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tsdgeoscimi: you said "Just waiting for CI" in https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/fix-1599238/+merge/29931209:57
tsdgeosCI finished09:57
tsdgeosltinkl: https://code.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/wizardKeyboardPage/+merge/295060/comments/77739910:14
ltinkltsdgeos, ouch thanks... looks like a bad merge10:14
ltinkltsdgeos, fixed10:15
tsdgeosSaviq: any idea when yakkety is going to get the new uitk?10:47
tsdgeosnot sure if i should either continue workarounding not building or just install the .deb from proposed10:47
Saviqtsdgeos, whenever Qt 5.6 and new KDE get untangled10:47
Saviqtsdgeos, I'd recommend https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed#Selective_upgrading_from_-proposed10:48
* tsdgeos takes leap of faith10:57
tsdgeosgets new qt on the way10:58
tsdgeoshope not everything explodes :D10:58
tsdgeosSaviq: do you know what KDE stuff causing the blockage so maybe i can try to help tonight?10:59
Saviqtsdgeos, in general anything that's red in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html (or "Not considered" for any other reason)11:02
SaviqMirv, know anything specific ↑↑?11:02
Mirvtsdgeos: I've tried pinging them but no response. they were originally saying that "just force anything" but I would like them to say that to release managers11:05
Mirvtsdgeos: I made a list yesterday, but for example kwin segfaults seen in tests. just a moment.11:05
Mirvtsdgeos:  kde-cli-tools libkscreen kdepim-runtime kxmlgui extra-cmake-modules kconfigwidgets okteta (amd64, retried) akonadi-search kidentitymanagement kdelibs4support kwayland libkscreen plasma-framework (s390x, retried)11:06
Mirv+ the kwin11:06
Mirvand well marble too11:06
Mirvafter updating symbols it fails to build too11:06
Mirvtsdgeos: so I've tried to get info if they feel they functionally work right now so that they can also fix them later. KDE autopkgtests have failed for ages in many cases, so they should in many cases be overridden.11:07
Mirvafter 073 lands I'll try again11:08
tsdgeosyou're not making me confident this update is not totally going to destroy my system :D11:08
Saviq073? what's interesting to KDE in there?11:08
Mirvtsdgeos: it's been tested by me (Unity 8, Plasma, LXQt) and several Kubuntu people. there were more autopkgtests failing _before_ the Qt 5.6.1 landing, it's just that the normal case of things in yakkety-proposed is that KDE stuff is always blocked until someone says that "yes it works let's ignore the autopkgtests"11:16
MirvSaviq: 073 has the fix to only non-KDE autopkgtest failure, so after that it's only the KDE autopkgtests blocking the migration to release pocket (at least per excuses page)11:17
SaviqMirv, ack11:17
Mirvso more reason to get the migration forward11:17
SaviqMirv, it's in QA queue already11:17
MirvSaviq: I know :)11:17
Mirvtsdgeos: it's just that I don't want to be the guy telling release managers to ignore KDE's autopkgtests, even if I could quote something like that from #kubuntu-devel11:20
tsdgeosMirv: i see, at least konsole, kate and quassel still work after the update, something is something :D11:23
tsdgeoslet's see my plasma session tonight :D11:23
Mirvtsdgeos: are you btw running proposed, silo 24 or 24 + 41?11:31
tsdgeosMirv: i enabled proposed and intsalled "some" packages11:31
Mirvtsdgeos: ok, so yeah you have the new Frameworks and Plasma too, great. they would not have been required but it seemed like people wanted to get the new releases in to fix autopkgtests (among else)11:32
MirvSaviq: not sure why 073 doesn't show up at trello even though ticket says Ready12:12
Saviqme eiher12:14
Saviqprolly too long again ;)12:14
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