cosmicfiresI found the backups I always save /etc/00:01
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cosmicfiresI missed /etc/bind/ \named.conf.local too00:06
cosmicfiresoops typo00:06
JonelethIrenicusis it possible to get middle click scrolling in web browsers like in Windows?00:09
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kroSofthi all00:11
kroSofthow to create vhost for IRC psybnc in my vps00:11
kroSoftthank you.00:12
miharuYou're welcome00:12
kroSofti can't find any help for this00:12
kroSoftmiharu thank you very much mister :))00:12
taseGreetings. Whats a simple console FTP client. Simply 'ftp' is too boring for me. I'dd like to be able to see the progress go. I.e: Transfering thisonebigassfile 56% |||||----- (10298 kB/s)00:13
kroSoftPlease help00:14
tewardkroSoft: what do you mean by "create vHost"00:15
tewardkroSoft: it's unclear what you are trying to achieve00:15
kroSoftVhosts to connect with it in psybnc : / bvhot .....00:16
kroSoftlook like this :00:16
kroSoft1.191.147.162  91-191-147-162.IRCz.fr00:17
kroSoft91.191.147.163  91-191-147-163.eXolia.net00:17
kroSoft91.191.147.164  91-191-147-164.Dofia.net00:17
kroSoft91.191.147.165  91-191-147-165.eXolia.info00:17
tewardkroSoft: don't mass paste.00:17
kroSoftsome vhost to use it in psybnc00:17
tewardkroSoft: contact your VPS provider to see if they have rDNS for the IPs.  if they do, ask them how to configure it for your VPS.  If they don't, then you can't.00:17
tewardkroSoft: what you call a vHost is actually called "Reverse DNS"00:17
kroSoftsorry for the mass paste :(00:17
kroSoftthe provider vps give me one reverser dns00:19
kroSoftmy ip is : IPv400:19
daxhow many IPs you get and whether you can do rDNS on them is between you and your IP provider (i.e. your VPS host in this case)00:19
kroSoftmy reverse dns is : Reverse DNS00:20
kroSoftI am a beginner, I did not understand your question ..00:22
daxthat wasn't a question, it was me saying you need to go talk to your VPS host, not us00:22
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kroSoftok ill see with the vps provider00:23
cimbakahnHello Everyone!00:24
kroSoftthanks for your help " dax and teward" :)))00:24
sergioadHelo cimbakahn00:24
cimbakahnIs it true that you have to have a compositing window manager to run a dock?00:25
glitchdk1l_, hey bud00:25
glitchdk1l_, by chance do u have any insight as to why my windows 10 partition wont mount at boot anymore?00:26
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beanzSo what do you guys think of 16.10?00:27
EriC^^glitchd: maybe it's in a hibernated state00:27
EriC^^!+1 | beanz00:27
cimbakahnI heard that you could just install your dock, then make sure metacity is installed, and then turn metacity on, and that should do it.  Is this correct?00:27
EriC^^!ubuntu+1 | beanz00:27
ubottubeanz: Yakkety Yak is the codename for Ubuntu 16.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+100:27
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for that beanz00:27
glitchdEriC^^, nah i already ran into and solved that problem00:27
EriC^^glitchd: try mounting it from the terminal and see any errors you get00:27
glitchdEriC^^, you have to restart from windows 10 and select linux at grub and it should work00:27
glitchdEriC^^, no it mounts fine once im in linux00:28
glitchdEriC^^, but refuses to automount at login00:28
EriC^^glitchd: what command are you using?00:28
EriC^^are you mounting from the filemanager?00:29
glitchdEriC^^, im on my desktop, xubuntu00:29
glitchdEriC^^, yes00:29
EriC^^try gvfs-mount -d /dev/sdxY from the terminal00:29
glitchdubuntu 16.04 with xubuntu manager00:29
jinglescafehello, i installed new version of firefox and its nolonger running00:30
glitchdEriC^^, lol this is super strange...now its all of a sudden just not showing up..00:31
EriC^^glitchd: try sudo parted -l00:31
glitchdEriC^^, it shows in blkid, but not in my file manager\00:31
glitchdEriC^^, i think im gonna reboot again..00:31
glitchdEriC^^, brb00:31
jinglescafei updated firefox, now it will not run.  it keeps asking for password00:33
keakahai need help to enter my bios menu00:35
keakahai installed ubuntu, now my bios is gone00:35
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keakahatem jeito?00:37
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vanskarnerHola a todos estoy probando ubuntu mate00:38
EriC^^!pt | vanskarner00:38
ubottuvanskarner: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:38
Tex_Nickkeakaha: software has nothing to do with the motherboard BIOS00:38
rahtgazEriC^^: that was spanish. I should know. I speak portuguese :)00:39
EriC^^rahtgaz: aha00:39
keakahaI guess it doesnt. but my notebook was fine. is fine actualyy.. it just wont go to bios menu, it goes directly to grub00:39
Tex_Nickkeakaha: as far as acessing the bios from initial boot that is00:39
glitchdEriC^^, ok so im back and still confused lol00:40
EriC^^glitchd: still hasn't showed up?00:40
glitchdEriC^^, so i went back into 10, everything was fine. i did a full shutdown of the system then booted back into linux.00:40
EriC^^glitchd: doesn't that utilize the hibernation?00:41
glitchdEriC^^, its here but its till giving errors when trying to boot it00:41
glitchdEriC^^, i read up on it a lil earlier, the way that windows 10 handles power stuff is like this.00:41
ethanhsSoo. Trying to install Ubuntu (I've done it before). My internal pcie ssd is not found, and the only drive that shows is the usb I'm installing from.00:41
EriC^^glitchd: try restarting instead of shutting down00:42
glitchdEriC^^, when u shutdown it puts the hard drive into a hibernation type state00:42
glitchdEriC^^, when u reboot it actually cuts power to the hd00:42
glitchdEriC^^, but here is where im confused00:42
Tex_Nickkeakaha: it might be set to a fast boot mode ... which would not allow much time to press the proper key to enter bios ... you might need to reset the bios settings on the motherboard ... but on a laptop, well good luck00:42
DrtroWhat are some lightweight web browsers that have flash player and adblock? Firefox is bloated trash and even Chromium is slow.00:42
ethanhsI booted into try. And the disk isn't showing when I fdisk -l. Any help?00:43
glitchdEriC^^, when i restarted and booted into linux the win partition wouldnt show up00:43
EriC^^glitchd: must have been a one time error00:43
EriC^^with the file manager00:43
Bashing-omglitchd: See: https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/kb/920730 . Make sure hibernation is disabled ??00:43
glitchdEriC^^, i think my next attempt is going to be boot back into windows and do a restart then select linux in grub and see if it shows up this time, maybe it was a one time error..00:45
glitchdEriC^^, on the other hand, i may just leave it. i never boot into windows as it is anyways..00:46
glitchdEriC^^, even to manage my ipod and such i use a windows 7 vm lol00:46
glitchdi only upgraded it to check it out, and to get it before they start charging for it00:46
glitchdEriC^^, ^^00:47
glitchdEriC^^, yea i dont even want to reboot again, im just gonna say fuck it and leave it like it is.00:47
erkburgleshi, i am having trouble getting pia vpn to work with network manager i would really appreciate some help00:48
keakahathanks tex nick. i did a hard reset on desktop. I wast willing to do it on a laptop. thx anyway00:48
glitchdEriC^^, Bashing-om, thx for the intended help, have a good one gents00:48
EriC^^glitchd: no problem, you too00:49
glitchdEriC^^, on second thought, this is just now happening since i upgraded to 16.0400:50
glitchdEriC^^, this wasnt happening in 15.00:50
EriC^^try restarting windows, worth a shot00:50
glitchdEriC^^, already tried that 3 times, 2 restarts and shutdown00:51
glitchdEriC^^, restarts make it not show up, shutdowns make it unaccessible00:51
EriC^^glitchd: ok try restarting one last time00:51
EriC^^then if it doesn't show up try gvfs-mount -d /dev/sdxY00:52
glitchdEriC^^, im also thinking that maybe i need to reinstall ntfs-3g? but i will boot back into it and restart it and get back in here and let u all know whats what.00:52
glitchdEriC^^, brb00:53
glitchdEriC^^, we have success.00:56
EriC^^glitchd: great :)00:56
glitchdEriC^^, it must of been a one time error of sorts00:56
glitchdEriC^^, glad it wasnt anything more than a few reboots to get it right00:57
Trinityif I use ufw does it's rules persist after reboot?00:57
EriC^^!ufw | Trinity see here maybe00:58
ubottuTrinity see here maybe: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo00:58
EriC^^glitchd: yeah01:00
glitchdTrinity, i just found this info on that subject,01:01
glitchdTrinity, when you have the set of rules you want you can save the rules using iptables-save and then run iptables-restore pointing it to the save file as a startup script01:01
glitchdTrinity, but no, it doesnt save rules between reboot by default01:02
Trioxin(https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions) wish me luck01:10
bvzxgood moring01:11
cosmicfiresnamed works now there were a couple more files missing from the working config I copied01:11
cimbakahnHow do i completely get rid of systemd, and replace it with what there was before?01:13
Bashing-omcimbakahn: In grub's boot menu -> advabed options .. there is the option to boot upstart .01:15
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cimbakahnBashing-om, I think you mean advanced.  Thank you!01:18
Bashing-omcimbakahn: ;) lol .01:18
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Guest71476Hello, I'm having trouble getting my fan to spin on my Macbook Pro.01:39
__CoolGuyI have some problem with the ati drivers01:43
__CoolGuyNOTE: If your system has logged the missing packages required for installation, install them in the order as per the log file to resolve package-dependency issues.01:43
__CoolGuyfglrx installation requires that the system has kernel headers.  /lib/modules/4.4.0-31-generic/build/include/linux/version.h cannot be found on this system.01:43
__CoolGuyInstall kernel headers using the command apt-get install linux-headers-4.4.0-31-generic.01:43
__CoolGuyI installed but this continue01:43
__CoolGuyI installed the linux headers01:43
Bashing-om__CoolGuy: 16.04 .. has no proprietary driver support .01:47
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__CoolGuyBashing-om: Ok01:48
OerHeksYou will have AMDgpu or radeon driver enabled standard .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#fglrx01:48
Bashing-om__CoolGuy: See the relaese notes. Amd is throwing all their efforts to open source .01:49
BecauseSahib /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER BecauseSahib agxhtsczrlbq01:51
BecauseSahibubuntu 16.04 isn't showing the plymouth splash screen01:52
moestevensoh jesus haha01:57
moestevensLooking at that password leads me to believe that they're using a password manager, so at least it's not that bad01:58
coolbreeze227becauseSahib thanks for the password buddy01:58
toxikI sure hope he doesn't reuse passwords >.>01:59
coolbreeze227I hope you changing tha real quit01:59
coolbreeze227or your password is about to be someone else's lol01:59
coolbreeze227or nick01:59
* QuinnStorm still remembers dumping her nickserv pass to #furry on furnet....that was a rough day02:02
* QuinnStorm was still using the same pass too many places at the time02:02
gbakerDon't make we whip out my fursuit...02:03
* QuinnStorm is more of a living liquid latex critter than an actual fuzzy02:03
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moestevensUse SASL, password managers with unique passwords, leave authentication to your client/bouncer02:04
moestevensAnd if you really need to manually verify, do it in the server window02:04
QuinnStormat this point I have a client macro that sends fairly safely02:06
QuinnStormits not great but it works02:06
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QuinnStormI rearely reauth anyway, my client lives on a vps inside tmux02:06
moestevensI've heard some hubbub about authenticating with certs, but I haven't tried it out yet02:07
QuinnStormmoestevens: I used to do that on my personal server02:08
toxikAnyone know if irssi supports SASL?02:09
ahrc333fftoxik: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=irssi+sasl02:10
moestevenstoxik: There's a freenode article about irssi SASL here https://freenode.net/kb/answer/irssi02:10
moestevensI'm unfamiliar with irssi, so I can't vouch for the validity of it.02:10
Bashing-omtoxik: 16.04 install: http://askubuntu.com/questions/763054/how-to-use-ssl-and-sasl-with-irssi-under-xenial-xerus .02:11
gbakerI can't wait until I can use my desktop without having to use M$ for specific apps... :(  But in the meantime my laptop is my Plex server.02:12
toxikThanks all02:12
david__Hi all, for the life of me I cannot figure out why my ubuntu clock will not sync correclty with my BIOS clock.02:18
david__I'm running 16.04 and when I set the clock in the BIOS, it makes my ubuntu clock 4 hours off, when I set the clock in Ubuntu, it makes the BIOS 4 hours off.02:19
Bashing-omdavid__: Dual booting windows ? where Windows controls the clock ?02:20
david__I need to fix this because I'm developing an app that gets the time from the BIOS, but then I can't correct my clock on my desktop.02:20
david__Nope, I don't have any windows on my computers02:21
wangyou ren me?02:22
david__Wang me?02:22
wangzai na li ke yi xia zai zhong wen shu ru fa?02:23
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wanghelp me02:24
Bashing-omdavid__: To check your settings: ' timedatectl ' . To change RTC in local TZ: ' timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 ' . More info here: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/timedatectl.1.html ....02:25
david__Bashing-om: I tried that with no dice.02:26
moestevens!ubuntu-ko | wang02:26
david__I currently have rtc set to 102:26
Bashing-omdavid__: Sorry, only thought I had .02:26
moestevensWhoops, ah well wang there's #ubuntu-ko for Korean Ubuntu users02:26
moestevensMaybe they'll be able to help you out :)02:27
david__Bashing-om: thanks, it's all good02:27
wangwhere I can download input method in softcenter?02:27
Bashing-omdavid__: Better though, when we find out what controls the clock on systemd .02:28
moestevenswang: From what I can see, there's a thread for the Hangul keyboard for 14.04 http://askubuntu.com/a/45100802:28
moestevens...come on02:29
david__Bashing-om: I agree02:29
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu02:29
tonyyarussopeterpan007: Uh, why'd you call that right after joining?02:30
peterpan007i wanted to say hey02:30
peterpan007whats up?02:30
moestevens...to all the ops?02:30
tonyyarussoThat's not how any of this works...02:30
elkypeterpan007: what's the emergency?02:30
peterpan007i wanted to say hello02:30
linuxc64I'm doing some kernel debugging and would be really thankful, if someone could paste the first 30-50 lines of his 16.04 4.4-x System.map on pastebin.com, since I want to check something02:32
linuxc64Or if someone could provide a link to a System.map of that kernel02:32
ahrc333fflinuxc64: http://termbin.com/mw9z02:34
gshmuhello, I update my server to 16.04.1, http://img.vim-cn.com/13/6a81da20d0186aa04c2728c089628d7219b3fc.png02:34
gshmubut the ssh02:34
gshmucan't login in02:34
linuxc64Thanks a lot!02:34
sypherlinuxc64: http://termbin.com/od1d02:34
linuxc64Thanks - Obviously I was wrong about something02:35
ahrc333fflinuxc64: np. gluck with whatever you're doing. it's over my head ^_^02:35
ahrc333ffgshmu: hello, can you describe the problem a bit more. the image you provided is somethin gi've not seen before in terms of errors02:35
OerHeksdavid, sudo timedatectl set-local-rtc true ?02:36
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gshmuahrc333ff: sshd_config http://paste.ubuntu.com/21846136/    and, the pub key is ok02:37
ahrc333ffgshmu: it looks like there were issues with the package install for openssh-server, so Im just curious what you've done so far to address this.02:37
gshmuand I reinstall openssh-server02:37
ahrc333ffgshmu: in the picture it shows there were errors. did you re-install before or after that screencap?02:38
gshmuI can login with passwd with toor02:39
gshmubut pub key permission denied02:39
ahrc333ffis this kali?02:39
JustAnotherIdiotdoes upgrading to a new version of ubuntu also upgrade the kernal?02:41
sypherJustAnotherIdiot: kernel* and yes.02:41
david__Ok I fixed the problem, I just changes my timezone in ubuntu out in the middle of atlantic instead of Ohio!02:42
* sypher is reminded to fix the timezone on his server, thank you david__ ...02:43
david__no problem sypher02:44
david__What is the best terminal irc program.. I'm using Irssi, but I'm not really liking it, what alternatives are there?02:48
idiotaHow do I enable amdgpu?02:48
sypherdavid__: I am currently using weechat.02:48
QuinnStormI use irssi, I haven't switched b'/c muscle memory02:48
OerHeksidiota, You will have AMDgpu or radeon driver enabled standard .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#fglrx02:48
peterpan007i know you said terminal but why not hexchat?02:48
sypherdavid__: I actually switched from irssi.02:48
QuinnStormeither way do yourself a favor and use either tmux or screen too02:49
OerHeksif not AMDgpu, then your card is not suitable02:49
sypherMost Ubuntu installations include byobu, a nice tmux wrapper.02:49
QuinnStormI wrote my own tmux bindings, haven't tried byobu02:49
gshmuahrc333ff: I find it because`AuthorizedKeysFile%h/.ssh/gshmu.pro`, but how to fix it?02:49
idiotaOerHeks, Is there no way to enable it manually?02:49
QuinnStormmostly keygroups that give me prefix-free controls at terminal and console02:49
OerHeksidiota, not that i know02:50
* QuinnStorm gets a little OCD about her enviroments sometimes02:50
* QuinnStorm once customized the heck out of ion3 for her setup02:50
david__I'll check them all out. is irssi customizable? My biggest peev is how hard it is to read.02:50
QuinnStormdavid__: it is themeable and customizable02:50
QuinnStormthere is a huge script libraary02:50
QuinnStormget scriptassist installed and you can search it directly02:50
david__QuinnStorm: will do.02:52
* gbaker thinks... very rarely.02:52
OerHeksAMD Radeon R9 285, R9 380/380X and R9 Fury/FuryX graphics cards are now supported02:53
gbakerI'm just waiting for the day Nvidia supports SLI on mobile processors.02:54
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RobWilcoOerheks: is it safe to assume that the Rx 480 is not supported by amdgpu?03:07
RobWilcoand on that note, does nouveau work with the new Pascal GPUs?03:08
=== gms is now known as Guest52267
OerHeksRobWilco, it will be, if not already03:17
elkyRobWilco: basically, upstream yes, ymmv and don't expect support from here :)03:19
elkyRobWilco: at least that's my understanding of the rx480 anyway, no idea about nvidia03:20
g_ freenode secure03:23
tusharmmy wifi option is disabled.... only networking available03:25
tusharmany solutions?03:25
YankDownUndertusharm: Have you checked if your system requires third party drivers?03:30
gbakerIt's only quitting and joining in here. I guess I'll have to listen to the voices in my head for a while. :)03:47
* QuinnStorm wishes she could get backed with gbaker but is living with her parents (at 33, I know, shameful)_03:48
gbakerQuinnStorm: I'm also living at home at 39, but I'm taking care of grandma turning 94 in September.03:49
QuinnStormwell *that* is a good cause03:49
QuinnStormI'm just between jobs03:50
gbakerI know how that goes.03:50
ahrc333ffI wish I could live with my parents. I hate bills :(03:50
QuinnStormyeah, I mean, its *sensible* its just not terribly *sexy*03:50
QuinnStormof course I may be old enough that potential dates will see sensible as sexy03:50
ahrc333ffLuckily, we're actively re-defining sexy. We've got BBW, Dad-bod, and next it will be "living with mom" ^_^03:51
* QuinnStorm is a transwoman and a lesbian so it can be tricky to find a date03:51
ahrc333ffQuinnStorm: sounds like a fun combination!03:51
QuinnStormadd in anime nerd and linux geek and such and it gets even worse03:51
gbakerAll I have to say is never take life seriously. I was told to "dress up" for my nieces wedding. So... http://imgur.com/RxD4OiU03:51
QuinnStormone of the most awesome people I ever met and an ex partner once said "life is too important to take seriously" -- she was right03:52
QuinnStormand /that/ wins.03:52
* QuinnStorm can't really fursuit easily, is more of a latexy than a fuzzy...but yeah :L)03:52
QuinnStormerr :)03:52
QuinnStormthat photo is so awesome03:53
gbakerI went to a bar one time and chased people around barking. Then went up to the bar. When the bartender asked what I wanted I told him "A bowl of water".03:53
* QuinnStorm is also polyamorous and totally weird and also way cool with just hanging out and chatting, needs to find more friends, her last circle broke up rather nuclearly03:53
=== ic_ is now known as doc|work
gbakerLooking at my niece would believe she is 2203:55
QuinnStormthe calendar says I'm 33 but my brain thinks more like 1503:56
gbakerMy mom says I still act 12 so I'm younger. Yay03:56
