pavlushkaHello pnazs !04:50
pnazshello pavlushka vai, how are you?05:34
eprbataHello Kilos !07:44
pavlushkapnazs: ping07:45
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pavlushkapnazs: I am fine, what's up?07:57
pnazsso many troubles. now i am preety fine.08:01
pnazsall i want to do now is "work work work work work"08:02
Kilosmorning guys08:04
pavlushkapnazs: that's good :)08:08
pnazsyap. 08:08
Kilospnazs is that zaki?08:15
pnazsKilos bro, i am Nazmul.08:16
Kilosoh  ok hi then pnazs 08:16
Kilosnice to meet you08:16
pnazssame here. r u from bd?08:17
Kilosno im from south africa08:17
pnazsoh! i remember!08:17
pnazsSo, how are you?08:18
Kilosok ty and you?08:18
pnazsfine. what do you do?08:18
Kilosim waiting for this channel to fill up with bd guys08:18
pnazsi am inviting my friends.08:19
Kilosi retired and work at trying to revive dead LoCos08:19
Kiloshelping the LC08:20
* pavlushka hopes that LC will help Kilos too.08:20
Kilosi was sad when pavlushka failed to become an ubuntu member because of no guidance or support so decided to help out08:21
Kilosi want to see many bd peeps applying for membership08:22
pavlushkaKilos: dont be, it only made me stronger and more determined, :)08:22
pnazsInterrupt: What is LoCo?08:22
Kiloslol im not sad anymore, i have a new friend08:22
Kilosloco  council08:23
Kiloslocal community sorry08:23
pavlushkapnazs: local community08:23
pnazso. got it08:23
pavlushkapnazs: its refers to actually Ubuntu local community.\08:24
pavlushkain short LoCo08:24
pavlushkabut it includes FOSS as well.08:25
pavlushkagotta run, will be available after evening, till then, cheers :)08:29
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z4kieprbata: 13:54
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zakiwelcome Kilos :)15:46
Kilosty zaki 15:46
zakibusy day?15:46
Kilosyeah 2 lambs born premature so ewe hasnt got milk yet15:49
Kilosso feeding then with bottle15:49
zakioh. 15:50
Kilosand booked my flight to aus this avy as well , thats why i was offline so i didnt get distracted and mess up15:50
zakiKilos: when you going to aus?15:51
zakiwelcome all of you15:53
Kilos30 august zaki 15:53
Kiloseish they got bad connections15:55
eprbatazaki: did you bounced z4ki?15:56
zakiKilos: great. how much time will you stay there?15:56
pavlushkazaki: you got mail, checked that?15:56
pavlushkaHello AudaciousTUX !15:56
eprbataHello AudaciousTUX !15:57
AudaciousTUXhello all15:57
zakiyess! got that mail, replyed.15:57
eprbataAudaciousTUX: how are you?15:58
AudaciousTUXfine :) 15:58
AudaciousTUXbut i couldn't recognize u :(15:58
zakiKilos: where is qa? and kewpi?15:59
Kilosi switched kewpie off when i rebooted but qa i will find now16:05
zakioky. 16:05
KilosQA wb16:06
QAThank you so much Kilos my good friend16:06
Kilosmust have been a netsplit or something16:06
zakihmm, i was wondering16:06
zakiabout QA16:07
Kilosyes often with netsplits they dont reconnect16:08
Kilosthe server she is on hasnt been programmed to autojoin her16:08
Kilosso i have to do it manually everytime16:08
zakioh. 16:08
Kilosshe autojoins ##kilos16:09
pavlushkazaki: you have got mail.16:09
zakipavlushka: (y)16:13
AudaciousTUXi giveup..... একজনের ওয়াইফাই মোডিউল আমার পচ তে কাজ করে তার মিন্টে কাজ করেনা...। টিম্ভিউয়ার দিয়া হেলাপ্নোড় ট্রাই করলাম পারলাম্না...।  :316:41

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