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beekeeperhm, my document viewer app seems to have disappeared.  When i try install again from app store, it dl's but doesn't appear in apps09:53
beekeeperany ideas anyone?09:54
Mirvmardy: could you check at least how serious bug #1608822 seems? the log is so verbose I'm not sure what to spot from there. we aim to have Qt 5.6 on xenial-overlay so bugs like this should get fixed before we move - but I did check this is new with 5.6, does not happen with 5.5. (even though signon itself hasn't been rebuilt since November)10:37
ubot5bug 1608822 in signon (Ubuntu) "signon fails tests on Qt 5.6" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160882210:37
mardyMirv: sure, looking10:44
Mirvthank you!10:51
mardyDanChapman: ping11:27
mardyMirv: I could reproduce the failure with the silo 24, investigating now...11:39
northmanhi ppl :) I got a question. how do I edit the /etc/environment file? I remounted / as rw but it's still readonly when i try to edit. I want to add http_proxy settings as per instructions I found, did something change with the /etc/environment file?12:05
mardyMirv: I'm afraid it's a bug in QtDBus12:19
Mirvmardy: oh, can you file upstream bug if that's the case?12:27
mardyMirv: yep, in progress12:28
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aquilesI update to ota 12 but on screen keyboard don't work in libertine13:58
aquilesHow to putting work ???13:58
pmcgowanaquiles, it should just work as long as no hardware keyboard is connected14:03
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gerlowskijapmcgowan, Hi Pat.  Can you ping me when you get a few minutes to chat this morning/afternoon.  I wanted to offer to do some legwork in verifying your proposed fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/messaging-app/+bug/1532899, but I could use a little direction/sanity-checking.  No rush getting back to me; should be around awhile.14:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1532899 in Canonical System Image "Group chat sometimes misses messages with Unknown Number Message not found" [High,In progress]14:17
pmcgowangerlowskija, hey, bad news there is I recently had the same issue occur with the updated nuntium so I fear the issue is elsewhere14:18
pmcgowangerlowskija, what carrier are you using when you see the issue14:18
gerlowskijaI'm on AT&T, in the U.S. (not sure if that matters for your question)14:19
gerlowskijaThat's a downer that you're still seeing the issue as well.  I was hoping I'd just re-installed nuntium incorrectly.14:21
pmcgowangerlowskija, need to test a bit more as I was running into a secondary issue but seems not fixed14:22
pmcgowaninterested if this is only a US thing or europe as well14:23
pmcgowanbut I suspect its anywhere using mms14:23
gerlowskijaYeah, good question/point.  I'll try poking around the code a bit to see if anything stands out.14:27
pmcgowangerlowskija, my current theory is its something with the network connection and perhaps not nuntium at all but just guessing at this point14:28
pmcgowansicne the download fails with a coule different network errors14:28
gerlowskijaI saw some talk about that on the bug, and that makes sense to me.14:30
gerlowskijaI'll be taking a look this evening at some point.  If there's anything you'd like me to try, or anything I can help with, just let me know.14:31
pmcgowangerlowskija, great thanks14:31
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PaulePanterHi. Has there anything changed about the availability of a current Ubuntu phone (similar Meizu 5 Pro)?15:57
PaulePanterThat means, is there a good phone I can get in Germany?15:57
popeyPaulePanter: none available currently16:02
PaulePanterI need a phone soon. Any suggestions?16:03
PaulePanterOn what devices does Ubuntu Touch run, that means, can be installed without a lot of hassle?16:04
popeyPaulePanter: I hear some have successfully installed it on an android meizu pro 516:11
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PaulePanterpopey: Ok, that’s good to know. On the other hand, it’s not so good, that Meizu doesn’t see that I actually wanted the Ubuntu Touch device.16:18
popeyPaulePanter: feel free to let them know that :)16:22
tsimonq2argh, so I'm trying to part my Note 2 to Ubuntu Touch16:44
tsimonq2Cyanogen Mod has nice instructions, but the Ubuntu Touch porting instructions are vague and confusing16:45
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tsimonq2the building instructions uses breakfast but the Ubuntu Touch instructions use lunch :/16:47
tsimonq2here's the specific device: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/T0lte_Info16:48
tsimonq2I can't wait to contribut to the whole world of Ubuntu Touch once I've got this thing handled :/16:50