Ben64please leave this channel for support only, use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics03:56
gbakerSorry Ben6403:57
QuinnStormsince you insist03:57
* QuinnStorm heads to u-o03:57
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maestrojedI always start and restart services with "service apache2 restart". I am trying to configure monit. Monit is monitoring software that can restart services if they fail. All the tuts I find say to config start program = "/etc/init.d/apache2 start". Whats the diff? Should I replace that with the service command?04:06
Ben64maestrojed: yep04:08
maestrojedBen64 just different startup command for different linux distros? I'm curious04:09
monsterdemondoes anyone know what this command does?   rm -rf /04:10
monsterdemonand how is it different than rm /04:10
* sypher eyerolls04:10
OerHeksman rm04:10
EriC^^maestrojed: service is an upstart thing, /etc/init.d are the old sysvinit files but upstart has compatibility for it so service apache2 still works04:10
EriC^^upstart stuff go in /etc/init/*.conf04:10
maestrojedCool Thanks!04:11
EriC^^and now systemd is the new thing04:11
EriC^^maestrojed: no problem04:11
orlocksystemd is a thing despite nobody wanting it04:12
=== valeech_ is now known as valeech
syphers/nobody/me not/04:16
maestrojedI guess I have more questions about startup commands. So in this monit config I used "service apache2 start" but this software threw an error "Program does not exist: 'service'". I tested the "/etc/init.d/apache2 stop". I did this before adding it to the monit config. I just ran it. This seemed to return a success message "Stopping web server apache2" but the service continued to run.04:30
syphermaestrojed: The environment the script is running in likely lacks the necessary $PATH variable.04:30
syphermaestrojed: try /usr/sbin/service04:30
maestrojedoh, on the service commend (not the /etc/init.d scripts).04:31
maestrojedawesome, thanks sypher04:33
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FUNG-KUHi, i am looking for "user & password" for "Precise Pangolin"(Ubuntu 12.04) Live-CD...04:50
EriC^^FUNG-KU: should be ubuntu and empty password04:50
FUNG-KUEriC^^:  yupe, that is right !04:52
XATRIXHi, how can i find out why my system stopped responding on a laptop lid open\close ?05:03
XATRIXNothing happening. I'd like it to go to suspend when the laptop lid's going close05:03
XATRIXI checked suspend mode via pressing power button->suspend. It does ok. But not with lid05:04
costahi, i'm looking how to server an irc server behind tor hidden service, any ideas? I already have setup the irc server it is working, what I would like to do is use my .onion address to connect to my own irc server.05:07
FUNG-KUHi, "Precise Pangolin" has troubles on one of my Computer, it resizes gnome-terminal windown very slow , top shows Xorg at 95+ %..., how do i fix this ?05:10
Tex_Nickcosta: that's not an ubuntu specific question, you might try asking in ##networking :)05:13
costaTex_Nick: hi, i'm using irssi for ubuntu, i think maybe some config with the irc client can help out.05:14
Tex_Nickcosta: irssi, irc, tor & onion routing are NOT ubuntu related, so please ask elsewhere :)05:17
costaTex_Nick: Are you sure? just kidding. thanks and bye.05:19
Bashing-omcosta: There ia a dedicated channel #irssi for support .05:19
costathanks Bashing-om I joined.05:21
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rajivmarsWhen i am trying to open "nautilus" from the launcher, it is not open. When i am trying to open it from the terminal, it displays some errors. i have pasted these errors on http://paste.ubuntu.com/21858549/. anyone please see those errors and help me.05:36
=== sdk_ is now known as sdk
OerHeksthose aren't errors, just warnings, and are normal ( hidden)05:36
OerHeksthat what happens when you start a gtk program from terminal05:37
rajivmarsOerHeks: then why i am unable to open nautilus?05:37
lotuspsychjerajivmars: ubuntu version?05:38
rajivmarslotuspsychje: 16.0405:39
lotuspsychjerajivmars: fully up to date to latest?05:39
rajivmarslotuspsychje: yes.05:39
lotuspsychjerajivmars: have you tried launching nautilus from another user?05:39
OerHeksremove  ~/.config/nautilus  ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus and try again05:40
rajivmarslotuspsychje: no. i have not created other users.05:41
lotuspsychjerajivmars: try what OerHeks suggest first05:41
kswapd0im not user ubuntu lol but i like this channel05:43
rajivmars OerHeks: it says "remove command not found".05:43
OerHekssure it will not find 'try again'also05:44
Tachikomasinstead remove.05:44
rajivmarsOerHeks: yes i am sure. it is not find anything like that.05:46
lotuspsychjerajivmars: does it launch on gksu nautilus?05:47
OerHeksdoes top give an instance for nautilus, and/or zombie05:48
OerHeksif not, then you have an frankenstein linux, hacked maybe?05:48
rajivmarsOerHeks: when i am tryin 'rm' instead of 'remove', it saye this: "rm: cannot remove '/home/rajivmars/.config/nautilus': Is a directory05:49
rajivmarsrm: cannot remove '/home/rajivmars/.gconf/apps/nautilus': No such file or directory"05:49
lotuspsychjerajivmars: when did nautilus start to fail? after an update?05:50
rajivmarslotuspsychje: no. it was working fine. after working with it, i left the computer. when i came after 10minutes, it is not working afterwards.05:52
lotuspsychjerajivmars: did you try a reboot yet?05:52
rajivmarslotuspsychje:  no05:52
lotuspsychjerajivmars: go ahead and come back please05:52
rajivmarslotuspsychje: ok.05:52
OerHeksrm -rf would work05:52
rajivmarslotuspsychje: after reboot it is working. but the computer was not able to reboot from the gui. i had to reboot it from the terminal by using the command "sudo shutdown -r now". why was thi happened? do you have any idea?06:01
rajivmarslotuspsychje: after reboot it is working. but the computer was not able to reboot from the gui. i had to reboot it from the terminal by using the command "sudo shutdown -r now". why was this happened? do you have any idea?06:04
* mehmet aslan-mhmet06:05
abhinavi did pip install virtualenv. but now when I do virtualenv venv it says program virtulaenv not installed.06:05
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rajivmarslotuspsychje: are you online?06:11
=== muskrat is now known as muskru
=== muskru is now known as muskrat
rajivmarsOerHeks: are you online?06:13
OerHeksrajivmars, yes, but i have no clue what has happened.06:13
rajivmarsOerHeks. ok. thans for help.06:14
SnowieHey, may be a stupid question. in which file can I add additional options to turn my screen off when inactive. I'd like to have an option for 2 and/or 3 hours to prevent it turning off in the middle of longer videos. (i know if i play natively it should prevent it, but in the chrome browser not so much)06:19
SnowieI should say, i would like to add it to the menu, as a bit of a learning opportunity, not just config it from cli but happy to look at that too.06:20
abhinavSnowie: check screen and power settings is Settings?06:25
Snowieabhinav: longest timeout in the menu is 1hr. would like 2 or 3 hours instead.06:28
monsterdemonI've seen the same fix be suggested on 8 different threads on 5 different forums spanning several distros, for unrelated issues.  The only thing they have in common is that someone suggested bash :(){ :|: & };:  as a fix.  What does it do, and how is it the solution to so many unrelated issues?06:29
Snowiecurrently looking at dconf editor but not finding the power options just yet, will see.06:29
Flannelmonsterdemon: It's a forkbomb.  It's not a solution to anything, but will freeze your computer until you reboot.06:30
Snowiemonsterdemon: I'm not sure but you could ask in #bash as from what your saying it relates to it directly.06:30
SnowieFlannel: oh, so it's a troll.06:30
monsterdemontheres a #bash?06:31
monsterdemoni thought bash was part of linux distros06:31
FlannelSnowie: yes.  Equivalent of telling you that "alt-f4 gets you a faster computer" or whatever things middle schoolers do these days.06:31
Snowieit's its own shell that used in alot of distros, even Unix, but it's its own application.06:32
Flannelmonsterdemon: bash is a program that many linuxes use as a shell.06:32
SnowieFlannel: my favourite non-destructive one was whenever someone asked "how do i..." the answer was "press f1"06:33
monsterdemonoh, okay06:35
monsterdemoncan i install bash on windows?06:35
monsterdemonand if I can, will the fork bomb work on windows then?06:36
=== monsterdemon is now known as fukking-demon
glitchdk1l_, hey im back with a new problem lol...help?06:40
=== fukking-demon is now known as monsterdemon
glitchdk1l_, this is more aesthetic than a function causing problem06:41
Geomcron and incron the same?06:42
glitchdhmm...well can anyone advise me on how to go about fixing the problem where the clock is not saving any of the settings that im changing?06:43
AciD`would you see why I cannot use scss with a normal user on Ubuntu 14.04 ? https://paste.kde.org/prbhevvyj06:43
abhinavSnowie: http://askubuntu.com/questions/216783/ubuntu-12-10-turn-screen-off-when-inactive-for-never-still-turns-off06:46
ducasseAciD`: you might have better luck with that in a ruby channel06:47
monsterdemondid you know Linux has a built in cloud backup service already mounted and ready for use?  its the most reliable place to keep your personal files06:47
monsterdemonits called /dev/null06:47
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!06:48
ahrc333ffI think this is where hillary'semails were backed up, monsterdemon.06:48
monsterdemonI reccomend you all start using it by running    mv ~ /dev/null06:48
monsterdemonahrc333ff: now THAT is funny!06:48
ducasse!ops | monsterdemon06:48
ubottumonsterdemon: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu06:48
Snowieabhinav: thanks. yeah i had found similar things. looked through dconf editor and i "think" i found the right option. I jsut want my screen to turn off and my session to lock after 3 hours.06:49
ducasseSnowie: you can use xset to configure that directly06:50
Snowieducasse: thanks ill look into it.06:52
Snowieducasse: is that still going to be seen by unity though? ie, if i set with xset, will unity be able to see it and trigger a session lock also?06:54
ducasseSnowie: xset applies directly to the x server06:54
glitchdanyone have a clue why the clock is whiping settings as soon as i close the gui?06:56
MaxFramesI have a question that is a cross between windows and ubuntu. I am using x2go client to connect from windows to lubuntu. I cannot find any way to open multiple connections to different lubuntu servers. when I open a connection, I cannot connect to another machine until I disconnect from the first one.06:57
MaxFrames(and x2go client crashes a lot, but this is another matter)06:58
Snowieducasse: i'll take that as a yes, thanks.07:00
ducasseSnowie: yes, it should override whatever the gui does :)07:01
ducasseMaxFrames: never used x2go, but can't you run several instances of the client?07:02
MaxFramesI've got to try it07:02
Snowieducasse: what i am asking though is if the gui will then see the screen turn off, to then follow the lock screen rules set in the unity gui07:03
ducasseSnowie: screen lock is usually handled by a separate piece of software, so no.  you could probably use something like xautolock to do that.07:04
MaxFrameser... yes, it seems that I can run multiple instances of the client07:05
MaxFramesclumsy, though :/07:05
ducasseMaxFrames: sorry, only suggestion i've got. i don't know how well-maintained it is, you could put in a feature request.07:06
MaxFramesuh oh07:07
MaxFramesI take it back.... I can run multiple instances, but as soon as I connect to a machine from instance #2, the session on instance #1 freezes!07:08
YankDownUnderWhat's wrong with just VNC? ...I'll stick to using what's worked forever and a day...07:08
MaxFramesslow as hell07:08
MaxFramesand complicated to configure so that you can seemlessly go from the logon screen to the desktop07:09
OerHeks x2go creates a SSH tunnel, per instance, so i guess you need to do something07:09
OerHekstry #x2go  ??07:10
MaxFramesyes, I didn't know there was a channel07:10
OerHeksme 2, just found it07:10
MaxFramesif there was a better way to get a remote desktop on ubuntu from windows, I'd gladly try it07:15
MaxFramesfor windows to osx, I've settled on realvnc, works well07:16
MaxFramesmaybe the latest version works well on ubuntu too07:16
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__hell__is there any one07:28
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:41
l0gichi. i have an issue with cryptsetup on 14.04 lts. i am not getting a password prompt, setting GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD=text, and changing splash to nosplash does not give me a textmode prompt, either. any suggestions?07:47
QuinnStormI don't have a fix but I can confirm I have seen this bug07:48
QuinnStormit does take a passphrase if I enter it into the blackness though07:48
l0gicdoes not for me07:48
* QuinnStorm has since upgraded and it went away07:48
QuinnStormthen not the same bug07:48
=== pavlushka_ is now known as Guest82875
l0gicnice, we have multiple users with the same issue. it worked before i went on vacation :|07:50
=== Guest82875 is now known as pavlushka
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=== sdk_ is now known as sdk
MaxFrames#x2go is a desert07:57
sobczykis there any way to disable recovery mode on 14.04 when fs mount fails? (the press M for manual recovery) - I have a kiosk system, and don't wan't anyone to touch it08:00
Bitnovahi, is it possible to have a usb autorun a shell script in the background without the user's intervention? (sort of like a virus). A shell script that does simple things, not that needs any sudo commands for system files.08:05
EriC^^Bitnova: um, yeah?08:06
akikMaxFrames: just open a new x2goclient08:09
akikMaxFrames: that's how it works in linux. haven't tested in windows, actually08:10
BitnovaEriC^^, ok but is it possible to have simple commands to cd into folders that you dont know the names of?08:10
EriC^^Bitnova: what exactly are you trying to do?08:11
EriC^^this is getting more and more shady08:11
Bitnovaim just asking EriC^^ .  Im trying to understand if its possible to cd into folders that you dont know the names of.08:13
Bitnovavery helpful.. lol08:15
k1l_Bitnova: no08:15
k1l_Bitnova: but you could ask in #bash if there is some pattern or such to use08:16
Bitnovak1l_, thank you :)08:16
Bishif i use #!/usr/bin/env something in the first line of a file, can i also give the "interpreter" parameters?08:28
ikoniaenv just evaluates08:29
Bishso "env ruby" means .. "exec /usr/bin/ruby"08:30
Bishstill, i don't know how i would give parameters to it08:30
Bish#!/usr/bin/env ruby -d does not seem to work08:30
Bishit works when just written into bash, but in the first line env seems to searx for "ruby -d"08:31
Bishwell giess it's not possible08:34
ahh11Hello, anyone there?08:36
tatertotshello ahh1108:37
ahh11I have a boot issue with an old PC I picked up. It reports it can only find a i686 CPU. Where can I get an Unbuntu distro for my CPU?08:37
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tatertotshow do i launch the backkup program from terminal in ubuntu 16.04?08:38
=== leo2 is now known as nameless
OerHeksman deja-dup08:41
tatertotsahh11 if your computer has a older 32bit i686 CPU you can only run 32bit operating systems, the 32bit versions of ubuntu are available on their website08:41
ahh11Ah right08:41
ahh11so I was using 64 bit08:41
tatertotsdid you try to boot your 64bit ubuntu and it barked the cpu error at you?08:42
tatertotsyeah you need to obtain a 32bit operating system for your 32bit computer08:43
ahh11"This kernel required an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU"08:43
ahh11I'm downloadign 32 but now08:44
tatertotsI just need to figure out how to launch app store or backup from command line, or any other app that would pop up and ask for authentication08:46
OerHeksman deja-dup08:47
OerHeksman snap08:48
tatertotsthanks OerHeks08:48
=== BjorkBjork is now known as perkelbjork
OerHekssnap find list of available snap packages08:48
l0gicQuinnStorm: in case you are curious: booting in recovery mode, and then selecting resume does boot the system, and i can login to unity08:49
tatertotsi didn't mean run it from terminal, sorry...i meant just a terminal command that opens the gui backup app or ubuntu software08:51
OerHeksunusual question, use the menu08:51
netham45I've got a GTX 970 with 3 monitors on it and an Intel GPU on my 2500k that I've got another two heads on08:51
tatertotsI'm testing a workaround..i'm in the sudoers and am trusted enough to update the linux system but i cannot connect to a wireless network08:52
netham45Can't seem to figure out how to actually enable the Intel card on Ubuntu, though.08:52
OerHekselse i have to tell you to avoid problems like terminal occupied08:52
tatertotsor run the backup program08:52
OerHekstoo many random questions08:56
aienaanyone having problems accesssing samba shares with nautilus on ubuntu 16.04 ? Behaviour is pretty erratci most of the times it doesnt connect if you specify smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ but connects quickly if you specify smbL//xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/foo where foo is a directory of the share08:57
aienaubuntu 14.x was very stable08:57
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aienaanyone know why smb on 16.04 doesnt work so smoothly09:17
k1l_aiena: it works here. what is the exact issue? and is that an issue with smb or with your file explorer?09:18
=== YankDownUnder is now known as YDU_retiring
netham45I've got a Logitech G700s, on both my RPIs and on my desktop I can't click until I switch away from Xorg's tty then back09:20
netham45Anyone know a workaround?09:20
netham45Seems to be something with this mouse in particular, as I'm having issues on drastically different systems with it.09:20
netham45It works as expected in Windows.09:20
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killallhello does any one have a script that keeps the latest ubuntu always up to date?09:40
killalllike have the latest iso ready09:40
killallhello does any one have a script that keeps the latest ubuntu iuo on my home always up to date?09:41
k1l_killall: ubuntu releases isos in different intervals for the LTS. for the non-LTS there is only one iso at release date. only the development branches get daily isos for testings09:42
OerHekskillall, no, there are only point releases, 16.04/16.04.1 now, or look  @ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/  there is only a daily build for next ubuntu09:43
__raveni need to "debug" bluetooth functions here. bluetooth at least on this setup with internal and external module seems totally broken with 16.04. any opinions?09:45
OerHekshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/ubuntu-help/bluetooth-problem-connecting.html are a start09:46
guzzlefryDoes anyone know which bluetooth manager Ubuntu uses? I'm on Xubuntu and wondering if Ubuntu uses something other than bluemon. Can't get my mouse working even though it seems to work instantly in Fedora/Arch. :/09:46
OerHeksdpkg -l | grep bluetooth09:48
Geom`any link to make a user be a root09:49
__raveni am not able to connect to any idevice though i am able to pair it09:49
bazhang!sudo | Geom`09:50
ubottuGeom`: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:50
bazhangsudo is all the root you'll need Geom`09:51
Geom`im trying not to use sudo as i am the admin09:51
bazhangGeom`, what is the end goal here09:52
Geom`not to type sudo anymore :D09:52
bazhanguse sudo -i for a root shell Geom`09:52
k1l_Geom`: on ubuntu there should not be the need to use sudo all the time since you should not run every program with sudo09:53
Geom`^^ thanks09:53
necrophcodrI've been having trouble creating a complete Ubuntu filesystem root. I've tried using the `fakechroot fakeroot debootstrap [...]` method, but to no avail.09:59
necrophcodrSo how is it possible to do this, without requiring special permissions?09:59
popeynecrophcodr: what guide are you following?10:00
adm01IZAK SRV01 in panic OVERHEART please check the air conditioner!10:06
adm01Fuck Izak you fucking kidding me srv01 is dead Beach!10:06
=== developer is now known as bpresles
guzzlefryokay so, I tried installing gnome-bluetooth on xubuntu in an attempt to fix my mouse.10:21
guzzlefryI ended up removing it, but now I have two different bluetooth managers and two different time/calendar programs in the system tray?...10:22
rockyhciao scuola :). I would like to report an alleged bug on uptime(1), or an error in the manual10:23
rockyhfrom Ubuntu 14.04, `man uptime` says that command displays "how many users are currently logged on"10:25
rockyhbut it is not actually true: it seems instead to be the number of users "ever connected to the system", during the uptime10:25
rockyhwhere else can this error be reported?10:25
