RedStickHamanyone using Ubuntu-Mate for ham radio?01:53
RedStickHamI've installed it on an Asus laptop01:55
RedStickHamI replace Mint with Ubuntu-Mate01:57
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flexiondotorgMorning ouroumov09:27
ouroumovmorning flexiondotorg09:34
ouroumovI hear your account of the sprint on linux unplugged, it was nice09:34
ouroumovheard *09:35
flexiondotorgouroumov, :-)09:40
ouroumovThe fabled bot.09:42
flexiondotorgouroumov, A different MateyBot09:43
flexiondotorgThis one just bridges IRC to HipChat.09:43
ouroumovRight, you mentionned that too09:43
flexiondotorgI may bring to "real" matey back soon though. He was fun. I miss that guy :-)09:44
ouroumovI haven't had the pleasure of knowing him, but I'm sure he's better than the bot in the French chatroom.09:44
ouroumov(That one is rude.)09:44
MateyBot<Wimpy> Hi09:52
ouroumovIt's alive. :o09:52
flexiondotorgOooh. I can control it from HipChat09:52
raspberryHi, I've got a question, how to enable SPI1 on raspberry pi3? I've tried the normal way just like on the Rpi Zero but it doesn't work here12:37
ouroumovraspberry, hi12:38
ouroumovI'm no expert, you should ask on the forums12:38
ouroumovMore visibility there12:38
raspberryyeah, the problem is I've already tried what they suggest and say it should work and unfortunately still the same12:38
ouroumovYou've asked on our forums? ( https://ubuntu-mate.community/ )12:39
raspberryno, not there yet12:39
DarkPsydeLordHello everyone!13:24
DarkPsydeLordin binary?13:29
DarkPsydeLord01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 01111001 01101111 01101110 01100101 0010000113:30
SuperEngineer[& that was a score, not a binary] :-;13:47
bennabiyWhat would cause the advanced menu to work on the server, and x2go sessions, but not on remote desktop sessions? All I get is a single pixel, and ps shows it is running, but when I disable advanced menu, I get the normal menu back13:50
DarkPsydeLordsorry my bad.14:32
DarkPsydeLordanyway i greeted in binary14:33
DarkPsydeLordsince UGT is a common netiquette practice i believe Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong can be used but binary its far more universal14:35
raspberryhi guys14:53
SuperEngineerraspberry: having checked the list, "guys" is not on this channel - sorry.  [tho your not on this channel either so who cares?!]14:57
mate|94453hi every one, i haven't sound in my pc14:59
bennabiywho forked the advanced menu from mint? I have a couple questions.15:03
DarkPsydeLordturn your speakers on! LOL15:14
DarkPsydeLordwe need more info about it thats not enough15:16
DarkPsydeLordSuperEngineer: that was funny but not sure if it was intended15:16
mate_CRAZYhello in here. Anyone having suddenly issues with mate-desktop and lightdm  regarding the pixbuff ?17:55
TwoNotesAFter my recent upgrade to 16.04.1, I seem to have lost the Folder Color feature.18:36
bennabiywhat meta package can pull in the ubuntu-mate desktop setup in a debootstrap environment?18:59
Akulibennabiy, just debootstrap the system, chroot into it, set up bootloader and hostname and otherstuff and then install the desktop19:01
bennabiythis is for ltsp environment19:01
Akuliubuntu-mate-desktop is the package you're looking for19:01
bennabiyno bootloader19:02
bennabiythank you19:02
mate|48608hi i haven't sound on my pc, i'm using ubuntu 16.   thanks19:35
angeldeathxhola todos20:19
mase-techI have a problem with the network manager21:27
mase-techthe applet in the top right does not start21:27
bennabiyWhat environment variables does mate-menu use?21:34
mase-techI dont understandt21:34
mase-techI use standard21:34
mase-techIt is almost a fresh install21:35
bennabiymase-tech: I was asking a general question... as to your issue with network manager, what are you running? 16.04?21:35
bennabiymase-tech: are you connecting to IRC through the same computer?21:36
bennabiy(Is your issue just with network-manager or with networking in general?)21:37
mase-techI seems no issue with network manager, it is the appelt in the top right which does not appear21:37
mase-techI know the essid and pw of the connected ap21:38
mase-techso I used "network connections"21:38
bennabiymase-tech: I am not a fan of the network manager anyways :) I usually just go old school and /etc/network/interfaces it21:39
mase-techauto lo21:40
mase-techiface lo inet loopback21:40
mase-techthis is the content21:41
TechChristophMase-tech what irc-client do you use ?21:47
mase-techx chat21:50
bennabiyxchat or hexchat?21:51
mase-techwhat is there a connection between x chat and the network appelt ???21:51
bennabiymase-tech: interfaces is a way to manually specify your interfaces for your network. I have found it to be much more reliable and stable, and not subject to the whims of the ether...21:53
bennabiyhave you tried deleting the applet and adding it again?21:53
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mase-techno I havent21:54
mase-techI want to have the appelt to see a choice of available networks21:55
mase-techwhere is the problem22:01
mase-techproblem soved with unistall narwork manager22:18
mase-techand install wicd22:18

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