is too much for a linux newb like me16:30
NSABearjohnius_, what GPU?16:30
ducassecapum321: you might need to switch it off in the bios as well, i'm a little unclear on how it works as i don't use windows.16:31
capum321ducasse should I run chkdsk ?16:32
johnius_NSABear: VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Pitcairn PRO [Radeon HD 7850 / R7 265 / R9 270 1024SP] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])16:32
ducassecapum321: i don't think it should be necessary if the system is properly shut down, but it can't hurt.16:33
NSABearjohnius_, iirc sudo apt-get install amdgpu and reboot16:33
capum321ducasse: all right16:34
johnius_NSABear: unable to locate package16:34
NSABearjohnius_, what version of ubuntu?16:35
johnius_16.04.01 LTS16:35
NSABearapt-get update then try the command again16:36
NSABearI'm not under ubuntu right now so I can't really try it myself... (On 7)16:36
=== z_ is now known as Guest33859
ctjctjjohnius_, I think NSABear means xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu16:38
=== irinix is now known as happinessinnocul
NSABearctjctj, I just did amdgpu back when I ran ubutnu16:38
=== happinessinnocul is now known as happinessvaccine
NSABearctjctj, I also had universe enabled16:39
ctjctjNSABear, apt-cache search amdgpu returns xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu16:39
NSABearctjctj, again I just did apt-get install amdgpu16:39
=== happinessvaccine is now known as irinix
johnius_ctjctj: that one worked, but now I get "OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering, which may cause performance problems." when starting up steam16:40
ctjctj*nods* I believe you.  You said you didn't have a ubuntu running so I did an apt-cache to try and help so "I believe"16:40
Egyptianhi - i installed smartd and rebooted the box .. smartd is up and working. however, i do _not_ want to reboot servers. is there any way around this and have smartd started without a reboot?16:40
=== Amm0n| is now known as Amm0n
NSABearctjctj, I gave up on Linux a while ago for the desktop16:43
NSABearAMD GPU drivers are locked to 60fps16:43
MonkeyDustEgyptian  try    systemctl enable smartd.service16:43
ctjctjEgyptian, in general, with Ubuntu installing a server will automatically enable it and configure it and set it for restart and boot.16:43
ctjctjNSABear, I understand.  I moved from FreeBSD to Linux for that same sort of reason.  But my particular system handles what I need it to handle very well.  (youtube, totem, handbreak and lots and lots of emacs)16:44
=== Dcc is now known as Guest74720
NSABearctjctj, I tried FreeBSD on my server. Regreted it.16:45
Guest74720someone can help o someone know the namo of a freenode chat about ubuntu touch?16:45
EgyptianMonkeyDust: i am on trusty - command not found16:45
SchrodingersScat!touch | Guest7472016:45
ubottuGuest74720: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:45
ctjctjNSABear, at the time, FreeBSD was a much more stable server environment and I had loads of BSD experience.  So it was the right choice for me.  But as a desktop I was always fighting it.16:45
Guest74720thx so much people16:46
Egyptianctjctj: yes .. but the server was installed a while back .. i just want to install and enable smartd without a reboot16:46
ctjctjPlus slackware '96 messed with me in hugely nasty ways one time to many.16:46
computerpeople i am trying to delete a directory but there is an error rm: cannot remove '.nfs0000000000b6cc8d005997af': Device or resource busy      what can i do to forcefully delete it?16:46
NSABearctjctj, I never understood slackware. what's its usecase?16:46
ctjctjIt existed in 1996?16:46
NSABearI mean modern usecase16:46
NSABearwhat does it provide?16:47
Egyptianslackware is the oldest surviving distro16:47
Egyptianit teaches you things like gentoo or lfs16:47
DArqueBishopI used to use Slackware as my primary server OS until about a year or so ago.16:47
NSABearI'd rather use Gentoo then16:47
ctjctjNSABear, notice the '96 in when I used it.  I'm not even sure there was a Debian at that time.16:48
Egyptiani remember formatting and copying 100 floppy disks for slack 2.0 :/16:48
ctjctjNope, it says here that Debian 0.01-0.90 was 199316:48
iseneAfter a wakeup from suspend, I often find two font issues (one of them or both): 1) My three conkys running on my desktop has got their fonts wiped out (no letters at all), 2) My gtk-apps have most of the letters missing. To fix the conky problem, I simply restart the conkys. To fix the gtk font issue, I have to go into gnome-tweek-tool and change the fonts back and forth until they are fine again.16:51
xentity1xHey so I  seem to have messed up my graphics card drivers and now I cant even see a tty display. Can anyone help me troubleshoot? I just need to get some files off the computer.16:51
iseneKnown issue? How to fix?16:51
ctjctjxentity1x, if all you want to do is rescue some files boot a liveCD then copy the files to a USB or use the network to move them.16:54
Cooleri am trying to install ubuntu but the screen goes to all black and stays that way16:55
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | Cooler16:55
ubottuCooler: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:55
Coolerwell i used rufus to create a bootable pen drive16:55
Coolerand it shows the screen for selecting to install ubuntu16:56
thegreenhundredCooler, what system are you using?16:56
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
Coolerbut then it goes into a black screen16:56
Cooleri am trying to install on a acer laptop16:57
Coolerthat came with windows 10 preinstalled16:57
thegreenhundredCooler, can you find the exact model and spec's on Acers site and share a link?16:57
computerpeople i am trying to delete a directory but there is an error rm: cannot remove '.nfs0000000000b6cc8d005997af': Device or resource busy      what can i do to forcefully delete it?16:57
Coolercore i3 64 bit, 4gb ram, 1tb hdd16:57
xentity1xctjcj, how can i use the network to move them16:58
MonkeyDustCooler  or try some other program to create the bootable usb stick16:58
xentity1xctjcj, can i ssh in? I don't know the ip address of the computer, but it should be on wifi.16:58
MonkeyDustxentity1x  you need the ip address to ssh16:59
xentity1xmonkeydust, oh wait i found ip address. I think the machine has port 22 closed though. Am I out of luck?16:59
CoolerMonkeyDust, which other program17:00
MonkeyDustCooler  are you in windows or in ubuntu?17:01
CoolerMonkeyDust, i haven't installed ubuntu yet17:01
Coolerthats the problem17:01
MonkeyDustCooler  for windows, there's yumi or so17:01
ctjctjxentity1x, if you don't have openssh-server installed unlikely.  BUT you might be able to boot and then use "ctrl-alt-F1" to get a terminal window.  From there log in and install, grab your IP address with ip -4 addr show17:02
toxikCooler, did you check the hash of the image you flashed w/ rufus?17:03
xentity1xctjctj, yeah that's blank too.17:03
Coolertoxik, yeah17:03
ctjctjxentity1x, Ok.  does it boot?17:03
Cooleri mean it also shows the intial boot screen17:03
Coolerwhere you can select "try ubuntu without installing" "install ubuntu" "install ubuntu(oem)"17:04
xentity1xctjctj, yes17:04
mcfdezHello. Exists any option to share home directory throught online accounts of gnome?17:04
toxikCooler, when does the black screen show up?17:05
ctjctjOk.  IF it boots see if you can catch the grub menu, add "single" to the kernel options.  Boot single users.  service networking start.  Then use scp to copy your files off.17:07
ctjctjxentity1x, I'm a CLI person so that is "easy" for me, I don't know for you.  But the idea is the same get it up enough to move the files somewhere via ssh, or find the IP address and log in via ssh.  But that *requires* you have the sshd server running.17:08
Coolertoxik, after you select one of the options i mentioned17:08
Coolerall of them show that black screen, i tried leaving it for a hour and nothing happened17:09
akikCooler: press e in that boot menu and add nomodeset into the line which starts with linux17:09
xentity1xctjctj, im at the grub menu. How do I add single to the kernel options?17:10
ctjctjpress e in that boot menu and add nomodeset into the line which starts with linux17:10
ctjctj(thanks akik)17:10
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
ctjctjxentity1x, except instead of nomodeset use single17:11
=== fred_ is now known as Guest24944
xentity1xctjctj, okay cool. I see the line that starts with linux. Could you tell me exactly what to type, so I don't getit wrong?17:15
CoolerMonkeyDust, what exactly do i have to do?17:18
Cooleri pressed e in the boot screen17:18
Coolerand a setparams screen showed up17:18
Coolerdo i have to type nomodeset?17:20
xentity1xctjctj, oh wait I figured it out.17:20
ctjctjxentity1x, thank goodness.  I don't have a grub menu up.17:20
xentity1xctjctj, but i dont seem to have internet in this terminal.17:20
ctjctjxentity1x, "service networking start"17:20
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
Coolerwhere do you have to type nomodeset17:22
xentity1xctjctj, it says error getting authority17:22
ctjctjXentity what does "ip -4 addr" show you?  Does it show an address?17:23
xentity1xctjctj, it shows 1: lo: and some other stuff17:24
Coolersomebody help17:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:24
joelioCooler: ^^^17:24
xentity1xctjctj, inet
ctjctjxentity1x, is this wireless?17:24
xentity1xctjctj, no sorry it's ethernet.17:24
joelioCooler: it goes in /etc/default/grub in the grub kernel option line.. then you run update-grub to set it17:25
=== falk is now known as Guest68308
thegreenhundredctjctj, if you have the application installed using the command " nmtui " might help give you an easy terminal interface for enabbling the eth017:25
