knightwiseGood morning everyone05:55
diploMorning all06:59
SuperEngineer'm thinking of of changing my nick to "zwodder".  [QI Elves on Twitter: ZWODDER: a drowsy, stupid state of mind and/or body]07:27
SuperEngineer"Dear boss, I shan't be at work today.  I've got zwodder"  ;-)07:29
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davmor2Morning all I have this stuck in my head this morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuxdjVI-5r0 and I know it all means you have to watch the film again sorry :D08:37
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:05
DJonesHmmh, I appear to have an IPV6 ip address09:09
knightwisemorning brobostigon09:09
DJonesAnd an IPV4 one09:10
davmor2DJones: I don't believe you, I can believe your router or computer might but not you :P09:10
DJonesHeh, that could be true09:10
brobostigonmorning knightwise09:10
knightwisehows tricks brobostigon09:23
brobostigonknightwise: about the same as the last few weeks really, and you?09:23
knightwiseSame here , looking for a new freelance contract , wrapping up my current assignment.09:28
knightwiseSo lots of interviews, emails etc09:28
knightwiseAside from that trying to find the time to learn about kali linux09:29
zmoylan-pinaming a distro after the goddess of destruction... :-P09:29
MartijnVdSzmoylan-pi: or after an IPX-over-IP emulator thingy09:30
knightwisethere are a couple of network discovery tools in there I can really use09:30
MartijnVdSwhich is what I assumed the first time I saw people talk about it xD09:30
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day! 😃09:45
MartijnVdSOn this day in 201X google released Android ICS?09:46
popeyand in the next release they're adding back in the bottom edge swipe to reveal apps09:59
MartijnVdSthey had that before?10:07
davmor2JamesTait: got you covered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1NXup3hDm810:08
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:19
davmor2morning bigcalm how is the car sale going?11:19
bigcalmdavmor2: it didn't sell. I've relisted to start on Thursday, last for 10 days, lower starting price and include a mobile number. Hopefully the extra time, including a weekend, will encourage people to arrange a viewing/test drive.11:21
davmor2bigcalm: booo, but at least there is a plan \o/11:23
zmoylan-picorrection... a cunning plan...11:23
bigcalmWas a little disheartening. Got to keep pushing on11:23
MartijnVdSa punning clan?11:24
popeybigcalm: do you have a replacement vehichle?11:24
bigcalmpopey: my parents have lent me their spare car - 1.2 Corsa. It's a little different from a 2.0 turbo diesel estate... But I'm very grateful11:30
bigcalmI need to sell the car now, while it's worth something. Will invest in a newer car in a few years11:31
bigcalmI've turned my finances around. Being astute with assets (cars and other things) is part of that11:33
zmoylan-pitrying to sell a diesel when vw has just borked the entire diesel market...11:33
popeyi am about to scrap my car11:34
diddledan_davmor2: I'd forgotten how awesome that song is (cry little sister)12:13
diddledan_and davmor2 , a song from 1927?! wow you really do have eclectic taste (which is awesome!)12:17
diddledan_wow, computers are terrible at not being leaky: https://blog.lukaszolejnik.com/battery-status-readout-as-a-privacy-risk/12:29
davmor2diddledan_: there is very little music I don't like some of.  Mostly Really heavy metal where it just turns into a noise, and the modern ganster rap which just isn't as good as it was in the 80's and 90's12:42
foobarrybeen listening to johnny flynn lately12:43
davmor2foobarry: not lately no but if you sing it I can play it :P12:43
zmoylan-piyou can't beat rufus harley playing jazz on bagpipes... :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HYMwRtJHV812:45
zmoylan-piyou can drown out any other form of music with that on public transport... :-)12:47
davmor2diddledan_: to give you an example as I kid I went mad for Vivaldi's Four Season as played by Nigel Kennedy just cause I liked the sound of it12:48
zmoylan-pisweatist violinist ever...12:48
zmoylan-pibut belted out great sounds12:48
davmor2zmoylan-pi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZZM3bgmXE4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg8Fa_EUQqY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI12:51
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi: "sweatist violinist"? you have strange tastes [maybe literally].  I had gone with "sweetest", personally :-D12:53
SuperEngineer[but thanks for the laugh]12:54
davmor2SuperEngineer: no that would be the 3 I posted :D12:54
davmor2SuperEngineer: I agree Nigel Kennedy did some amazing things with a violin but he really did sweat a lot12:55
zmoylan-pii think the first few rows at his performances were splash zones...12:56
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi: You proved that how? .... no, please don't tell me!12:56
