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Ly383rtWhat is the problem with Kubuntu ? When trying to install VirtualBox IT removes entire graphic part of the system00:21
user|54018i can't find user group in system settings .i installed Kubuntu 16.04 lts fresh to my system,my lab i7 2620m with 4 g ram00:26
Ly383rtWhat is the problem with Kubuntu ? When trying to install VirtualBox IT removes entire graphic part of the system00:36
hydrogenDid a recent ubuntu update do all sorts of bad things to dual boot systems?01:23
hydrogenOr was that a recent windows 10 update01:23
jtinowouldnt know i only run mint c s alone and windows 10 alone01:26
jtinoas per to many problems when i was duel booting01:26
jtinolol i took the easy way out01:26
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jtinohey mikey01:30
hydrogenseems like something decided to rewrite uefi priorities01:41
jtinohello i have a green network folder on my desktop how do i get rid of it from my desk top01:45
jtinorunning linux mint cinnamon01:45
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Startrek852Sorry I keep asking, but does anyone know how to increase saturation on 16.04 without the fglrx driver and Catalyst Control Center??02:58
* momoe waves03:00
momoeSo, I notice after an update this week on Kubuntu, screen magnification doesn't seem to work. Can someone else confirm this please?03:01
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momoeI'm guessing 'kwin' handles screen magnification?03:03
chcknrub[YouTube] TIME is an ILLUSION according to EINSTEIN - (the space-time continuum) | Uploader: Tarik's ART OF SPIRIT | Uploaded: 2014-01-01 - 22:10:37 | Length: 10m 32s | Views: 276,481 | Comments: 746 | 1,640+ | 76-03:05
QuinnStormtime(1) however is useful ;)03:06
momoeIf anyone is using the latest updates in Kubuntu, can they test if screen magnification works "META_="03:13
Startrek852Hey, I'm back. Did I miss anything?03:15
chcknrubthere is no time03:18
chcknrubthere is no past, present and future03:19
chcknrubeverything is 4 dimensional static03:19
Startrek852Anyone know?03:23
TheTrashWOo, 0 AD is fun03:28
Startrek852Hey, did I miss anything?03:47
TheTrashYes, 0 AD!03:48
TheTrashGo play now03:48
Startrek852Anyone know the answer to my problem?03:49
cranespudhey there, does anyone has a problem with kde freezing when you try to drag something like for example selecting text from a page and trying to drag it?03:54
cranespudI just want to know if this is a known issue03:54
Ab3Lafter upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04, i've a problem with the graphical interface.04:51
Ab3Lnow i started the system with upstart (not systemd) and logged in in a command line interface.04:52
Ab3LI think the problem comes from plymouth.04:52
Ab3Lis it possible to look to the upgrade log? to fix plymouth or start plasma without going through plymouth?04:54
Ab3Li'll try to delete 'squash' in grub... hope is the right choice.05:12
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JohnDroidHow is it that when doing an upgrade or installing new packages, repo are so slow! For exemple I am currently using http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu08:33
JohnDroidIt's so so so very slow many times it get stuck and don't do any downloads for 3-5 minutes08:37
merkahi , i can not make canon mf 4450 printer works with my laptop. Can anyone please help me08:45
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AleksejsHi! So I upgraded my kubuntu (by upgraded I mean broke to kernel panic then reinstalled via liveusb, saving my home folder). I've lost all my projects, but it's ok, they are in git repos. I can't install mysql-server, but it also can be solved. But I have a strangest bug ever:10:15
AleksejsI have a sony wireless headphones. They worked ok before. Now they also work as audio output. But if I try to watch some youtube video, once I connect these headphones, video pauses. Once I disconnect them, video unpauses10:17
JohnDroidAleksejs: do you run kubuntu 16.04.1 ?10:31
JohnDroidwhy not switch to KDE neon?10:32
AleksejsJohnDroid: will it help?10:34
usvion a scale from 4 to 10, any ideas about how many years it is expected for this KDE shift tab / backtab bug to get fixed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGoi97UMoxg10:44
Aleksejsexcellent: new dolphin doesn't have an option to enable double click for opening files/folders10:55
kriseHI i cant get my canon mf4450 printer to work. I need someone to help me please11:14
mparilloAleksejs: Can you still change it in System Settings > Input Devices > Mouse, or do you really want it only in Dolphin?11:15
Aleksejsmparillo: thanks! I just remembered that it was in dolphin settings before11:16
user|65793hello people11:39
user|65793i'm having problems with the Kubuntu 16 LTS. On the graphical login screens says: failed to start session11:40
user|65793can someone give me a help in this issue?11:42
yossarianukuser|65793: is it a new install or upgrade ?11:43
kriseI need someone to help me to get my printer work canon 445011:50
BluesKajHiyas all11:54