Coolerjoelio, so i have to set open command line and type update-grub?17:25
joelioCooler: if you're having trouble at boot, then you can add the option at boot time (escape the normal boot timer and add the line, then F10 to boot)17:26
ctjctjxentity1x, try "ifup eth0".  We just have to bring the networking up.17:26
joelioCooler: if you want to permanently set it, it's in /etc/default/grub.. update-grub is run after to make the change effective17:26
xentity1xctjctj, it says ignoring unkown interface eth017:26
joeliootherwise if it's needed (say because graphics aren't working) then you can add at boot time by editing the menu17:27
ctjctjxentity1x, one moment.17:27
ctjctjxentity1x, try "service network-manager start" and then check for your IPs again.17:29
Coolersetparams 'Install Ubuntu'17:30
Cooler 17:30
Cooler    set gfxpayload=keep17:31
thegreenhundredctjctj, xentity1x, to identify what the ethernet conection name is, we can try the command " ip a " to list all active & inactive connections17:31
Cooler    linux    /casper/vmlinuz.efi file=/cdrom/pressed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity nomodeset quiet splash ---17:32
=== physpi_ is now known as musictau_-
Cooler    initrd    /casper/initrd.lz17:32
=== musictau_- is now known as musictau
xentity1xctjct, okay so it seems like the network-manager started. When I run ip a it gives me two entries: lo and and enp4s0.17:32
Coolerjoelio, can you look at those lines?17:32
Cooleris that where you have to type nomodeset?17:33
ctjctjthegreenhundred, he's in single user mode, we have to bring up the interface first.17:33
joelioyea, although afair it was on the initrd line - I assume you're booting the livecd17:33
joelioin which case that looks correct17:34
Coolerno this is a pen drive17:34
Coolermade with rufus17:34
joelioa live image though, you don't use caspr on generic installs17:34
Coolerwhats a live image?17:34
toxikHave you tried getting a new image and flashing it?17:35
R4cemanI'm trying to install apache2 + mySQL 5.7 + php7 but i'm getting error. I Did everything that says in this tutorial https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-on-ubuntu-16-0417:35
__hell__in live image we boot OS from device without any installation17:35
toxikR4ceman, what errors are you getting?17:35
joelioCooler: basically it's a linux installation that uses an overlay filesystem - unlike a 'proper' filesystem17:35
Coolerno i selected the option install ubuntue as you can see on the first line17:36
joelioand yea, what's the issue your trying to fix?17:36
akikCooler: so did you try to boot with the nomodeset option?17:36
Coolerwell pressing f10 to boot doesn't change anything17:36
Cooleri still get the black screen17:36
joeliotake off quiet and splash17:37
joelioyou'll see more verbose info17:37
Coolerit also says press f2 for a command line17:37
Coolerdo i have to press f2 and save changes?17:37
Coolerbefore booting17:37
=== Hey is now known as Guest6903
joelioit's F10 or Crtl+x afair, I'd need to check it's muscle memory :)17:37
joelioit does say though17:37
Cooleryes boot is f1017:38
Coolerdo i have to press f2 and save changes?17:38
akikCooler: no need to save17:38
joelioCooler: no17:38
R4cemanErro: mysql said: mysql: [Warning] mysql: Empty value for 'port' specified.          │ Will throw an error in future versions ERROR 1819 (HY000) at line 1:           │ Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements17:38
Coolerso i need to remove quiet and splash?17:38
Cooler    linux    /casper/vmlinuz.efi file=/cdrom/pressed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity nomodeset ---17:39
joelioit'll show you more verbose info17:39
joelioyea, try that, but a black screen could be down to many things17:39
ctjctjCooler I remove quiet and splash on my machines but I'm a lover of text.17:39
Coolerstill black screen17:39
Zack263question: if it says "Make sure NO partitions are mounted from the source hard drive." What does this mean?17:40
joeliosounds strange then, that will always output kernel logging - if it's indeed even booting17:40
R4cemanWhen i try to configure phpmyadmin17:40
R4cemanmysql said: mysql: [Warning] mysql: Empty value for 'port' specified.          │ Will throw an error in future versions ERROR 1819 (HY000) at line 1:           │ Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements17:40
bekksUse a better password.17:41
R4cemanplease help me, i'm using lubuntu 16.0417:41
joelioR4ceman: it's down to mysql policy, there's a hardeneing tool that can be used - you need to adhere to whatever policy was set in that17:41
joelioit's down to the admin to configure, so you need to see what was set17:41
R4cemanwhat do you mean a better password???!17:42
joelioone that fits with the password policy17:42
R4cemani tried with 18 char, and i still got the same error. i will try again17:43
joeliopresumably you've not got enough entropy in the form or random characters, length, case or alphanumerics etc17:43
R4cemanwith number and letters17:43
joeliojust check with the admin if you can, save yourself some effort17:43
ioriaCooler, did you , by any chance, add an hyphen at the end ? 3 ---  , i  mean17:43
R4cemanI'm admin17:44
R4cemanI'm a begginer php programmer17:44
R4cemanLast version of ubuntu was very easy to install17:44
Coolerioria, those 3 --- were there alreasy17:45
ioriaCooler,  ok, i just remember only two17:45
joelioR4ceman: did you run any mysql hardening after the installation?17:45
joelioafaik the default won't set any default policy - unless that's changed17:45
guzzlefryAre Xbox One controllers supported in 16.04?17:46
R4cemanHow do i do hardening? What is it?17:46
Zack263any one an expert on the DD command?  I want to learn to make an image gzipped and then restore the image gzipped of my linux system?17:47
joelioR4ceman: mysql_secure_installation is the tool used, it asks questions about what strngth of password17:47
joelioalthugh I'm pretty sure it doesn't run anything by default17:48
joeliothere's more to hardening that just p/w of course :)17:48
tgm4883The documentation for mysql 5.7 states the default password policy is minimum 8 characters17:49
tgm4883so I'd say that was changed17:49
joeliocould well be!17:50
lkhHi there, I have a Problem with my wifi connection, on a freshly installed 16.04.1. NetworkManager disconnects occasionaly with "reason -4". Where can I lool up what that might be?17:50
tgm4883s/that/R4ceman's system/17:50
tgm4883joelio: sorry, just backing you up here :)17:50
joeliomore than welcome dude!17:50
joeliogood to know subtle changes like that17:50
joeliotgm4883: funny though, seem to recall a certian software that only ever accepted up to 8 chars as a password :)17:51
phreekbird.o/ hey yall ... following the guide http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/packaging-new-software.html to attempt to build my first .deb package ... im on step 6.3 and its failing  "abort-due-to-no-makefile" Error 1...17:58
phreekbirdlooks like someone else had this same issue https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218607317:58
phreekbirdsays solved, but dosnt explain how17:58
phreekbirdso ... what am i doing wrong here?17:58
toxikYou have to build a makefile17:58
phreekbirdok ... this guide doesn't explain how to do that, so ... is there a preferred method/guide I should use?18:00
Coolersomebody help18:01
neomexwhy is my ubu saving everything in root?18:01
toxiksudo apt-get install build-essential, if you haven't already18:01
neomexjust got message theres 60mb left18:01
Coolercan't get past the black screen18:01
phreekbirdtoxik, done18:02
neomexi dont even know how to move all the stuff ive installed18:02
guzzlefryWhat's the proper way to add a service to startup in 16.04? Searches turn up `update-rc.d` but I vaguely remember a way using `systemctl`.18:02
xanguaneomex: saving everything in root as?18:02
tgm4883neomex: sounds like you don't have a separate home partition18:03
tgm4883or logs possibly18:03
toxikphreekbird, what part are you having problems with?18:04
phreekbirdstep 6.318:04
phreekbirdI am in the hello/debian folder, I run the command18:04
neomextgm4883, i did home partition when installing it18:04
neomexthats why im surprised18:05
akikCooler: i don't know if this still works but add both "nomodeset xforcevesa" into the linux line in the boot menu18:05
tgm4883neomex: what's the output of 'df -h'18:05
phreekbirdtoxik, http://pastebin.com/6hggaTPe18:05
Amm0nguzzlefry, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers18:06
joelioCooler: that line you pasted has a preseed option in it, are you sure that's what you want - is the purpoe of this to install Ubuntu on the target machine?18:06
joeliootherwise if it's a 3rd party tool, you might be best speaking to those that developed it?18:07
joelioif you're making a USB stick for install, try unetbootin18:07
neomextgm4883, http://pastebin.com/aviC8i0T18:07
neomexno wonder that it started slowing down so much recently18:08
toxikphreekbird, try repeating step 6.118:08
tgm4883neomex: is this a server or desktop?18:08
tgm4883neomex: your / partition is pretty small18:08
neomexi had little space to assign so i did minimum + few megs18:09
neomexwas hoping itll still run18:09
tgm4883neomex: what's the output of 'sudo du /var/log | sort -n -r | head'18:09
=== v4riable is now known as shockvalu
neomextgm4883, http://pastebin.com/5UW6u8kN18:11
tgm4883neomex: how old is this install? That's actually fairly clean18:11
neomex2 days old18:11
tgm4883neomex: ah that makes sense18:11
tgm4883so then you'll probably need to either grow your / partition or uninstall some stuff18:12
neomexwhy isnt it installing to /home though?18:12
tgm4883neomex: installing apps doesn't install to /home18:12
neomexdidnt know about that18:12
moparisthebestdoes anyone know of a windows program that will send windows tray notifications to the linux desktop?18:13
