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Blue2got a bunch of questions again :)13:26
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tsimonq2I have my 11 questions ready :P14:14
Blue2I have 1014:20
ahoneybundamn tsimonq214:39
ahoneybunthe heck14:39
mhall119well at least we'll be kept busy :)14:44
QualitymixDo we submit questions before the live stream?14:47
tsimonq2ahoneybun: ?14:49
ahoneybun11 questions14:50
ahoneybunQualitymix: wait14:50
tsimonq2oh :P14:50
tsimonq2ahoneybun: how many quesions have YOU prepared? :P14:51
tsimonq2then don't judge :P14:51
Blue2QUESTION: Proprietary drivers for Unity 8, any news? Or open source drivers the future?14:52
Blue2QUESTION: In Unity 7 you can now move the launcher to the bottom, will we be able to do so in Unity 8?14:52
Blue2QUESTION: Currently Unity 8 looks like it involves a lot of dragging even in desktop mode, will that change?14:53
Blue2QUESTION: Since you seem to have a relative good relationship with Dell, can we expect Ubuntu convertibles when the first LTS with Unity 8 arrives?14:53
Blue2QUESTION: Will we be able to change permissions of snaps on the fly (internet, cam, microphone etc)?14:53
Blue2QUESTION: Will we be asked about the permissions the first time you open or install an app?14:53
Blue2QUESTION: Can we see some Improved gaming optimizations in ubuntu, e.g. like turning off SUPER and ALT key, native ALT + TAB for all apps in Mir?, suppressing notifications pop ups or apps that need attention and minimize or slow down your game (a sound would be enough?)? Possible performance enhancements? And other things like: Steam overlay, window recording and 3rd party voip.14:53
Blue2QUESTION: Will the Multi Monitor support be better in Unity 8 than in Unity 7, If yes in what ways?14:53
Blue2QUESTION: Is it possible to change the installation folder of snaps?14:53
Blue2QUESTION: Can you think of apps that won’t work as intended with snaps anymore? (except harmful software)14:53
ahoneybunwow I rarely have questions14:54
Blue2QUESTION: Will Steam and its games run in Unity 8? What about drivers? Will we be able to install proprietary drivers for Libertine apps?14:54
tsimonq2my questions need to wait for the thing to start14:54
ahoneybunyea people should hold on to them14:55
tsimonq2no not that14:55
tsimonq2it's that I have a specific question that is based on a prediction :P14:55
ahoneybunBlue2: they don't answer questions about hardware14:55
ahoneybunthey wait on the OEM's to14:56
tsimonq2I have dholbach's question ready ;)14:56
Blue2I'm at work again like last week, so I can't ask specific things to what they say14:57
tsimonq2where's didrocks?14:58
tsimonq2oh I actually did ping him :P14:58
tsimonq2ONE MINUTE!14:59
tsimonq2GO GO GO! :D15:00
SammyTheSquireleasy now.15:00
Blue2ahoneybun: maybe they could tease something about new hardware :(15:00
ahoneybunusually don't15:00
mhall119wow you guys15:00
SammyTheSquirelQUESTION: Who doing the show today ?15:00
ahoneybunit's all Blue215:01
tsimonq2SammyTheSquirel: didrocks and mhall11915:01
mhall119SammyTheSquirel: me and didrocks15:01
SammyTheSquirelwhos didrocks ?15:01
tsimonq2SammyTheSquirel: you'll see "{15:02
didrocksI am in :)15:02
tsimonq2QUESTION: When is davidcalle going to get Ubuntu Membership?15:02
tsimonq2dholbach: ^ XD15:02
tsimonq2QUESTION: What did you do before working at Canonical?15:02
tsimonq2QUESTION: What is your favorite community-run team in Ubuntu?15:02
tsimonq2QUESTION: For Michael Hall: Where did you get your phone, how hard was it getting Ubuntu Touch on it, and does it work like a normal phone?15:02
tsimonq2QUESTION: What's your preferred terminal package?15:03
ahoneybuntsimonq2: I won 5th place: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/08/02/best-converged-apps/?utm_source=ubunteu&utm_medium=url_shortner&utm_term=pUkEhQ&utm_campaign=shortner15:03
tsimonq2QUESTION: When is checksumming support for tar and zip files coming to Snapcraft? ;)15:03
tsimonq2QUESTION: Why does Michael Hall own a lighthouse? That must be what that bright light is, right? :P15:03
tsimonq2QUESTION: What is something you wish could be improved about the Ubuntu community?15:03
tsimonq2QUESTION: How many bugs do you have assigned to yourself in Launchpad?15:03
tsimonq2QUESTION: What, if any, development (coding) have you done lately? Anything notable?15:03