BluesKaj'Morning momoe11:56
mparillokrise: I do not have a canon, but for my epson, I had to first install the .deb from the epson site, and then go to system settings > printer to add it there.11:57
momoeSo I had a question I tried to post earlier, was hoping someone could answer12:05
momoeThe latest updates to my Kubuntu might have broke 'kwin' screen magnification. Does this still work for anyone else?12:06
momoeMETA_= is the global shortcut12:06
momoeNo replies still?12:11
user|65793it's a new install12:12
momoeNo existing install. recent update this week12:13
momoeShow Desktop, and Screen magnify haven't been working appropreately12:13
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momoeJust checking if this is a local problem or anyone else can verify12:14
BluesKajmomoe, which kubuntu version?12:24
momoe@BlueKaj using version 16.04, KDE framework 5.23.012:39
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yossarianukuser|65793: you need to look at /var/log/syslog13:07
JohnDroidAleksejs: maybe it will help, I am not sure as I don't have sony headphones13:16
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MrokiiHello. Is there a way to set "Details View" as the standard viewmode in Dolphin? So that every newly created folder opens in that mode automatically?13:40
YaninaHi people! Im Yanina and im newie at kubuntu's world13:42
YaninaIm having a problem with battery changing13:42
Yaninacould someone help me??13:43
mgolden_Yanina - can you be specific?13:49
mgolden_Mrokii: I believe it opens in whatever mode it was last in.13:51
mgolden_Under Control > Configure Dolphin > General > Behavior you can remember properties for each folder, or use common properties for all folders13:52
Yaninamgolden_ yes, I have installed kubuntu 16.04 in two laptops bangho. The first one is ok, but the second one doesnt charge battery13:53
Yaninawhen I go to KinfoCenter it seems there is no battery connected13:54
_thelion_Mrokii: yes. - Open "options" in Dolphin. There you can find "adjust (?) view...". Choose "Details View" and you can set this view as standard, too.13:54
YaninaI connected the battery to the other laptop and it works13:55
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mgolden_Yanina: what does it show in the task bar?14:33
Mrokiimgolden_: Yes, I found that out. I was looking for a default option for newly created or never-before-opened folders.15:12
Mrokiimgolden_: I assume "_thelion_"s answer is what I'm looking for.15:13
mgolden_Mrokii: I haven't tried _thelion_ s suggestion.15:32
mgolden_Mrokii: do you want to have different folder views for each folder? (Meaning it will remember each one separately.) Or do you always want it to open with the default?15:33
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Mrokiimgolden_: _thelion_s solution worked. I've found the relevant option. And I do have the option enabled to have different views for each folder. But the details-view is the one I am using just about everywhere, so it's good I could enable it as a default.15:55
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krisemparillo i did that, i downloaded driver package from anon site and installed them, but when i add printer i see like hundred drivers at the list there but not for this model16:07
krisemabe im doing something wrong16:08
krisecomputer finds printer do, but wont start printing16:08
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Khaoticdoes anyone use kdevelop?18:36
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soeeKhaotic: a bit18:42
Khaoticwhat lang?18:42
KhaoticC i assume18:42
Khaoticim trying to get it to use python, but it's slow18:43
soeenah. just some basic qml18:43
Bananajoehello folks19:20
soeehiho Bananajoe19:23
Bananajoeyou're fine soee?19:27
al8989hello, i have a question if I upgrade from kubuntu 14.10 using the muron update will all my settings in google chrome and such be preserved and will my windows wireless lan drivers still be installed for my wireless adapter?20:12
ikoniaal8989: the bookmarks and settings should stay20:13
ikoniathe wireless card will depend on a lot of things20:13
al8989well im using a windows driver to use the wireless adapter20:13
al8989i just wanted to make sure it was easy before i did it as i jsut recieved a notification on my desktop today about the upgrade20:17
mgolden_al8989: If I were you I would backup everything and make absolutely sure you have an ethernet cable to do it.20:28
al8989ok thank you i can do that i just wanted to know if i might need to reconfigure the wireless adapter after the upgrade20:30
mgolden_You may very well have to.20:39
al8989ok thank you20:40
mgolden_aIal8989: I am surprised you still need to use a windows driver. Most wifi hardware is supported in better ways nowadays.20:40
al8989very much for the advice exactly what i was looking for20:40
mgolden_al8989: (I had to uninstall and reinstall amarok on the upgrade - these things aren't perfect!)20:41
al8989ok ty20:41
al8989i've updated windows before but never kubuntu linux20:45
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