popeymariogrip: is your documentation going to be online any time soon?16:51
mariogrippopey: Yeah, I will also merge it with the ubuntu "new" offical ubuntu one soon that will much better than what i have wrote16:52
tsimonq2I've been using this phone as an undersized tablet with Android 4.4, so it will be nice to finally get something more modern on here :)16:53
mariogrippopey: I will try to get it ready until tomarrow (was sick last week, didn't got much done then)16:54
tsimonq2mariogrip: any chance you can lend me a hand? ;)16:56
mariogriptsimonq2: yeah sure :)16:56
mariogriptsimonq2: also, take a look https://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/Building-ubports-source that will give you an idea how to build it16:57
tsimonq2so I'm at the point where it's downloading the Android bits, the thing that's supposed to take a few hours :)16:57
tsimonq2oh cool, thanks16:57
tsimonq2mariogrip: curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found16:59
mariogriptsimonq2: that's fine, that's because we uses github and it does not have the "curl" function17:00
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tsimonq2a loooooot of 404s17:02
brunch875Now that we have libertine... would pidgin work if I installed it?17:14
zequenceI'm sure it has been asked before, but does anyone know why none of the purchasable ubuntu phones are available at the moment?17:17
zequenceI was looking for an alternative, which has dual SIM. The only one I can find right now is Fairphone, which is not fully supported yet.17:19
brunch875it seems available to me17:22
dobeybrunch875: you can install pidgin in libertine, but it will only really "work" while it's focused17:22
brunch875dobey, but it'll work while focused?17:22
dobeywell, assuming it doesn't do anything horrible that confinement would prevent17:23
zequencebrunch875: Oh, thanks. The Ubuntu page still says it is "Sold Out". And, the BQ site didn't have it either a couple of weeks ago, when I last checked17:23
brunch875that's good news then, zequence ☺17:24
zequencebrunch875: It is. I was offered an iPhone at my work just now, and I would really have to keep two phones in my pocket. So, it was either this, Fairphone, or something with Android that has dual SIM17:25
zequenceI mean, I would really not like to have two phones in my pocket.17:25
brunch875aye, that would be annoying17:26
brunch875it would be really irksome if they asked me to use whatsapp at work17:27
brunch875On the other hand, if pidgin works then so should purple-whatsapp :D17:27
mhall119pmcgowan: gerlowskija: I have had the same issue with SMS, and I'm also on AT&T, has this been reproduced on any other carrier?17:29
saaventoAnyone has tried installing any game from XApps repositories onto Libertine and working?17:30
saaventoI've tried several but fail to load.17:31
brunch875saavento: yes! My old time favorite named powder17:31
pmcgowanmhall119, pretty sure there are some reports from europe and tmobile17:31
saaventooks brunch875 I will try it!17:32
gerlowskijaThough it is interesting that the 3 people who mentioned their carrier on the bug report all had AT&T.  I'll do some googling and see if I can find anyone complaining about it not working on a different carrier.17:34
brunch875well crap, I found an ugly bug17:35
pmcgowanbfiller, didnt we see mms bug on multiple carriers17:36
dobeybrunch875: aren't they all?17:36
saaventobrunch875: It works! :D17:36
brunch875I rm -rf .cache/ like yesterday17:36
brunch875the plot thickens17:36
brunch875saavento: I was really hooked to that game back in the day17:37
brunch875and it should be touch-friendly17:37
brunch875does the libertine-container install itself in .cache?17:38
dobeyChrisTownsend: ^^ 13:35 < brunch875> http://paste.ubuntu.com/21917742/17:38
dobeybrunch875: i would hope not17:38
dobeybrunch875: i think it would be under .local/share/libertine/17:38
brunch875I deleted .cache because of supersticions17:38
bfillerpmcgowan, yes17:38
bfillerpmcgowan, kenvandine had the issue on tmobile17:39
bfillerlots of missed messages17:39
brunch875More info: I created it with:17:41
brunch875libertine-container-manager create --id brunchtainer --name "Brunched container" --distro vivid --type chroot17:41
brunch875I kind of copy-and-pasted from omgubuntu.co.uk17:42
brunch875apparently the --distro option shouldn't be used17:42
saaventobrunch875: Can imagine, I was just checking it and is tempting17:42
brunch875but anything I installed worked flawlessly17:42
brunch875including firefox, libreoffice and transmission17:43
saaventothats a good one, transmission17:43
brunch875saavento: and another one would be pidgin, since you can access google talk / skype / facebook chat / telegram / whatsapp etc etc from there17:46
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brunch875and IRC, of course!17:46