neomexcan i merge my /home into / without formatting or data loss? tgm488318:13
tgm4883neomex: you'd have to backup your /home directory somewhere else (because you don't have the working space), delete that home partition, grow the / partition, then restore your backup18:14
FloxerDoomhey any help get X to work feisty updated to hardy apt mess libpaper118:14
* dax blink18:15
daxhardy hasn't been supported since 201318:15
neomextgm4883, is there something like add/remove programs from windows?18:16
neomexi have no clue what took all the space honestly18:16
FloxerDoomnoone then Dax ?18:16
=== para is now known as Guest15498
FloxerDoombut its a secure network ... smartguard exception auth18:17
FloxerDoomnot all apps get acces18:17
FloxerDoomunless i have X and the systembrowser has acces18:17
FloxerDoombut links works and links2 is broken libpaper1 issue18:18
FloxerDoomall issue libpaper1 issue18:18
xentity1xHi, so I have an error where the login screen is really large, and when I try to login it just sends me back to the login screen. Anyone know how to fix?18:19
te_lanus1Any idea why in Ubuntu Mate 16.04 the sound tray icon's slider won't change the sound18:21
=== c_ is now known as Guest13376
=== Guest13376 is now known as jjjj
=== jjjj is now known as c23
EriC^^xentity1x: does the guest account work?18:31
xentity1xEriC^^, it doesn't even seem to be an option18:32
EriC^^xentity1x: try creating a new user from a tty18:37
EriC^^sudo adduser newuser18:37
xentity1xeric^^,  the gui is stuck at my user login. I tried creating a new user but it doesn't give me the option to login to it.18:39
EriC^^xentity1x: try sudo service lightdm restart18:39
EriC^^xentity1x: type cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf | nc termbin.com 999918:40
EriC^^xentity1x: nevermind, type cat /etc/lightdm/*.conf | nc termbin.com 999918:40
=== jhenke_ is now known as jhenke
xentity1xeric^^, okay restarting lightdm didnt help. What does the other command do?18:42
EriC^^uploads the config files18:42
guzzlefryDo the various flavors of Ubuntu vary any other than desktop environment?18:42
EriC^^xentity1x: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm18:42
Krepay𝓘 𝔀𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓭 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝒆 𝓽𝓸 𝓲𝓷𝒇𝓸𝓻𝓶 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓷𝓸 𝓸𝓷𝒆 𝓰𝓲𝓿𝒆𝓼 𝓪 𝒇𝓾𝓬𝓴 𝓪𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝔀𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓴.18:42
EriC^^!ops | Krepay18:42
ubottuKrepay: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu18:42
xentity1xeric^^, http://termbin.com/t9rv18:42
EriC^^guzzlefry: the packages also vary18:43
guzzlefryEriC^^: What about default device support?18:43
xentity1xeric^^, okay reconfiguring lightdm didnt help18:43
EriC^^guzzlefry: same thing i'd guess18:44
guzzlefryTo be more direct, will a Steam Controller work out of the box with Xubuntu 16.04?18:44
EriC^^more or less18:44
EriC^^xentity1x: try using nomodeset from grub18:44
EriC^^!nomodeset | xentity1x18:44
ubottuxentity1x: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:44
EriC^^guzzlefry: no idea18:44
xentity1xeric^^ okay so im at the grub. Where do I put the nomodeset/18:47
gnashI'm trying to run ubuntu on virtualbox on osx but getting display issues on the retina screen (not on external monitor) such as black squares over text/fields18:47
EriC^^xentity1x: press "e" over ubuntu18:48
Khaotichi all18:48
EriC^^then go to the line that says linux /boot/vmlinuz ... quiet splash and put nomodeset there18:48
EriC^^and press ctrl+x18:48
docmurI'm working on securing a server, I'm looking for a good remote logging application, I've used rsyslog in the past but does anyone else know of good tools?18:49
imarkanyone here any good with LVM, I have only a basic understanding, I'm getting a input/output error when I run pvdisplay or pvscan, online I find people get it a lot with vgdisplay if a disc is uncleanly removed but cant find the same answer regarding pvdisplay18:49
EriC^^docmur: try #ubuntu-server too18:49
EriC^^and ##linux18:49
imarkconsidering a nuke/wipe but thought id check in here first18:50
slazerHi, I'd like to install 16.04.1 on BTRFS, but failed to find a tutorial. Are there any caveats, or is it similar to Fedora 24 partition layout?18:50
EriC^^imark: did you try smartctl, just a thought18:50
docmurFair enough18:50
imarkEriC^^, Dont know it, what do I do?18:50
FloxerDoomso any luck for me for a X restart session on irc ?18:50
EriC^^imark: sudo apt-get install smartmontools18:50
MonkeyDust!btrfs | slazer start here18:50
ubottuslazer start here: Btrfs is a filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is not recommended by default, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs18:50
EriC^^imark: then sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX18:50
xentity1xeric^^, okay now it's reading quiet splash nomodeset18:51
EriC^^xentity1x: ok press ctrl+x to boot18:51
FloxerDoomdax comeon help me18:51
=== michael__ is now known as Guest86070
xentity1xeric^^, hmm same problem18:51
FloxerDoomboth laptops are on ... only the good one has internet tho but i have a Memstick18:52
FloxerDoomho can help me restart X18:52
imarkEriC^^, on the drive not the partition correct?18:52
EriC^^imark: correct18:52
=== irinix is now known as swedishfish
Bashing-omFloxerDoom: What is the release you are on, and what is the desktop ? The commands to restart X varies .18:53
=== swedishfish is now known as irinix
imarkEriC^^, What does it tell me, im getting an unknownusb bridge message atm18:54
ducasseFloxerDoom: as you were told, hardy is unsupported for over three years now18:54
EriC^^imark: it's supposed to show the smart test results for the drive18:54
imarkEriC^^, I need to specify device type with d flag, h18:55
EriC^^imark: never had to myself18:55
imarkjeez, just check the man page, the d flag is confusing18:55
EriC^^usually sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda does the trick18:56
imarkwhoops, rouge q18:56
FloxerDoomand irc over 20 years ducasse whats ur point i only need help online about reviving an old laptop that cant run the news18:57
FloxerDoomu guide me the usb upgrade method18:57
imarkEriC^^, no worries, ill just nuke these drive tomorrow and steamroll them18:57
FloxerDoomnuke me instead18:57
FloxerDoomno probµ18:57
ioriaFloxerDoom, what's your problem ?18:58
OerHeksFloxerDoom, burn a cd and do a fresh install, ... hardy... come on..18:58
FloxerDoomI need restore libpaper1 to reinstall X or ubuntu-desktop or ubuuntu-gnome-dekstop18:59
FloxerDoomburn 16.06 and write to usb over hardy ? possible ? or just restoring libpaper1 fixes ? apt crash was the prob loosing X19:00
MonkeyDustFloxerDoom  install 14.04 or 16.04, then ask again19:00
FloxerDoomwhats the guide for usb upgrade ?19:01
Bashing-omFloxerDoom: Consider, the software repository for hardy no longer exist . There is no support for it !19:01
FloxerDoomioria:  got some time in privat ?19:02
MonkeyDust!upgrade | FloxerDoom19:02
ubottuFloxerDoom: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:02
administrador_hello. I have 16.04. AMD beta drivers.How do you open a control panel for my GPU?19:02
FloxerDoomrepo was old releases19:02
FloxerDoomworks great on old 2K machines tho19:02
=== irinix is now known as Fjordinix
ioriaFloxerDoom, why do you want to use hardy ?19:03
FloxerDoom<:msg ioria msg me some commands to understand my prob19:03
OerHeksadministrador_, amd betadrivers are not supported, as it is beta and not in our repos :-(19:03
FloxerDoombecuz te laptop is very old and cant seem to install newer at that time19:03
MonkeyDustFloxerDoom  backup personal files, then do a fresh install of 14.04 or 16.0419:03
FloxerDoomno fresh only intrested in upgrade19:03
FloxerDoomhidden partitions parts i dont want wiped19:04
ioriaFloxerDoom, how old ?19:04
joelioFloxerDoom: seriously, dist-upgrading all that way up will bring so much cruft it's not worth it.19:04
administrador_OerHeks, So nobody knows how to use it?19:04
ioriaFloxerDoom, cpu and ram ?19:05
bitnapyou can use bash to backup files19:05
joelioI'd use tar ;)19:05
bitnapin a tar file19:05
ioriaFloxerDoom, i run lubuntu 16.04 on pentium M with 256 mb19:05
OerHeksadministrador_, it is just a AMDgpu driver, we have tested ones.19:05
FloxerDoombios cmos spoof corruption dont show me original bios after a bios fix19:05
FloxerDoomit was no longer booting19:06
FloxerDoomnow its back at booting19:06
FloxerDoomgreat ioria help me if u can should i use usb upgrade with apt offline ?19:06
joelioyou're gonna have a hard time ;)19:07
ioriaFloxerDoom,  your specs, please ?19:07
FloxerDoomubuntu 8.0419:07
administrador_OerHeks, I am pretty sure my GPU is supported. Do you know if there is  way to open a control center for simple tasks like change resolution,?19:07
ioriaFloxerDoom,  hardware specs19:07
FloxerDoomprims nitro wlan g19:08
FloxerDoomgforce fx19:08
FloxerDoominitel inside pentium 419:08
FloxerDoomdesigned for win ?19:08
joelioI'm not sure you've thought through the config files and how much has changed in 8 years19:08
ioriaFloxerDoom,  ok.... ram ?19:08
FloxerDoomcommands needed19:08
cademdoes anyone use xchat, i'm trying to learn how to change the proxy settings for Socks519:09
MonkeyDustcadem  use hexchat instead19:09
cademokay, I'll give it a shot19:09
joelioor configure the network proxy settings19:09
FloxerDoomioria: got some commands that show me what u want to know ?19:09
joelioFloxerDoom: free -m19:10
ioriaFloxerDoom,  cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal19:10
joelioshows memory, but srsly it'll be a painful uprade, better to backup and do clean imho19:10
FloxerDoomnot needed19:11
FloxerDoomnot mutch files left on system part to backup19:11