rockyhso, if the intent was to display the *actual* number of users, it is a bug10:27
rockyhif instead the intent was to display the number of users ever connected since the system has gone up, it is an error in the manual10:27
guzzlefryrockyh: Usually if you post a bug to a linux-distro specific bug system, they'll handle reporting to the appropriate upstream project.10:27
rockyhguzzlefry: ok10:28
rockyhguzzlefry: again, uptime(1) says to send bug reports to ⟨procps@freelists.org⟩10:29
rockyhdo you suggest this way or do you know a better way for Ubuntu?10:29
popeyrockyh: run "w" after running "uptime" - do the numbers match?10:29
popeyrockyh: "w" shows who is currently connected - and matches uptime output here10:29
rockyhpopey: the numbers match and it is 510:31
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
rockyhwhile the actual number of users is 210:31
popeyrockyh: I just closed one session and the number went down, so I don't believe you're right in your analysis of the "bug"10:31
popey(i.e. it aint a bug"10:31
popeyrockyh: it doesn't mean number of actual physical users connected10:31
necrophcodrpopey: i wasn't following anything10:32
popeynecrophcodr: you trying to do this without sudo?10:32
rockyhpopey: if you can suggest a better test, I'll do it10:33
popeyrockyh: a better test for what? I just proved it's not a bug by closing a session and the number goes down.10:33
rockyhI just connected to the system from another terminal; number of users in uptime has increased to 610:34
rockyhso, ok. It is not the number of actual physical users. But so, what is?10:34
popeyrockyh: it's showing how many logged in sessions there are. Not plain number of users. One user can have multiple sessions.10:35
=== sparklyballs_2 is now known as Sparklyballs
rockyhok. But if nor who neither w show these 5 users (they just show 2 users), is there a way to see them?10:36
popeythey're sessions10:36
popeyeach user has more than one session10:36
popeyor, can have rather.10:36
ducasserockyh: as an example, i'm logged in over ssh running tmux with two shells inside - that's three sessions, one for tmux and one for each shell.10:37
popeysame - e.g. http://paste.ubuntu.com/21877373/10:37
popeymultiple sessions for one user10:37
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
rockyhpopey: ok, but your sessions are all listed in w10:40
rockyhthis is my situation:10:41
popeyrockyh: they are on that machine, but not on others10:42
popeyrockyh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21877761/10:43
rockyhpopey: you are meaning "the sessions"10:43
rockyhI launched w in that machine, so it should have showed all the 5 sessions in my case10:44
ducasserockyh: how sessions are handled/display is probably quite different from 14.04 to 16.04 because of the transition to systemd10:48
necrophcodrpopey: yes, without sudo, running as a normal user with no special privileges10:48
necrophcodrthat was the idea anyway10:48
rockyhducasse: so maybe popey is using 16.04 ... ?10:48
rockyhsorry for my long discussion; the fact is that there are some ... "stealth" sessions in my system and I would like to see them in any way10:49
necrophcodri was running it as `fakechroot fakeroot debootstrap --arch=amd64 "$VERSION" / http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/` where version might be precise,trusty, or xenial10:49
ducasserockyh: my guess is his first paste is from a systemd system and the second is not. my system looks like his first paste, i'm on 16.04.10:51
rockyhgot it10:52
rockyhI am running 14.04 as you remember10:52
popeyrockyh: 16.04, yes10:52
rockyhthey print in different ways the number of users10:53
rockyhjust as a marginal note, if I run w, who and uptime with sudo I obtain the same results10:56
ducasserockyh: not the number, the difference is in how the sessions are listed, i would think.10:58
rockyhducasse: what is confusing me is that the number 5 in my paste can be the number of "sessions" (but they are called "users"), while listed below there are the number of users11:01
rockyhand I add that I'm not using tmux or screen, just the GUI login (without terminal emulators) and ssh, so I should not being multiplexing anything11:01
Drohow can i enable wifi in the root (from debug mode)11:01
=== magic is now known as Guest63178
rockyhif w says "5 users", it should list 5 items below!11:02
rockyhin my system instead it shows 2 items11:03
necrophcodrWebmin version: 1.801, Virtualmin version: 5.0311:03
necrophcodrwoops, wrong chat, i am so sorry11:03
tessikIt's all good11:04
brunch875Does anyone know a 2-step authentication code generator for the ubuntu desktop?11:04
brunch875I have it on my phone but I'm really lazy11:04
brunch875and google is refusing to cooperate11:05
ducasserockyh: i don't know what the exact cause is, but i do think the reason is systemd. it handles user sessions very differently, and appears to list all of them, while upstart is different. you will need to try some place like #ubuntu-devel for the details.11:05
tessikAuthy works if you use Chrome or Chromium11:05
tessikOr anything based on them11:05
brunch875I'd rather have a dedicated program or terminal-based11:05
brunch875it's just simple cryptography after all, right?11:06
rockyhducasse: thank you so much for your help. And also to popey11:06
ducasserockyh: np, sorry i can't give you details - those are beyond me :)11:07
rockyhdon't worry, it is not immediate to see the cause here11:07
* joelio uses google otp all the time, works fine for me11:13
brunch875apparently there's a tool named oathtool: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man1/oathtool.1.html11:17
brunch875but I wonder if and how it stores the key ☺11:18
ebony_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)11:19
=== jos is now known as Guest29762
ebony_how to solve " E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) "11:22
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ebony_how to solve " E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) "11:26
k1l_ebony_: please put all the output into paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here.11:28
k1l_that one line is not enough11:28
ebony_ebony@luxuriousness:~$ apt-get -f install11:30
ebony_E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)11:30
ebony_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?11:30
ebony_ebony@luxuriousness:~$ sudo apt-get -f install11:30
ebony_Reading package lists... Done11:30
ebony_Building dependency tree11:30
k1l_!paste | ebony_11:31
ubottuebony_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:31
k1l_that is why i explicitly said "paste.ubuntu.com"11:31
ebony_apologize  me wait11:32
JohnnyAppleseedHow can I get a hostname cloak?11:34
k1l_ebony_: apt needs "sudo" in front to get root permissions11:34
k1l_JohnnyAppleseed: ask in #freenode for it11:35
k1l_ebony_: is this a backbox linux?11:37
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.11:37
emajorHi. I am looking to build a new computer for latest ubuntu. I want to put a SSD in it. Are these supported without configuration?11:37
k1l_you need to ask the backbox specialists then. see the bots message11:37
k1l_emajor: yes11:38
ebony_ok i'll go11:38
emajork1l_: thanks. Is there anywhere i can double check? Just want to be 100% before i buy a certain brand11:39
k1l_emajor: ubuntu supports "trim" which is needed for ssds. that is all the OS needs to have compatibility with. other issues can occur on the mainboard level. but that is not an OS (ubuntu) issue11:40
emajork1l_: ok thanks.11:41
brunch875Okay so got the authentication thing working, I just want to not have the authentication key just laying around in the terminal history11:48
brunch875is it possible to make bash read from the gnome keyring?11:48
foxxyHi! Could anyone with 16.04 LTS do a favor and tell the approximate current total amount of packages available for x86_64?11:50
lucyfxfoxxy, tell me the command11:51
vahveroI have problem. I need to ssh to server where i want to listen youtube music with firefox11:51
Coolerhi can someone help me install ubuntu?11:51
lucyfxwouldnt you able to get that number from the packages index though11:51
foxxylucyfx: synaptic :)11:52
Cooleri am trying to install ubuntu desktop 16.04 LTS on my laptop11:52
k1l_Cooler: what is the exact issue?11:52
ezraholm50hey guys11:52
lucyfxfoxxy, I am not installing synaptic if thats the suggestion :p11:52
ezraholm50anyone knows how to check if i for got: IDENTIFIED by 'mysqluserpassword'; (when doing GRANT x PRIV... In mysql??)11:52
Cooleri created a bootable usb stick with rufus11:53
Coolerand when i boot using it i get a screen11:53
k1l_ezraholm50: #mysql might now11:53
vahveroyoutube music has to come from server speakers11:53
Coolerwith options for install ubuntu, install ubuntu(oem), try ubuntu without installing11:53
lucyfxfoxxy, I can give you this result http://askubuntu.com/questions/120630/how-many-packages-are-in-the-main-repository would this be useful for you ?11:54
Coolerbut when i select install ubuntu and press enter, i get a black screen11:54
k1l_!nomodeset | Cooler11:54
ubottuCooler: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:54
foxxylucyfx: "apt-cache search .| sort| wc -l" seem to do11:54
k1l_Cooler: try to set this option as described in the forums thread for live cd11:54
BluesKajHiyas all11:54
lucyfxfoxxy, the number is ~54k11:54
foxxylucyfx: thank you!11:54
Coolerk1l_, its not a live cd11:54
lucyfxhow many you have in your distrubition ?11:54
Coolerits a usb stick created with rufus11:55
brunch875Cooler: that's a live usb11:55
k1l_Cooler: doesnt matter if usb or dvd11:55
lucyfxhttp://hastebin.com/arububeqoz.md <- also heres the biggest lists11:55
foxxylucyfx: current Debian Stable with few additional sources (debmultimedia, jitsi, google): 45k11:56
Coolerhow do i use nomodeset?11:56
lucyfxI have a few additional sources as well, but they wont even add up to 100 packages, so you can trust this data11:56
k1l_Cooler: please read the bots message. it has a link to a forumthread with a howto11:56
ciast1hello, anybody can help me replace key t AltGR key?11:56
joelioCooler: still not working?11:58
joelioand you never answered me, did you want to install ubuntu?11:58
foxxylucyfx: now run synaptic and it says in the status bar that its 70k packages total, but if only x86_64 choosen - its 45k. Since this is multilib, the 45k is pretty much duplicate-free proper number. The 54k on your system should be accurate. Thanks!11:58
joelioas the kernel cmd line you posted had a preseed in there, pointing to an installation seed11:58
lucyfxfoxxy, np again, see you later11:59
Coolerwell the acer laptop came installed with windows 10 64 bit11:59
Cooleri am also trying to install ubuntu11:59
joeliook, so are you using UEFI boot?12:00
ciast1i install ubuntu but I cant writing in my language12:00
Cooleri think so?12:00
ciast1because I m not have altgr12:00
Coolerk1l_, that post is lacking images12:04
Coolerthe images are not available12:04
Coolerit says to go to the line that says linux /boot12:05
Coolerbut i only have a line that says12:05
Coolerlinux /vasper/vmlinuz.efi file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity quiet splash ---12:06
Coolerk1l_, ^12:06
Coolercasper not vasper12:06
Coolerwhere do i put nomodeset12:06
Neomexhow do i start gparted?12:07
Neomexwhat to choose?12:07
EriC^^Neomex: autoconfiguration i think12:08
k1l_Neomex: you can use a ubuntu live system. it got gparted included12:08
Coolerwhere do i put nomodeset?12:09
Neomexbut i couldnt resize drives on ubu one k1l_12:09
k1l_Cooler: put "nomodeset" behind "quiet splash"12:09
k1l_Neomex: from the live system?12:09
Cooleronly-ubiquity nomodeset quiet splash ---12:09
k1l_Neomex: last time you asked you had the same system booted that was using the drives. that doesnt work12:09
Neomexyes from live one k1l_12:10
k1l_Cooler: did you press f6 on the screen asking what you want to do? like install or try?12:10
Coolerno i pressed e12:10
k1l_Neomex: make sure the partitions are not mounted (the have the key or lock symbol then). then you need to unmount them first12:11
k1l_Cooler: please stop.12:11
k1l_Cooler: look at the forumspage and start on "How to enable kernel options on the livecd (before install)"12:11
Coolerk1l_, that talks about a purple screen12:11
Coolerand some keyboard logo12:12
Coolerthats not what i got12:12
k1l_Cooler: http://i.stack.imgur.com/X6dvz.png12:12
k1l_Cooler: i really dont know why you are making it that difficult12:12
jamesc67Hi I am a professional Graphic designer, illustrator and photographer I have over 20 yrs experience on Mac and windows. Which I am tiered of and love the linux system and concept, But for graphic designers linux has a long way to go I would love to help improve the system for professional graphic designers. How can I help please advise12:12
k1l_Cooler: the forums post got exact instructions what and when to do.12:13
Neomexjamesc67, leard osdev ^^12:13
Coolerk1l_, that is NOT the screen i have12:13
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jamesc67Not very helpful?12:13
Neomexk1l_ in settings it says its unmounted but i can only shrink it not grow12:13
Cooleri have these options12:13
Guest76708Hi there, just upgraded to 16.04 and I get random freezes…12:14
CoolerPress enter to boot selected OS, 'e' to edit the commands before booting or 'c' for a command line. ESC to return previous menu12:14
Neomexits like it doesnt see the free space12:14
Coolerk1l_, do i press e?12:15
k1l_Cooler: ok. then this is not a original ubuntu boot screen. then press e and add the nomodeset at the end12:15
k1l_Neomex: please make a screenshot of that gparted program and show it here12:15
Coolerit says GNU GRUB version2.02~beta2-36ubunutu3.1 at the top12:16
Coolerseems like a original boot screen12:16
k1l_Neomex: you need to resize sda2 first, since that is the extended partition where sda5 and sda6 are put in12:16
Coolerlinux /casper/vmlinuz.efi file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity nomodeset quiet splash ---12:17
Coolerk1l_, is that it?12:17
EriC^^Cooler: press ctrl+x12:17
k1l_Cooler: yes12:17
EriC^^Cooler: yes that's it, you get that screen cause you're using uefi12:17
Coolerno difference12:17
Coolerstill a black screen12:17
EriC^^try without "quiet splash"12:18
EriC^^just nomodeset, also press e over try ubuntu not install12:18
joeliosure we tried this last night and it was the same black screen, perhaps check the UEFI :)12:18
Neomexk1l_, resized, but something weird happened: http://imgur.com/1HbLtPn12:19
EriC^^yeah, i was going to suggest maybe trying to install in legacy mode and then converting after the install12:19
k1l_Neomex: now you need to resize the partitions inside12:19
Neomexas you see on the screen, im trying to resize sda512:20
EriC^^Neomex: you have to move sda6 to the far right12:20
megamanx1978How do I add 32bit libs on ubuntu 16.0412:20
akikEriC^^: was xforcevesa removed from kernel boot options, do you know?12:20
EriC^^akik: no idea12:20
orcun9988any turk?12:21
orcun9988how to join room fsociety?12:21
EriC^^!tr | orcun998812:21
ubottuorcun9988: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.12:21
NeomexEriC^^, will i then be able to resize sda5? i wanted to resize root12:21
EriC^^Neomex: yeah12:21
Coolernone of that worked12:22
k1l_Neomex: first move sda6 to rhe right of the extended partition12:22
Coolerstill black screen12:22
Coolerlinux /casper/vmlinuz.efi file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity nomodeset ---12:22
EriC^^Cooler: did it mention anything while it booted?12:22
Coolerwhat do you mean booted?12:22
EriC^^Cooler: try the "try ubuntu option"12:22
Coolerit didn't boot12:22
k1l_Cooler: remove "quiet splash" to see what is going on12:22
Cooleri tried that too12:22
EriC^^you shouldn't get an only-ubiquity in there12:22
Cooleri tried both12:22
EriC^^did it give a list of stuff it's doing?12:23
Neomexohh got it now, it was way too complicated than it should be :)12:23
Coolerits just a black screen12:23
Neomexthanks k1l_ & EriC^^12:23
robbbbbafter having many problems with Manjaro I decided to jump to Ubuntu. I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 and I'm having many issues. But one i would like to get solved is waking up after sleep. It's just black screen. I've searched and tried so many solutions but none has worked12:23
EriC^^Cooler: ok, as a test try switching the bios to csm legacy mode12:23
Coolerthe blacklight is shining through12:23
vahveroi got the sounds working! I had to kill pulseaudio in my client so the music started to play on server :)12:23
EriC^^(windows will stop booting temporarily btw)12:23
EriC^^Cooler: is secureboot disabled? it's a long shot but it might be the problem12:24
ph88hi guys, i have a dual boot ubuntu 16.04 windows 10 laptop. Suddenly i can´t get into the grub menu anymore. How can i fix this situation ?12:24
EriC^^ph88: which laptop?12:25
robbbbbEriC^^, if you mean me, yes. it is.12:25
Coolerok legacy mode gave a purple screen12:25
Coolerand now its black with a cursor12:25
ph88EriC^^, lenovo E31-7012:25
vahveronext problem is to pinpoint ciphers to ssh. it cant find  -c arcfour,blowfish-cbc and error is Unknown cipher type12:25
ph88it has EUFI12:25
EriC^^ph88: ok, try pressing f12 or f8 when it boots to get a uefi menu and then choose ubuntu12:25
Coolerits just a blinking cursor12:26
ph88ok brb12:26
Cooleron a black screen12:26
EriC^^ph88: then run "sudo grub-install && sudo update-grub"12:26
ph88isnt grub already installed ?12:26
Coolerdo i have to type something?12:26
EriC^^windows might have put itself first after upgrading12:26
ph88oh ok i try  be right back12:26
ph88the basterd windows12:26
Neomexumm, EriC^^, k1l_, http://imgur.com/nb2sfmN12:26
EriC^^Cooler: try disabling secureboot in the bios12:27
Coolerwhat do i do? just hold down the power button?12:27
orcun9988ananizi sikim12:27
Coolerits showing a blinking cursor do i need to type something?12:28
k1l_Neomex: how old is that system? does it support ext3?12:28
Neomexspam del or f1 depending on your pc when it launches: Cooler12:28
Neomexkil_ few days old, newest ubu12:29
BluesKajCooler, when booting the post  page will indicate which key to open the UEFI/BIOS12:29
EriC^^Cooler: press ctrl+alt+del12:29
Cooleri am in the bios12:30
Neomexi think ive set it for ext4 when installing, no clue why it shows ext3 there, k1l_12:30
Coolertheres a tab called security is that the secure boot?12:30
Cooleri don't see secure boot as a option12:30
EriC^^Cooler: yeah12:30
EriC^^Neomex: can you get a terminal?12:30
Coolerall the passwords are clear12:30
Coolerand password on boot is disabled12:30
NeomexEriC^^, yeah12:31
Coolercurrent TPM (TCM) State enabled12:31
CoolerChange TPM (TCM) State: Enabled12:31
EriC^^Neomex: try sudo fsck /dev/sda612:31
EriC^^make sure it isn't mounted or anything12:32
EriC^^if you could boot an ubuntu live usb, it would be better12:32
Neomexno sudo, its gparted terminal12:33
EriC^^Cooler: try setting to disabled12:33
Neomexso do i have to launch that test ubuntu from live or go into installation?12:33
EriC^^Cooler: change tpm to disabled12:33
Coolerit won't even let me select those 2 options12:33
EriC^^Neomex: test12:34
k1l_Neomex: test12:34
EriC^^Cooler: try setting an admin password12:34
Coolerthe only things i can select are set supervisor password and set hdd password12:34
iseneI have a need for resources knowledgeable in Ubuntu (and other FOSS projects) as part of an "Innovation Garage" I am building for a Norwegian company. Pretty unique opportunity, detailed here: https://isene.me/2016/07/13/wanted-top-developersinnovators/12:35
ph88EriC^^, i got into the menu .. when i choose ubuntu i see a white screen with lines .. this is what i see  http://imgur.com/a/ft78m12:36
EriC^^ph88: odd, do you have an ubuntu live usb?12:37
Coolerok i set a password and set change tpm (tcm) state to disabled12:37
Coolerdo i leave boot in legacy mode?12:37
k1l_ebony_: backbox is still not supported here. please see their chatroom on the different network or their forums12:37
k1l_!backbox | ebony_12:37
ubottuebony_: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.12:37
EriC^^Cooler: no, leave it uefi12:37
nerfurhello, can I load "root" squashfs from http? like root=http://url ? can't find examples on that in manpages12:38
Coolerok i changed boot mode to uefi and boot12:38
EriC^^Neomex: ok, do sudo parted /dev/sda unit s print | nc termbin.com 999912:38
Coolernow i am back the original screen12:39
EriC^^Neomex: or try gparted again from ubuntu instead12:39
Neomexneed to set root privileges for gparted12:39
Coolerwith try ubuntu, install ubuntu, oem install(for manufacturers)12:39
k1l_Neomex: i dont get why you dont load the ubuntu live system.12:39
Neomexjust did k1l_12:39
EriC^^Cooler: try12:40
k1l_Neomex: just click on the gparted icon in the desktop12:40
Coolernope black screen12:40
Coolerdo i need to type nomodeset again?12:40
EriC^^Cooler: give it a shot12:40
Neomexk1l_, i have only install ubuntu there, should i go to gparted through it?12:41
k1l_Neomex: no12:41
