dholbachhey hey06:35
Mister_Qgood morning everyone o/06:48
dholbachdavidcalle, mhall119, popey: who's up for the Q&A today?07:28
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* dholbach relocates to the office08:15
popeydholbach: was it you and I last week?09:35
popeylooking at http://ubuntuonair.com/ - yes :)09:35
* tsimonq2 places bets for who's doing the Q&A10:20
popeydholbach: when you get a mo, can you review file manager in the store pls10:23
dholbachpopey, will do10:37
popeythanks dholbach10:53
dholbachsomebody still needs to hit the publish button I think12:04
popeythat would be me12:08
mhall119_dholbach: I can do the Q&A today13:21
dholbachmhall119_, cool - maybe one of didrocks and davidcalle can help? :)13:21
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tsimonq2hmm, we're an hour out, who's gonna join mhall119? :O13:53
tsimonq2dholbach: ^13:57
dholbachI'd prefer if I could finish something else today13:58
tsimonq2dholbach: I was just pinging because you asked two people before :)13:58
dholbachI guess I don't understand... :)13:59
mhall119jose: will be a couple minutes late to our call13:59
josemhall119: no worries13:59
dholbachall rightie - I call it a day - have a good one everyone!15:56
Mister_Qo/ dholbach15:57
dholbachbye Mister_Q15:57
dholbachMister_Q, is everything resolved regarding the terms of entry?15:57
Mister_Qdholbach oh I knew I forgot something. will take care of that tomorrow15:58
dholbachok cool15:58
dholbachsee you!15:58
Mister_Qthanks for reminding me15:58
svijMister_Q: too slow, as always! :P15:59
Mister_Qsvij well at least I could say goodbye before he disappeared this time :D16:00

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