joelioso just start from scratch19:11
FloxerDoommemfree 26219:12
FloxerDoomdoing nothingµ19:12
cademon hexchat now, I see the settings, thanks19:12
ioriaFloxerDoom,  i suggest lubuntu 14.0419:12
MonkeyDustFloxerDoom  yes, if you don't even have to backup, then simply fresh install ... it's the fastest, easiest and cleanest way19:12
ioriaFloxerDoom,  clean install19:12
FloxerDoomwhy lubuntu ? whats better at it ?19:12
joeliouses LXDE, lighter19:12
FloxerDoomi dont want to loose partition with costly intel19:13
ioriaFloxerDoom,  lighter.... maybe install fluxbox instead19:13
joeliowhat shipped with the original Raspbery Pi, same RAM, probaly weaker CPI19:13
FloxerDoomwhats the cmd .... if i fix usb with cdrom image and apt-grade19:13
MonkeyDustFloxerDoom  please don't reject every advice you get here19:13
FloxerDoomim turning around MonkeyDust19:13
FloxerDoomwhats the clean way on win7 to prepare usb with image19:14
FloxerDoomwhere the link ? to usbpreptool and image ?19:14
FloxerDoomautomount usb and apt-add mount19:14
FloxerDoomdist-upgrade ?19:14
ioriaFloxerDoom,  on win you  use rufus or pendrivelinux19:15
daxunetbootin has issues. rufus works perfectly19:15
joelioworks fine for me everytime19:15
ioriaalso the new ver od UUI has issues19:16
joelioalthoguh a dd of an iso is more likley :)19:16
joelioright, so it has issues wuth UEFI, whihc in a 2001 machine, won't be an isse ;)19:18
kubast2Hey guys ,ehm https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel ,where is the "debian/scripts/*" folder ?19:19
kubast2everything looks fine until I get to this part19:19
joeliokubast2: ooi why are you compiling a custom one?19:19
kubast2Small thing :P19:20
kubast2I want to change the compression19:20
bekksCompression of what?19:20
kubast2to lz4 it boots faster :P19:20
kubast2bekks, kernel19:20
joelioit'll be negligible19:20
bekksCompression of nthe initramfs, you mean.19:20
c23speak spanish19:20
bekkskubast2: How often do you boot so that you notice it?19:20
MonkeyDust!es | c2319:21
ubottuc23: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:21
kubast2bekks, 3 times a day19:21
kubast2bekks, sometimes more19:21
kubast2sometimes less19:21
joelioif you *really* wanted to, then you #apt-get source linux-image-generic.. cd to src, make menuconfig, and you can make dpkg (or use fakeroot and do debian way).. but tbh, it'd take you londer to compile than all the aggregated boot time saved for probably several hundred years of usage :)19:22
joelioif you're pulling the image from really bad hardware of over a sloowwwwwwww link then maybe a better format or compresssion would help, but not lz4 :)19:23
FloxerDoomso ioria witch image should i download in the mean while19:24
ioriaFloxerDoom,  i suggest lubuntu 14.04 ...19:24
kubast2joelio, actually with a really bad hardware lz4 would be fine19:24
FloxerDoomwhy not 16.04 ?19:24
kubast2joelio, given that it's hdd would also be a bootleneck19:24
FloxerDoomgot a link to 14 lubuntu ?19:24
joeliokubast2: what I mean is the ratio between speed and size of compressable target19:24
kubast2a fast decompressor could save quiet a lot of time :P19:24
FloxerDoomi allready feel lobotimine19:25
ioriaFloxerDoom,  if it's all ok, you can upgrade easily19:25
ioriaFloxerDoom,  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/14.04/release/19:25
Ben64kubast2: no, it'd save maybe 2 seconds19:25
FloxerDoomthkx over and out radiositter19:26
sipiorkubast2: you don't have to justify yourself here. i think it's great that your taking the time to learn a bit more about things work under the hood.19:26
sipiorkubast2: it's not really about the boot time, you know?19:26
* joelio spent too many hours of life rabit holing :)19:27
bekkskubast2: How large is your initramfs, compressed, file?19:27
sipiorjoelio: rabbit holing is called "gaining experience" in many other places.19:28
kubast2bekks, it's a fresh xubuntu 16.04 install with -3119:28
bekkskubast2: that doesnt answer my question.19:28
joeliosipior: no, it's called rabbit holing.. Im meerly suggesting that the outcome is not worth the compile time19:28
joelioif it's an autotelic exercise, fair enough19:28
joeliothat wasn't the impression19:29
kubast2bekks, it kinda does since right now it's a generic initr19:29
bekkskubast2: I totally doesnt. How large is your initramfs, compressed, file?19:29
kubast2initrd.img ?19:29
sipiorjoelio: i don't think you know nearly enough to judge that one way or the other.19:30
joelioapart from what was written by the op of course19:30
joelioanyway, enoguh :)19:30
bekkskubast2: Yeah. So how much time you will save by using a different decompressor?19:30
kubast2bekks, not a lot from my previous install it was 5 sec19:31
kubast2I was downloading kernel from kernel.org previouslly through19:31
bekkskubast2: I strongly doubt you will save 5 seconds from pure decompression of a 35M file.19:32
drwhoso, can you tell me about why i can't use internet from my android phone (with Android hot spot)19:33
Ben64doesn't sound like an ubuntu issue19:33
MonkeyDustdrwho  ask in a android channel19:34
sipiordrwho: do you mean that you're connecting to an android hotspot with a linux machine?19:34
drwhobut why, when i share internet connection on my phone (create  wi-fi spot on my phone), i explore this internet on my iPad, but laptop with ubuntu doesn't work19:36
sipiordrwho: at what point does it fail, exactly?19:37
kubast2bekks, still it isn't my main install :P ,so I can leave it for the time it's compiling ,I will want to tinker around and have fun with .config/make menuconfig file19:37
drwhoi see that my connection is quite, but there is no internet19:38
kubast2beside chainging vmlinuz/initrd compression and activating westwood ,I have never changed any other setting :P19:39
tatertotsdrwho is your ubuntu receiving a up address from the hot spot? have you looked at this ip in comparison with the working iPad/laptop ip that are connected to same hot spot?19:39
drwhoright, to the same spot19:39
drwhostop, may be not the same ip19:40
drwhowait, please19:40
kubast2worst that can happen is I will get kernel panic ,and I can always recovery by launching previouslly working kernel19:41
tatertotswell two devices shouldn't have the exact same ip19:41
tatertotsbut if they are both connected via the same hot spot they should at least be in the same range19:42
drwholol, i mean the same subnet mask19:43
drwhoand the same default rout19:44
RadiationManHi, I'm having trouble setting up an sll certificate for a key I generated.19:45
RadiationManI've reached this output:19:46
RadiationMan$ openssl req -new -key server.key -out server.csr19:46
RadiationManunable to find 'distinguished_name' in config19:46
RadiationManproblems making Certificate Request19:46
RadiationMan139810327676576:error:0E06D06C:configuration file routines:NCONF_get_string:no value:conf_lib.c:335:group=req name=distinguished_name19:46
tatertotsalso drwho have you tried pinging the hot spot ip and the other devices ip while assuming you are connected via this hot spot19:46
drwhohave you ever test ubuntu under the Android hot spot wi-fi? may be it has problem with encription or drivers19:46
joelioyes, I've used ubuntu + android hotspot and it works.. the usb tethering also works19:47
RadiationManI successfully ran this just prior:19:47
RadiationManopenssl rsa -in server.key -out server.key.insecure19:47
RadiationManmv server.key server.key.secure19:47
RadiationManmv server.key.insecure server.key19:47
tatertotsI've tether over USB and connected to hotspot just fine on ubuntu 12.04 all the way to 16.04 drwho19:47
SrAnAnBlaNkOyes also never had any issues19:48
SrAnAnBlaNkOworks as should.19:48
drwhook, thank you...i'll be back with logs, if it this problems will apear19:48
tatertotsalso make sure you don't have a static ip set and not remember you set a static ip, I can see a person setting a static and then connecting to something that assumes the nic will be setup via dhcp19:50
SrAnAnBlaNkOI tend to use the sharing via wifi to be the most ideal19:50
SrAnAnBlaNkOusing androids hotspot connect via wifi? why we wanna do thethering (eventhough ubuntu does that just fine)19:51
varaindemianhow can I make qpdfview remember the page where I was after closing the pdf file?19:55
cademI'm using hexchat and unable to connect to OnionNet, does anyone know what port to use for the FTW server?19:55
ahrc333ffcadem: if onionNet is a Tor service, I dn't believe you can easily configure Tor to work with Freenode.19:57
Fuchsyou can't at all19:59
Fuchsbut it seems he wants something != freenode19:59
=== Caveaus is now known as Guest45788
varaindemianhow can I make qpdfview remember the page where I was after closing the pdf file?20:08
IslahHello again friends20:08
ahrc333ffIslah: did you get the new wireless card?20:09
IslahTried my local stores and they had none that i deemed compatible20:09
Islahso ill just order one20:09
ahrc333ffSounds like a plan.20:10
Islahthey had a usb to ethernet that might have worked but google was no help20:10
ahrc333ffAmazon gives quick delivery these days. So, it's all good!20:10
OerHeksIslah, so do you have a support question, or just chit-chat again?20:11
IslahJust sayin hi :)20:11
cademThat's correct. I'm looking for something not freenode. I'm trying to configure hexchat to connect to this server...ftwircdwyhghzw4i.onion/6667... But without success.20:19
cademcan anyone else connect to it?20:19
MonkeyDustcadem  onion... is that tor related?20:19
ahrc333ffI'm not on the tor network, cannot test it.20:20
cademyeah, so I have a proxy setup in the preferences20:20
cademusing localhost and port 9150 over Socks520:20
cademobviously bypassing the proxy for this chat20:21
asarwhy is my ubuntu always getting broken packages?20:21
Bashing-omasar: Maybe, because you install 3rd party software that is non-ubuntu ?20:22
