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gpiccoliHi, sorry to bother you. Just a quick question: Ubuntu 14.04.5 kernel is the _same_ of Xenial? I know they are the same version, but just want to be sure they are exactly the same build13:11
apwgpiccoli, they are not exactly the same build, they are the same source but built locally in each release13:11
gpiccoliOK, but source is the same, right apw? This is the important part for me hehehe13:11
gpiccoliThanks very much!13:11
apwthere is potential for configuration differences between them, though i believe there are none for X lts-X13:12
apwthe lts-X tree is built by applying the packaging delta to teh same base tree which was uploaded for X13:13
gpiccoliOkay, very nice! Thanks for the information apw13:18
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gQuigswhile the cycle starting on Aug 5th (05-Aug through 27-Aug) also include the upstream fixes from 4.4.16?19:11
* gQuigs is specifically interested in bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1568729 with which the fixes appear to have already landed upstream in 4.4.1619:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 1568729 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "divide error: 0000 [#1] SMP in task_numa_migrate - handle_mm_fault" [High,In progress]19:12
gQuigsbtw, http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/kernel-bugs/reports/sru-report.html still doesn't show xenial SRUs (acaict)19:13
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Guest55667Hello there20:18
Guest55667I am testing 4.7 on my Dell Precision 551020:18
Guest55667I notice there are no dell_wmi and dell_laptop modules included20:18
Guest55667unlike 4.6.x20:18
Guest55667without those, things like special hotkeys don't work20:19
Guest55667is there any known reason for why these modules are missing in 4.7?20:19
gQuigsGuest55667: how did you get 4.7?20:27
Guest55667I guess there is no easy answer... thanks!21:12
gQuigssorry, yea, I didn't find an answer21:19
gQuigsif you stay around long enough you might still get an answer though21:20
Guest55667thanks for your effort21:27
Guest55667I'll stick around for another while21:27
rtgGuest55667, enabling CONFIG_DELL_SMBIOS=m did the trick, i.e., CONFIG_DELL_WMI=m was dependent on CONFIG_DELL_SMBIOS. I'll get apw to turn the crank again.21:33
Guest55667so there's hope for 4.7.1 then?21:35
Guest55667thanks a lot21:35
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apwrtg, i assume you mean rebuilding v4.7 mainline ... and done22:00
rtgapw, yup, thanks22:01
apw(it'll be an hour before it publishes)22:01
rtgJanDrewes, ^^22:01
JanDrewesthanks, that was fast22:05
JanDrewesI will check it out but I'll need longer than you... my internet is slow download alone will be several minutes22:06
JanDreweshm, no change visible under the below link22:07
JanDrewesoh my I should read better22:12
JanDrewes1h before it publishes22:12
JanDrewesso then I'll check it out tomorrow, it's midnight in Italy22:13
JanDrewesthanks a lot in any case!22:13
LocutusOfBorgdo you want to land 4.7 in yakkety?22:14
apwLocutusOfBorg, it wil lcome22:22
apwi want to land 4.6 first22:23
apw(which i should do this week)22:23

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