pittiGood morning04:42
sarnoldgood morning pitti :) sure sign that it's time to be done working, hehe04:42
sarnoldthat was a nice networking email, certainly a lot to take in in one go..04:43
pittihey sarnold04:45
pittisarnold: the netplan stuff?04:45
pittiinfinity: would you mind marking https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily as obsolete?04:58
pitticjwatson: ^ I think that's the reason for the ddeb-retriever spam04:58
infinitypitti: Not yet.06:16
infinitypitti: I'm doing some removals first.06:16
infinitypitti: I'll sort it out in the morning.06:40
pittiinfinity: thanks06:40
Saviqpitti, morning, I know I'm becoming a bore, but could you please have a look at autopkgtest results here https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1575 - it seems some of the runs have disappeared - the two regressions in yakkety need a restart with all-proposed06:55
pittiSaviq: done07:01
Saviqpitti, thank you, glad it doesn't take you too long - any idea why the disappearing runs?07:02
pittiSaviq: might still be bug 1588566 -- this keeps getting pushed down my todo list, sorry07:02
ubottubug 1588566 in Auto Package Testing "autopkgtest results go missing for a long time after the test completes" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158856607:02
tjaaltondid the installer create a separate /boot at some point in the history?07:13
tjaaltonby default07:14
pittiwith some scenarios, like lvm or encrypted root07:14
pittior presumably zfs now, as AFAIK you cannot boot from that yet07:15
tjaaltonseems to work fine :)07:15
tjaaltonanyway, trying to "argue" with a friend who's pissed because /boot is "always" too small07:15
tjaaltonwhen upgrading07:15
pittibecause we do a bad job at removing old kernels?07:16
pittimy wife's stock 14.04 install has the same problem, for some reason the auto-removal doesn't work07:16
pittiso no size of /boot will ever be large enough for that, the root cause is our kernel inflation07:17
sarnoldpitti: yeah, netplan :) very ambitious :)07:17
tjaaltonthis is a desktop machine, probably installed with the alternate-installer at some point in the history07:17
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tjaaltonyeah, the installer gives the impression that lvm is more flexible, when in fact it causes issues like this :)08:38
dokoxnox, please could you merge netcfg (and fix the GCC 6 build issue)?08:41
dokocoreycb, please could you fix the python-taskflow ftbfs?08:55
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Saviqpitti, what do we do with missing s390x deps https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/ticket-1575/landing-073-yakkety/excuses.html ? Mirv mentioned you discussed this with robru yesterday?10:18
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xnoxSaviq, I thought it should be available, no?10:49
Saviqxnox, it's the upstart removal fallout I believe10:50
xnoxoh, ok. yeah, cause package is available.10:51
xnoxdoko, ack10:51
pittiSaviq: I suppose we need to remove ubuntu-system-settings/s390x?11:05
pittiSaviq: err, there are no ubuntu-system-settings s390x binaries in Ubuntu11:07
pittiI suppose the PPA builds it for some reason11:07
Saviqpitti, we might need to, if there's no other way, but that will be a gift that keeps on givin'... don't we have a plan to break this dependency chain somewhere?11:07
Saviqpitti, probably because it doesn't have a build-dep on anything that's not on s390x any more...11:07
rockyhI would like to report an apparent mismatch between some outputs in w, who and uptime commands11:09
rockyhthis is my situation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21877593/11:09
pittiSaviq: but it also was not built in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-073/+packages on s390s11:09
pittiSaviq: I think yesterday's problem was that there was some stale s390x binary in some PPA; robru cleaned it up for a different case11:09
rockyhboth w and uptime indicate 5 users; but w lists just 2 users11:09
rockyhand who does the same11:09
Saviqpitti, looks built https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-073/+sourcepub/6764432/+listing-archive-extra ?11:09
pittinot sure what exactly he did11:10
rockyh(my system is Xubuntu 14.04)11:10
rockyh(the commands give the same results when launched with or without sudo)11:10
pittiSaviq: argh yes, I looked at the vivid build, sorry11:10
Saviqpitti, so yeah, if it's not in yakkety, can you please remove the PPA build for s390x and I'll work to add a B-D to ubuntu-system-settings to prevent it from building on s390x11:11
pittiSaviq: done11:14
Saviqpitti, thanks11:14
pittiI retried unity8 against all of -proposed in ubuntu several times, doesn't help11:16
pittithe qmlui tests keep being broken11:16