Karrdecosmic rays20:22
OerHeksasar, maybe you added a dead repo, or something else, show us your update log on paste.ubuntu.com20:22
asarOerHeks: i suspect uget download manager is causing the issue20:23
brianlooking for information on audio decoders for kodi running on Ubuntu 1620:23
asarBashing-om: i dont think so20:23
theTroyhi! After taking battery out of my laptop ubuntu only boots with ACPI=off. That results in 1 cpu usable in the OS out of the 4 that I have. I can't find a way to either boot without the acpi flag or fix the cpu issue due to acpi=off flag20:23
theTroyplease help :< :)20:24
Islahatleast he can install packages :(20:24
Guest45788 \20:24
=== Guest45788 is now known as Caveaus
OerHeksasar, show us your update log please20:24
asarOerHeks: my internet is kinda slow, so it will take a while20:25
lkhhi everybody, I have a problem on my freshly installed ubuntu 16.04.1 every now and then it just free20:26
lkhzes dead with nothing to do but cold start. Any idea where to  start debugging?20:26
asarOerHeks: you mean sudo apt update log?20:28
OerHeksasar, yes, from terminal20:28
asarOerHeks: @bar(input):button2@bar(input):button3@item(input_text):button3@item(input_text):button120:32
kaoronHi there, I have a small Problem, my P key doesn't fire KeyPress X events when no modifiers are aPPlied. Thus I can't tyPe a lowercase P. Please helP20:33
asarOerHeks: paste.ubuntu.com/2180799920:33
kaoronI'm on 16.04.1, I have a french béPo layout (like dvorak), it used to work (a few days ago), how to troubleshoot that ?20:35
OerHeksasar, and where are the errors??20:35
kaoronAnd I'm using gnome-desktoP20:35
tatertotsmembers of the /etc/sudoers still can't make changes like install app store apps or run backup, anybody have a guide on giving users these permisssions20:36
Ben64did you change that file?20:37
asarOerHeks: it hasnt finished updating20:37
tatertotstrying to run a backup restore using the backup included with 16.0420:37
tatertotsbut as a user that is in etc/sudoers20:37
Ben64tatertots: did you change that file? normally you just add a user to the "sudo" group to give them access to use sudo20:38
tatertotsI changed the file20:39
Ben64tatertots: well, don't. add users to the sudo group20:40
tatertotsadding them to the sudo group will allow them to authenticate desktop app store and running backups etc?20:41
=== aaaavvv is now known as avionic
ikoniathats overkill20:42
ikoniajust create a sudo rule for a group, call it appstore or something20:42
avionicafter unmounting a network drive, how can i remove the saved password?20:42
ikoniaavionic: it's in your keyring, remove it from gnome-keyring20:42
asarOerHeks: paste.ubuntu.com/2180889320:42
tatertotsmy ldap/activedirectory members that have sudo access are manually written and working in that /etc/sudoers file so i'll have to think of another way to get ldap/active directory users in  with this add to sudo group method20:43
ikoniano you don't20:44
ikoniadoes ldap manage your sudo controls ?20:44
udnhello all20:45
udni want see a movie with acelerated hardware , i have a nvidia20:45
dev__udn: hello20:45
udni want watch20:45
Ben64udn: use mplayer2 or mpv20:46
tatertotsah let me try and add one of the domain accounts to the local sudo group20:46
udnvlc did not work?20:46
ikoniatatertots: n ono no20:46
udni run this test20:46
ikoniatatertots: does ldap manage your sudo access20:46
udnvaInitialize failed with error code -1 (unknown libva error),exit20:46
Ben64udn: vlc is kind of crappy20:46
udni have problems with driver20:46
joeliotatertots: I'm not sure what implementation of ldap controls your using but I've had success with sssd and using that as a sudo (leveraging ldap)20:46
=== kkj_ is now known as kkj
tatertotsno active directory isn't doing my sudo access20:46
ikoniatatertots: so it's active directory, not sudo20:46
ikoniacorrect ?20:47
Ben64udn: try mplayer2 or mpv, put the output on paste.ubuntu.com and give the link here20:47
tatertotsI have a security group in AD20:47
ikoniasorry - active directory, not ldap20:47
ikoniatatertots: ok - so you should be able to use active directory to manage/authenticate sudo services20:47
udnthank you Ben6420:47
tatertotsthat AD security group is in the /etc/sudoers file20:47
ikoniatatertots: it shouldn't be in the sudoers file20:47
udnsmplayer is based in mplayer , can be util too?20:47
ikoniait should be held within active directory20:47
Ben64udn: try mplayer2 or mpv, put the output on paste.ubuntu.com and give the link here20:47
RtMFdev__: wrong window :-P20:49
Bashing-omasar: Corrupted control file ? Try ' sudo rm -fr /var/lib/apt/lists ; sudo mkdir -pv /var/lib/apt/lists/partial ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' . to rebuild the control files with good info .20:49
RtMFdev__: right editor though ;)20:49
=== newbie is now known as aaagsm
udnsame problem20:53
udnwith mplayer2320:53
udnwith mplayer220:53
udnthis is the problem when i run vainfo20:53
udncan i paste 2 lines here?20:54
Ben64udn: try mplayer2 or mpv, put the output on paste.ubuntu.com and give the link here20:54
ubuntuwhat is the command is sudo to downloan mime?20:55
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest24956
bekksudn: That question doesnt make sense, can you rephrase it?20:55
honeytoeshi guys20:55
udnbekks, i want enable acceleration for watch videos, i have a nvidia 71020:56
Guest24956i am trying to view some webpage and it says it needs mime20:56
Ben64udn: try mplayer2 or mpv, put the output on paste.ubuntu.com and give the link here20:56
Ben64udn: i've said this 4 times now, why can't you do this20:56
bekksGuest24956: Can you give us the exact, full error you get?20:56
udnBen64, i was tried with mplayer220:57
udnsame problem20:57
honeytoesbye guys20:57
Ben64udn: read the whole line above20:57
Guest24956i have 16.04 and i ran bleachbit, now I can not view some webpages that require plugins20:57
udnvideos see in bad quality20:57
bekksGuest24956: Can you give us the exact, full error you get?20:57
Bashing-omGuest24956: The name 'mime' has no return for a package in xenial .. more info required to answer .20:58
Ben64udn: try mplayer2 or mpv, PUT THE OUTPUT ON PASTE.UBUNTU.COM AND GIVE THE LINK HERE!20:58
=== evan is now known as Guest2970
=== Guest2970 is now known as evanextreme
Ben64this is step one, and it's taken 13 minutes so far20:59
=== aaaavvv is now known as avionic
malluubuntu 16.04 running on Virtualbox. Did an upgrade. Now no desktop, no menu etc21:03
malluany help would be appreciated21:04
Ben64mallu: what kind of upgrade did you do21:05
malluapt-get upgrade21:05
Ben64hmm, that shouldn't affect that21:06
malluBen64: now all I see is just plain desktop. I can right click and bringup terminal, settings etc21:07
_KaszpiR_anyone got idea how the hell to permanently disable screensaver when using xrdp?21:07
tigefatry Ctrl+Alt+t open terminal21:07
YDU_sleepingmallu: What "desktop" are you using - Unity? Gnome? Mate? KDE?21:08
YDU_sleepingmallu: So you see NO panel, NO "dock" on the left hand side, nothing, nada?21:10
malluYDU_sleeping: nothing, nada21:10
OverCoderHey guys! Check out the website I just pushed to the web! I think it's useful for Ubuntu :321:11
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
OverCoderI wonder if I should contact Ubuntu's webmasters so maybe they can push it to ubuntu.com somehow :p21:11
=== RtMF is now known as QuinnStorm
YDU_sleepingmallu: And is it safe to assume you've logged out and logged back in again - just to test this?21:11
malluYDU_sleeping: yes.. rebooted it couple of times21:12
OerHeksOverCoder, that website already exists ..21:13
OverCoderOerHeks, repogen.simplylinux.ch huh?21:13
OverCoderI mean I contacted the owner of got his databases and reinvented the website, it's only temporarily pushed to repogen.codebottle.ml, but as soon as the dev gets back to me repogen.simplylinux.ch would be replaced with that21:14
OerHeksOverCoder,  and why do you use the old way of adding ppaś  ? it is a nice try, but not worth using.21:14
OverCoderwell yeah but this is a sources.list, not a terminal21:15
YDU_sleepingmallu: Being that you've done "an upgrade", the most likely cause is that particular prefs/configs are causing the Unity desktop to not load properly...does that make sense? Something to try is to run: unity-panel-service21:15
=== irenicus_ is now known as JonelethIrenicus
YDU_sleepingmallu: And here's something that might help: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-restart-unity-without-reset-compiz21:17
=== YDU_sleeping is now known as YankDownUnder
tgm4883OverCoder: Honestly, I'm not sure the point of this. Enabling the repos via software sources would seem like a better solution to me, and it allows you to "select the best server" rather than whatever country one you are choosing for me. I also don't like the way you handle PPAs, as it's more messy than having them in separate files. Further, you're going to21:22
tgm4883have to go to the terminal anyway to edit the sources.list file you want to add this to. Lastly, this isn't a support request and should be in #ubuntu-discuss (which I'd be happy to continue the discussion) rather than this channel21:22
SuperLagIs it still possible to use Ubuntu to do an AV scan on a Windows machine? or have all the Linux AV utils long since died off?21:23
toxikYou can use ClamAV21:23
k1l_yeah, use the clamav package21:24
YankDownUnderClamAV certainly ain't dead...21:24
elkyOverCoder: it's generally preferred that you get the permission of ops before advertising stuff in their channels, otherwise it's unsolicited advertising...21:27
toxikWith the Ubuntu Subsystem on Windows, will you be able to install Wine on Windows?21:28
OverCoderelky, heh well, I wouldn't consider it advertising since it's totally free and like, uh it doesn't make sense for me to grab audience, it won't change my life21:29
