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ubottupeterpan007 called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:30
elkyinb4 forkbomb02:31
elkythat ip address has 3 klines to its name that i can see02:35
elkyseems it was part of a botnet in feb02:46
ubottupeterpan007 called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:58
Unit193That was also on efnet's Tor RBL.06:38
ubottuducasse called the ops in #ubuntu (monsterdemon)06:48
bazhang@random bashdows emacs HURD snappyclang09:13
ubottuIn #ubuntu, rick6860 said: ubottu, I have done that. there is some code to authenticate. have added that to ppd file, but not sure what it all means.19:38
ubottuIn #ubuntu, rick6860 said: ubottu, here is the code.*OpenGroup: Authentication19:39
Jordan_UMy browser isn't allowing me to access http://ubottu.com did someone let the https cert lapse or otherwise break things?22:01
Unit193Jordan_U: Expires 2018, though looks like it doesn't have the full chain.22:02
Jordan_ULooks like it's not that. Probably using a root CA I don't have.22:02
Unit193Also, http: is accessible.22:02
Jordan_UUnit193: Not for me, HSTS prevents me from using http for ubottu.com.22:02
Unit193Firefox will cache roots, so if you visit another site that uses the same Gandi cert.22:02
Jordan_UUnit193: Any chance at a proper fix?22:22
Unit193Pici: Cert chain on ubottu.com is incomplete, care to fix it?22:25
Unit193Jordan_U: That's all Pici's stuff.22:25

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