Laneypitti: that is apparently https://launchpad.net/bugs/160768611:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1607686 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "testWizard and testShellWithPin crashes on yakkety-proposed with Qt 5.6.1" [High,In progress]11:26
pittiLaney: ah, thanks11:27
Mirvpitti: yep unity8 should be fixed soon, then I'd just need a word from Kubuntu people that they are ok overriding their remaining failures (functionally no-one has complained about anything, even though people are running it)11:29
Mirvit'd be nice to get forward with the proposed migration11:30
coreycbdoko, sure I'll take a look11:41
coreycbdoko, I'm not seeing a python-taskflow ftbfs. did you mean python-eventlet?11:51
dokocoreycb, http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20160705-gcc6-yakkety.html11:51
coreycbdoko, gotcha, thanks11:52
dokocoreycb, but let me retry ...11:52
coreycbdoko, I just hit the same errors on amd64.  I'll work on fixing that up.11:54
sveinseIs this the spot to ask packaing questions? I'm trying to package a cmake based library. However dpkg-gensymbols complains about new symbols appearing, such as "_ZNSt7__cxx1115basic_stringbufIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEED0Ev@Base 2.1.2". I suppose there is a dep missing, and I tried googling it, but without any results. Is this known to anyone here?12:05
rbasaksveinse: see dpkg-gensymbols.12:09
sveinserbasak: Yes. I have no clue thou if I can simply add it to the debian/*.symbols file without any side effects. Should I?12:26
jbichapitti: update_excuses stopped updating again12:30
rockyhsorry if before I wrote in the middle of another discussion. Now I retry to expose my problem12:57
rockyhI am running a Xubuntu 14.04 system. I found some mismatches between the number of "users" printed in the output of "uptime" and the *actual* number of users locally connected to the system12:57
rockyhhere I pasted the outputs I got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21877593/12:58
rockyhas you can see, both w and uptime indicate that 5 users are connected, but both w and who show just 2 users12:58
rockyhand there are actually 2 users: one who made a login from the GUI, and one from ssh12:59
rockyhI didn't use nor screen neither tmux12:59
rockyhthanks to the help of users in the #ubuntu channel, Ubuntu 16.04 seems to behave in a different way. So I would like to ask: why is there this mismatch?13:00
rockyh(I mean that probably in Ubuntu 16.04 both w and who would have correctly shown 5 user logins)13:01
rockyhthere can be some errors in the implementation of uptime in *ubuntu 14.04?13:04
Odd_Blokerockyh: This is still really a question for #ubuntu; could you re-join there and we can discuss it?13:12
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rockyhOdd_Bloke: they suggested me to write here13:32
rockyhOdd_Bloke: anyway, sure, I just re-joined #ubuntu13:33
Laneylooks like britney is crashing13:46
zaytsevdoko: hello, thought i would ask here instead of empty #ubuntu-toolchain -> llvm-3.8 has recently landed in trusty-updates, but it seems that openmp is not in?13:50
zaytsevdoko: when i try to compile anything with omp.h & -fopenmp it fails, and there is no libomp-dev like in xenial present13:51
dokozaytsev, please ask tjaalton about llvm in trusty13:52
zaytsevdoko: thank you! tjaalton ^^^ any comments? thanks!13:53
zaytsevtjaalton: i see in rules you left the following in - --with-clang-default-openmp-runtime=libomp - but libomp hasn't been backported / nowhere to be found :-/13:56
tjaaltonzaytsev: ok, need to drop that then14:01
Laneypitti: did you change anything in britney today?14:01
zaytsevtjaalton: means we ain't gonna get omp? fair enough... i'll turn off omp for llvm on our trusty boxes then.14:03
tjaaltonzaytsev: it's backported only for hwe lts stack (mesa)14:04
zaytsevtjaalton: sure, i understand. still.. do you think maybe hadcoding libgomp as a default runtime could work?14:09
tjaaltonno idea14:10
LocutusOfBorgoh britney, why you so sad?14:11
mterryLaney, I may have a hack for unity-greeter's prompt box.   Doesn't seem to work for the session chooser, but looking at that next14:17
Laneymterry: !!!!14:17
Laneyhacks are good at this stage14:18
mterryLaney, it basically sets the prompt box's "resize_mode", which is a deprecated value.  And if that deprecated value is set, gtk skips the new resize logic patch you linked14:19
Laney"might introduce obscure bugs if used"14:19
Laneyso you have to queue a resize yourself manually or something?14:20
mterryLaney, no... I'm settingn the resize_mode to "immediate" and it seems to work without other changes14:23
mterryLaney, one line hack so far -- but session chooser may be another thing14:23
