cimbakahnHello Everyone!00:32
cimbakahnIs it true that you have to have a compositing window manager to run a dock?00:32
cimbakahnI heard that you could just install your dock, then make sure metacity is installed, and then turn metacity on, and that should do it.  Is this correct?00:33
n-iCehi cimbakahn00:40
n-iCeno idea00:40
n-iCephilipballew: might know00:40
n-iCe19:32 < cimbakahn> Hello Everyone!00:40
n-iCe19:32 < cimbakahn> Is it true that you have to have a compositing window00:40
n-iCe                   manager to run a dock?00:40
n-iCe19:33 < cimbakahn> I heard that you could just install your dock, then make00:40
n-iCe                   sure metacity is installed, and then turn metacity on, and00:40
cimbakahnphilipballew, Are you here?00:45
* n-iCe lguahs00:45
* n-iCe laughs00:45
cimbakahnHow do i completely get rid of systemd, and replace it with what there was before?01:13
wxlcimbakahn: you might want to try to pick one channel and stick with it.01:15
wxl!systemd | cimbakahn01:17
ubottucimbakahn: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units01:17
cimbakahnI don't want to transition from upstart to systemd.  I don't want systemd.  I want what there was before.01:20
wxland upstart was what was there before.01:20
wxlthere's a section in there that covers switching back.01:20
wxlif you want further help on that matter, i'd suggest going to #ubuntu.01:20
cimbakahnwxl, Thank you!01:21
wxloh and cimbakahn this covers some discussion about docks. looks like they all need a compositor.https://askubuntu.com/questions/54008/whats-the-best-lightweight-dock-for-lubuntu01:22
n-iCehi wxl01:22
n-iCehow are you?01:22
wxln-iCe: #lubuntu-offtopic.01:22
n-iCeyou can just say, fine, thanks01:22
cimbakahnwxl, Thank you so very much!01:23
wxlno problem cimbakahn01:23
wxln-iCe: the more idle chatter we have in #lubuntu the harder it is for people to search through the logs for help for their issues, so we try to keep it out of here. that being said, join #lubuntu-offtopic if you'd like to discuss something not related to support01:23
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Lubuntu16_04_sucI am waiting for a release of LIVE CD of lubuntu 16.04 that actually works as the 14.04 LIVE CD DOES. How long  do you think it will take them to correct this ? Why was  16.04.1 released when there is such an obvious bug?12:10
Lubuntu16_04_sucI want to promote lubuntu but for now I can say go tryit.12:11
Lubuntu16_04_suchello is anyone there?12:13
Lubuntu16_04_sucgood bye12:14
Lubuntu16_04_sucHello anyone there?12:18
Lubuntu16_04_sucnothing hear (or seen)12:21
Chunkyz_Has lxqt been pushed as default yet?15:14
tsimonq2Chunkyz_: nope15:18
tsimonq2Chunkyz_: we're working on an image though15:18
Chunkyz_When then?15:18
tsimonq2ideally, we'll have an image within the next two weeks, then after that, we're waiting on a couple things to make it default15:19
Chunkyz_Thanks for the information15:19
tsimonq2Chunkyz_: no problem :)15:20
suncokrethello, so does somebody try Lubuntu 16.04, is it work good as 14.04?15:30
tsimonq2suncokret: it works well15:30
tsimonq2could you be more specific?15:31
suncokretdoes 16.04 use same size of ram as 14.04?15:33
tsimonq2suncokret: probably *megabytes* more15:34
tewardsuncokret: Lubuntu 14.04 and Lubuntu 16.04 will probably run about the same on the same amount of RAM15:36
tewardas long as Lubuntu 14.04 isn't eating up *all* your memory already just by booting, it'll only take a few megabytes more15:37
tsimonq2if more, very little15:37
tewardgive or take a few running processes here or there15:37
suncokretwhen i start lubuntu 14.04 32 bit it use about 105mb ram15:38
tewardsuncokret: out of how much total on your system?15:39
tewardit'll probably only use 110MB give or take a few15:39
tewardbut that's not really much different15:39
suncokreti have 2gb memory15:40
tewardthen it'll work fine, and you should not worry about a few megabytes here or there15:40
tewardyou're good15:40
suncokreti know, but i just ask15:40
tewardat least from the RAM angle15:40
suncokretbefore this i had computer with 1gb of ram and that is also enough for lubuntu15:41
suncokretand is lubuntu 16.04 stable as 14.04?15:47
tsimonq2suncokret: should be :)15:49
suncokretso do i have some advantage if i install 16.04?15:50
tsimonq2!offtopic | n-iCe21:22
ubottun-iCe: #lubuntu is the Lubuntu support channel, #lubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Lubuntu, and #lubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:22
n-iCeI just said hi21:24
n-iCeYou are making me talk21:24
wxln-iCe: please behave.21:25
wxln-iCe: in other words, please keep the idle chatter (including greetings) out of here and confine them to #lubuntu-offtopic. and don't argue. thanks.21:26

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