Coolertried removing quiest splash and replaced with nomodeset12:41
k1l_Neomex: press "super" key (which is the windows one). then type gparted. then click on the gparted program12:41
Coolersitll black screen12:42
akikCooler: did you try the xforcevesa option with nomodeset?12:43
Coolerso remove quiet splash and put xforcevesa nomodeset?12:44
k1l_Neomex: this is inside a vm?12:45
Neomexyes k1l_12:45
akikCooler: yes12:45
k1l_Neomex: hmm. dont know why that fails now12:46
Coolerakik, black screen12:46
ph88EriC^^, what can i do with the live usb ?12:47
Coolerthe only thing that worked upto this point is setting the boot mode to legacy12:47
EriC^^ph88: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot12:47
robbbbbi really wanna use ubuntu, but all these problems are giving me a hard time. I am using an acer aspire-v5 laptop. Can someone help me fix the black screen after sleep bug? I've searched a lot12:47
EriC^^Neomex: try closing gparted, then sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999912:48
EriC^^or screenshot sudo parted -l 's output12:48
NeomexEriC^^, just typed in that cmd you said earlier http://imgur.com/VLIQYq412:48
vahverook i got now my ssh cipher problem solved :) i was using wrong cipher what server wasn't supporting (openssh)12:49
EriC^^Neomex: try sudo parted -l ( close gparted first though and let it write the changes for the sda6 move )12:49
NeomexEriC^^, it cant grow the partition, getting error again12:51
Neomexthe sda6 one12:51
EriC^^no problem12:51
EriC^^close gparted and ss sudo parted -l12:51
EriC^^(you can do it manually)12:51
ph88EriC^^, how can i know if use LVM or bcache ?12:52
Coolerk1l, so setting the boot mode to legacy12:53
EriC^^did you choose LVM during the install?12:53
NeomexEriC^^, http://imgur.com/TtxUpl512:53
Coolerand press a key at the purple screen12:53
Cooleropened a language selection menu, selected english12:53
Coolerand i got to the screen you posted12:54
EriC^^Neomex: it didn't move sda612:55
Cooler<k1l_> Cooler: http://i.stack.imgur.com/X6dvz.png12:55
Coolerk1l, i got to this screen ^12:55
EriC^^Neomex: try only moving sda6 to the right and see if that works12:55
NeomexEriC^^, it was throwing error at that12:55
EriC^^the move?12:55
Neomexresizing part of the move12:55
EriC^^Neomex: only move it to the right without any other stuff12:56
Coolerbut after i select install ubuntu\12:56
k1lCooler: ok, did you just try to boot that now that you use legacy boot? if that still fails try again and hit f6 then and choose nomodeset12:56
Cooleri get a black screen with a blinking cursor at the top left12:56
Coolerpressing f6 and setting nomodeset made no difference12:56
Cooleri get the blinking cursor again12:56
hggdhNeomex: if you are running a virtual machine, there is a very good chance your "disks" are nothing more than a file in the host12:57
EriC^^same thing though12:57
hggdhNeomex: in this case I rellay do not think you can resize/move partitions inside the VM12:58
Coolerk1l, is there another option that i need to enable other than nomodeset?12:58
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EriC^^hggdh: he can, this is all on a logical level12:58
EriC^^not hardware12:58
k1lCooler: no. its testing now what could work. try to boot just original from that screen. if that fails try nomodeset.12:58
k1lEriC^^: seems like he hit a limit or something12:59
NeomexEriC^^, http://imgur.com/46CPT8612:59
EriC^^Neomex: great13:00
EriC^^Neomex: do you have a snapshot of your current vm in case stuff goes wrong?13:00
EriC^^Neomex: i'd make one13:00
Coolerk1l, i tried install ubunty13:00
Neomexso just make a copy of *.vid somewhere? EriC^^13:01
EriC^^Neomex: no, is this virtualbox?13:01
Coolerand install ubuntu with nomodeset13:01
k1lCooler: i dont understand13:01
Coolerboth give the blinking cursor13:01
EriC^^Neomex: go to machine at the top and click on make snapshot13:01
Coolerafter i select install ubuntu, i get a black screen with a blinking cursor, i have to hold the power button down until restart13:02
EriC^^Neomex: or clone the whole vm, less of a headache of deleting snapshot later13:02
Coolerthe same thing happens if i select nomodeset and then install ubuntu13:02
NeomexEriC^^, ok done13:04
EriC^^Neomex: made a clone or snapshot?13:04
EriC^^Neomex: ok, boot into the first original13:05
Neomexsystem? no more livecd?13:05
Coolerok i removed quiet splash didn't add nomodeset13:06
Coolerand that gives something13:06
EriC^^Neomex: try to clone the vm, it's easier13:06
Coolerand now it stopped13:06
Cooler[    0.192185] pci 0000:00:14.0: PCI INT A: no GSI13:07
Coolerthats where it stopped13:07
Cooler[    0.192185] pci 0000:00:14.0: can't derive routing for PCI INT A13:08
Cooler[    0.192185] pci 0000:00:14.0: PCI INT A: no GSI13:08
Cooler[    0.192146] pci 0000:00:14.0: PCI INT A: no GSI13:09
Cooler[    0.192185] pci 0000:00:14.0: can't derive routing for PCI INT A13:09
Coolerno wait other way around13:09
Cooler[    0.192146] pci 0000:00:14.0: can't derive routing for PCI INT A13:10
Cooler[    0.192185] pci 0000:00:14.0: PCI INT A: no GSI13:10
NeomexEriC^^, done13:11
lunixc128Hello everyone. I'm trying to figure out what the best solution would be for capturing a network video stream (a TV program) over a longer time. So far I know that this could be done using VLC, MEncoder and mplayer.13:11
lunixc128The problem is that the stream's connection sometimes drops, so I need a solution which automatically reconnects and doesn't abort writing the current output file.13:11
Cooleroh sorry13:12
Coolershould have used pastebin13:12
lunixc128Is that possible using command line VLC?13:12
EriC^^Neomex: ok, ss parted /dev/sda unit s print13:12
Neomexthe command is ss? and we are going back to livecd?13:13
EriC^^no i mean to screenshot :)13:13
joeliolunixc128: yes, cvlc13:13
Neomexah, k :)13:13
EriC^^yes liveusb13:13
lunixc128Will it automatically reconnect or do I have to add a parameter?13:13
Coolerthis is the laptop model if thats relevant13:13
akikCooler: do you depend on some usb device for boot?13:15
joeliolunixc128:  apt-file search cvlc13:15
joeliovlc-nox: /usr/bin/cvlc13:15
Coolerakik, yes its a bootable usb stick13:15
Coolercreated with rufus13:15
akikCooler: do you have a usb 2.0 port in that laptop?13:15
robbbbbhow do i know which kernel files to download http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.6-yakkety/ ?13:15
NeomexEriC^^, permission denied13:16
EriC^^Neomex: add sudo13:16
joeliorobbbbb: what version of ubuntu are you on13:16
lunixc128--http-reconnect, --no-http-reconnect13:16
lunixc128                                 Auto re-connect (default disabled)13:16
lunixc128          Automatically try to reconnect to the stream in case of a sudden13:16
lunixc128          disconnect. (default disabled)13:16
robbbbbjoelio, 16.0413:16
lunixc128But can this parameter also be added in the case of MMS streams?13:16
Coolerakik, not sure13:16
akikCooler: usually usb 3.0 ports are blue13:17
necrophcodrlunixc128: you might give it a shot and see if it works?13:17
NeomexEriC^^, http://imgur.com/h9L1WRR13:17
lunixc128Sure, I just wondered13:17
Coolerakik, yeah theres one 2.0 port13:17
akikCooler: ok try booting the install from that port13:17
lunixc128Probably increasing the caching would also be a good idea for buffering related dropouts13:17
l33ni am having problems with newtorkmanager-openvpn13:18
Coolerakik, uh same result13:18
EriC^^Neomex: ok, type sudo cfdisk /dev/sda13:18
lunixc128Alright, so "--repeat" should work for MMS streams13:19
robbbbbhow do i know which kernel files to download http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.6-yakkety/ ?13:19
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joeliorobbbbb: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa13:19
NeomexEriC^^, http://imgur.com/UOA5e7T13:19
l33nmy wireless connectivity works and I was abel to manually connect to vpn but after installing networmanager-openvpn it is not auto connecting to vpn and if i try to manually connect through the gui connectivity is lost13:19
joeliorobbbbb: oh hang on there's none for xenial13:19
joelioyou may just have to download all the deb - I'd get ;13:20
EriC^^Neomex: ok, delete /dev/sda513:20
=== l33n is now known as erkburgles
joelioand then dpkg -i all of them13:20
EriC^^Neomex: then recreate it, when it asks for starting sector press enter13:21
joeliorobbbbb: assuming you're on amd6413:21
joeliorobbbbb: basically the headers, headers-generic and the generic image13:21
Neomexi did new on unused partition, it this the right way? EriC^^13:22
EriC^^Neomex: yeah, did you delete sda5 first?13:22
Neomexit didnt ask for starting sector though13:22
robbbbbuname -m returns x86_6413:22
robbbbbso it is a 64 bit system13:22
robbbbband thanks joelio13:22
EriC^^Neomex: ok13:22
EriC^^Neomex: the partition is there now?13:23
akikCooler: this is a wild guess but try to disable xhci (=usb 3.0)13:23
EriC^^full space used?13:23
Coolerakik, why?13:23
Neomexnop, same as before - 5gig, rest is in sda2 EriC^^13:23
Cooleri aleardy switched the usb stick to the 2.0 port13:23
frkkHello, I'm having some issues regarding swap. I'm running dual boot with windows and I installed ubuntu by creating an encrypted partition and later setting it to / (I've got an unencrypted /boot). My question now is, can I create a swap file normally and it will then be encrypted since it will be located on an encrypted partition?13:24
akikCooler: i saw this https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5259113:24
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 52591 in PCI "xhci module fails when booting in UEFI mode" [Normal,Resolved: code_fix]13:24
akikCooler: but that is from 2013 so could be already fixed13:25
Coolerakik, but this is in legacy mode13:25
erkburgleslittle help here with networkmanager-openvpn13:25
ph88hi guys i'm getting stuck on step 12 of this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot  what can i do ?   terminal: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/399846/44333147/13:26
Coolerakik, also theres no option for xhci13:26
EriC^^ph88: type "mount -a"13:27
EriC^^ph88: also, type ls /sys/firmware/efi and see what it gives13:27
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mraskerhello, I made a port scan with zenmap. I scanned from my desktop to my laptop. both are ubuntu. The laptop has port 4662 closed.13:27
EriC^^mrasker: netstat -tuln to see what's listening on 466213:28
mraskerI can't understand why it shows i the scan while the desktop with the same configuration doesn't show13:28
=== frkk is now known as krokk
mraskerEriC^^, it is edonkey13:28
ph88EriC^^, https://paste.fedoraproject.org/399849/44522147/13:28
akikCooler: http://p-s.co.nz/wordpress/dual-boot-ubuntu-16-04-on-win-10-acer-aspire-e15/ Downgrade BIOS13:30
EriC^^ph88: you need to boot the live usb in uefi mode13:30
akikThis really matters. Without it I got black screen after getting USB startup disk to provide GRUB option. No amount of mucking around with nomodeset or noapic or noacpi helped. It was the BIOS!13:30
ph88EriC^^, i had to enable legacy boot in bios otherwise it wouldn't boot from EUFI ..13:30
EriC^^mrasker: what's that?13:30
EriC^^ph88: ah, you need uefi13:30
EriC^^ph88: try cat /etc/fstab13:30
EriC^^and see if there's a /boot/efi line (with no "#" at the start of it)13:30
mraskera p2p protocol13:31
EriC^^Neomex: can you screenshot cfdisk?13:31
=== frkk is now known as krokk
NeomexEriC^^, http://imgur.com/NgIeTxF13:32
EriC^^Neomex: ok, highlight /dev/sda5 and press delete13:33
Neomexfree space is now 5 gig EriC^^13:33
Neomexfuck, i deleted sda4... :D13:34
tonyyarusso!language | Neomex13:34
ubottuNeomex: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:34
EriC^^Neomex: no problem, press q to quit and don't write any changes13:34
ph88EriC^^, http://imgur.com/a/lyCDr https://paste.fedoraproject.org/399852/01449221/13:35
ph88i'm pretty sure i used USB EUFI boot before when i installed windows 10 and ubuntu .. not sure why it isn't working now13:35
Neomexumm, i think it did write the changes, this is after restarting http://imgur.com/eslwbcA13:36
EriC^^that's odd13:36
EriC^^ph88: are you still in the chroot?13:36
EriC^^Neomex: that's the same as before i think13:37
killallhello does any one have a script that keeps the latest ubuntu iuo on my home always up to date?13:37
ph88EriC^^, yes i'm still in chroot ... you have the full output of the log in the last paste13:40
Coolerk1l, in that link you posted13:41
Coolerat the shrink partition step13:42
CoolerRight-click on main NTFS partition and select Shrink. The empty space left over will be used by Ubuntu later.13:42
Coolerwhich partition?13:42
Coolertheres multiple options13:42
CoolerC D E F13:43
Coolerand 3 unnamed ones13:43
CoolerC D E and F are NTFS13:43
Coolerthe unnamed ones are blank13:43
Coolerdo i shrink c?13:44
EriC^^ph88: ok, try modprobe efivars13:44
EriC^^then ls /sys/firmware/efi13:44
Coolerc d e f all say primary partition13:44
ph88EriC^^, still the same message: ls: cannot access '/sys/firmware/efi': No such file or directory13:45
EriC^^ph88: try it from outside of the chroot in another terminal maybe13:45
akikCooler: did you see the link i pasted? it tells that you need to downgrade the bios/efi13:46
EriC^^modprobe efivars13:46
Coolerc also says boot page file crash dump primary partition13:46
Coolerakik, oh it was you who pasted13:46
ph88EriC^^, same ..13:46
Cooleryeah thats what i am talking about13:46
Coolerit says to shrink the main partition before downgrading13:46
Coolerbut i don't know which one that it13:47
Coolerthat is813:47
EriC^^ph88: try to boot into uefi mode, maybe try disabling secure boot or see any security changes in the bios or boot options13:47
=== thebrush1 is now known as thebrush
Coolerakik, do i just need to downgrade the bios and not worry about the other steps in that link you posted?13:48
ph88EriC^^, maybe the usb drive made my usbpendrivelinux is not UEFI compatible ?13:50
EriC^^ph88: is it 30gb?13:51
slazerhi, my 16.04.1 fails to boot after install, given the default partitioning on EFI system..even GRUB menu won't show up13:52
EriC^^slazer: single boot?13:52
slazerI tried "update-grub /dev/sda" to no avail13:52
slazerEriC^^:  yes13:52
EriC^^slazer: which model laptop?13:52
slazerEriC^^: I have let ubuntu use the whole HDD13:53
slazerEriC^^: HP ProBook 4730s13:53
EriC^^slazer: ok press f9 when the pc boot13:53
EriC^^then choose ubuntu13:53
slazerEriC^^: it boots using the EFI after f913:53
EriC^^ok, are you booted right now?13:53
slazerEriC^^: yes13:53
EriC^^ph88: if the usb is 30gb then yes it's not efi compatible, it's using a ntfs partition13:54
EriC^^slazer: type ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 999913:54
ph88EriC^^, yes it's 32gb usb stick ... what type of partition should i choose for the usb stick ?13:55
slazerEriC^^: http://termbin.com/1q9p13:55
EriC^^ph88: it should be a fat32 partition13:55
EriC^^ph88: try linuxlive usb creator13:55
HammerJammmer:slazer Even rufus works fine13:56
EriC^^ph88: if you make a fat32 partition and extract the iso there it'll boot13:56
slazerEriC^^: yeah, and I resized the /boot/efi in a furious attempt to fix the issue..I freed the initial 2 MB to make biosboot..but it seems biosboot has been there before, because the freespace is now 3MB13:56
slazerEriC^^: (resized using GParted)13:56
Coolerakik, that link also says he swapped out harddrive for a fresh ssd13:56
akikCooler: just do the bios downgrade. it was a bit tricky13:56
EriC^^slazer: ok, type sudo mkdir -p /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot13:57
Cooleralso which version do i downgrade to?13:57
EriC^^slazer: and sudo mkdir /boot/efi/EFI/Boot13:57
ph88EriC^^, thank you very much for your advice, may i pm you for email adres in case you are offline later ?13:57
EriC^^ph88: ok13:57
akikCooler: the page says to use v1.1513:57
Coolerakik, thats for a different laptop13:57
Coolerthere is a 1.15 version but i think thats just a coincidence13:58
DroI just tried memtest, and i have found this errors: http://imgur.com/a/ndzgx13:58
akikCooler: the link shows your laptop model http://community.acer.com/t5/E-and-M-Series-Laptops/Acer-Aspire-e5-573g-You-can-not-install-any-one-Linux/m-p/386281/highlight/true#M308013:58
Drowhat should i do in this case?13:58
Coolerakik, oh13:59
akikCooler: just do one thing at a time. your problem was the black screenk, not a hdd vs. ssd13:59
Cooleri assumed it was for another laptop13:59
slazerEriC^^: oh, and I updated BIOS F.60 to F.61, which does have only one changelog --> "Provides improved security of UEFI code and variables. HP strongly recommends transitioning promptly to this updated BIOS version which supersedes all previous releases."13:59
akikCooler: the acer.com link you pasted was for E5-573G13:59
jefersonmp bug 825413:59
ubottubug 8253 in slang (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #8254 crash displaying main menu in arabic" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/825313:59
slazerEriC^^: I suspect problems with SecureBoot or sth along that name..is that correct?13:59
EriC^^slazer: maybe yeah14:00
EriC^^hp are notorious for uefi issues (without upgrades even)14:00
EriC^^slazer: did you run the mkdir commands?14:00
joelioDro: find which stick is bad and replace it14:01
slazerEriC^^: hold on, please..14:01
jefersonMp-bios bug:8254 timer not connected to io-apic14:01
Drojoelio, physical replacement?14:01
jefersonMp-bios bug:8254 timer not connected to io-apic ????/14:01
joelioif it's bad, yes14:01
tusharmI know this is offtopic, but can anyone point me to a channel where I can ask some java related queries?14:01
joelio#java ?14:02
slazerEriC^^: done14:02
tusharmjoelio: needs invitation for some reason14:02
joeliotusharm: it doesn't, I just joined :)14:02
Picitusharm: its ##java14:03
Piciand you need to be registered/identified to join14:03
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:03
tusharmthanks, still need to be identified though14:03
joeliooh yea, register to freenode, sorry - iswym14:03
k1l!register | tusharm14:03
ubottutusharm: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:03
slazerEriC^^: what should I do now, please? restart?14:04
Haugli92Im looking for a software that can sync the same content to multiple serveres just by updating one server. Would Rsync do the job?14:05
Coolerakik, in that downgrade steps14:06
Coolerit says to copy the temp folder outside and close the failing install14:06
Coolerdo i need to copy it back into the temp folder14:06
akikCooler: no14:06
EriC^^slazer: no14:07
joelioHaugli92: yes, rsync or unison14:07
Coolerok its restarting14:07
EriC^^slazer: type sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi14:07
joelioHaugli92: you may need some scripts to manage it properly mind14:07
slazerEriC^^: done14:07
Haugli92Lets say /usr/files is a directory i want to keep up-to-date on all servers. I can just update one server and it spreads out?14:08
akikCooler: i just noticed that there's a copy/paste error in the http://p-s.co.nz/ page but i guess it didn't matter14:08
joelioHaugli92: there's also prsync for parallel rsync.. depending on what your requirements are14:08
EriC^^slazer: type sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi14:09
akikCooler: he has made a paste error in [BIOSVersionFormat]14:09
Haugli92joelio: My reqirement is that the folder is up-to-date on all locations :P14:10
Coolerakik, what was the error14:10
Haugli92When i insert a file into the folder it automaticlly updates the remote servers14:10
Cooleroh that14:10
akikCooler: he has copied the content from http://community.acer.com/t5/E-and-M-Series-Laptops/Acer-Aspire-e5-573g-You-can-not-install-any-one-Linux/m-p/386281/highlight/true#M3080 but the content has changed14:10
slazerEriC^^: done14:10
EriC^^slazer: try rebooting14:10
Coolerakik, i was looking at the original post and changed NN to DD14:10
=== z4ki is now known as zaki
joelioso add an inotify hook if you need that - or use a shared file system if you want the properly consistent14:10
slazerEriC^^: ok, brb, tx14:10
akikCooler: nice! :)14:10
akikCooler: that might have hosed your system if you didn't catch it :(14:11
joelioHaugli92: https://github.com/drunomics/syncd14:12
joeliowhat I was saying about inotify...14:13
joeliobut if you need proper consistency (read up on Brewers Conjectrure if you want to know more) then it's really a shared filesystem needed.. ymmv :)14:13
Haugli92joelio: Thanks :) Will check it out14:14
Haugli92I currently have a script that is manully lauched14:14
joelioinotfiy is an inbuilt kernel thing14:14
akikCooler: looks like you have the same wireless adapter in that laptop than i do, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377. you need 16.04.1 install, 16.04 didn't work without an extra firmware.bin file14:15
Coolerakik, yay it worked14:15
Cooleryeah its 16.04.1 not 16.0414:15
akikCooler: what worked?14:15
Haugli92directory watcher? :P14:16
Coolerakik, downgraded and now when i selected install ubuntu14:16
Coolerit worked14:16