tsimonq2QUESTION: When did you start using Linux? With what distro? What OS did you come from and what did you like better about Linux?15:03
* tsimonq2 runs15:03
Mister_Qtsimonq2 haha15:03
tsimonq2ahoneybun: congrats! :D15:03
mhall119can you all see the video?15:04
ahoneybunI can15:04
dragosQUESTION:what does "The following packages have unmet dependencies:  E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages." mean?15:04
Mister_Qmhall119 yes15:04
dragosand i can see the video15:04
tsimonq2mhall119: I can see didrocks :D15:04
SammyTheSquirelme too.15:05
ahoneybundragos: best place is askubuntu15:05
dragosQUESTION:can ubuntu phone/ubuntu tablet run Games and Wine ?15:05
ahoneybundragos: there are games on the store, no I don't think so15:06
ahoneybunmhall119: also Arch!15:06
dragosQUESTION: can arm ubuntu phone run x86 apps?15:06
ahoneybunbeat you by seconds mhall119 lol15:07
Blue2but his link is clickable :P15:07
ahoneybundragos: Libertine can run i386 I believe15:07
ahoneybunBlue2: works for me15:07
* ahoneybun slaps tsimonq215:08
* tsimonq2 slaps ahoneybun 15:08
* ahoneybun throws tsimonq215:08
* tsimonq2 throws ahoneybun 15:08
dragosI just turned 11 years old15:08
ahoneybunmhall119: what a way to down play didrocks15:09
Mister_Qmhall119 chloe is offline but I will tell her the great news :D15:09
tsimonq2o/ Mister_Q15:09
SammyTheSquirelQUESTION: I'm waiting for jcastro to do a datadump to save ubuntu discourse from termination. There has been no official follow-up even though I bought the top level ubuntu domain. How can I make this work so we save discourse.ubuntu.com ?15:09
Mister_Qtsimonq2 o/15:09
* ahoneybun sees Mister_Q15:10
popeySammyTheSquirel: did you email jorge?15:11
ahoneybunno you have to click and drag the scope s15:11
* Mister_Q runs before he gets slapped by ahoneybun 15:11
tsimonq2o/ popey15:11
ahoneybunyour fine Mister_Q15:11
popeyo/ tsimonq215:11
SammyTheSquirelpopey, several times - he just says he is waiting on the teams at Canonical.15:12
popeySammyTheSquirel: okay, then that's the current status - bugging mhall119 and didrocks won't fix that15:12
QualitymixQuestion:  Sugggestions for packaging a binary exported from a fame engine.15:12
popeyQualitymix: what's "fame engine"?15:13
SammyTheSquirelpopey, I'm just a bit beleaguered as its been over 2 months.15:13
QualitymixGame engine15:13
Blue2Did anyone else notice the Google Analytics code on the bottom of ubuntuonair.com ? :D15:13
popeySammyTheSquirel: understood15:13
SammyTheSquirelthanks popey :)15:13
SammyTheSquirelQUESTION: Talking about standards : Now that 16.04 and possibly 16.04.1 is getting out of the way - What new " gnu linux standards " are coming down the pike that may challenge us, in future - in the Ubuntu community ?15:15
tsimonq2QUESTION: What's your favorite day of the week? :D15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: Are you a Daniel Holbach Hugger? XD (Launchpad team)15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: What was your first form of contribution to Ubuntu and how long after that did you get membership?15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: What room are you in?15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: What's 14.04.5 and when does it come out? ;)15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: Besides Unity 8, what are you looking forward to in Ubuntu 16.10? (flavors included)15:17
tsimonq2*AHEM* Lubuntu and LXQt *AHEM* *AHEM* ;)15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: Favorite food? :D15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: What's the "Best Converged Apps" all about?15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: What's your favorite non-Unity desktop environment? Have you seen/tried LXQt and if so, do you like it?15:17
tsimonq2QUESTION: What time zone are you in?15:17
* tsimonq2 runs from ahoneybun 15:17
ahoneybunEST tsimonq215:18
SammyTheSquirelQUESTION: What recent Ubu -'sprints' and Local meetups can you report back from ? Any in France recently ?15:19
tsimonq2MUAHAHAH! XD15:22
SammyTheSquirelpopey, How you been lately ? I guess Brexit was a bit of a shock ?15:22
Blue2popey: did you ask the designers about the adaptive icons?15:23
ahoneybunmhall119: likes the FL LoCo15:26
ahoneybunMister_Q: https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool15:27
