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ahoneybunmhall119_: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/08/02/best-converged-apps/12:47
ahoneybunholy crap12:47
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renatuappdevs, my snap app is crashing during the startup. How I can debug it. Since I can run it with gdb as normal app17:48
renatu*I can not run17:48
popeyrenatu: you should be able to use gdb, i have before, for snaps18:12
popeyfrom outside the snap18:12
renatupopey, how do you launch the app with gdb? gdb /snap/bin/<app-name> does not work18:14
popeyi think you need sudo18:20
popeysudo gdb /snap/bin/foo18:20
renatupopey, thanks works with: sudo gdb /bin/bash /snap/bin/<app-name>18:26
LarreaMikelHi! is this the proper channel to ask about the ubuntu SDK (for app development)?18:49
LarreaMikelDoes the Design tab on the SDK work? It throws the following error when I try to switch to "design mode".18:53
LarreaMikelInvalid property name "foregroundColor".(M16)(23:17)18:53
LarreaMikelI suppose that I should ask this by mail21:56
JanCLarreaMikel: this channel is fine, but I'm not sure the people who can help are around right now  :)22:06
LarreaMikelJanC: ok, thank you22:06
LarreaMikelI will try asking for help again tomorrow22:07
JanCe-mail is also an option, of course22:08
LarreaMikelJanC: yeah, but the "app-devel" mailing list is not very active....22:09
JanCI think bzoltan is one of the people who work on the SDK22:11
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