joelioHaugli92: another one for the pile - https://github.com/axkibe/lsyncd14:16
akikCooler: good14:16
akiklinux is a second class citizen in laptops :(14:17
rockyhOdd_Bloke: are you there?14:17
Odd_Blokerockyh: o/14:17
Haugli92joelio: Okey, will check them both, but syncd looks easy to integrate with14:18
BluesKaj16.04 runs perfectly fine on myLrnovo G500 laptop ...better than windows14:18
slazerEriC^^: hi, it did not boot, two entries (Microsoft and ubuntu) has shown now after I pick EFI boot (in F9 menu), but both of them fail to boot, displaying (more like flickering) approximately 5 long lines with dashes (probably paths) and maybe the word "error".14:18
BluesKajLenovo even14:18
rockyhOdd_Bloke: ok, so did you remember the problem or do you prefer that I recap it?14:18
EriC^^slazer: try to disable secureboot if it's enabled14:18
slazerEriC^^: no such entry existst in BIOS, I have checked that many times..14:19
slazerEriC^^: by the way, Fedora 24 does EFI boot, Fedora 23 respin too, but Fedora 23 (vanilla, WS) had this problem14:19
Odd_Blokerockyh: I'd appreciate it if you could restate it. :)14:19
rockyhok :), so sorry in advance to the other users, because they may have already read it14:20
EriC^^slazer: ok, are you in ubuntu right now?14:20
slazerEriC^^: The EFI boot mode problem must have been fixed sinde Fedora 23 x64 WS has been released.14:20
slazerEriC^^: yes14:20
EriC^^slazer: ok, type sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999914:20
crisedhow to install vmware ubuntu 15?14:20
Lucky7Good morning everyone14:21
rockyhgive a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21877593/14:21
slazerEriC^^: http://termbin.com/tvth14:21
rockyhboth w and uptime indicate that 5 users are connected, but both w and who show just 2 users14:22
rockyhthese commands are run in Xubuntu 14.0414:22
rockyhso there is a mismatch between the "users" declared (that are 5) and the items in who and w, that are 214:22
EriC^^slazer: try sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999914:23
rockyhhere, some hours ago, we were talking about "sessions" instead of users; as uptime recorded the number of *active sessions* instead of the number of *actual users*14:23
rockyhso, what can be the problem? And how to check the active sessions?14:24
rockyhup to here, it still seems a bug to me, or a bad implementation of uptime (and w)14:24
Neomexany idea wth is that? http://imgur.com/SJO40oR14:25
slazerEriC^^: http://termbin.com/oneg14:25
rockyhhope that now the problem is clear14:26
slazerEriC^^: (note: "zavádzací" means something like "bootable" or "boot flag" in English, so the FAT32 partition (/boot/efi) should be bootable)14:27
Odd_Blokerockyh: What does `who --all` give you?14:27
Guest13Whats the best way to do automatic updates these days on production servers?14:27
Lucky7Can someone help me with LDAP SAMBA integration, I followed the https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-ldap.html guide but dont understand which servers to run the commands, MY LDAP and SAMBA servers are on diff boxes14:27
Odd_Blokerockyh: I'm also curious as to what problem you're trying to solve here; these tools all have a lot of legacy, so there's almost certainly specific meaning encoded in the number.14:28
EriC^^slazer: try sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\shimx64.efi -L "ubuntu" -p 1 -d /dev/sda14:28
theooooooooHey guys14:30
theooooooooWhy is there no more "system tray" in ubuntu>?14:30
theooooooooI am using hexchat, and i notive its gone14:30
EriC^^theoooooooo: there is14:30
theoooooooook so how do i get it owrking14:30
EriC^^thought you meant the whole system tray14:30
slazerIs there any way to export (only) my conversation with EriC^^ guys? I would like to archive it...14:30
EriC^^clock and whatnot14:31
theoooooooowell to be honest14:31
theooooooooonly default apps are showing htere14:31
ctjctjrockyh, so historically w, who and uptime all work on the "wtmp".  This records every time a user "logs in" and "logs out".    So the w and who reports just look for a miss match of records.  If there is a login without a logout then that "user" is logged in.14:31
theooooooooany new programs I run do not14:31
EriC^^slazer: grep -ri "eric\|slazer" ~/.xchat214:31
EriC^^or whatever client you're using14:31
slazerEriC^^: web client...14:31
theooooooooalso, wtf is imagemagick? is this legit?14:32
EriC^^slazer: copy and paste it in a file then parse it with that command14:32
slazerEriC^^: ok14:32
ctjctjrockyh, in addition a reboot is logged to that file which sets all users to "logged out".  Opening a new terminal, while not technically logging in does make a wtmp record.14:32
slazerEriC^^: there have been two errors14:33
hypermistis there a arm .torrent file around ?14:33
slazerEriC^^: "efibootmgr: Could not set variable Boot0000: No such file or directory" and "efibootmgr: Could not prepare boot variable: No such file or directory"14:34
EriC^^slazer: it looks like the uefi is a little screwed up14:34
EriC^^slazer: it said earlier the boot order was missing and it's resetting the firmware14:35
slazerEriC^^: may be from the resizing of /boot/efi?14:35
EriC^^"No BootOrder is set; firmware will attempt recovery"14:35
EriC^^no that's irrelevant14:35
EriC^^for all the bios knows efi partition doesn't exist, it's just a list in it's memory but it seems off14:35
EriC^^can you downgrade the bios?14:36
hypermistsort of require a .torrent14:36
EriC^^or maybe reflash it?14:36
hypermistas http download fails14:36
slazerEriC^^: /boot partition is not separate..maybe its relevant14:36
slazerEriC^^: no way14:36
slazerEriC^^: HP says no way14:37
EriC^^slazer: nah, the uefi has in it's memory the efi entries, even if you delete the whole hdd it'll still have it there, pointing to those files (that don't exist anymore)14:37
EriC^^it seems it has a problem with the boot order, and setting variables in it14:37
slazerEriC^^: oh, by the way, there is a switch in bios to choose between "Legacy BOOT" and "UEFI boot (experimental)"14:38
EriC^^try sudo efibootmgr -v again14:38
EriC^^yeah, if you choose legacy you'll have to convert to legacy boot14:38
slazerEriC^^: it would probably work with legacy (it did with Fedora 23), but then..UEFI is the future14:39
EriC^^hp uefi is the future so far ahead it became the past14:39
EriC^^on my hp, i hit a motherboard bug and uefi list disappeared, i had to convert to legacy14:39
slazerEriC^^: http://termbin.com/t8c814:40
EriC^^it was working fine, then it did the bug, i read others has happened after 3 days of use, mine was like 3 years later14:40
rockyhOdd_Bloke: here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/21897742/ (sorry for the delay)14:40
EriC^^slazer: try sudo efibootmgr -o 000414:40
hypermistAnyone ?14:41
Odd_Blokerockyh: So I guess I'm still curious as to what the problem you think you're seeing is. :)14:41
slazerEriC^^: "efibootmgr: Could not set BootOrder: No such file or directory"14:41
EriC^^slazer: try sudo modprobe efivars14:41
k1lhypermist: arm image for what device?14:41
hypermistk1l, pi14:42
k1lwhich one? you know, details matter14:42
rockyhmy problem is that the number of users declared is not the actual number of users connected to the system14:42
rockyhin particular:14:42
rockyha log in through /dev/tty1 has been made. Then a logout has been made. But that user is still counted in uptime, as if he were still there. But he is not!14:43
slazerEriC^^: it says to me "Use netcat.", its becoming cheeky!14:43
EriC^^slazer: lol14:43
HammerJammmerjoin #kali14:43
ctjctjrockyh, have you looked at the output of last to look at the counts?14:44
hypermistk1l, pi1.14:44
hypermistpi1b+ ?14:45
hypermisti think14:45
EriC^^slazer: any luck?14:45
k1lhypermist: there is non for the pi1 since that arm chip is too old14:45
EriC^^try sudo efibootmgr -o 000414:45
rockyhthis is last: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21898354/14:45
hypermistalright well this wont work then14:45
hypermisthmph to a full desktop machine it is i guess XD14:45
slazerEriC^^: no output14:46
slazerEriC^^: I might as well give you the shell :D there is no sensitive information on my pc, its fresh install14:46
joeliohypermist: raspbian no good?14:46
EriC^^slazer: try sudo efibootmgr -v again has it set the boot order to 0004 ?14:46
molthey people14:46
rockyhOdd_Bloke, ctjctj: if one or more logins with tty1, tty2 are made, and then the users log out, they should not be still counted in uptime, w or wherever. Instead they are! This is my problem.14:46
hypermistjoelio, its not working with what i mtryign to do14:46
hypermistits throwing me npm errors. because packages wont work..14:47
joeliowhat npm errors?14:47
joeliothat may be something specific to npm, not to ARM14:47
rockyhso, a log out from /dev/tty1 does not update utmp, but it is wrong IMHO14:47
slazerEriC^^: http://termbin.com/6bmj14:47
hypermistjoelio, packages and stuff wont fetch14:47
ctjctjrockyh, I understand.  I've been checking a dozen different servers to see if I saw any issues.  And yes, I did.14:47
joeliohypermist: sure but which ones :) pastebin it or something I'll look if you want14:48
EriC^^slazer: try this sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi14:48
EriC^^slazer: sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/bootmgfw.efi14:48
rockyhctjctj: oh, really?!14:48
ducasserockyh: this is not a bug. the reason that the list is "complete" on 16.04 is that systemd keeps track of sessions and users in a different way, i'm guessing upstart is showing you there are 2 logged in users running a total of 5 shells.14:48
EriC^^then try going into the bios and try to load the defaults14:48
EriC^^slazer: ^ and see if it boots14:48
joeliohypermist: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/4194/getting-npm-installed-on-raspberry-pi-wheezy-image14:49
hypermisthttp://pastebin.com/aKCBgepE joelio14:49
hypermisti have npm installed14:49
hypermistbut it wont fetch packages and such14:49
joeliohypermist: yea, because it's an old version of nodejs14:50
k1lhypermist: check network. but we are out of the #ubuntu focus there14:50
slazerEriC^^: "/boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi" was already there, but I will re-cp14:50
hypermistnetworks fine k1l14:50
rockyhducasse: we are back here after a brief discussion in #ubuntu-devel. You would be right if the users were different. But here there is just one name, rockyh, which opened the GUI and the shells, so the resulting users should be 114:50
rockyhthey are 2 instead14:50
hypermisti was just following what the wiki page for this program said14:50
molti know this is Ubuntu, but I'm wondering if it is possible to play a sound when the trash is emptied in Linux Mint14:51
ctjctjrockyh, yes.  There seems to have been a change from 15.10 to 16.04 in tracking what a user is.  As ducasse has said.  If I ssh to a remote server I see a one for one correspondence in the output of w/who/last with actual logins.14:51
slazerEriC^^: "/boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/bootmgfw.efi" wasn't, it was inside the Boot dir inside the Microsoft dir14:51
EriC^^slazer: yeah, we're copying the grubx64.efi files over this time14:51
joeliohypermist: you're getting connection refused too, so perhaps network issue there *or* it's down to SSL versions being old on the raspbian and can't access https://registry..14:51
EriC^^slazer: you have a typo, it's /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi14:51
rockyhducasse, ctjctj, Odd_Bloke: this is good in 16.04. I think it is an error to consider a user who logged out from a tty as still present in the system, just because some table or utmp file has not been update after the logout14:51
EriC^^slazer: my bad14:51
ctjctjWhen I log into the desk top I get exactly one log in regardless of the number of terminals I have open.  This seems to be a change.  I use to get one user per ptty. The results are still self consistant.14:51
ducasserockyh: no, on the paste you showed me there was one console user (X, :0) and one ssh user. that's two.14:52
ctjctjrockyh, it sounds to me like you have a bad file, not anything else.14:52
hypermistjoelio, maybe. but im connected via the same network and my pi2 is. maybe the isp modem im using is failing joelio ?, i guess if i really wanted to i can installed a 48 port network switch in my bedroom haha14:52
Odd_Blokerockyh: I have to head out, but it sounds like other people are helping out now. :)14:52
slazerEriC^^: "sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi" executed14:52
Coolerakik, i installed ubuntu but i am not getting the option to select which os at boot14:52
rockyhOdd_Bloke: sure, don't worry and thank you14:52
Odd_Blokerockyh: :)14:53
Coolerakik, can you post that link again?14:53
rockyhctjctj: yes, but it is not an occasional error. It is systematic14:53
slazerEriC^^: "sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi" executed14:53
slazerEriC^^: rebooting, right?14:53
Coolernvm found it14:53
EriC^^slazer: ok14:53
hypermistyea my network must be dropping packets joelio14:53
hilxmolt, this might help: https://askubuntu.com/questions/335964/empty-trash-sound-event14:54
joeliohypermist: can you ping google from it.. 1st step14:54
EriC^^slazer: yeah, set the bios to load defaults, and see if you can set an admin password and that might let you disable secureboot14:54
hypermistjoelio, yea i can.14:54
hypermistlemme swap some network equipment :)14:54
Coolerakik, http://p-s.co.nz/wordpress/dual-boot-ubuntu-16-04-on-win-10-acer-aspire-e15/14:55
slazerEriC^^: Is it necessary? I spent like hald an hour fine-tuning the bios..never mind, Ill do that if required. Admin password? Like the password to enter the bios?14:55
rockyhducasse: ok, this is a criterion. Anyway, I hope you understood the problem with my system: a tty user is considered there even when he leaved (with a log out)14:55
Cooleri can't do the Add Ubuntu efi files and change boot order so Ubuntu grub efi comes first14:55
EriC^^slazer: yeah, sometimes when you set that you get options to disable secure boot14:55
ducasserockyh: is that a logout from ssh, for instance, or the closing of a shell?14:56
slazerEriC^^: there were some stupid "security features" that tried to hide some settings to non-admin..I have set all to "visible" and "modifiable"14:56
EriC^^slazer: ok, look for secureboot14:57
EriC^^or "trust efi"14:57
EriC^^preferably disable secureboot14:57
slazerEriC^^: I might be buying a new laptop soon, as well..from some reasonable vendor. What do you recommend?14:57
EriC^^slazer: personally i like hp14:58
slazerEriC^^: yep, thats unfortunate..me too :D14:58
rockyhducasse: no, it is the local (purely textual) terminal, tty1. It is accessible by Ctrl+Alt+F1: I logged in there, then I logged out. But in uptime and w the user is still counted (and not listed in w and who)14:58
EriC^^how old is the hp you have?14:58
Coolerakik, ?14:58
Cooleri am trying to set In the BIOS, Security > Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing14:59
slazerEriC^^: bought in 201214:59
ducasserockyh: so the number keeps climbing if you log in and out repeatedly?14:59
EriC^^slazer: i see14:59
Cooler Approve all ubuntu efi files. HDD0 > > > all the .efi files.14:59
Coolerthere are some that are named .efi.mui14:59
slazerEriC^^: is that..you know..old?14:59
TomyWorki just updated a 3rd party package and it added a new file which overwrote a file i already had in place. is there any way to recover that file?14:59
rockyhducasse: no, the number keeps climbing if I log in and out from other tty (like tty2, tty3, tty4 ...)14:59
EriC^^slazer: nah14:59
slazerEriC^^: ok, rebooting, brb14:59
EriC^^slazer: i bought mine in 2013, now the hdd is almost dead, battery died etc. also seeing which to buy15:00
Coolerdo i need to enable those too?15:00
k1lTomyWork: what file? but i guess not15:00
TomyWorkk1l a file that is not marked as config15:00
rockyhducasse: every time I log in and log out through a new tty (not pts, not GUI, but tty), number of users get incremented and never decremented at the logout, till system reboot obviously15:01
ducasserockyh: i don't have a trusty system on hand to test, but that could be a bad interaction between the getty and upstart.15:02
slazerEriC^^: Improbable! It has worked!15:02
EriC^^slazer: great! :D15:02
rockyhctjctj: I agree, I have maybe a bad file. Anyway, the way this file is updated is buggy15:02
slazerEriC^^: so the issue has been the SecureBoot?15:02
rockyhducasse: yes, it could15:02
ducasserockyh: you can file a bug, to see what the devs say.15:03
EriC^^slazer: maybe15:03
rockyhand even if the system is "old" I think it should be reported15:03
EriC^^slazer: that would make sense since it said the upgrade adds secureboot stuff, who knows15:03
slazerEriC^^: Is there some way I can investigate? Some tutorial?15:03
rockyhducasse: sorry, what do you mean with "file a bug"?15:03
ducasserockyh: open a bug report.15:03
EriC^^slazer: try enabling secureboot again, and switching the files to shimx64.efi15:04
bug_snipercould someone help me with setting up an ssh server? When I try to connect to it by ip address, putty says "Connection Refused"15:04
EriC^^if it doesn't like it then it's the secureboot15:04
slazerEriC^^: I have not disabled secureboot..there is no such option in bios afaik15:04
EriC^^slazer: maybe it just didn't like the shimx64.efi files15:04
bug_sniperbut I can connect to this computer locally by connecting to the computer name15:04
EriC^^did you reset the bios defaults?15:04
slazerEriC^^: I did not..I just rebooted.15:05
rockyhducasse: ok; I've never done it before. Is there a guide?15:05
EriC^^slazer: ok, then i guess it didn't like the files, or if you changed any other settings15:05
rockyhsomething like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs ?15:05
ducasserockyh: you just run 'ubuntu-bug package' where package is the package you want to file it against. it will gather some info and open a browser page for you.15:06
rockyhducasse: ok, it sounds easy. But I don't know what package to select15:07
rockyhthe package to which w, who and uptime belong15:07
k1lbug_sniper: what command do you use? make sure to use "ssh user@ip". if you dont set the user it will use the username you actually use. and rootlogin is closed15:07
k1lTomyWork: i doubt you can get that file back.15:08
bug_sniperk1l I'm using putty on windows to connect15:08
bug_sniperand the username is my own username15:08
ducasserockyh: no, they report the data they're given, it's likely the getty that doesn't update utmp/wtmp properly. so i'd guess util-linux15:08
bug_sniperthe account I set up while installing ubuntu15:08
k1lbug_sniper: is this in the same local network?15:09
rockyhducasse: yes, you're right, maybe it is getty. Ok!15:09
bug_sniperk1l yes, it is15:09
k1lbug_sniper: you use that local ip?15:10
bug_sniperk1l yes15:10
ducasserockyh: it doesn't really matter, if it is a bug the devs will refile against the right package if necessary. just get it in the right ballpark :)15:11
uddaneneed to install Flash on 16.04 - amd - help please15:11
rockyhducasse: ahahahah ok!! :)15:11
k1lbug_sniper: is "openssh-server" installed on that ubuntu machine you want to connect to?15:12
bug_sniperk1l, yes15:12
BluesKajuddane, for your browser?15:13
slazerEriC^^: Hi, I've lost the connection. So again, what might have been the issue?15:13
uddaneBluesKaj: yes15:13
ducasserockyh: just explain clearly in the report that this only happens for tty login/logouts.15:13
EriC^^slazer: the uefi didn't like the shimx64.efi file15:13
paul0897hello all15:13
BluesKajuddane, which browser?15:14
ducasserockyh: and make sure you are fully updated first.15:14
uddaneBluesKaj: would prefer Chrome, but will go with firefox if needed15:14
Coolersomebody help15:14
slazerEriC^^: so the command "efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\shimx64.efi -L "ubuntu" -p 1 -d /dev/sda" fixed that?15:14
EriC^^Cooler: with what?15:14
darsis it okay to use pip under sudo ?15:15
Cooleri am not getting the option to select ubuntu at boot15:15
EriC^^slazer: no, copying grubx64.efi over the default efi file paths worked15:15
k1lbug_sniper: is there a ip conflict maybe?15:15
ducasseuddane: chrome has flash built-in.15:15
hypermistand its installed =D15:15
TomyWorkk1l at least i found out that no one bothered to put this machine on the backup list :D15:15
rockyhducasse: I guess I am, I've installed all the updates automatically appeared at boot15:15
bug_sniperk1l it's possible since there are several computers that use the same router15:15
uddaneducasse: won't play HBOGO...15:15
EriC^^slazer: the mkdir and cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/..... commands15:15
slazerEriC^^: Do you mean "cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi" or "cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi" or both?15:15
BluesKajuddane, FF should work with flash by default15:16
bug_sniperk1l, is it possible to still have a way to connect to the linux machine by ssh?15:16
EriC^^slazer: both, they're the default paths for efi15:16