tsimonq2mhall119: as in package in Ubuntu15:28
tsimonq2mhall119: I guess you could say emulator15:28
Mister_Qahoneybun :D15:28
SammyTheSquirelmhall119: You can ignore the question I asked about discourse15:29
tsimonq2not yet15:30
jcastroSammyTheSquirel: I'm still waiting on the datadump myself15:30
* ahoneybun wants bugs fixed15:30
ahoneybunstop it tsimonq215:30
SammyTheSquireljcastro: That's cool in the gang, over here - just tell me what you want me to deliver & I have an Ubuntu team standing by to help me do it.15:31
* tsimonq2 gives ahoneybun a high-five15:31
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dragosthe stream has froze15:31
ahoneybunmhall119: fix the wiki login15:31
dragosmhall119: the stream has froze15:32
tsimonq2dragos: it must just be you15:32
SammyTheSquirelrefresh !15:32
ahoneybunsame for me15:32
nick011QUESTION: Do you know if Ubuntu touch for the Fairphone 2 is ready for daily driver? I will immediately buy one when it's ready :D15:33
ahoneybunnick011: https://devices.ubports.com/#/FP215:33
nick011QUESTION: Will the Ubuntu flash tool be an snap soon?15:34
nick011ahoneybun: do you know when it will ready, is there any eta? (QUESTION)15:34
dragosthe stream has froze again15:34
ahoneybunnot really an ETA it a single guy working it and like 7 other devices15:35
ahoneybunnick011: https://www.patreon.com/ubports the patreon account15:35
ahoneybunhe wants to do it full time15:35
SammyTheSquireldragos: Try lowering the frame rate. to 240p15:35
nick011ahoneybun: oh! that's mariogrip right?15:35
dragosmhall119: the stream wont load]15:36
SammyTheSquireldragos: Try lowering the frame rate. to 240p15:36
tsimonq2dragos: s/frame rate/resolution/15:36
dragosit still dosent work15:36
Mister_Qdragos works fine on my side15:37
popeyI received some ubports stickers today15:37
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Nici_QUESTION: I don't know that much about snaps, but is it possible or could it be possible in the future to have a snap for a whole DE like a "Mate" snap for example? Including their apps and without any major changes to the system like a changed login screen.15:37
dragosit just started working15:37
ahoneybunmm mine is dropping as well15:37
ahoneybunNici_: that was talked about either and no15:38
SammyTheSquireldragos: Try looking at the center of your screen & saying "ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu" (You may need to click your heals 3 times too ;)15:38
mariogrippopey: wow! that was fast15:38
ahoneybunnothing at my place yet15:38
dragosIT WORKED15:38
SammyTheSquirelha !15:38
SammyTheSquirelaskubuntu has nothing on me.15:39
ahoneybunkeeps getting stuck15:39
Nici_ok, thanks for the heads-up15:40
popeyhttp://imgur.com/a/740nT ubuports stickers!  😃15:41
popeythanks mariogrip :)15:41
SammyTheSquireldragos: You need to keep an Ubuntu Diary for this kind of stuff - I cant keep track of all of the Padawans out there.15:42
* Mister_Q just upgraded his patreon pledge and waits for sticker now :D15:42
tsimonq2QUESTION: Where did the name Snap/Snappy come from?15:42
mariogrippopey: :D :D15:42
SammyTheSquireldragos: By that I mean, a blank physical notebook.15:43
dragosi know15:43
SammyTheSquirelmhall119: Ignoe the discourse question.15:44
QualitymixGame engine15:45
mariogripMister_Q: Stickers is on its way :D already packed :D15:46
SammyTheSquirelo/ bye everyone I have to catch me bus ...15:47
tsimonq2o/ SammyTheSquirel15:48
krzysiekwThanks for Ubuntu :) It's my favourite OS15:48
dragosim calling technical services for my phone .. on hold 10 min and on15:48
krzysiekwGood job!15:48
mariogripI need that "hug dholbach" achievement, ubucon eu maybe :D15:49
Mister_Qmariogrip \o/ more stickers for my laptop :) https://mariusquabeck.de/nextcloud/index.php/s/cmXnknlYwCGUbRq15:53
mariogripMister_Q: \o/15:54
Mister_Qmhall119 essen not berlin15:55
tsimonq2mhall119: it's not in Berlin, it's in Essen15:55
mariogripmhall119: ur facts are wrong :P15:55
dragosubuntu is now avalable for windows 10?15:58
mariogripI'll try snapping the ubuntu snap tool :D mhall11916:01
mariogripubuntu flash tool *** not snap tool lol16:01
mariogripThanks mhall119 and didrocks :D16:02
didrocksthanks guys! :)16:02
Mister_Qthanks mhall119 & didrocks :)16:02
tsimonq2thanks everyone! :)16:03
tsimonq2mariogrip: see my PM16:03
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