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elachechenizarus: I guess that spamming thing will not stop soon x(10:41
nizarustu as eu une rponse de cbj sur twitter ?10:43
elachechenop nizarus10:45
nizarusmême sur failbook il n'est plus actif10:45
elachechelast activity 10 days ago on eyem (AFK moments)10:47
elachechenizarus: Checking my eyem profile I find this → https://www.eyeem.com/p/4097593310:48
nizarusLooL :) c'étati quand ?10:49
elacheche@PSM 2 years ago.. Clibre's meeting I guess..10:50
nizarussfd ?10:50
elachecheNop something during summer.. There was an event @PSM and we had a meeting after it10:51
nizarusje ne me rappel plus :/10:52
* Nuage pats Na3iL 22:44

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