Unit193branch nick: platform.yakkety05:11
Unit193timestamp: Sun 2016-07-31 23:13:06 +020005:11
Unit193message: standard: add nplan (foundations-y-network-yaml)05:11
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akxwi-daveMorning guys..  Done a quick run thry of todays Iso, and made a list of what does and doesn't look right with the possible GTK change.. link to doc here.. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z6rf5HqQbNvKv19euG6DCaqrOxz5-nzXvZaqGmcorwI09:39
flocculantakxwi-dave: there was talk after you'd gone re that gtk stuff - waiting on an upload of new theme10:57
flocculantignore theme stuff for the time being10:57
akxwi-davecheers read thru the irc logs and thought that  hence the list of what shows ok and not for those doing the themes.. if it helps them10:58
flocculantwell it'll certainly help us - we know which we need to check :)11:00
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knomepleia2, ping - let's keep the mail that is in the moderation queue for -contacts there for the moment21:08
knomepleia2, i have a potential proposal related to mails like that...21:08
knomepleia2, (will send information on that to the -devel list soon)21:09
knomepleia2, done.21:24
knomepleia2, the reason i don't want to lose that email is their email address, if we decide to go on with what i proposed on the ML21:25

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