brunch875I'm just curious whether the plugins would work or not17:46
saaventoyes that's a good question17:47
brunch875but I really like where this is going17:50
saaventofew months ago was different17:51
saaventowhen i tried copy paste from browser to libre office and did'nt work17:52
saaventowas bff17:52
gerlowskijamhall119, pmcgowan There's this MMS bug, which is specifically targeted at US, TMobile customers: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/1360403  It's marked as fixed.17:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1360403 in ofono (Ubuntu) "MMS does not work with T-Mobile US" [High,Fix released]17:52
saaventobut now things are going ok17:52
pmcgowangerlowskija, yes I think thats correct, it wasnt working at all due to IPv6 or something17:53
brunch875saavento: I still remember back when you couldn't effectively select text from the browser. So if there was a non-link link you'd have to type it by hand17:53
saaventoyes was harsh17:53
saaventobut look me now cheking transmission o an ubuntu tablet17:54
brunch875yeah kudos on the udevs17:54
saaventoyes kudos17:55
saaventoand other thing important is firefox with the same ad block that i use on the desktop17:56
saaventothis is getting really good17:56
ChrisTownsenddobey: brunch875: Yes, libertine containers install in ~/.cache/libertine-container17:57
dobeyChrisTownsend: eww :(17:57
dobeyChrisTownsend: that is very bad17:58
ChrisTownsenddobey: Why?  But I blame tedg since he set up the locations.17:58
brunch875any tips on deleting the brunchtainer now that I wiped it? :P17:58
dobeyChrisTownsend: because ~/.cache/ is just what it says it is. cache. a temporary location. libertine containers aren't something you can just rm -rf at will17:58
brunch875(which is something I do as a hobby)17:59
dobeywell, they are if you know what you're doing, but deleting cache shouldn't result in all your apps no longer working and all your data lost17:59
ChrisTownsenddobey: Well, it's not like it gets wiped after every reboot.  I think tedg's idea was that many backup programs don't back up .cache as we don't want to back up the containers themselves.18:00
ChrisTownsendbrunch875: You can manually edit ~/.local/share/libertine/ContainersConfig.json.18:00
dobeywell, then they need to be excluded from backup18:01
dobeybut that is a horrible reason to shove the container in .cache18:01
ChrisTownsenddobey: I'll let tedg speak for the reasons then:)18:01
dobeynot that we even have any backup solutions on the phone yet anyway18:01
dobeyand the one we're building doesn't work that way18:01
tedgdobey: Yes, they're machine generated files, not user generated.18:01
ChrisTownsenddobey: Phone is not the only place we use this.18:01
dobeytedg: what does that even mean?18:01
dobeyChrisTownsend: well sure. s/phone/unity8/18:02
tedgdobey: So they need different management. It is totally possible to recreate them if needed.18:02
ChrisTownsenddobey: I was being a smart alec:)18:02
tedgIt is a cache, because it's a local download of them. But if you wanted you could rebuild it on every execution.18:02
dobeyit is not a cache18:03
tedgIt is a cache18:03
* dobey adds a thing to rm -rf tedg's /usr/bin/ to something on every boot18:03
tedgI've actually looked at the idea of rebuilding from debs on boot. Takes a while though.18:04
tedgWould be nice if libertine detected the cache getting deleted and rebuilt it.18:05
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dobeyno, it would be nice if the chroot wasn't in the cache dir18:07
dobeyeverything in the chroot is not magically recoverable from nowhere18:07
tedgIf it's not, you're using libertine in an unsupported way.18:08
ChrisTownsendWhat "things" just go in and wipe ~/.cache?18:09
dobeytedg: no, *you're* using libertine in an unsupported way18:10
ChrisTownsendWell, a user can wipe any directory, so I don't that is a valid use case.18:10
dobeyor you're just saying libertine is unsupported in any way that is actually useful for users18:11
dobeyso we should just remove libertine from the archive and throw it away then18:11
brunch875I tend to wipe cache to "clean" applications. They sometimes are left in an inconsistent state18:11
dobeybecause last i checked, have bookmarks in firefox wasn't "unsupported"18:12
tedgdobey: All of your home directory isn't in .cache, it is bind mounted in.18:12
tedgdobey: The only things in .cache are the deb installed stuff.18:12
tedgdobey: Check out ~/.local/share/libertine*18:12
dobeyand regardless, it's still not something that should be in .cache, because rebuilding it means destroying the flash18:13
ChrisTownsendAgain, besides a user, what would wipe out .cache?18:14
brunch875the OS to free up space, no?18:14
dobeyChrisTownsend: anything. because .cache is exactly what it says, so anything may make the assumption that .cache is only temporary data and it's safe to blow it away18:15