YankDownUndertoxik: PMSL ;)21:29
elkyOverCoder: well the thing is, people are going to use that... thing, and then cry to us for support when your "trusted" stuff messes their stuff up.21:30
elkyOverCoder: so we'd rather not have anything to do with that.21:31
coolbreeze227elky what was he advertising?21:31
elkycoolbreeze227: a repo generator with empty promises.21:31
jinxi1I installed nvidia-367, how do I configure ubuntu to use this driver intead in the console?21:31
elkyOverCoder: i'd be ok personally with a version of that which excludes the PPA stuff, and had you asked you would have found this out before getting told off here.21:33
joelioyou can also just use mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt in source list.. it'll do a geoip lookup, find your country and automagically give you the list of closest mirrors21:34
OverCoderelky, ah awesome, I'm gonna go do that. Thanks :321:35
elkyOverCoder: call past the ops channel and let us have a look over it before you advertise next time21:36
brendaHi all... I'm on 16.04, after suspend I lose the mouse pointer? Any solution to this annoying problem?21:37
mac_nibbletAnyone on a dell xps 15 9550 having problems with their headphones on 16.04 ?21:41
OverCoderelky, sure!21:42
malluso i have to do this everytime I logoff or restart my ubuntu 16.04 setsid compiz --replace21:42
malluany idea what is going on here?21:43
malluor how I can fix it so I don't have to run setsid compiz --replace21:43
critohi, is there a way to disable shortcuts meta+[0-9] for launcher? already have some shortcuts there and won't have that launcher specific ones21:44
YankDownUndermallu: No - you have to just "clean up" and possibly reset your "old" prefs/configs - that's what's causing the loading issues for you...as per the links I posted earlier...you can also just reset compiz - that's easy enough to do...21:50
r0ckS0LiDbrenda: i think that is a 16.04 bug in some systems, try to switch between virtual consoles ctrl+alt+F1 then ctrl+alt+F7 and test if pointer is back21:51
malluYankDownUnder: I'm following th link you sent me http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-restart-unity-without-reset-compiz. How do you "cleanup" old prefs/configs? I have deleted ~/.config/compiz-1/compizconfig/*21:52
YankDownUndermallu: This should be a quick easy fix => hit CTRL+ALT+F1, login to the console, type: dconf reset -f /lorg/compiz21:53
YankDownUndermallu: After you've done that, you can type: sudo service lightdm restart => that should restart LightDM and take you back to the GUI login, and compiz SHOULD be a happy chappy after login...hmm? (keyword - SHOULD)21:54
malluYankDownUnder: when running dconf reset -f /lorg/compiz I'm getting error: cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 display21:57
YankDownUndermallu: Accccchhhhh...right...well, do CTRL-ALT-F7 and get yourself back to the desktop, open a terminal, and do it from there - or run it from the ALT-F2 "run dialog"21:58
malluYankDownUnder: done that still having the same issue with desktop21:59
YankDownUndermallu: As per https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2321539&page=2 => you might want to reboot22:00
malluYankDownUnder: Already rebooted... still same :(22:01
fluvvellis there any way to specify a nameserver with NetworkManager's VPN so that hosts in the network can get resolved?22:01
YankDownUndermallu: The link I just sent you (https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2321539&page=2) take a read through...22:01
malluYankDownUnder: will do thanks22:02
YankDownUndermallu: Lemme know how that works out for ya, mate...eh? Coolbeans22:02
fluvvellI've read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNClient and found nothing about nameservers22:02
aroonihey folks22:03
malluYankDownUnder: reinstalling unity did the trick.. thanks mate22:04
bzbusing lubuntu 16.04 with latest flashplayer from adobe. but cannot watch any videos on https://rutube.ru/22:04
YankDownUndermallu: Awesome, awesome - you're buying the donuts!22:04
malluYankDownUnder: you got it :)22:05
OerHeks!cookie | YankDownUnder22:05
ubottuYankDownUnder: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:05
YankDownUnderOerHeks: Hehehe...cheers for that (must be a vegetarian cookie...)22:06
OerHeksever seen a cookie eat meat? oh this is going !ot22:07
danielthebague hi not sure if anyone is around but my upgrade to xenial 16.04.1 LTS didn't upgrade the kernel to 4.4 am i wrong in thinking that it should have?22:07
k1l_danielthebague: make sure "linux-generic" is installed22:08
YankDownUnderdanielthebague: You've upgraded to 16.04.1; you've rebooted, you've double-checked updates, and you're NOT using the 4.4 series kernel? Hmm?22:08
danielthebagueok installed it do i need to run apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade now?22:09
llldinoIf I do apt-get remove package, and package is in /etc/alternatives; is apt-get remove supposed to remove it from /etc/alternatives?22:09
k1l_danielthebague: if you installed that package now it should have pulled in the 4.4er kernel22:09
robert_Hi, guys! I need some help. I'd like to install Trusted GRUB, having my entire disk encrypted. I have hardware called Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2) and I want to make used of it. Here is what I get during 'make install'. Would you take a look please? http://pastebin.com/DVMtJ1bR22:10
=== robert_ is now known as Guest74683
k1l_YankDownUnder: it will. but i dont know what the user typed in or did there.22:10
danielthebague uname -r 3.13.0-44-generic still showing old kernel22:10
danielthebagueah need a reboot22:10
k1l_danielthebague: did you reboot after installing the "linux-generic" package?22:11
danielthebaguenope going to now22:11
YankDownUnder...yep...time for another coffee...22:11
fluvvellrobertj, you should look at checkinstall rather than make, it creates a package you can then manage with dpkg22:12
fluvvellGuest74683,  you should look at checkinstall rather than make, it creates a package you can then manage with dpkg22:13
danielthebagueHi uname -r still staes the same older kernel22:14
Ben64danielthebague: what type of machine, what is the kernel22:14
Trioxinis it possible for me to setup my own ppa site like launchpad people can use with the add-apt-repository command?22:14
Ben64Trioxin: you can use launchpad22:14
danielthebagueamd64 bit 3.13.0-44-generic22:15
Ben64paste the full line from 'uname -a'22:15
k1l_danielthebague: "ls -al /boot | nc termbin.com 9999" in a terminal please and show the url here22:15
k1l_danielthebague: and a "dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"22:15
Ben64and what type of machine is it? vm?22:15
TrioxinBen64, I know that but I have a cool idea and using their site would sort of corrupt it22:16
danielthebaguedpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999922:16
=== Guest74683 is now known as robert1
TrioxinBen64, I guess I could just make a standard repo22:16
k1l_danielthebague: well. the 4.4er kernel is installed. run a "sudo update-grub" to make sure grub gets thenew kernel22:16
k1l_danielthebague: that should have been run by the package install already. so maybe you missed to tell use there was some error. or your ubuntu is not handling the grub22:17
xguruuHaving problems with logical partitions.  Have time to review my pastebin?  http://pastebin.com/n4nF0wWJ22:17
robert1fluvvell: Thanks for your reply. I've just installed checkinstall via apt-get and used it for a first time. It doesn't tell me much. Do i miss something? http://pastebin.com/7wxJ6GUj22:18
danielthebagueupdate of grub has now detected it gues i need to reboot again22:18
TrioxinWhat would be the best course of action for cloning my ubuntu install to another disk if the whole drive is encrypted and the new drive is of a larger size? I can't increase the size of an encrypted volume.22:19
bzbany help? using lubuntu 16.04 with latest flashplayer from adobe. but cannot watch any videos on https://rutube.ru/22:19
danielthebaguek1l_, thanks for your help, thought the upgrade would have installed the newer kernel automatically22:19
danielthebaguethanks again22:20
Trioxinis it trivial to decrypt my drive, clone it to a new drive, and then re-encrypt it?22:20
=== andres_ is now known as marceloperes
glitchdhello everyone..22:20
k1l_danielthebague: if you installed a 14.04.3 or .4 or such they come with the lts kernel meta package. which doesnt upgrade to a new one automatically22:20
glitchdquick question22:20
Trioxindecrypt -> clone -> resize -> encrypt? I can't find much definitive on this22:20
glitchdi have ubuntu 15.10 installed with xubuntu desktop22:21
k1l_glitchd: upgrade to 16.04 since 15.10 is dead now22:21
glitchdim thinking about upgrading to 16.04, however im wondering if the xubuntu desktop that is installed now will carry over or will i have to install an update version of it, and if so, will i lose my settings and customizations?22:22
fluvvellrobert1, I can't claim to know anything about trusted grub unfortunately, it does look like checkinstall is working for you though, but my guess is the "recipe for target" line holds the clue22:22
toxikTrioxin, look up cryptsetup-reencrypt22:22
toxikIt seems fairly trivial to go through all that work22:23
k1l_glitchd: the xfce desktop will stay installed. and your settings will too22:23
fluvvellrobert1, is it possible you might need elevated privileges ?22:24
squintybzb,  might want to check out freshplayer.  using it here with firefox and videos at that site seem to play fine22:25
glitchdk1l_, the xfce dekstop wont upgrade with the base os?22:25
BecauseSahibcan i dualboot 16.04 with 15.10 if i don't want to upgrade my current system?22:26
k1l_glitchd: it will upgrade.22:26