SuperEngineer[on the bright side, those first few rows probably didn't need to visit the bar at half tim ;-)12:58
* SuperEngineer has just gone off the meal he was cooking for some "unknown" reason12:59
zmoylan-pijust turn the crotch pot down to simmer till you get your appetite back... :-P13:00
davmor2zmoylan-pi: you really should be toilet trained by now and not need a crotch pot :D13:01
* SuperEngineer searches channel list for Ubuntu-Inuendo ;-)13:05
zmoylan-piit's listed as nudge-nudge-wink-wink-ubuntu13:05
* daftykins is scarred13:06
zmoylan-pithen you shouldn't handle pineapples that way...13:07
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi: you have a wicked sense of humour... but imagining that...agreed!13:08
* SuperEngineer mashes potatoes for fish pie & tries to wipe that image frop13:09
SuperEngineerfrom memory13:10
zmoylan-pithank you very much, don't try the veal till they burn down and rebuild the kitchen from scratch... :-P13:10
SuperEngineerfrom pork scratchings?13:20
SuperEngineer"A cocktail bar "forces" its customers to talk to each other by using an electronic shield to block mobile phone signals." [from BBC News feed].  Definitely #LIKE13:28
diddledan_that's evil13:29
SuperEngineerwhat, talking?13:29
SuperEngineergeeks don't "do" cocktails... city folk do - make 'em human & the rest of us might stand a chance of survival.13:30
diddledan_good point13:31
foobarrywhat if the mobiles are used to tell their wifes where they are?13:31
zmoylan-pii have around 64gb of media on my devices so am covered for a few days away from the web... :-P13:31
foobarryor they will be another 1hr13:31
diddledan_geeks are more beer-drinkers if alcohol is involved. otherwise it's a staple diet of either coffee or cola13:31
foobarryor...leaving now home soon x13:31
SuperEngineerTALK you city bums - stop costing us billions, TALK!!!13:32
zmoylan-piand isn't it illegal to block phone signals in case there is an emergency?13:32
foobarrywhat if you built the walls really thick?13:32
diddledan_lol @ https://twitter.com/georgia_dow/status/76046824014554726513:32
SuperEngineerthicker than the occup[ants of a cocktail bar?13:33
zmoylan-pievery time someone brings up the idea of blocking signals in prisons the legal issues stop it here in ireland13:33
diddledan_wow, that's thick13:33
diddledan_zmoylan-pi: the question is would you use a phone that's been smuggled-in up someone's jacksee?13:34
zmoylan-pipeople seem to want their facebutt fix...13:34
zmoylan-pii do see the 'beat the boss' phones for sale all over dublin13:35
SuperEngineer'beat up the boss' more likely13:36
zmoylan-pian american company makes a metal detecting chair for checking inmates called boss... https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/jan/07/metal-detecting-chair-at-goulburn-supermax-shows-prisoners-whos-boss13:37
diddledan_talking of the boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ19mLUs0OQ13:38
SuperEngineerIf only I could get my mits on a beat up the boss phone... I'd post it to him tommorrow! ;-)13:38
zmoylan-piand these phones have a very low metal content and can beat it13:38
diddledan_that's the lead-up I wanted this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ-LWlmj3kQ13:39
diddledan_love that movie13:43
diddledan_love pretty much all pixar13:43
SuperEngineerICE HIM!13:44
SuperEngineer& thanks, great fun13:44
SuperEngineerICE EM ALL!13:45
SuperEngineerdamn you diddledan ... now I'm watching them all!  ;-)13:52
ujjainCan somebody recommend a reliable registrar for co uk domains? Price isn't the most important things, customer service is important.13:52
ujjainthanks popey13:54
DJonesujjain: I use easily.co.uk never had any issues with them14:10
DJonesEx-employer also used them for all their business websites14:10
DJonesCertainly not 123-reg http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/08/02/123_reg_goes_titsup_again/ although they're saying is a ddos attempt now http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/08/02/123reg_suffers/14:12
ujjainah ok, no godaddy either14:14
DJonesFrom what I've read in the past, gandi has excellent reviews and customer loyalty14:17
DJonesTalk about stating the obvious http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-3695812616:11
DJonesIf ever there was truth behind the illuminati or majestick 12, Donald Trump explains  it all16:12
* Rixon has joined #conspiracytalk16:14
daftykinsRixon: no advertising thanks16:15
Rixonit was a joke, not an advert16:15
RixonDJones: that's some top notch journalism right there, they didn't have any article to go with the headline that explains all so it's just "This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version."16:18
RixonI can't imagine any more detail they could update it with16:19
daftykinssensational bit now, facts later16:19
