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Kiloselacheche ping17:42
DroKilos-,  :(19:23
Kilos-hi Dro19:23
Kilos-whats wrong my friend19:23
DroKilos-, http://imgur.com/a/ndzgx19:26
Kilos-oh my, ram failure19:28
Kilos-try unplug them and reseat them19:28
Kilos-or is this old ram you are trying19:28
Kilos-i havent had ram failures before19:29
Kilos-only a mismatch between 2  cards19:29
DroKilos-, i tried to unplug them and reseat them19:53
Drobut still not working19:53
Kilos-were they working fine and then started this dro?19:56
Kilos-hi CraigZim19:56
DroKilos-, thats the problem, im not sure :s19:57
Droits an old PC19:57
Droand i tooked it to someone to repare the screen19:57
Droso now i can't open my ubuntu in that pc19:57
Droand even windows is not working / blue screen19:57
Kilos-oh my19:58
Droso i started a memtest19:58
Droto see if the problem is from my ram19:58
Droand thats the result19:58
Kilos-what size ram cards are they , try use only one at a time19:58
DroI tried19:58
Droto use everytime 1 card19:59
Drobut always same problem :s19:59
Kilos-have you another pc to test them with19:59
Kilos-might be something in the motherboard as well20:00
Drohmm maybe20:03
Drowell the problem when ubuntu start20:03
Droi can't see the error why it don't work20:03
Droi got a black screen with erros and keep flashing20:03
Kilos-you mean running live from iso?20:03
DroKilos-, no20:06
Drothe already installed ubuntu20:06
Droit don't start20:06
Droit show ubuntu screen loading... then it show a black screen flashing20:06
Kilos-try running it from a live cd is flash20:06
Droits ubuntu 12.04 i think20:06
Droit work from live usb20:07
Drobut i need to run the installed system :s20:07
Kilos-can you get it to grub boot?20:07
Kilos-then choose repair20:07
DroKilos-, i tried it20:08
Drobut i have a problem20:08
Kilos-or if you can get to prompt then run sudo touch /forcefsck20:08
Droof "low graphical mode".. if u know it20:08
Kilos-if you can get to a terminal you can run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop --reinstall20:09
DroKilos-, how can i enable wifi there? :s20:11
Kilos-i have no idea, cant you cable connect it to adsl20:11
Kilos-can you browse?20:12
Kilos-thats enabling wifi from cli on 12.0420:13
Kilos-here is another one that might be better20:19
Kilos-i have to sleep , im struggling here, will try again tomorrow if you havent come right20:19
Kilos-good luck20:19
CraigZimgoodnight Kilos-20:20
Kilos-night CraigZim Dro and the rest of africa20:20
Kilos-CraigZim see if you can help Dro please20:20
CraigZimDro does the PC boot from live media?20:27
DroCraigZim, yes20:29
Droit work from live usb20:29
CraigZimis your filesystem intact?20:30
DroCraigZim, yes20:32
Drowell look, what i have exactly:20:32
Dro- when i boot normally to my ubuntu system, it wont start... keep loading... and then it show an error (black screen) flashing20:33
Drocan't even read the eror20:33
Dro- when i try the debug mode, i got a "low graphical mode" error... but can't do anything.. (mouse and keyboard not working)20:34
CraigZimcan you chroot into the system from a terminal20:34
Dro- when i try the debug mode (root), can't do anything to modify/remove/update nvidia, since i'm not connected20:34
CraigZimis your live media the same as your installation ?20:36
CraigZimie 12.04 64bit or 32bit20:37
DroCraigZim, no my live media is 14.0420:39
Dronot sure if its 64 or 32 bit :s20:39
CraigZimthink it has to be the same20:40
CraigZimcan check with system monitor (system) will tell you if 64 or 32 bit20:42
CraigZimuname -a from the command line20:47

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