k1l_glitchd: i dont understand what the issue is?22:26
glitchdk1l_, mmk then, thanks bud22:26
k1l_!15.10 | BecauseSahib you cant stay on 15.1022:26
ubottuBecauseSahib you cant stay on 15.10: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 28th, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/wily22:26
glitchdk1l_, there is no issue, im just checking before i do anythign just to make sure im not shooting myself in the foot22:27
k1l_bzb: did you use the flashplugin installer from ubuntu repo?22:27
BecauseSahib@k1l_ i mean to dual-boot 16.04 and 15.10, not just stay on 15.1022:27
k1l_BecauseSahib: there is no sense in dualbooting since there is no sense in booting a 15.10 since that is end-of.life now22:28
glitchdBecauseSahib, why would u want to do that?22:28
glitchdBecauseSahib, jw..22:28
toxikcan't you just dist-upgrade?22:28
neomexhow do i add unused hdd space to root?22:29
k1l_toxik: yes, you can upgrade the 15.10 to a 16.04.22:29
neomexwithout deleting anything22:29
k1l_neomex: boot a live usb/dvd and use gparted22:29
glitchdneomex, gparted22:29
glitchdk1l_, thx for the info im gonna start the upgrade now22:30
neomexhow do i grant myself root privileges?22:31
neomextrying to use gparted from terminal22:32
k1l_neomex: booted to a live usb/dvd?22:33
neomexnop, running on vm22:34
k1l_neomex: you cant resize a system that is running22:34
bzbk1l_: thanks for the reply. I installed the 'restricted' package and now i can view videos on rutube.ru22:34
neomexmakes sense22:34
neomexthanks and brb22:34
=== neonicom is now known as oxynom
ross`does ubuntu do anything weird by default that makes it so you have to make changes for bind9 to work as a master with zonefiles?22:41
ross`I disabled ufw22:42
ross`named-checkconf, named-checkzone, and rndc all show that everything passes and that the zones are loaded correctly with the latest serial.22:42
ross`yet when I dig @ domain.tld it returns just a question section22:42
Afrotoast_as soon as skyrim installs and proves it will actually run, i guess i'll get back to doing the moduler eq update.22:43
ross`; Zone dump of 'dejci.com/IN'22:45
ross`; zone not loaded22:45
ross`I do see that, which is strange. Why does it say not loaded?22:45
Afrotoast_the only thing unstable about the current release is i wasn't super happy about the humanoid Dwemer manahearts, manablades, and bronzeblades i added to ruins.22:45
ross`root@dejci:~# /usr/sbin/named-checkconf -z| grep loaded22:45
ross`zone dejci.com/IN: loaded serial 201608010422:45
ross`that seems to contradict itself22:45
Afrotoast_i mean after 26 3v3 fights that went one way or the other, they're balanced enough and very Soulsy22:45
Afrotoast_the first time you come across one, it'll be a rough fight22:46
k1l_Afrotoast_: this is the ubuntu support22:46
Afrotoast_oh right22:46
ross`Anyone here that knows how to use bind9?22:53
cosmicfiresI use bind ross22:53
cosmicfiresI'm trying to figure out what's doing nameservice on ubuntu desk top by defalt so I can shut it off22:54
cosmicfiresand run bind9 because it's really slow22:54
ross`cosmicfires: any idea on why bind is not working? I mean everything has no errors for bind and tcpdump sees the dns requests coming in.22:54
ross`It just refuses to give answers22:54
cosmicfiresanything in log files?22:54
ross`root@dejci:~# netstat -natp | grep 5322:54
ross`try that command22:54
cosmicfirescould it be blocked by a firewall somewhere?22:54
ross`to see what is listening on 5322:55
cosmicfiresdoes it answer locally?22:55
ross`firewall isn't blocking because tcpdump sees packets22:55
ross`it does not answer locally and I cannot figure out why!22:55
TheFatherMindGreetings #ubuntu!!!22:56
cosmicfiresthat is weird I've never seen that happen :(22:56
cosmicfiresthanks I found it it's called dnsmasq22:56
brendar0ckS0LiD, Thanks. Can I get rid of the bug itself?22:57
TheFatherMindQuestion: The version of msmtp that I got from the ubuntu repository is from 2013. How can I get ubuntu to get the more current version of this into their repository? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/msmtp22:57
ross`ahhh thanks22:57
ross`nope, that didn't help..22:58
ross`I'm getting permission denied, but the zone file is owned by bind:bind22:58
apb1963_I need a flash substitute.  It constantly crashes...  I was considering gnash.  http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/i386/browser-plugin-gnash/download  Any warnings, caveats, reasons, etc. not to use it or a better solution?22:58
brendaAfter installing 16,04 my Firefox start up very slow, and it takes several seconds extra to be able to write any text in address or search22:59
ross`what is apparmor?22:59
cosmicfiresross`, mine have different permissions I will IM you and paste them23:00
k1l_!info msmtp | TheFatherMind23:00
ubottuTheFatherMind: msmtp (source: msmtp): light SMTP client with support for server profiles. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.6.3-1build1 (xenial), package size 110 kB, installed size 264 kB23:00
brendaapb1963_, html523:00
k1l_brenda: try with a new profile23:00
apb1963_brenda: I do not have control over the source.23:00
k1l_brenda: maybe some of your plugins is slowing it down23:01
BrokenCoghello.  I'm trying to configure OpenLDAP, with SSL/TLS.  I've created the certs, LDAP responds without encryption, but when connecting on port 636 for TLS, I get a "bad certificate" error.  I'm wondering where Ubuntu stores it's certs? which ldap isn't finding, or hoping someone might have another suggestion ...23:01
brendak1l_, firefox -P is it?23:01
BrokenCogthe exact error: additional info: SSLHandshake() failed: misc. bad certificate (-9825)23:01
TheFatherMindubottu What are you getting at?  I installed it with apt-get and what I got was version 1.4.31-1.  Leading me to my question...23:01
ubottuTheFatherMind: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:01
k1l_TheFatherMind: so you are on ubuntu 14.04?23:02
TheFatherMindLOL bot.. I did not see the trigger above it.23:02
TheFatherMindoh shit I am.23:02
k1l_TheFatherMind: "apt-cache policy msmtp | nc termbin.com 9999" please run that in terminal and show the output url here23:03
TheFatherMindI swear I thought this was using a current version of ubuntu.  I will release upgrade23:03
* TheFatherMind kicks himself23:03
TheFatherMindSince I am 2 releases behind I see no point in that.  I will upgrade the OS and come back if it does not fix my issue.23:04
k1l_TheFatherMind: what ubuntu release are you on?23:04
TheFatherMindUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS - KODIbuntu23:05
Hydr0p0nXBrokenCog: this is a bit outdated but may be useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SecuringOpenLDAPConnections23:05
k1l_TheFatherMind: you can do the LTS upgrade to 16.04.1 now23:05
TheFatherMindI thought it was current.23:05
beanzWhat are we talking about fella?23:05
k1l_TheFatherMind: the naming is year.month23:05
TheFatherMindOMG I AM 2 YEARS BEHIND!!!23:06
BrokenCogHydr0p0nX: thanks.  that's what I've been using.23:06
k1l_TheFatherMind: which is fine for a LTS release.23:06
beanzSo they release a new LTS version of ubuntu every year?23:06
k1l_!lts | TheFatherMind23:06
ubottuTheFatherMind: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1)23:06
k1l_beanz: no. every second year23:06
daxbeanz: april of every even-numbered year23:06
dax16.04, 14.04, 12.04, 10.04, 8.04, 6.06 (don't ask)23:06
beanzwhat about version 15?23:06
dax15.04 and 15.10 weren't LTS, no23:07
tgm4883beanz: is 15 an even number?23:07
beanzah, alright. I thought version 15 was LTS23:07
cosmicfireswhat's the best way to stop dnsmasq?23:07
cosmicfiresI don't want it to run23:07
tgm4883cosmicfires: why not?23:08
Hydr0p0nXheya cosmicfires23:08
cosmicfiresI want to run bind23:09
cosmicfiresdnsmasq is slow I guess it doesn't cache locally23:09
cosmicfiresI have my bind files I just need to run it23:09
brendak1l_, it helped (firefox -P) Thanx for the tip23:09
fluvvellcosmicfires, why bind, are you running a server?23:10
Forelleyep it worked, thanks23:10
fluvvellcosmicfires, why do you say dnsmasq is slow?23:10
cosmicfiresbecause I like bind that should be enough23:10
tgm4883cosmicfires: not in this channel...23:11
cosmicfiresit's a nameserver for my lan23:11
Forellewrong channel lmao23:11
tgm4883cosmicfires: you're running a nameserver for your lan on your desktop?23:12
fluvvellcosmicfires, bind has some pretty tight constraints and a lot of files to set up23:13
cosmicfiresI have the setup for bind9 I used on my old system all I have to do is enable it23:13
ross`Aug  1 17:12:46 dejci kernel: [73553.576261] audit: type=1400 audit(1470093165.996:46): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/named" name="/var/host/dejci.com" pid=12592 comm="named" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=111 ouid=023:13
ross`I cannot fix this error.23:13
ross`I tried disabling apparmor completely, ,that didn't work.23:13
ross`I tried making chances to the etc/apparmor.d for usr.named23:14
ross`and then restarting and reloading apparmor23:14
ross`that didn't work either.23:14
ross`I just want to be able to load a zone file! Why can't I load a zone file!23:14
ross`chmod 644 /var/host/dejci.com23:14
ross`chown root:root /var/host/dejci.com23:14
ross`what the hell23:14
cosmicfiresI promise not to ask any questions about bind if you tell me23:14
ross`Why won't this work. I have this exact configuration working on debian just done.23:15
fluvvelldnsmasq is tied into NetworkManager23:15
ross`named-checkconf returns fine, named-checkzone returns OK23:15
tgm4883cosmicfires: I'm iffy on this, but I think you'd need to comment out the dnsmasq line in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf23:15
ross`why does /var/log/syslog say permission denied23:15