dobeyChrisTownsend: and even if only a user ever does so, they shouldn't have to know that "oh, actually, i can't do that because it's not really cache"18:16
ChrisTownsenddobey: That would be a bad policy to have "anything" wipe out .cache since you may have other applications open using things in .cache.18:16
dobeyone shouldn't be forced to lose 6 months worth of flash lifespan, simply because they decided to delete their cache18:16
ChrisTownsenddobey: LXC stores it's images in .cache.18:17
dobeylxc stores what images in .cache?18:17
ChrisTownsenddobey: rootfs images you download using the downloads template.18:19
dobeyChrisTownsend: but it's not where the actual rootfs is stored18:19
dobeyi can sudo rm -rf /var/cache/lxc and lxc will still work just fine, and not have to download new stuff18:19
dobeyalso, "other thing does bad things" is not a good reason to also do bad things :)18:20
ChrisTownsenddobey: Well, no, but I have a ton of stuff in .cache, so I think it would be dangerous for "anything" to go in and completely wipe out .cache.  I know of no such thing that does that besides a user.18:20
dobeyChrisTownsend: it doesn't matter if such a thing exists or not. the point is that software shouldn't be dependent on .cache not being wiped out18:21
ChrisTownsenddobey: But meh, this is how it's architected.  You can enter a bug report if you please and we (Libertine team) can discuss it.18:21
dobeyif it was only a couple of small files, then whatever. but it's literally a hundred thousand plus files getting deleted, just for libertine, and then all those files have to be replaced to restore. that is a huge toll on flash which only has a life of so many writes.18:24
dobeyand even if the "home dir" stuff is bind mounted, you still lose the data if you end up rm -rf ing .cache with the dirs mounted18:24
dobeyrm dgaf about how things are mounted18:25
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SIN299Anyone here M18:45
dobeywell that was a pointless question18:53
davmor2dobey: not true it made him leave19:39
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frankgHello, i have no cellular data 3G anymore after ota-12 update19:45
frankgI am using meizu mx4 and in mobile settings i cannot toggle cellular date switch19:46
frankgAnybody here?19:49
mhall119frankg: is is stuck on or off?19:55
frankgAnybody here?20:05
Walexfrankg: you!20:05
zequencebrunch875: I did get the BQ E5. It has dropped in price, and does seem to be the only available phone out there right now.20:06
WalexI recently got a second BQ 4.520:06
zequenceSo, thanks again. I would never have checked otherwise.20:06
frankgAh, ok  so what about you, could you possibly help me out with a problem I have regarding ota-12 updat20:06
zequenceI had an E4.5, but lost it20:06
dobeyfrankg: hard to help if you keep quitting like that :)20:08
dobeyfrankg: 15:53 < mhall119> frankg: is is stuck on or off?20:08
frankgNo never use this so thought with refreshing the internetsite i thought i refresh the chat.....was logged out everytime....i stay here where i am now20:09
frankgI have no cellular data anymore..20:10
frankgSo no 3G, called my provider as well but from there side everything is in the green20:10
frankgDid a reset of  apn data as well20:11
dobeyfrankg: you said you can't toggle the cellular data switch. is it stuck off, or stuck on?20:12
dobeyfrankg: does network status show in the top panel at all?20:12
frankgDisabled off20:12
frankgAs well the dataroaming20:13
frankgNetwork status is an empty symbol.normally for wifi20:13
dobeyfrankg: does restarting the phone not help at all?20:14
frankgChanging to 2g and back either...20:14
dobeydoes 2g work?20:14
frankgJust  what should be shown in apn settings for internet?20:15
dobeydepends on your provider20:16
frankgAny provider numbers or ip adresses20:16
dobeybut i don't think your issue is common. if it was working before the update then the problem was almost certainly not the apn settings20:16
dobeywhat timezone are you in?20:16
frankgUTC +2 central  europe20:17
frankgI did my update abroad with a local wifi network20:18
frankgSo far i have posted this issue at several forums with no reply at all....20:19
dobeyok. i think it might be best if you come back tomorrow during standard EU hours. the person who worked on that will be around then and may be able to help20:19
dobeyhe's on +2 time too i think20:19
frankgOk will do that....tnx20:19
dobeyunfortunately i can't provide much help with this :)20:20
frankgNo worries20:20
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Suhankohello, everybody23:57
SuhankoI'm trying to connect via ssh, but I can't do it23:58
Suhankook, solved. tks!23:58

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