k1lbug_sniper: i would make sure the router gives that machine a static ip adress15:16
ducasserockyh: ok, they will probably reject the report if you're not up to date, that's why i mentioned it.15:16
k1lbug_sniper: to me it sounds like a network issue, not like a OS issue.15:16
BluesKajuddane, if not install flashplugin-installer15:16
bug_sniperk1l, is that done through ip forwarding?15:16
slazerEriC^^: okay, thanks than, I might write about that on Bugzilla or sth like that15:16
k1lbug_sniper: no, its in the dhcp settings of the router15:17
EriC^^slazer: ok, cool, no problem15:17
uddaneBluesKaj: can you please give me the command line for that install?15:17
Cooleri am not getting the option to select ubuntu at boot, even thought its installed15:17
EriC^^Cooler: did you install ubuntu15:17
BluesKajuddane, sudo apt install flashplugin-installer15:17
EriC^^Cooler: go to the bios and see if you can "trust" the ubuntu entry15:18
EriC^^Cooler: go to boot options and see if you have a "trust" menu15:18
bug_sniperok, I'll try to look into that15:18
BluesKaj!apt | uddane15:18
uddaneBluesKaj: it's doing something15:18
ubottuuddane: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)15:18
uddaneBluesKaj: restarting browser15:19
CoolerEriC^^, there is a option called select an uefi file as trusted for executing15:19
EriC^^Cooler: bingo15:20
mekhamithis question is not necessarily ubuntu specific but i need some help. ihave an ubuntu 14.04 server running an ftp server. i inherited it, and i have no idea where i might find the .htaccess file so i can change some settings15:20
uddaneBluesKaj: ok, at the risk of sounding like an idiot... how do I enable it in FF15:20
rodney77hello, I just upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 and apt keeps hanging when i add repos, update or upgrade15:21
rodney77i installed synaptic and it hangs too15:21
BluesKajuddane, relogin15:21
rodney77i can't figure out what's getting it stuck. It'll often say 'Working [0%]15:21
rodney77and stay that way for about half a minute15:21
ducassemekhami: .htaccess is for http servers afaik...15:22
CoolerEriC^^, i tried trusting all 4 files as sasid here15:22
EriC^^yeah .htaccess is an apache thing i think15:22
EriC^^also ftp is very insecure mekhami15:23
rockyhducasse: you gave a precious advice!15:23
CoolerEriC^^, the Add Ubuntu efi files and change boot order so Ubuntu grub efi comes first step15:23
EriC^^Cooler: ok15:23
EriC^^try restarting15:23
ducasserockyh: well, thanks, but i'm not sure what :)15:23
Coolerbut i don't get the option to change the boot priority for grub15:23
EriC^^Cooler: f5 f6 maybe?15:23
CoolerEriC^^, grubx64 doesn't show up in boot priority15:24
EriC^^Cooler: try using a one time boot option to boot ubuntu and maybe you can change it from there using efibootmgr15:24
horsehi ubuntu gurus.  can anyone reccomend a VNC server that i can use with ubuntu desktop?15:24
debug0x1horse: if you need something that works on multiple OSs i would recommend teamviewer.15:25
horsei just tried "tightvnc" but it seems to want to use it's own desktop environment15:25
debug0x1Just 2fa it.15:25
debug0x1strong password, and white list.15:25
CoolerEriC^^, try using what?15:25
EriC^^Cooler: try the one time boot option15:25
uddaneBluesKaj: still the same prompt to install flashplayer when trying to watch a movie on hbogo15:25
ducassehorse: you can't use vnc with unity, afaik, you need something without 3d accel.15:25
EriC^^Cooler: when it boots try esc and choose boot options or something to that effect15:26
EriC^^it's f9 in hp's f12 in lenovo15:26
horseducasse really?15:26
ducassehorse: think so, yes.15:26
horseducasse: that explains alot15:26
CoolerEriC^^, you mean the f12 boot menu?15:26
EriC^^Cooler: yeah15:26
horsei couldnt find any instructions for any VNC server for use with unity15:26
ducassehorse: try lxde, or xfce without compositor.15:27
horsei quite like the luck of unity so wanted to try it out15:27
horsei'm a bit disspaointed you cant remote into it15:27
horseluck = look15:27
mekhamiEriC^^: wat lol15:28
mekhamiftp is as insecure sa you configure it to be15:28
CoolerEriC^^, the options that show up in the boot priority order are EFI File Boot 0: y15:28
EriC^^mekhami: sftop15:28
ducassemekhami: no, ftp is insecure period.15:28
k1lmekhami: ftp is like sending private text with a postcard.15:29
lesshastehow can I turn off swap permanently? I thought you had to edit /etc/fstab but mine has only one uncommented line which is UUID=80919e96-e83b-4c88-b30e-8673e1faa3b4 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       115:29
EriC^^Cooler: can you browse for the efi file?15:29
EriC^^lesshaste: maybe you don't have swap on?15:29
BluesKajuddane, some sites aren't linux flash friendly , try a different site with videos15:29
EriC^^lesshaste: try "swapon -s"15:30
lesshasteEriC^^, I do because I keep on having to do a hard reboot when I run out of RAM!15:30
tewardlesshaste: check the output of `swapon -s` to see what swap files/partitions you have15:30
lesshasteEriC^^, thanks.. I will have to do that after a reboot as I did sudo swapoff -a just now15:30
EriC^^lesshaste: that would suggest you dont have swap15:30
uddaneBluesKaj: poop.... other sites seem to work like youtube15:30
lesshasteEriC^^,  or really?15:30
lesshasteEriC^^,  why does the cursor stop moving and is the computer unusable when I run of RAM?15:31
lesshasteEriC^^, I am running python code that uses it all up sadly15:31
EriC^^cause you dont have swap15:31
lesshasteEriC^^, shouldn't the OOM killer kick in?15:31
EriC^^why do you think that suggests you have swap?15:31
=== Celtor is now known as vitimiti
BluesKajyoutube normally uses HTML5 , but some legacy videos still use flash15:31
lesshasteEriC^^,  the thrashing which makes the computer unusable15:31
Bomber4Chatshow do I find out which port or /dev/tty|usb file my usb device is connected to?15:32
Bomber4ChatsI'm getting the following:15:32
ducasselesshaste: 'free -m' will show you if you have swap.15:32
lesshasteducasse, thanks15:32
uddaneBluesKaj: yeah, I saw  :-(15:32
Bomber4Chatshid-generic 0003:03EB:2402.0012: hiddev0,hidraw0: USB HID v1.11 Device [Something Something GmbH] on usb-0000:00:14.0-1/input015:32
horsei''m quite surprised that you can't RDP into a unity desktop.  seems a bit...odd15:32
BluesKajBomber4Chats, lsusb15:32
=== beaver is now known as evilnewbie
k1llesshaste: if you have no swap and run out of ram than your system will be quite unusable too with the oomkiller since it will try to make a list of processes using ram and then calculate what to kill. while he has no ram or cpu time to do that quick15:33
Bomber4ChatsBluesKaj: OK, what detail from there do I need in order to telnet to the usb?15:33
lesshastek1l, ok.. so really I would like the process using 6GB to be killed15:33
slazerI just wanted to confirm, installing 16.04.1 with ZFS root is this hard |---> https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/wiki/Ubuntu-16.04-Root-on-ZFS <---| and there is no easier way using the default installer (with GParted)15:33
lesshasteI feel  a user shouldn't be able to bring the system down so easily15:33
ducasselesshaste: set process limits.15:34
lesshastehow do properly run systems stop users just bringing the whole thing down by using too much RAM?15:34
lesshasteducasse, ok.. where do I do that?15:34
slazerI am considering ZFS over ext4 for performance...but I can't figure out if its worth the fuss (difficult configuration)15:34
lesshasteslazer, what are you using the system for?15:35
BluesKajBomber4Chats, dunno anything about telnet except it's insecure15:35
lesshasteext4 perforance isn't bad15:35
slazerlesshaste: its an office PC for my mom15:35
lesshasteand it's very relianble15:35
Bomber4ChatsBluesKaj: very important indeed15:35
lesshasteslazer, don't bother!!15:35
slazerlesshaste: but it has HDD, not SSD15:35
ducasselesshaste: 'help ulimit' for bash15:35
lesshasteslazer, mum's need reliability above all :)15:35
Bomber4ChatsAnyone else know how to telnet to a usb device which I am not sure what address it is on?15:35
lesshasteslazer, it makes no difference :)15:35
ducasseslazer: zfs is super nice, but it's only for data storage, not the root fs.15:36
slazerlesshaste: I am used to SSD and I can feel the difference, mainly the boot time, but also some application's loading times15:36
lesshasteslazer, right but can she?15:36
sipiorslazer: you can always grab a small ssd or sata dom for root, and then run zfs on the other, main disk(s)15:36
lesshasteslazer, how many times a day does she boot or load an application?15:36
BluesKajBomber4Chats, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/telnet-to-usb-device-on-interface-usb0-and-find-ip-of-device-762244/15:36
slazerlesshaste: not really..but I want to setup everything for a year, not to be forced to maintain anything15:37
lesshasteslazer, exactly.. ext4 is easy and will work15:37
lesshasteno maintenancy15:37
slazerlesshaste: meaning..do the hard work now, rest later15:37
lesshasteslazer, right... the hard work is not to do anything fancy :)15:37
Bomber4ChatsBluesKaj: ifconfig? didn't work :S15:37
lesshasteslazer, your main challenge is setting it up so you can fix it remotely15:38
Bomber4ChatsI'm reading that I should be doing this:15:38
Bomber4Chatssudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x067b product=0x230315:38
BluesKajip addr Bomber4Chats ?15:38
Bomber4Chatswhy ip addr?15:38
slazerlesshaste: well, maybe I set up hibernation and let her used that instead of shutdown15:38
BluesKajit replace ifconfig15:39
lesshasteslazer, ok15:39
slazersipior: its notebook, only one drive15:39
=== DLance1 is now known as DLance96
slazerlesshaste: hmm, thats good idea, VNC15:40
ducasseslazer: there's no reason to use zfs on such a machine, rather the opposite. i love zfs, but this is not what it's intended for.15:40
=== z4ki is now known as zaki
slazerokay than, I dith ZFS15:40
slazerhow about btrfs?15:40
ducasseslazer: _no_15:40
=== zaki is now known as Guest33512
slazerbut ext4 is so boooring :(15:40
lesshasteslazer, right.. trying to understand what is wrong over the phone is painful15:41
ducasseslazer: btrfs is not ready for primetime, ext4 is much more reliable yet.15:41
lesshasteslazer, focus on what will save you hours of pain :)15:41
Bomber4Chatsanyone else?15:41
=== Guest33512 is now known as zaki
ducasseslazer: ext4 works, that's what's important.15:41
slazerokay then, I', convinced15:41
slazerto LVM, or not to LVM?15:41
rypervencheBomber4Chats: ifconfig is deprecated.15:41
ducasseslazer: on a single disk? how big?15:42
Bomber4Chatsrypervenche: good, how do I connect to a usb device that I don't know it's address?15:42
Bomber4Chatsdmesg is showing a weird address15:42
slazerducasse: 75GB15:42
slazerducasse: 750 GB15:42
rypervencheBomber4Chats: What do you mean connect to a USB device? Oh, an external device? Type: dmesg15:42
rypervencheBomber4Chats: It should show sdX where X is a letter15:42
ducasseslazer: i don't think i would bother, one more thing that can go wrong. just set up sane partition sizes, or use only one main partition.15:43
uddaneBluesKaj: HBO needs to fix it's sh!t... all my other channels work just fine15:43
madsjI'm trying to install VirtualBox from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads but I'm getting an error with vboxdrv15:43
Bomber4Chatsrypervenche: http://pastebin.com/zcSTyFuH15:44
Bomber4Chatsno sdX15:44
ducasseslazer: i'm just thinking if i were to set up a machine for my mother, i would go the "minimum surprises" route.15:44
BluesKajuddane, try chrome-browser, not chromium15:45
hmcais there a way to read a dvd from the filesystem, as in, an unencrypted dv copied to the filesystem15:45
Padelasslazer noob15:45
Bomber4ChatsOK, my device doesn't seem to have a driver15:46
Bomber4Chatsbut I know I can telnet to it15:46
Bomber4ChatsI've done it on Windows15:46
Bomber4Chatsbut for some reason I fail to do so in Linux15:46
slazerducasse, Padelas: well, btrfs (ZFS) or LVM gives me the snapshots things, might be usefull15:47
rypervencheBomber4Chats: Yeah, seems to need some sort of driver on it.15:47
Bomber4Chatsbut can't I still connect to it?15:48
ducasseslazer: is she going to use that?15:48
slazerducasse, Padelas: I might, when solving problems.15:48
rypervencheslazer: I would always LVM, personally.15:48
ducasseslazer: ok, if you want lvm then use it, it's pretty mature imo.15:48
rockyhducasse: your precious advice was about checking if the system is up-to-date. By a better check, it wasn't :)15:48
ducasserockyh: good you caught that before filing a bug :)15:49
Padelasok. it's easy though. stay cool15:49
rockyhyes :)!15:49
ducasserockyh: make sure to check again for the same behavior after updating and a reboot. it's probably the same, but...15:51
=== perkelbjork is now known as pinginix
merpnderpSystem76 is coming out with a new laptop, and I'm finally going to switch to Ubuntu for my main laptop. But I'm coming from OSX and the only lock-in I have is Photos. I take a lot of the iOS motion photos and don't know how Ubuntu will handle those. Anyone know of a good strategy for migration?15:52
=== tikun is now known as sikun
Bomber4Chatsanyone know how can I connect to my usb device with telnet / putty?15:55
=== Padelas is now known as HipsterHacker
AzendaleI just upgraded a server from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. The root user's PATH variable seems to be messed up now. It currently is "/usr/bin:/bin:/snap/bin". Where should I start looking to find the root of this problem?15:55
ducasseBomber4Chats: a /dev/ttyusbs* serial device thingy?15:56
uddaneBluesKaj: I will in a few, have a meeting for work first...15:56
HipsterHackeryou should never have to do that15:56
Bomber4Chatsducasse: I don't know15:57
Bomber4ChatsI can't find if it has one15:57
ducasseBomber4Chats: if you have no serial device, you can't connect. are you sure there is a driver?15:58
Bomber4ChatsNo, I don't think there is15:58
Bomber4ChatsHow do I see my serial devices?15:58
slazerhmm, if I am to use the LVM, I might as well switch to ZFS altogether, coz LVM sux apparently (http://serverfault.com/questions/279571/lvm-dangers-and-caveats). It reduces to RAW vs ZFS, then. So again, is ZFS really this difficult to configure? (https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/wiki/Ubuntu-16.04-Root-on-ZFS) Because ZFS has its ups... (http://louwrentius.com/should-i-use-zfs-for-my-home-nas.html)15:59
BluesKajmeetings, bah humbug,...I used to avoid them if possible when i was still working :-)15:59
ducasseBomber4Chats: ls /dev/tty* - it should be ttyUSBS0 or something similar15:59
madsjI get this http://termbin.com/rode15:59
ducasseslazer: zfs is a very bad choice for a notebook, it _eats_ memory.15:59
madsjwhen running /sbin/vboxconfig as root15:59
rypervencheslazer: LVM does not suck at all.16:00
madsjI'm trying to install the latest version of VirtalBox (5.1)16:00
slazerducasse: that concludes this discussion, coz memory is an issue on this notebook16:00
Bomber4Chatsthere 63 tty16:00
Bomber4Chatsand 30 ttyS16:00
slazerRAW ftw16:00
slazerrypervenche: that SO says that, not me16:01
ducasseBomber4Chats: any ttyUSBS* ?16:01
ducasseBomber4Chats: then no driver.16:01
ducasseBomber4Chats: try the manufacturer site.16:02
Bomber4ChatsI don't think they have a driver. Pretty sure they don't16:02
Bomber4ChatsLet's assume they don't :)16:02
ducasseBomber4Chats: it might also be possible to use another driver, since such hardware is pretty generic, but i'm not sure how to do that.16:02
rypervencheslazer: I just took a look at that list and all of those reasons are basically just "I don't know how to do this correctly" or "I don't have backups" or "I am using HDD and SDD mixed together (bad idea)".16:03
ducasseBomber4Chats: you'd need to convince the kernel module to have a modalias for your device, but that's not something i've done before.16:03
uddaneBluesKaj: still the same in chrome...  :-( I give up..  :-|16:04
Bomber4ChatsI'm a bit confused why Windows is able to communicate with the device, but linux cannot16:04
slazerrypervenche: I'd expect a good volume manager to manage SSD+HDD transparently without any issue.16:04
ducasseBomber4Chats: as i said, such hardware is very generic, so it might be possible to get it working with an existing driver. try asking in ##linux.16:05
transhuman_hi! I am wondering if there is a fix for the combination headphones and microphones, in order to get the microphone working?16:05
rypervencheslazer: You don't want to mix the two on the same volume.16:05
transhuman_seems like theres a lot that says they are just broken got them at 5 below16:05
ducasseslazer: if you want to mix ssd and hdd, look at bcache. but mixing ssd and hdd is not an issue here anyway.16:07
BluesKajuddane, some sites like hbo probly use spme out of date flash no longer supported ...we have a major tv network here in Canada whose videos dont run successfully in linux16:07
ducasseBluesKaj uddane: or drm.16:08
d0d1d0d1 is here. Bow down!16:15
Coolerso i started ubuntu and its displaying a bunch of keyboard shortcuts16:19
Coolerwhat is super?16:19
Coolerin super + tab16:19
joeliowindows key16:19
Cooleroh ok16:19
joeliogenerally, anyway16:20
Coolerwhy not say that16:20
joeliosome keyboards don't...16:20
joelioplus it's ubuntu, why perpetuate MS trademarks :)16:20
jzawlo peeps16:26
zteamanybody here knows where I can find libcms1 package for Ubuntu? (yes I know it's old but I need it)16:26
jzawim sure ppl have asked before ... but when the screen goes to sleep ... i cant wake it with the mouse movement or keyboard16:26
jzawany solutions ?16:26
jzawall my searches have not found a working solution16:27
jzawbest case i have is to use xset to turn off screensaver blanking/expose and turn off dpms too16:27
jzawbut that means my screen never goes to sleep16:27
ngomesany proefficient with extundelete ?16:29
zteamjzaw, there is various ACPCI settings you can try I suppose16:29
EriC^ngomes, what are you trying to do?16:29
EriC^recover deleted files from ext4?16:29
jzawzteam in efi/bios ?16:29
ngomesEriC^, recovering deleted files in a ext4 filesystem , but the result is a bunch of files , as DATA , i dont know what's inside16:30
zteamngomes, I think I has been using that one in the past ( or if was something similair named16:30
EriC^ngomes, was the partition deleted or just the files?16:30
ngomesjust files16:30
EriC^ngomes, oh16:30
ducassengomes: they're most likely gone.16:30
EriC^ngomes, photorec can recover based on file type16:30
EriC^!testdisk | ngomes16:31
ngomesodt ? ( libreoffice ) ?16:31
EriC^!info testdisk | ngomes16:31
ngomesi've seen testdisk16:31
ubottungomes: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0-1 (xenial), package size 354 kB, installed size 1405 kB16:31
EriC^ngomes, try photorec and pass it the file type to search for16:31
ducasse!recover | ngomes16:31
ubottungomes: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery16:31
ngomesit doesnt support odt files16:31
EriC^ngomes, it can support anything, you can give it the headers yourself16:32
EriC^hexdump -C /path/to/file16:32
EriC^get the first portion and add them, hold on16:32
=== janis is now known as rolo
phishfi69hey guys, I need help connecting my VirtualBox Ubuntu build to a folder on my Windows Host, does anyone have some experience doing this?16:34
ngomesEriC^, looks like magicrescue can search for given extension16:34
ngomesgonna experiment that16:34
acerfinally got ubuntu working16:35
EriC^phishfi69, install the guest additions iso then share it16:35
EriC^top right corner, shared folders16:35
Coolerfinally got ubuntu working16:36
zteamjzaw, those options can be se via GRUB, google on ACPI (I miss-spelled it before) and Ubuntu a little bit, this might give you some clues https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingGNOMEPowerManager16:36
jzawthanks zteam .. no need to say this is for 16.04   ;)16:37
phishfi69Eric^, I have installed the guest additions, but whenever I type mount -t vboxsf, it says vboxsf is not a recongized filesystem16:37
EriC^phishfi69, try settings > shares16:37
phishfi69Ok, in VB's settings,  I have 5 folders set under "Machine Folders" with directions to their respective folders on the Windows Host16:38
zteamjzaw, yes that documentation is quite old, but that was what I could find :-)16:38
jzawit's my first use in anger of ubuntu (esp on a desktop) till now ive for years ive just used vanilla debian on the desktop and xfce16:38
zteamjzaw, updating your display-driver might also be worth a shot16:38
EriC^phishfi69, did you share them in windows?16:39
phishfi69oh, like set them as shared folders? nope, let me try that16:39
ankitubuntu 16.04 sound not working16:41
ankitplease help16:41
phishfiOK, folders shared on windows, still get "mount: unknown filesystem type 'vboxsf'16:45
cosmicfiresphishfi, you need the vbox helper stuff installed on windows for the shared folders to work16:47
phishficosmicfires, any idea where I can find that? I diddn't see anything about it in the user guides from VirtualBox16:49
