paddatrapperMorning thatgraemeguy, magespawn, chesedo, everyone else06:07
Kilosmorning all, chores time07:00
chesedomorning thatgraemeguy paddatrapper Kilos and others07:13
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Kiloshi chesedo thatgraemeguy theblazehen inetpro superfly and others08:04
theblazehenHi Kilos08:04
pavlushkaKilos: hi from others, :p08:07
Kiloshi pavlushka 08:12
Kiloshaha you head up others08:13
pavlushkaSo how is the packing, I felt lost when I am to pact :p08:14
pavlushkaKilos: looks like I need to pack it all, all of them, lol08:14
Kilospacket already 6 months back but now need to repack with stuff for colder weather08:14
Kiloswhat a pain08:14
Kiloshi magespawn 08:15
pavlushkahello magespawn !08:15
magespawnhi Kilos 08:38
theblazehenWhen you're thinking.. Hmm, how do I do this thing in python.. In bash it would just be`the thing to do`. Ah, you could do it this way. Nope, that's a terrible idea and why did I think of it :|11:27
theblazehenNevermind. 12:05
theblazehenStill a bad idea, but I can't use that thing anyway12:06
Kiloswbb, booking flight12:08
magespawnhi ra1v3n 12:20
ra1v3nhello mag12:23
ra1v3nhello magespawn *12:23
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andrewlsdIRC, IRC wherefore art thou IRC, a slack by anyother name could have a UX as sweet14:19
ra1v3nHi andrewlsd, yes it is rather quiet today.14:21
andrewlsd:-) ra1v3n14:28
ra1v3nfor the record, "wherefore art thou?" means: "what are you?, NOT "Where are you?"14:29
andrewlsdit means "why are you"14:30
andrewlsdI thought it means "why are you"14:30
andrewlsdas in "for what reason"14:30
ra1v3nYou may be right14:30
ra1v3nlol 14:30
andrewlsdeither way, we agree that it does *not* mean "where are you"14:31
ra1v3nyes indeed14:32
andrewlsdJuliet wasn't looking for Romeo, she was bemoaning the fact that he was a Montague and she a Capulet (or vice versa, I can't remember to which family either belonged)14:33
andrewlsd</end of grammar lesson>14:33
ra1v3nI believe you may be correct14:33
ra1v3nyes lol14:33
andrewlsdcheers all15:05
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Kilossuperfly inetpro at last15:47
Kilosflight booked for 30 august15:47
LangjanHi guys16:08
Kiloshi Langjan 16:09
Kilosflight booked this after noon16:09
Kilosek baie bly16:09
Langjananybody experiencing snail-like adsl?16:09
Kiloshoe gaan dit daar16:09
LangjanHi Kilos dis baie gawe nuus! Ek ook bly!16:09
LangjanSo is it 1 September?16:10
Kilosadsl prepairing for tomorrows holiday16:10
Kilos30 aug i fly16:10
Langjangreat, which airline?16:10
Kilosreturn 28 november16:10
Kiloscheapest flights available16:11
Langjanvia dubai?16:11
LangjanHo wlong stopover?16:11
Kilosto fly direct is 4 k more expensive16:11
Kilos2 hours in aby dabi16:11
Langjanyes amazing but economy of scale, most flights from here to anywhere go via dubai or quatar16:12
Langjansounds great16:12
Langjanlong flight but you just watch movies or sleep16:12
Kiloseish i cant sleep when someone else is driving16:13
Langjanmy adsl line is running at a few hundred Bits per second! 16:13
LangjanWell you may then as well take over if youre that good16:13
Langjanor sleep!16:14
Langjanwhat diff will it make if youre stressing?16:15
Kiloswell i will try because being awakr for 28 hours is gonna be tough16:15
Kilosi wont stress, this whole thing isnt in my hands16:16
Kilosdid you see that email Langjan 16:16
Kilosthe package wasnt delivered16:16
Kilosthe daughter of the peeps said it was, but then later said no sorry she assumed it was16:17
jan__You there Kilos ?16:20
Kilosyou got lost16:21
jan__my adsl is messing around, on/off then 200 Bps!16:21
Kilosfone them16:21
jan__must be kde messing things up somehow, of eff - same thing!Lmga!16:22
Kilosnice try16:22
Kiloskde running like a dream here16:22
Kilosi dont undertand you oom16:23
jan__Yes, running after sheep, but I need some serious connection. 16:23
jan__watter tand verstaan j nie? 16:23
jan__ek het nie veel oor nie16:23
Kilosmost peeps16:24
Kilosespecially experienced ones16:24
Kilosthat if you cant beat them join them16:25
jan__who says I cant beat them?16:25
jan__I received that hdd, Western Digital 160 GB, no bad sectors, looks like new, R10016:28
jan__Now my pal doesn't have to write off and replace his desktop like the comp shop were hoping16:30
jan__only prob hes going to contaminate it with windopze16:30
Kilosyou are learning oom16:31
Kilosand turn off your skype, its using half your connection16:32
jan__thks for the tip, theyre testing the line at the mo16:33
jan__always ready to learn16:33
Kilosi advised kde a year ago16:34
jan__only learn good things16:35
Kilosstubborn old man16:35
jan__glad you understand16:35
jan__at least Im converted from windopez16:35
jan__Kilos, im going to leave you, chat again later when line is working better  16:38
jan__ole nagger...16:38
Kilosty for the visit jan__ 16:38
Kiloslook after yourself16:38
Kilosand keep well16:38
jan__thks will do, you also16:38
jan__Start packing and remember your toothbrush16:39
Kilospacked 6 months ago16:42
Kiloshi ra1v3n Sicelo d`_`b 17:06
Sicelohi Kilos 17:08
Kiloswb chesedo 17:11
ra1v3nSorry was cooking17:24
magespawnhomw time chat later all17:25
magespawnhome time too17:25
Kiloslater magespawn 17:26
Kilosgo safe17:26
ra1v3nGoodnight All18:04
chesedosuperfly: don't make me jealous :P18:10
Kilos-superfly are you sick?18:11
superflyNet moeg18:17
Kilos-then rest sir, sorry for worrying you18:18
Kilos-sleep well18:18
Kilos-hi kulelu88 18:18
superflyThe kids are a little sick. I have a sleeping toddler on me 18:18
kulelu88Hey there18:18
magespawngood evening18:59
Kilos-hi magespawn 19:01
kulelu88Does anybody work with Pelican/Jinja here?19:05
magespawnno kulelu8819:06
magespawnhad to go look that up.19:20
Kilos-night all. sleep tight and warm20:21
magespawnMaaz tell Kilos- Good night!20:22
Maazmagespawn: Sure, I'll tell Kilos- on freenode20:22
magespawngood night all20:32
kulelu88Maaz: tell Kilos- oom van die berg20:34
Maazkulelu88: Got it, I'll tell Kilos- on freenode20:34

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