daxOr, you know, I went afk for half an hour.00:09
daxalso, there wasn't anything pending, that I saw...?00:09
daxjust got my car back from the shop, several hundred dollars poorer than i was before that half hour :(00:10
daftykinsi'm generalising to the last 10 years there, not specific00:10
daftykinsand ouch, glad i've been able to get by without cars.00:10
daxyeah, i wish i was there. i got this one for free from the parents when they moved, but i i'm up to thousands of dollars in repairs now and it's only 8 years old, thinking of ditching it00:11
daxanyways. if it's a general comment, I still don't really understand it00:12
daxunless it was you-plural, in which case i will agree that some ubuntu ops do have that mentality, yes00:13
daxi like to think i personally manage to annoy both sides of that :P00:13
daftykinstoo late for me to carry this thread on to be honest00:16
daftykinsbeen out for a meal with pals tonight ^_^00:16
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:23
OerHekssorry lotuspsychje, sometimes i have to ..05:45
lotuspsychjeim used to idles no sweat05:46
* OerHeks rm sweat05:46
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BluesKajHiyas all11:54
DJonesIs it just me, or is the correct answer to this question, "There isn't, you shouldn't"14:28
DJonesGuest13> Whats the best way to do automatic updates these days on production servers?14:28
daftykinsyep definitely14:29
daftykinsalthough ubuntu server does offer auto updates at install time14:29
daftykinsso that must be a faker running another distro14:29
DJonesGuess so, quit straight after with a max sendque exceeded message14:29
EriC^^wow one user updated the bios and the uefi is all screwy14:42
EriC^^efibootmgr -v No BootOrder is set; firmware will attempt recovery14:42
EriC^^"efibootmgr: Could not set BootOrder: No such file or directory"14:43
EriC^^( hp laptop )14:43
daftykinswiped all its' boot entries? nasty14:43
EriC^^nope boot entries are all there, all 1trillion of them14:43
EriC^^but it won't modify the boot order or boot anything14:44
EriC^^i think though acer has the worse motherboard stuff14:44
daftykinsload defaults for fun?14:44
EriC^^some guy apparently had to downgrade his bios for it to boot ubuntu's live usb O.o14:44
EriC^^worth a shot i guess14:44
EriC^^i copied the shimx64.efi to the default paths for efi files, still wouldn't boot14:45
EriC^^i'm living with the legacy myself14:45
EriC^^since the hp motherboard bug14:46
daftykinsno harm in running legacy :>14:46
EriC^^yeah it's only marginally slower to boot, same thing basically14:50
ducasseEriC^^: i actually saw this after upgrading to xenial. wily's efibootmgr worked, but every time i try to make modifications in 16.04 i get that "firmware will attempt recovery" thing.14:51
EriC^^does it also say missing variables for boot order?14:52
ducasseyeah, i was thinking of looking into it further and filing a bug, but haven't had the time.14:52
EriC^^i copied over the grubx64.efi files to the default ones now and told him to reset the bios to defaults14:52
EriC^^that's odd14:53
ducassewell, the firmware recovers on reboot and everything is ok, but i'm unable to change the order for example.14:53
EriC^^this one seems odd14:54
EriC^^hp usually loads when you copy the the efi files on the windows ones14:54
EriC^^then again it said "uefi (experimental)" i wonder how old the laptop is14:55
EriC^^hp probook 45014:55
ducasseno idea, but the "experimental" tag looks dangerous...14:58
EriC^^not that old it seems, 201215:00
EriC^^maybe they just want to look edgy15:00
EriC^^it worked15:02
daftykinsEriC^^: found your notes from the folks - http://i.imgur.com/5c404Sn.jpg15:57
EriC^updating the lenovo laptop :D16:29
EriC^damn this keyboard, it's like paper thin16:29
daftykinsah one of the cheapy business ones?16:32
daftykinsi'm waiting for the new Windows 10 which should be out in 30 mins or so ;)16:33
EriC^lenovo uptime 8 days :D16:36
EriC^did you see the latest bourne movie?16:40
EriC^me neither16:41
EriC^supposed to be good16:41
daftykinsour local cinema is quite lacking :)16:44
EriC^i'm watching a lot from the internet16:45
ducasseEriC^: just tried a wily live image on my desktop, and that efibootmgr does not trigger the "firmware will attempt recovery" thing... wondering whether to upgrade the firmware or just use the uefi shell to manage boot entries.16:53
ducassereally odd.16:54
EriC^which laptop is it?16:55
ducassenot laptop, desktop. self-build, asus z97-pro.16:55
EriC^what do you think daftykins ?16:57
ducassethere is a newer firmware, but i'm hesitant of flashing it since this might be an efibootmgr problem, not firmware.16:58
EriC^do bios updates usually go fine?17:00
EriC^i've never done one myself17:00
EriC^kind of sounds shady updating the firmware itself17:00
ducassethe odds are tiny that something will happen, but i _cannot_ brick this box.17:00
ducassei've never had a problem before, but i've only updated firmwares to fix specific problems that i know have been fixed.17:01
ducasses/know have/knew had/17:01
EriC^if you absolutely can't brick the box i'd keep using the uefi shell i guess17:03
ducassethat's what i'm thinking. i'll also take down a log of what happens with both versions of efibootmgr and file a bug, i think. sounds reasonable?17:04
ducassecould be a regression or something, i'm sure the devs have some idea what to do.17:05
daftykinssorry was in a game *reads up*17:13
daftykinsducasse: no harm in backing up the current version and trying, but if things work and all you see is extra text - i think i'm missing the problem17:14
ducassedaftykins: well, whenever i try to modify the boot order for instance, efibootmgr seems to reset some firmware variables, and i get thrown into the uefi boot manager on the next boot. the firmware recovers, but i'm still unable to modify firmware variables.17:16
daftykinshow often do you change boot order o017:19
ducassei did recently, when swapping root ssd. this machine is also used for testing dev releases etc, so it happens that i need to.17:21
ducasseplus, i haven't tried adding entries with this version, but deleting them also was problematic - it just reappeared.17:22
daftykinshmm i would've thought such tasks suit virtualisation more17:22
ducassei'm on the xubuntu-testers team, and they really need tests on bare metal.17:24
ducasseit doesn't really matter why i need it, this should still not happen :)17:25
daftykinssometimes context aids understanding though17:29
daftykinsi'm not too up on my boot process as EriC^^ is :>17:29
ducassesure, i understand that. one thing is that my firmware still has the entries from the old root disk since they reappear when i try to delete them, and i can't modify boot order to try the current entry first. so, i have to use the built-in boot manager on every single boot. i can fix this with the uefi shell, but i want to record what happens and file a bug first...17:32

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