cosmicfiresyou should have it, let me check the menu16:49
EriC^phishfi, usually i just add the shares in virtualbox and share it on the host16:49
EriC^and then they come up under network shares in the filemanager16:50
EriC^no need to manually use mount -t16:50
cosmicfiresphishfi, on the vbox window's menu Devices->Insert Guest Additions CD Image...16:51
phishfiOK, so I am trying to get /mnt/downloads from the Ubuntu guest machine to direct to the A:/Downloads folder on my Windows host16:51
phishficosmicfires, I've done that and installed the guest additions already16:51
cosmicfiresphishfi, I didn't understand where you were, you have to enable something else too I'll look16:51
cosmicfiresin the VBox window where you configure and start VMs Shared Folders->Machine Folders16:53
cosmicfiresI have Auto-mount yes and Access Full there16:53
cosmicfiresI've had problems getting shared folders to work too16:54
=== riobravo00 is now known as bwr
phishfiOK, auto-mount and access full are both checked16:54
cosmicfiresthe folders on linux need permissions for the user running vbox too obviously16:55
phishfi2ok, and how do I do that from terminal?16:57
cosmicfireslike any other folder/files with chmod16:58
cosmicfiresif the same user owns the shared folder as is running vbox permissions should be correct16:59
cosmicfires my user that runs vbox is in the vboxusers group, that's likely important too17:01
phishfi2I guess what I'm saying is how do I chmod a folder that I can't view without mounting? or am I missing something (it's been over a year since I messed with linux)17:01
cosmicfiresremember when you add a user to a group you have to log in again17:01
cosmicfiresyou can look at the folder in linux phishfi2 ?17:01
cosmicfiresor are you running linux in a vbox on windows?17:02
=== stephane is now known as kalexyco
phishfi2I'm running linux as a guest on a windows host17:02
cosmicfireslog in to linux in the console window17:03
cosmicfiresI've never run vbox that way but when you start the vm you should get a window with a login prompt for the linux virtual machine17:03
cosmicfiresalso I've never shared a folder on the vm with the host machine, I've only shared folders on the host with the vm17:04
phishfiugh, keep discoing17:04
phishfiathat's what I'm trying to do17:04
phishfiI want to access folders on the windows machine (the actual computer) with the Ubuntu VM17:05
cosmicfiresthat should work17:05
phishfiso that I can download/store/access files through the VM17:05
phishfiso I log into ubuntu's terminal17:05
cosmicfiresbut I don't know a lot about windows17:05
cosmicfiresI don't know if you have to share the host machine folder with the vm by setting something on the host17:06
phishfithe problem I'm at now is getting ubuntu to mount/recognize the shared folders (I have them all configured in VirtualBox and set to share on the Winodws side)17:07
safneed to increase root space on 14.04 VM17:07
cosmicfireslet me look at a linux vm17:08
cosmicfiresI'm not sure I shared files with it since it's a test machine for a server on the net17:08
_sdxHi everyone, i got a suspend/hibernate problem with my lenovo z510 using ubuntu 16.04 LTS ,it suspends/hibernate successfully , but it freezes when woke up , anyone know how to solve this problem ?17:09
ducassesaf: what kind of vm?17:09
cosmicfiresmy linux vm is broken it boots into emergency mode17:10
EriC^_sdx, try a newer kernel17:12
EriC^4.6rc6 is working for me17:12
EriC^!mainline | _sdx17:12
ubottu_sdx: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds17:12
brendaHi! Why is Firefox startup slower on Ubuntu than Windows 10?17:13
_sdxi currently using 4.5.2-040502-generic, i have installed older versions but it didn't solve the problem17:13
EriC^_sdx, try 4.6rc617:13
_sdxok thanks EriC^17:14
EriC^_sdx, no problem17:14
phishfithe instructions for virtualbox all say to input "mount -t vboxsf downloads /mnt/downloads", but I just get the response: "mount: unknown filesystem type 'vboxsf'"17:14
EriC^phishfi, is the guest additions iso installed in the guest?17:14
phishfiyes, I did the sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso thing17:14
EriC^phishfi, did you reboot?17:15
phishfiyep, I ran shutdown -h now17:15
cosmicfiresmy linux vm won't boot17:15
cosmicfiresI've had this problem before I'm not sure hot to fix it17:15
cosmicfiresphishfi, you installed the guest mode additions on linux right?17:16
phishfiI followed the instructions to install them via apt-get17:16
phishfiand when I run the apt-get, it says it's installed17:16
cosmicfiresI installed them from the vm menu17:17
cosmicfiresbut your method should work17:17
cosmicfiresgot vm booted the kernel was broken17:21
ikoniaI doubt that17:22
ikoniakernels don't break17:22
cosmicfireswell I booted with a different kernel and it boots now17:22
ikoniathats a different situaion17:23
ikoniathat doesn't mean the kernel is broke17:23
cosmicfireswhat does it mean?17:23
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
zteamDo anybody here knows about a linux tool that is able copy data from a damaged harddrive, but is not changing the filesystem on the disk it copies that data too?17:30
rsullyI've got a second gfx card in my box now, and lspci shows it. But settings doesn't and it isn't working. Anyone hve any ideas?17:30
MonkeyDustzteam  start from the beginning, what happened17:31
zteamMonkeyDust, it's quite easy17:31
zteamI do have a harddrive with damaged sectors which I want to backup to a encrypted partition on another disk (the old disk is not encrypted)17:32
tatertotsrsully, a integrated on cpu die gpu and a discrete addin amd/nvidia gpu or two discrete amd/nvidia gpu's?17:33
rsully2 discrete nvidia cards. i had 1 before, added the second17:34
zteamMonkeyDust, I could have used Gddrescue to copy the whole disk17:34
brendaany idea how I can speed up browser startup (on 16.04)?17:34
duranselam millet17:34
zteammoneylotion, but that would also remove the encryption from the new harddrive which I want to keep :-)17:35
MonkeyDust!tr | duran17:35
ubottuduran: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.17:35
bvzxclose your browser17:35
zteambrenda, check whetever your browser has many addons, and consider removing some of them17:36
paul0897hello Lack5617:36
david__Anyone know how to turn off joins and quits in irssi17:38
rsullytatertots any ideas? :/17:38
MonkeyDust!quiteirc | david__17:38
MonkeyDust!quietirc | david__17:38
ubottudavid__: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages17:38
=== stormy is now known as Guest17230
david__ubottu: I just did that. I used the command, but I still see the join/parts/quits. I'll try again17:39
ubottudavid__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:39
MonkeyDustdavid__  /ignore #ubuntu +joins +parts +quits +modes +nicks17:41
david__Thanks MonkeyDust that seemed to have worked17:42
tatertotsassuming you've already made any needed BIOS level/motherboard adjustments to enable both gpu's at same time, are you using the nvidia driver?17:44
rsullyYeah I am. Both cards do show up in `lspci`, as well as bios17:44
rsullytatertots can I do dual gpu without cli?17:45
tatertotswhat version of ubuntu and are you using the nvidia drivers rsully?17:46
=== john is now known as Guest14859
rsully16.04, nvidia 361.4217:46
brendazteam, no addons 5-6 seconds startup17:47
BronzeEagleHey guys, I ran apt-get update, and it's hanging up on Setting up keyboard-configuration (1.108ubuntu15.2) ... I'm running 16.0417:47
zteambrenda, are u using it from a regular harddrive or a SSD?17:49
brendazteam, it is an Ideapad 100S-14 (eMMC)17:51
arcskyhey guys how do i change exit buttons from left to rigt side?17:57
tatertotsrsully do you get a video signal out of both cards during POST / bootup?17:58
rsullytatertots no, my bios is single display17:58
rsullyboth cards show up in NVIDIA X Server Settings app17:59
tatertotshave you enabled multi gpu in the x configuration ? with nvidia-xconfig?17:59
rsullyno, I will try that now17:59
tatertotsI think that's discussed in this section http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/343.22/README/sli.html18:01
rsullytatertots I ran the multicpu=on command but nothing changed. Do I need to reboot?18:02
tatertotsrsully you need to at least log out and log back in again and or reboot after making changes18:03
rsullyok i'll try that18:03
FloxerDoomnow on 16.06 how do i reconfigure so i have not only loading screen and a mouse forever ?18:03
FloxerDoomwhat do i reconfigure ?18:03
rsullytatertots I didn't have to specify which gpus to use in the multigpu config though?18:04
FloxerDoommultiworking cfg18:04
FloxerDoomanybody make 16.04.01 working ?18:05
FloxerDoomfor me on mine that is18:05
rsullytatertots rebooted but nothing changed18:05
FloxerDoomblack screen and a mouse pointer only right here18:06
tatertotsrsully did you setup and enable/apply an appropriate display configuration using both in the nvidia settings?18:07
FloxerDoomlubuntu doesnt have drivers ... ub16.04.1 doesnt have colored screen :|18:07
rsullytatertots the nvidia settings allowed me to create a new screen for the display, but gnome isn't using it. do I want 2 screens, or 1 with 2 devices?18:07
tatertotsboth cards are displayed in the nvidia-settings correct rsully?18:07
__Myst__I'm on 14.04 LTS I want to upgrade to 16.04 LTS18:08
__Myst__Can I just do `do-release-upgrade`?18:08
rockyhducasse: I did not make a reboot, but yes, I checked the behaviour after the update and it is the same18:08
rockyh(anyway I will check again after reboot=18:08
MonkeyDust__Myst__  what happens when you try18:08
__Myst__MonkeyDust: I have't tried yet18:09
FloxerDoomanybody care to get my ubuntu straight running ?18:10
tatertotsmonitor layouts and configurations aren't going to be one size fits all but i'd try 1 screen with two devices FIRST then remember you'll need to at least log out and log back in again to see any  changes you're made18:10
FloxerDoomi only have a black screen and a mouse cursor but can tty18:10
dreaishello, need help with dual boot please18:11
ChordsDon't ask to ask, just throw out a question. Theres enough people that someone will know and throw out an answer18:11
dreaiseee the problem is that i don't really know what's happening18:11
dreaiswell, i installed ubuntu today and i can't go back on w718:12
dreaisi edited teh /etc/grub.d/40_custom but i got an error "invalide signature"18:12
tatertotsrsully also move your mouse cursor side to side to see if the mouse shows up on other displays. in some configurations you can have an active display with nothing or just gray or just a "x" as a mouse that moves on the display, so be observant18:13
rsullyyeah when I added the second x screen i could move my mouse to it (turned into an x) but there was no desktop there18:14
tatertotsmonitor#1>>>>gpu#1 and monitor#2>>>>gpu#2 is this your display topology rsully?18:16
tatertotsok cool18:17
FloxerDoomcan somebody help me restor the latest ub on my laptop ?18:18
FloxerDoomprob is black screen with only mouse cursor and can tty18:18
dreaisand can somebody help me to fix my dual boot ?18:18
dreaisthere's no w718:19
tatertotswhat's going on with your dual boot dreais?....did you install linux first or second?18:19
dreaisi was with w7 and i installed ubuntu18:19
dreaisjust today18:19
dreaisthe prob is that when i shutdown the computer, grub didn't show w718:20
dreaisi edited /etc/grub.d/40_custom but when windows 7 showed i got an error invalide signature18:20
tatertotsah i see18:20
dreaisim kinda scared18:20
tatertotsdon't be affraid18:21
dreaisyea but18:21
tatertotsyou just need to fix your grub18:21
dreaisthere was 2 partitions before installing linux18:21
dreaisone about 30mb, with "WINDOWS 10 LOADER" that i deleted18:21
dreaisand now im wondering if it was a good choice18:21
minimecdreais: Could you once boot ubuntu and do a 'sudo update-grub'. If you are lucky, you're good. You shouldn't need a custom grub configuration normally.18:21
RexodusIs there a posibility to ASCII 7 in Bash?18:21
RexodusSo, I can hear a BEEP.18:22
dreaisi did everything here with sudo update-grub18:22
dreaiseven with /etc/grub.d/40_custom18:22
rsullytatertots any idea how to make that screen useful?18:22
tatertotsif you setup at least a 1/2 proper dual boot then you probably just need to fix grub18:22
dreaistatertots: ask me everything about the setup then18:22
dreaisi'll try to answer the best i can18:22
brendaIdeapad 100S-14/Ubuntu 16.04/Firefox 47.0 -> Cold start = 6,5 seconds18:23
brendaIs this "normal"?18:24
tatertotsdreais have you already reinstalled grub?18:26
dreaisi think, yes18:26
dreaisit has been a while since im trying to fix the problem so im maybe getting confused, sorry18:27
tatertotsrsully https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaMultiMonitors18:28
rsullyI don't have the option for TwinView or Configure button18:29
rsullyConfigure is a dropdown for me: disabled, new x screen18:30
tatertotsdreais https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair18:30
rsully2 screens is probably fine, but gnome needs to know about it and it isnt auto detecting it :S18:30
Haugli92One fast question: using command 'cp' to copy same source file to different destination at same time. Would make problems?18:31
tatertotsrsully you're opening nvidia settings with sudo ?18:31
rsullyno, but when I save the file it prompts me for my password18:31
dreaisi did recommended repair a little earlier18:32
dreaisnothing much happened18:32
patarranyone have an issue on 14.04 (fully updated) where Chrome browser just has a bunch of white and black boxes? It's rendering is totally broken18:32
n00madajoin #offsec18:32
tatertotshaven't seen that issue on my 14.04 systems with chrome installed patarr18:33
patarrSeems like it's a GPU issue tatertots. Launching with --disable-gpu did the trick18:33
=== endev15_ is now known as octacian
dreaistatertos: do you want me to create that bootinfo summary ?18:35
=== ghostcube__ is now known as ghostcube
tatertotsrsully you tried other monitor configuration layouts and at least logged out and logged back in to observe the results of any changes?18:38
dreaistatertots: http://paste2.org/5C8HZUxc18:39
merpnderpYikes, to install Ubuntu to usb on OSX, the directions take me to UNetbootin, which has a download over http and no sha sum to test against. Defeats the purpose of all the security checks in the ubuntu download.18:39
dreaisi even see my windows 7 here.. wtf18:42
=== neomex_ is now known as neomex
RexodusI'll ask the same wine in new bags. I have a Putty window and my MC looks like shit. What can I do about it?18:44
tatertotsrsully you said and confirmed 'twin view' is grayed out/can't select in your current configuration correct?18:44
rsullythe option does not exist18:45
tatertotssee this http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/173.14.12/README/chapter-25.html18:45
rsullyI think that is for 2 displays on 1 gpu, not for 2 gpus18:45
rsullyall that says is multigpu... nothing new?18:45
RexodusNever grasped the UTF818:45
tatertotsthere is a section near The following other requirements apply to SLI and Multi-GPU:18:46
=== never2far is now known as Guest5095
rsullytatertots yeah, twinview is for single gpu, not multi18:47
tatertotsyou have Multi-GPU toggled on right now i believe, make sure you also toggle Multi-GPU off and try configs18:47
rsullymultigpu doesnt really have any affect.18:48
varaindemianis there anything better than f.lux?18:49
Islahf.Lux pretty much has the market18:50
IslahAre you unsatisfied with it?18:50
dreaisyea there is something better18:50
dreaisanyway if someone can help my broken grub18:51
Radiohead_Hello there18:53
Radiohead_I cannot good english18:53
Radiohead_I live in germany18:53
baizon!de | Radiohead_18:54
ubottuRadiohead_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:54
neomexwhat do i install to have grub-mkrescue command?18:56
=== never2far is now known as Guest99512
nomicneomex - sudo apt-get?18:56
Rapturewhen I run python -c 'import psutil' it works but python3 doesn't (says No module named psutil) - How would I fix this so sI can use oython3?18:56
neomexbut what package nomic?18:57
EriC^neomex, grub-common18:57
nomicThe program 'grub-mkrescue' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:18:57
nomicsudo apt install grub-common18:57
EriC^dreais, what's the problem?18:57
dreaisi can't boot windows18:58
dreaisi installed ubunto today and grub didn't show windows18:58
EriC^try sudo update-grub18:58
dreaisso i modified a file (forgot its filename) and when it appeared there was an error18:58
dreaisinvalide signature18:58
dreaisand i already did it18:58
dreaishttp://paste2.org/5C8HZUxc here is repairboot log18:58
EriC^which file did you modify?18:59
dreais /etc/grub.d/40_custom18:59
dreaisi put what i found on a topic19:00
=== MobGod is now known as Mob
EriC^dreais, type sudo nano /etc/grub.d/40_custom19:01
varaindemianf.lux better alternative??19:02
Chordsf.lux 9/1019:02
dreaisok im in, EriC^19:02
dreaiswhat do i do now19:02
FloxerDoomhow do i fix 16.04.1 if i get black screen + mouse pointer19:02
Islahreinstall it19:03
FloxerDoomagain ?19:03
tatertotsdreais have you tried boot repair and reinstall grub? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair19:03
FloxerDoomlivecd does the sme19:03
EriC^dreais, put this http://paste.ubuntu.com/21929227/19:03
Jordan_Udreais: It looks like you deleted your Windows System Partition. Windows needs that partition to be able to boot.19:03
dreaisyes tatertots19:03
zteamFloxerDoom, is this right after the install?19:03
dreaisJordan_U: http://paste2.org/5C8HZUxc19:04
FloxerDoomyes and allso from live version19:04
dreaisthe only partition i deleted was 30Mo and it was for windows 10 loader19:04
dreaisso i guess it wasnt too bad19:04
FloxerDoomold laptop19:04
EriC^dreais, this should be the complete file http://paste.ubuntu.com/21929389/19:04
FloxerDoomfrom 2K419:04
EriC^dreais, it is kind of bad19:05
dreaisheh why19:05
Jordan_Udreais: That's where Windows' bootloader is stored. Without it Windows cannot boot.19:05
dreaisit was written windows 1019:05
dreaisim using seven19:05
EriC^dreais, type sudo apt-get install testdisk19:05
dreaisand i wrote the file you told me to19:06
dreaistestdisk downloaded19:06
EriC^dreais, ok, try sudo update-grub19:06
zteamFloxerDoom, press CTRL+ALT+F2 now you should get a command prompt enter your login information, and after that run sudo apt-get update19:06
FloxerDoomi think ill stop trying installing ub on the old laptop and just settle on that one for win719:06
dreaisok, done19:06
EriC^dreais, ok, type sudo testdisk19:06
FloxerDoombut i have no connection ?19:06
dreaissomething appeared19:06
zteamFloxerDoom, after that try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:06
EriC^dreais, nolog19:07
dreaisok, im in19:07
EriC^dreais, ok choose the disk then Intel19:07
EriC^analyze then quick search19:07
dreaisok, im in19:07
dreaisits done19:08
EriC^once it's done take a screenshot19:08
EriC^and upload it to imgur.com19:08
dreaiswww fk i havnt puush19:08
FloxerDoomits says 0 packages19:08
dreaiswhere can i take a screen wwww19:08
FloxerDoombut im not online in terminal mode nor X wifi19:08
EriC^dreais, press prntscrn19:09
dreaisbrb upload19:09
rick6860I need some help understanding some PPD code to authenticate printing.19:09
FloxerDoomwatchguard wireless lan without encryption but watchguard pass in browser secure layer19:09
dreaisis it bad ?19:09
zteamFloxerDoom, okey, plug in a cable and try to rerun those commands19:09
EriC^dreais, no, press continue19:10
dreaisok, continue again ?19:10
EriC^did you get quick search yet?19:10
dreaisit was quick search19:11
EriC^try deeper search19:11
dreaiswell thats longer19:11
EriC^let it run for about 30secs19:11
EriC^then press enter19:11
dreaisscreen again ?19:12
dreaiswait, its exactly the same19:12
dreaisnothing changed19:12
EriC^dreais, ok, exit19:13
EriC^try sudo cfdisk /dev/sda and see if you can set the ntfs partition to have the boot flag19:13
dreaisthe boot flag, you mean the * ?19:14
EriC^do you have a pastebin of before you deleted the partition by any chance?19:14
zteamdreais obviosly TestDisk finds your drive to small, if that's true, you should follow TestDisks advice and check your bios settings etc19:14
=== coy is now known as Guest69605
dreaismy drive is 500go19:14
dreaisi put 25go for linux19:14
dreais450 w7 and 20 for both19:14
IslahDoes anyone have a reccomendation for a wifi usb dongle that is plug and play and will work on L(ubuntu) without any installation?19:14
Jordan_UEriC^: Won't help, as that partition doesn't have BCD on it.19:14
Jordan_UEriC^: (That said, I don't know what to do)19:15
dreaisshould i try to reboot and come back here ?19:15
EriC^dreais, no19:16
dreaisand no i never did pastebin before i delete my partition19:16
EriC^try creating a partition at the very start using that 100M19:16
Jordan_UEriC^: Maybe testdisk was saying it couldn't recover the partition because dreais already has 4 primary partitions.19:16