pittiLaney, jbicha: eek, thanks for pointing out; fixed14:42
pittiLaney: yes, I did an upstream update to fix the missing architecture build excuses in the HTML14:43
Laneypitti: I already fixed it14:46
Laneyit's copying stuff now14:46
Laneyoh, you force pushed over that14:46
pittiLaney: sorry, mid-air collision14:46
Laneyit wasn't mid air - that was pushed and already running14:47
pittiI fixed the iteration over block-bugs14:47
Laneyoh well14:47
pittiit's the one thing we don't test, as we don't have a mock for Launchpad -- I guess it's time to write one14:47
Laneysuggest pull before push next time14:47
pittihttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html just updated14:48
pittiLaney: yeah, sorry, that was too quick14:48
Laneypitti: you can just supply a Blocks file for testing?14:49
Laneypitti: also, can you make the runner script run git reset -q please?14:49
Laneyubuntu-archive's mailbox is getting spammed :)14:49
Laneywould do it, but EPERM14:49
pittiLaney: done14:53
Laneymterry: I filed bug #1608908 earler, btw14:56
ubottubug 1608908 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Some UI elements are invisible with GTK 3.20" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160890814:56
Laneynothing new in there, but a place to hang your fixes14:56
ricotzdoko, hi, please take a look at the patch changes https://paste.debian.net/plain/78658915:06
pittiLaney: I did a round of cleaning up on all the armhf and s390x boxes, and refreshed the armhf lxd ones as well; should hopefully hold up until end of next week :)15:08
pittiLaney: i. e. on armhf lxc sometimes leaks containers, or lxc-start/lxc-stop gets stuck etc., but it's ok to pile up a few of those15:09
semiosisinfinity: hello & good morning!  any movement on bug 1605795 since we last spoke?  just checking in :)15:14
ubottubug 1605795 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu) "[SRU] livecd-rootfs ubuntu-cpc vagrant image builder" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160579515:14
semiosisOdd_Bloke: ^^15:14
Laneypitti: ah, nice - how do you see the lxd stuff?15:17
LaneyI'm on the controller15:17
* Laney hasn't used that before15:17
pittiLaney: it's autopkgtest-lxd-worker/015:29
pittiLaney: instead of cloud-worker15:29
Laneypitti: you just kill the workers in the same way?15:30
pittiLaney: yes, other than that they use a remote lxd instead of ssh they are the same15:31
LaneyI thought you were saying you went a poked lxd directly15:31
pitticheck "lxc remote list" and e. g. "lxc list lxd-armhf-236:15:31
pittiLaney: the remotes are still horribly brittle  though, so I don't actually expect this to get much work done15:33
pittiLaney: so this is still an experiment15:33
Laneybut you still have the static lxc ones, so that should be okay15:33
* pitti waves good bye, holiday o'clock -- see you all in two weeks!15:42
Laneysee you pitti, have fun!15:43
* pitti disconnects from the hive, argh15:43
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slangasekinfinity, kees, stgraber: TB meeting?16:00
stgraberslangasek: thanks for the reminder16:00
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infinityslangasek: Ungh.  A little timezone challenged this morning.16:42
mterryLaney, so...  I have a fix for the prompt & the session list.  But after going into the session list and back out again, there is a tiny visual glitch when switching between users.  I'm inclined to not care about that.  Haven't had luck fixing it yet.  Might just push as-is, especially if gtk3.20 is about to land17:18
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Laneymterry: That's fine, it sounds small enough to deal with later if necessary20:18
Laneythanks a bunch for figuring it out20:18
mterryLaney, uploaded in -proposed already20:19
mterryyou're welcome!  didn't want people to yell at me for a broken unity-greeter  :P20:19
LaneyGTK's blocked on an MIR and one or two other uploads anyway, but yeah :)20:20
mterryworking on that MIR right now20:21
* Laney remembers to subscribe the team20:22
LaneyI unsubscribed it when I un-MIRed20:22
jbichaLaney: did you see that vte is stuck in proposed because pcre2 is in universe?20:24
jbichaLaney: but it looks like the dependency isn't even used now https://git.gnome.org/browse/vte/commit/?h=vte-0-44&id=ce94be20:24
Laneyjbicha: nope20:25
jbichayeah, it builds fine without pcre220:30
LaneyI know, it's just new API20:30
Laneyneed to turn it off in gnome-terminal too20:31
jbichaLaney: could you do a no-change rebuild of webkit2gtk for gtk 3.20?20:36
Laneyit's on the list20:37
Laneyguess I could do it now though20:38
Laneyjbicha: I did it20:42
Laneynow before you give me any additional work, goodnight!20:42
jbichaLaney: see ya :)20:43
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