Rixonthat's the formula for all of BBC isn't it?16:19
Rixons/BBC/your favourite 'we hate immigrants' outlet16:20
Rixonit's doing my head in all this front page racism16:21
DJonesHey, be honest, at least I didn't link a Daily Fail article :)16:39
daftykinshaha that's a great find16:42
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daftykinshrmm Windows 10 build 1607 (anniversary edition) ISOs are live17:37
SebthreeBQM10HDwho listens to Creative Commons music :) ?17:44
daftykinsseems the tumbleweed covered that one!17:57
diddledan_mozilla are totes down wid de yoof: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/48.0/releasenotes/18:28
daftykinstop cat must be ancient by now21:20
diddledan_someone's got a farty motorbike they're going about on in the distance21:21
diddledan_or as I like to term people of that ilk: moron21:21
daftykinsoof indeedy, i saw some news story about someone taking out a woman on the pavement in Northampton on a 'dirt bike' and then zipping off to hide21:22
zmoylan-pimoron is too strong a word... i prefer organ donor...21:45
diddledan_I like that term21:45
zmoylan-pia+e departments have been known to call bikes donor cycles...21:45
diddledan_the police do too21:46
diddledan_my brother did a "caused an accident therefore needs advanced schooling on dangerous driving to not get points on licence" course where they explained the term organ donor to him21:46
zmoylan-pimy personal best is going over front handlebars, sliding along the road for about 50 yards, taking the crossbar of the bike across the back of my head and using my face for a brake for the final few yards...21:48
zmoylan-pii left a dent in the crossbar using my skull.21:49
zmoylan-piwhen the doctors x-rayed me they came to the conclusion that a helmet would have been wasted as my skull was too thick for them to detect damage21:49
zmoylan-piso i21:49
zmoylan-piso i've got that going for me... :-P21:50
daftykinswow you Homer Simpson'd it21:50
daftykinsdone 5 winders updates today :)21:51
zmoylan-piupgrade to windows 3.1? :-P21:52
daftykinsalthough i still double click the top left of windows to close them sometimes21:53
daftykinshttps://twitter.com/XHNews/status/760473599019016192 <-- diddledan_ fancy taking a shortcut by "undertaking" this bus?21:54
diddledan_daftykins: they actually made those?!21:55
zmoylan-pii can't wait till it encounters grandmas coffin stored in someones roof rack...21:55
daftykinsseems so, it even has a bow up front!21:55
diddledan_I saw the visualisation viideo and decided they'd never do it21:55
daftykinsapparently it was going to have a glass floor, too21:56
zmoylan-pichina is throwing money at everything and hopes some of it will make money down the road...21:56
zmoylan-piso they're building monorails, every type of motorway and bullet trains21:58
diddledan_I wonder what happens when there's a lorry on the road in front21:59
zmoylan-pia race...21:59
diddledan_or a car with a roofrack22:00
zmoylan-pihaving a roofrack will make one an enemy of the state...22:00
daftykinsthat's mighty dangerous talk there, mr. dan of the diddlers22:06
diddledan_am I being subversive?22:08
daftykinsmercy me, solid rain since yesterday afternoon22:16
daftykins£98 for a 525GB Crucial MX300 SSD O_O22:29
diddledan_that's cheap as siliconchips22:31
daftykinsdid i mention ordering some beginners soldering gear? :)22:36
diddledan_I want to start a meet-up for computery types called "silly con"22:36
daftykinsi aim to take a crack at that board with the blown caps22:36
diddledan_shall I warn anyone?22:37
daftykinsi think England's outside the blast radius22:37
m0nkey_Ugh. Just had to take my A/C apart to clean out the brown sludgy gunk and drill drainage holes.22:47
daftykinsit was incontinent within its' own casing?!22:48
m0nkey_it was disgusting22:48
m0nkey_so i've found some plastic sheeting and made a makeshift canopy over it stop all the crap getting in22:48
m0nkey_Hmm.. Apparently Microsoft has given me the Windows 10 Anniversary update23:02
m0nkey_ooh bash shell23:06
m0nkey_ok, gotta reboot23:06
m0nkey_back soon23:06
m0nkey_ooh, linux subsystem :)23:29
m0nkey_wtf.. it's ubuntu?!23:31
m0nkey_i think i just had a crisis.23:33
diddledan_m0nkey_: yes it's ubuntu. as in exactly the same binaries23:34
m0nkey_vim, midnight commander, tmux..23:34
m0nkey_me like23:34
diddledan_m0nkey_: check /etc/apt/sources.list and then run an apt-get23:34
diddledan_m0nkey_: EXACTLY the same binaries23:34
m0nkey_weechat says not enough memory23:34
m0nkey_holy crap, free command works23:35
m0nkey_i may no longer need cygwin23:35
diddledan_m0nkey_: your c: can be accessed via /mnt/c23:35
m0nkey_yeah, i see that23:36
m0nkey_maybe i don't have swap?23:37
m0nkey_nope. i got swap23:38
m0nkey_ah, weechat uses /proc/meminfo to figure out what's free.. seems like MS hard coded some values23:40

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