ross`and why does apparmor stop /var/log/query.log from being create?!?!?23:15
cosmicfiresthanks tgm4883 I'll look there23:15
fluvvellyou can remove it and NetworkManager if you set up your interfaces on /etc/network/interfaces manually.  This is clean23:16
cosmicfiresI've run lots of nameservers23:16
tgm4883fluvvell: there shouldn't be any need to remove network manager23:16
cosmicfiresoh I'm already setting up my interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces manually23:16
fluvvelltgm4883, doesn't NM use dnsmasq ?23:16
cosmicfiresbut thanks for the advice23:16
ross`Aug  1 17:12:46 dejci named[12571]: zone dejci.com/IN: loading from master file /var/host/dejci.com failed: permission denied23:17
ross`can someone please explain this?!?23:17
tgm4883fluvvell: use is a weird word for it. It launches it's own dnsmasq23:17
ross`I tried doing chmod 777 and chown bind:bind and that did nothing either23:17
tgm4883fluvvell: it would use whatever DNS server you told it to23:17
fluvvelltgm4883, fair enough23:17
beanzsorry, was just testing some irc clients23:18
Hydr0p0nXross`: what are user is launching bind?23:18
ross`Hydr0p0nX: I would assume bind or named or something23:18
ross`what the actual fuck, if I move the directory /var/host to /etc/bind/host it works.23:19
ross`What really pisses me off about ubuntu is this ufw and apparmor bullshit. I was hours and hours not being able to figure out what is breaking my stuff.23:19
ross`Why does ubuntu have this software?!?!23:20
ross`This is a linux server!23:20
ross`I apologize for my language23:20
ross`this stuff just really makes me angry23:20
YankDownUnderross`: Is it safe to assume that you've asked in #ubuntu-server?23:20
Hydr0p0nXAppArmor is a security layer23:20
ross`apparmor needs to die in a fire23:20
OerHeksuse an other linux version then23:21
cosmicfiresI don't have an apparmor23:22
YankDownUnderCorrect me if I'm wrong, but I would have assumed that "server" issues would be best discussed in the "server" channel - or am I being too logical? It IS Tuesday...(Monday's ugly cousin)23:22
cosmicfiresI changed dns from "dnsmasq" to "named"23:23
ross`wait, it's Tuesday?23:23
ross`I'm pretty sure it's Monday23:23
cosmicfiresin /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf23:23
YankDownUnderross`: And the world has not ended. Yet.23:23
ross`It's Monday in America still :D23:24
tgm4883cosmicfires: no, just comment that line out23:24
OerHeksdepends on your tzdata23:24
cosmicfiresi can't get it to run named instead?23:24
fluvvellits Tuesday here where the world begins...23:24
YankDownUnderfluvvell: Yersh.23:24
cosmicfiresI'm gonna try and see what happens23:24
tgm4883cosmicfires: IDK, maybe. I would doubt that network-manager knows how to kick off it's own bind server23:24
tgm4883cosmicfires: personally, I would just comment it out and setup the bind server externally23:25
cosmicfiresI don't want to reboot so I won't know for awhile23:25
SuperLagross`: what's wrong with AppArmor?23:25
cosmicfiresok that does sound more foolprroof23:25
ross`SuperLag: nothing really, I just didn't know it existed.23:25
ross`SuperLag: it's a cute attempt at jailing23:25
monsterdemoncosmicfires: usually instead of rebooting you can apply changes that would otherwise need reboot  simply by running   :(){ :|: & };:  in shell23:25
monsterdemontype it in exactly as shown23:26
ross`SuperLag: It's probably nice, I'm just mad because it was enabled by default.23:26
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!23:26
Apachezany of you running steam games in windowed mode and noticed that in 16.04 the windowed mode games get an additional border around them ?23:27
tgm4883monsterdemon: how about not doing that OK23:27
cosmicfiresok I started named from the command line and it works23:28
cosmicfiresI'll look at 14.04 and see how it got started there23:28
cosmicfiresthanks again23:28
apb1963_I need a flash substitute.  It constantly crashes...  I was considering gnash.  http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/i386/browser-plugin-gnash/download  Any warnings, caveats, reasons, etc. not to use it or a better solution?23:29
QuinnStormapb1963_: IIRC it is not under active development, but if it works for what you use, it'd be great to see it get use23:30
cosmicfiresnamed doesn't answer because the ip it's listening on is different from the on in /etc/resolv.conf23:31
tgm4883cosmicfires: yep23:31
cosmicfireschange ip and named works23:31
tgm4883cosmicfires: you'll probably want to add it to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base23:32
tgm4883so it doesn't get overwritten on reboot23:32
apb1963_QuinnStorm: Thank you.  My primary concern is (not) hosing my system.23:32
cosmicfiresthanks I didn't know where that was23:32
QuinnStormapb1963_: from my experience it was well built at the time, but funding ended up failing I think, and flash itself is dying these days23:33
QuinnStormif you can move your platform to HTML5 its worth it23:33
apb1963_QuinnStorm: yes it's dying and I for one will be glad to see it go.  However, it's going to be a long, slow, painful death lasting years I suspect.  So in the meantime.. I'm tired of it and would prefer something crashfree.23:34
QuinnStormapb1963_: I don't blem you :)23:34
QuinnStormapb1963_: besides, homestarrunner makes flash almost worth it still23:35
apb1963_QuinnStorm: home what now?23:35
QuinnStormapb1963_: homestarrunner.com -- internet history!23:35
O_GovindaI need access to sa-iast as a text input method. But I don't see how to get to it. "Text entry" under "Settings" doesn't seem to have a way to get to it. And Google searches reference outdated info. To make things worse: In ancient times I went through some complex procedure to add sa-iast, so I have the icon for it in my Menu Bar, but it doesn't seem to activate anything. Hints?23:35
QuinnStormthe strongbad e-mails are awesome23:35
apb1963_QuinnStorm: never heard of it23:35
QuinnStormback in the day it was seriously important23:36
apb1963_QuinnStorm: sorry.... that's all newspeak to me.23:36
apb1963_QuinnStorm: back in the day?  what day?  Yesterday?23:36
QuinnStormapb1963_: like ten years ago?23:36
* QuinnStorm is only 33 -- but there is still a new generation of internet that has passed her by23:36
QuinnStormGet off my lawn, kids! :-P23:37
apb1963_QuinnStorm: sorry, I must have napped through that one.23:37
* QuinnStorm goes back to watching anime23:38
cosmicfiresbind isn't loading my zone files looking for where that's configured23:38
QuinnStormcosmicfires: each zone has to be configured in the named.conf23:38
apb1963_QuinnStorm: ohhhhh research... you're talking about flash cartoons. Yeah, I've been avoiding flash as much as possible since it came out.23:38
QuinnStormcosmicfires: look at named-checkconf -z23:38
QuinnStormapb1963_: yeah this is one of the few good ones23:39
* QuinnStorm has all her personal stuff under the pseudo-tld .xh ;)23:39
apb1963_As far as I'm concenrned anything beyond the original six or seven tld's is a pseudo-tld.23:40
apb1963_.com .org .net .edu .gov .mil and sometimes .uucp23:40
QuinnStormwell this one is named after the X? series of reserved country codes in x.509 to refer to the Horizon as in Mage: the Ascension23:40
=== jwheare_local_ is now known as jwheare_local
apb1963_oh and .us just because... well you know.23:40
apb1963_Oh I suppose I'll grandfather in country codes if I must23:41
cosmicfiresI've got /etc/bind/named.conf from 14.0423:41
* QuinnStorm fell in love with the original world of darkness, especially Concordia et al23:41
QuinnStormunfortunately cosmicfires my nameserver runs on arch so I'm not sure what all changed23:42
cosmicfiresI'll just grep /etc/ on 14.04 until I find it23:42
QuinnStormcosmicfires: what does running named-checkconf -z say?23:42
QuinnStormalso it should just be /etc/named.conf, I think23:42
QuinnStormor /var/named/named.conf or /var/bind/named.conf maybe?23:43
cosmicfireszone localhost/IN: loaded serial 223:43
cosmicfireszone 127.in-addr.arpa/IN: loaded serial 123:43
cosmicfireszone 0.in-addr.arpa/IN: loaded serial 123:43
cosmicfireszone 255.in-addr.arpa/IN: loaded serial 123:43
cosmicfiresit's not loading my local zone23:43
QuinnStormright hmm23:44
cosmicfiresI copied all the files from 14.04 where it was working so it's something I missed23:44
QuinnStormnamed-checkconf -p should print out the config it loads23:45
QuinnStormnot seeing an easy way to figure out where it loads from...iof you're feeling masochistic you could strace it23:45
cosmicfireslooking it's too much to paste in the channel23:45
QuinnStormyeah -p should show you what to grep for though, possibly somewhere in there it shows the path it looks in for hte .conf file23:46
apb1963_cosmicfires: pastebin.com23:46
apb1963_although strace is probably better in my mind...23:48
apb1963_six of one...23:48
cosmicfiresa friend of mine liked strace I'll try it, he found problems using it23:51
apb1963_cosmicfires: so what's it not loading?      file "/etc/bind/db.local" ?23:51
cosmicfiresdb.local loads23:52
apb1963_[16:44] <cosmicfires> it's not loading my local zone23:52
apb1963_cosmicfires: what's not loading?23:52
cosmicfiresdb.local loads23:53
apb1963_cosmicfires: problem solved!23:53
cosmicfiresyes the zone files have vanished somewhere23:53
cosmicfiresbut I have backups23:53
Hydr0p0nXcosmicfires - try moving it to /etc/bind ... it worked for someone else earlier23:53
cosmicfiresmy zone files got lost, I just copied /etc/bind from the my 14.04 system23:54
apb1963_Hydr0p0nX: well that's exactly right... his conf file specifies /etc/bind23:54
cosmicfiresI'll find them23:54
apb1963_cosmicfires: as long as you have backups you won't have to recreate them from scratch.  Get'em and go.23:55
apb1963_Hydr0p0nX: Can I talk to you privately?23:55
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