EriC^then highlight it and see if it mentions a filesystem in the box19:17
zteamdreais, okey, that seems quite odd, have you guys changed CHS values in TestDisk or something?19:17
EriC^Jordan_U, oh good catch on the primaries19:17
EriC^dreais, delete the /dev/sda419:17
dreais>to create more partition, first replace a primary with an extended partition19:17
EriC^and create a partition at the start19:17
dreaiswait, the swap ?19:17
dreaisok, done19:18
dreaisits sda419:18
EriC^create the partition at the start19:18
dreaisi did it19:18
EriC^use the default starting sector19:18
dreaisit went sda419:18
rick6860I could use some help with a network printer.19:18
dreaisok, its sda1 now19:18
EriC^ok does it say anything in the box when you highlight it?19:18
dreaisthe windows one goes 2 and linux 319:18
dreaispartition type: linux 8319:19
dreaisfilesystem: ntfs19:19
dreaisnothing else, i guess19:19
EriC^dreais, highlight the first partition, 100M19:19
dreaisthat's what i just done19:19
EriC^ok does it say filesystem?19:19
EriC^ok great19:19
=== Mob is now known as MobGod
dreaispartition type is linux, normal ?19:20
EriC^set it as boot flag19:20
EriC^and write it19:20
EriC^yeah np19:20
EriC^change the type to 0719:20
dreaisdo i have to delete the boot flag of sda 3 ?19:20
EriC^you can only have one flag19:20
dreaisok there u are19:20
dreaischanged on 719:21
EriC^write the changes19:21
Jordan_UEriC^: After changing the partition order grub will likely drop dreais to a rescue shell next boot unless they re-run grub-install or ensure that the partition number of the partition containing grub's $prefix hasn't changed.19:21
EriC^then quit and type sudo partprobe19:21
EriC^Jordan_U, aha19:21
EriC^dreais, ok type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999919:22
dreaisok done19:22
dreaissorry its french19:22
EriC^what you can do is extend the root partition fully then just use a swap file if you want swap19:22
dreais..wait brb, got an emergency irl19:23
dreaisis there private message ?19:23
dreaisif yes just do it, sry19:23
rick6860First Started using MATE, I could get help here. Is this still the right place?19:24
FloxerDoomokey thkx zteam but when i get home19:26
zteamFloxerDoom, No problem19:26
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:27
admin1Who in the skype19:27
admin1кто в скайп19:27
admin1Кош гусскрй19:27
Jordan_Udreais: Please run "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" before you reboot (unless you're booted from a LiveUSB, i  which case you need to do a little more than that).19:29
EriC^dreais, also sudo nano /etc/grub.d/40_custom and replace msdos2 with msdos1 , then save and run sudo update-grub19:30
EriC^might try without the menu entry stuff in 40_custom and just sudo update-grub and see if it picks up windows now19:30
EriC^dreais, ^19:31
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:31
Jordan_UEriC^: If we did things properly, update-grub should just add an entry for the now complete Windows install automatically.19:31
rick6860Can someone tell me where on the internet I can go to get MATE help?19:32
netham45Is there any way to use my Intel IGPU on my 2500k and my GTX 970 at once? Would love to stretch my desktop over all my monitors.19:32
ducasserick6860: if you're running ubuntu, just ask here19:33
jattthere is #ubuntu-mate19:34
rick6860ducasse, thanks19:35
MonkeyDustrick6860  let's hear it, what brings you here19:35
rick6860Can get a sharp multifunction printer to print. I thought is was an authentication issue, which is necessary, but turned that off and still won't print19:36
dreaishey EriC^ im back19:36
dreaisok lemme see19:36
MonkeyDust!cups | rick686019:37
ubotturick6860: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu19:37
dreaisim rebooting then19:37
rick6860ubottu, I have done that. there is some code to authenticate. have added that to ppd file, but not sure what it all means.19:38
rick6860ubottu, here is the code.*OpenGroup: Authentication19:39
rick6860*% Base JCL key code option19:39
rick6860*OpenUI JCLPasscode/Key Code: PickOne19:39
rick6860*OrderDependency: 10 JCLSetup *JCLPasscode19:39
rick6860*DefaultJCLPasscode: None19:39
rick6860*JCLPasscode None/No Code: ""19:39
MonkeyDustrick6860  next time, use a pastebin ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:39
Giuseppe6336how to look for a film19:40
dreqishey EriC[19:40
MonkeyDustGiuseppe6336  wrong channel19:40
dreqiseee its even worst; i had to go on my booted usb key19:40
EriC^dreqis, did you run sudo grub-install /dev/sda ?19:41
dreqisi maybe missed something19:41
dreqisi dont even remember, wait19:41
chris_hello I just installed xubuntu 16.04.1 how to disable auto login?19:42
dreqisok rip kb19:43
dreqisgrub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of `/cow'. EriC19:43
jattchris_: it's disabled by default no?19:43
dreqisok my kb is back at least19:44
EriC^dreqis, how big is your root partition?19:44
MonkeyDustchris_  in the system settings, most probably19:44
chris_jatt_: no I enabled it when I was installing now I want to disable it for security purposes19:44
dreqishuh dunno, i put 25go for linux, 450 windows, 20 for both and 100mo for the thing you told me19:45
chris_MonkeyDust_: How?19:45
Smma88can any body help me For Configurartion openvpn ?!19:45
dreqisright now im using my usb key with linux booted19:45
EriC^dreqis, ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt19:45
dreqiscause i got a weird error when i started19:45
dreqisok done19:45
Smma88i just want to configure a simple openvpn for my test19:45
dreqissorry about my nick, didnt notice the a went q19:46
Smma88do u have any tutoral about openvpn ?!19:46
MonkeyDustchris_  find the user settings19:46
jzawSmma88, there is a freenode #openvpn  but even they will ask that you do some reading yourself19:47
EriC^dreqis, np, type the following19:47
MonkeyDustchris_  or ask in #xubuntu19:47
EriC^dreqis, for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done19:47
dreqis"done" as well, or.. ?19:47
chris_MonkeyDust_: ok thanks19:47
jzawSmma88, https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-an-openvpn-server-on-ubuntu-16-0419:47
EriC^dreqis, yeah19:47
dreqisok, its done19:47
Smma88TNx alot19:47
jzaw2nd link in startpage searches .. the first was for how to openvpn in ubuntu1419:48
EriC^dreqis, type sudo chroot /mnt19:48
jzawSmma88, in any case that's for server ... so you take your pick   https://www.startpage.com/do/dsearch?query=configure+openvpn&cat=web&pl=opensearch&language=english_uk19:48
dreqisroot@ubuntu: /#19:49
dreqisbut the usb key isn't a problem, right ?19:49
EriC^dreqis, yeah19:49
EriC^dreqis, type grub-install --recheck /dev/sda19:49
dreqisno error reported19:50
EriC^dreqis, type update-grub19:50
dreqisfound windows 10 loader on /dev/sda119:50
EriC^dreqis, type cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 999919:50
EriC^dreqis, nano /etc/grub.d/40_custom19:52
EriC^delete everything from menuentry til }19:52
=== muskrat is now known as koiranpentu666
dreqisall i have left is menyentry19:52
ForgottenRIPHey there19:53
EriC^delete it all except for the first 5 lines19:53
EriC^keep the stuff that start with #19:53
floogyHi, I got issues to upgrade from tahar to xenial. util-linux, insserv, update-rc.d and perl (apt-pkg/cache.pm) are not installable.19:53
EriC^and before19:53
dreqisok i have only 5 lines left19:53
EriC^dreqis, ok, save and update-grub again19:53
dreqisfrom #!/bin.. to # the exec19:53
dreqisits done19:54
EriC^dreqis, type exit then reboot19:54
dreqisok brb19:54
floogyI got one system that uzpgraded very flawlessy and now I'm chroot into the system that didn't upgraded.19:55
arlion[w]Hey, I'm getting dependency hell right now.19:55
arlion[w]libc6-dev : Depends: libc6 (= 2.19-0ubuntu6.6) but 2.19-0ubuntu6.9 is installed19:55
arlion[w]and it is refusing me to force install me, any tips?19:55
floogyarlion try apt-get update again.19:55
arlion[w]I did, update, upgrade, clean, repeat install -f19:56
arlion[w]all don't work19:56
floogytry apt-show-versions and apt-get policy, to investigate the situation.19:57
dreaishey eric^19:57
arlion[w]apt-show-versions isn't installed and apt-get policy is an invalid operation19:57
dreaisim back on an other pc19:57
floogyUnfortunately my other system now is  a mess, so that apt-get update nor apt-show-versions no longer work for me :(19:57
EriC^dreais, hey19:58
daxit's apt-cache policy, not apt-get policy19:58
dreaiswindows 10 appeared well, now windows is checking something about ntfs19:58
dreaisdidnt understand but i just let him do19:58
floogysorry apt-cache policy  libc6-dev libc619:58
EriC^dreais, yeah let it do its thing19:58
dreaisi love you19:58
Smma88jzaw: i read this article but i think it is so difficult to config do u have any simple article19:59
dreais(but tbh i tried to start ubuntu first, cause i misclicked, and it was stuck on a blackscreen)19:59
nettowebhey guys, everytime I loh in my ubuntu I get this error: -sh: 26: [[: not found19:59
EriC^dreais, might be a graphics issue19:59
nettowebprevent bash from load. I dont know why this happened19:59
dreaisi hope so19:59
EriC^try removing quiet splash and putting nomodeset19:59
EriC^!nomodeset | dreais check here20:00
ubottudreais check here: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:00
jzawSmma88, tbh it's ends up looking complicated but if you do it step by step ... that's what youve got to do20:00
arlion[w]nettoweb: check you /etc/profile or /etc/profile.d/ for imporper use of bash20:00
dreaisanyway im taking you back when windows finishes it shit20:00
jzaweach step in itself is simple20:00
dreaisoh, what's that20:00
arlion[w]nettoweb: or ~/.bashrc20:00
jzawSmma88, do you need to set up a client or server & client ?20:00
dreaisanyway brb20:01
Smma88just server side20:01
EriC^dreais, it's a parameter you can add in grub for graphics, ok20:01
floogyarlion, what does: apt-get install --reinstall libc6-dev20:01
dreaisok, i'll probably ask once again later coz im not on my PC yet20:01
nettowebarlion[w] well, I didnt change anything, its a new ubuntu from AWS, but this is my file: https://gist.github.com/osnysantos/cd642302bbbe20a29fd40f2cd2cb77a920:02
arlion[w]floogy: I just did that, it just loops into to the unmet depens error and doesn't attempt to re-install20:02
Smma88jzaw: i need to configure this for a match and i scared when i saw that article :D20:02
jzawSmma88, windows or linux or *bsd ?20:02
arlion[w]nettoweb: okay, what is in your /etc/profile and /etc/profile.d/*20:02
Smma88jzaw: Linux Debian20:03
jzawsorry you need it for a match ? to watch something via vpn ?20:03
jzawthen you need a vpn server *out there* and client at your end20:03
ikoniaSmma88: we dont support debian here20:03
MonkeyDustSmma88  what's the output of    cat /etc/issue20:03
ikoniathis is for ubuntu support only20:03
ikoniatake it to #debian20:03
Smma88ikonia: OK20:04
Smma88Imean Ubuntu20:04
nettowebarlion[w] https://gist.github.com/osnysantos/cd642302bbbe20a29fd40f2cd2cb77a920:04
dreaiseric^ i went to the toilet and when i was back ubuntu was started20:04
dreaiswtf happened20:04
dreaisis that even normal20:04
ikoniadreais: tone down the language please20:04
ikoniathere isn't a need for it20:04
arlion[w]nettoweb: post those files >.<20:04
dreaisheh, sorry if its about "toilet"20:05
Smma88MonkeyDust: i dont have Configure thi yet20:05
ikoniadreais: no, "wtf" - thank about what it means20:05
dreaislets say i told what the firetruck20:05
Smma88i just need a Simple configuration of Openvpn For my match20:05
ikoniadreais: lets just not say it20:05
dreaisanyway ye ubuntu is back20:05
ikoniaSmma88: try #debian20:05
Smma88ikonia: TNX20:06
dreaistoo late already20:06
sysadminhello... I messed up GRUB after 16.04 installation. I had win 7 and 14.04 coexisting before no problem20:07
sysadminhow can I fix this?20:07
ikonia!grub2 > sysadmin20:07
ubottusysadmin, please see my private message20:07
sysadminupdate-grub is no help20:07
ikoniayou don't just do update grub20:07
ikoniaread the link ubottu sent you20:07
nettowebarlion[w] https://gist.github.com/osnysantos/cd642302bbbe20a29fd40f2cd2cb77a920:08
sysadminok thank you20:08
dreaisim back again, EriC^20:09
dreaisshould i try restarting again ?20:09
tatertotsdreais good to see you're making progress with a working grub20:09
EriC^dreais, sure what the heck20:10
arlion[w]nettoweb: have you tried "reset" to see if clearning your terminal works20:10
dreaistatertots: same goes here, something is working i guess20:10
Jordan_Udreais: It's normal for Windows to reboot after it runs an automatic chkdsk, and upon reboot Ubuntu was the default entry in the grub menu.20:10
dreaisEriC^ i won't thanks you enough20:12
dreaisyou saved me20:12
EriC^dreais, no problem20:12
dreaisthanks for the time you gave me, and good luck20:13
dreaisbye guys, good day20:13
EriC^dreais, do you want to create swap?20:13
dreaisforgot about swap lmao20:13
dreaisyea sure then20:13
=== andres_ is now known as marceloperez
EriC^dreais, ok boot the live usb20:13
dreais(that was close, i was about to leave haha)20:13
EriC^is the linux install fresh or you have important stuff on it?20:13
dreaisnothing really important, just sublime text and some scripts20:14
EriC^dreais, actually the part that is common between windows and linux20:15
EriC^is there anything on that?20:15
EriC^ok great20:16
dreaisit was just in case20:16
EriC^type sudo cfdisk /dev/sda20:16
dreaiswait, lemme properly start the pc20:16
EriC^how much ram do you have?20:16
dreaisi have 8go ram20:16
EriC^do you need hibernation?20:16
* Amm0n drops a swapfile20:16
dreaishibernation ?20:16
dreaisww wait, lemme translate haha20:16
EriC^dormir a la disk20:17
dreais..wat, doesn't make sense for me..20:17
dreaiswaat xD20:17
dreaisok brb launching trial ubuntu20:17
EriC^it's suspend but the pc fully shuts down, when you power it on it resumes20:17
=== endev15_ is now known as octacian
dreaisohhhh that20:17
dreaisno i never use it20:17
dreaisdo you need me to do sudo cfdisk /dev/sda?20:18
dreaisok brb20:18
EriC^delete the 20gb partition20:18
JDMarttihey guys if i ever need ubuntu support is this a good place to aks20:18
EriC^JDMartti, sure20:19
JDMarttiok cool20:19
dreais_im back, EriC^20:19
al8989hello i just received a notification from my muron software updater that a new version of kubuntu is available is it easy to do the upgrade once i hit the upgrade button?20:19
EriC^dreais_, ok, run sudo cfdisk /dev/sda20:20
dreais_ok, i just read to delete the 20go partition20:20
dreais_that's done20:20
EriC^al8989, yeah20:21
EriC^dreais_, ok, create an extended partition20:21
EriC^with the whole remaining space20:21
dreais_ok, done20:21
dreais_so much free space, wow20:21
EriC^make a 23G partition type 0720:22
al8989wow ok cool what about like my windows wireless netwrok adapter driver will it still work or will in need to reinstall it, because wireless adapter only works with the windows driver installed20:22
EriC^and the rest as swap type 8220:22
dreais_290 left for the swap20:22
dreais_is it enough20:22
EriC^it should be around 2G left20:22
dreais_i got 23go left when i deleted that 20go part20:23
dreais_do you want me to resize to 22go -> 1.5go ?20:23
dreais_maybe worth20:23
EriC^make it 21G for the partition20:23
EriC^that's odd, something is off i feel20:24
dreais_i can screen ?20:24
dreais_wait first20:24
dreais_lets finish20:24
dreais_so all i have left is 2.320:24
EriC^ok, make a partition type 8220:24
EriC^write changes then exit20:24
dreais_do i have to Write for every parts or when i do for one it does for all ?20:25
EriC^nope just once20:25
dreais_its done20:25
EriC^dreais_, sudo partprobe20:25
EriC^then sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999920:25
EriC^dreais_, that's odd, the old table is still there20:26
dreais_lemme check20:26
dreais_ok yup, didnt write correctly i guess20:26
dreais_brb redo20:26
dreais_yea that's better20:27
dreais_sorry something must've happened20:28
EriC^looks good20:28
dreais_but can you explain me what swap is concretely ?20:28
sysadminikonia: unfortunately it doesnt work. I have a black screen saying "grub loading stage 1.5". I am not able to go back to the Grub 2.0 screen.20:28
EriC^now sudo mkfs.ntfs -Q /dev/sda520:28
dreais_"mkntfs completed successfully. Have a nice day."20:29
dreais_thanks, u220:29
EriC^dreais_, swap is like a place where the kernel can move stuff from the ram to it20:29
=== andres_ is now known as marceloperez
EriC^it really said have a nice day?20:29
dreais_yea haha20:29
dreais_that suprised me too20:29
EriC^dreais_, ok, now for the swap20:29
dreais_im ready20:30
EriC^let's get lazy20:30
dreais_i like to be lazy20:30
EriC^type sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt20:30
EriC^same here20:30
EriC^type grep swap /mnt/etc/fstab20:31
dreais_"# swap was on /dev/sda4 during installation"20:31
dreais_with an other line bellow20:31
userhow do i get around this error? http://i.imgur.com/IopXLSi.png20:31
EriC^then sudo mkswap -U <copy and paste the numbers you get next to UUID=...... /dev/sda620:32
EriC^dreais_, highlight the numbers, then use middle mouse to paste20:32
EriC^sudo mkswap -U 829498327423 /dev/sda620:32
dreais_that's pretty long20:32
dreais_"setting up blabla"20:32
EriC^dreais_, ok, type sudo chroot /mnt20:33
=== MobGod is now known as Mob
Gallomimiauser: i think that's caused by having your mirror set to somewhere that doesn't have the microsoft fonts. maybe change it temporarily? ask the bot in here for !info on that package20:33
EriC^then sudo swapon -a20:33
dreais_ok done20:33
user!info ttf-mscorefonts-installer20:33
ubottuttf-mscorefonts-installer (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.4+nmu1ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 28 kB, installed size 131 kB20:33
EriC^sudo swapon -s20:33
dreais_kinda error20:34
EriC^what error20:34
EriC^about sudo?20:34
dreais_sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu: Connection refused20:34
dreais_swapon: cannot find the device for UUID=1a0f2d02-234b-4d6c-bd56-dc76c3ee8ac220:34
dreais_sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu: Connection refused as well for sudo swapon -s20:34
dreais_why sudo20:34
arlion[w]do a blkid and make sure the kernel sees it and you are using the right UUID20:34
EriC^yeah it's not needed my bad20:35
dreais_i thought while root was active sudo wasn't needed20:35
dreais_anyway, swapon -a doesn't work20:35
dreais_still that "cannot find ..."20:35
dreais_should i try swapon -s too ?20:35
EriC^dreais_, (blkid /dev/sda6; cat /etc/fstab ) | nc termbin.com 999920:35
EriC^no, try the above20:35
Gallomimiasounds like there's a small error in the uuid20:35
dreais_nc: getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution20:36
EriC^oh, open another terminal and type sudo mount --bind /run /mnt/run20:36
Gallomimiayou've got an issue with the resolver in the chroot20:36
EriC^ok try it again in the chroot20:37
Spec-ChumTrying out the new Ubuntu bash on windows 10 :D20:37
arlion[w]Spec-Chum: get out20:37
dreais_Gallomimia: sorry for not answering, im just trying to understand what's happening haha20:38
EriC^dreais_, try blkid | nc termbin.com 999920:38
dreais_beginners are beginners20:38
EriC^dreais_, ah20:38
EriC^dreais_, my bad20:38
dreais_ah ?20:38
EriC^i forgot to mount bind /dev20:38
dreais_sudo mount bind /dev ?20:39
EriC^dreqis, for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done20:39
theskillwithincan i use a yubi key instead of typing sudo20:39
arlion[w]shouldn't swap dump be set to none20:39
EriC^run that in another terminal20:39
CodeMouse92it is possible via a PPA, but I need to know if downgrading PHP to 5.6 on Ubuntu 16.04 is a Bad Idea™20:39
dreais_ok its done20:39
EriC^dreais_, now try swapon -a in the chroot20:39
dreais_that worked20:40
dreais_nothing appeared20:40
bekksCodeMouse92: downgrading to php 5.6 is a bad idea, not only on 16.0420:40
EriC^ok try swapon -s20:40
naccCodeMouse92: it's not supported, at least. I wouldn't recommend it20:40
dreais_ok, it works20:40
CodeMouse92bekks: The problem I face is that Phabricator does not support PHP 7.0, due to a missing feature in PHP20:40
EriC^dreais_, ok cool20:40
CodeMouse92bekks: I'm actually on 14.04 right now, but I'm not really happy staying there until 2018 (PHP 7.1, where they will add back in that feature)20:40
dreais_and what now ?20:41
EriC^dreais_, type exit then reboot20:41
dreais_okey, brb20:41
bekksCodeMouse92: 14.04 receives security updates until 2018. So its totally fine to stay with it.20:41
CodeMouse92bekks: Are there any particular risks for running a webserver on 14.04 that long, though?20:42
naccCodeMouse92: run a trusty vm or lxd?20:42
CodeMouse92nacc: Not an option for Phabricator20:42
CodeMouse92At least my setup of it20:42
bekksCodeMouse92: No, since it is fully supported until 2018.20:42
CodeMouse92bekks: Meh, all right. One of those things, I guess. >.>20:43
CodeMouse92I wonder just how much PHP broke when they removed async signals in 7.0 >.<20:43
bekksCodeMouse92: All those ancient crap, where the devs didnt work on php7 compatibility :)20:44
CodeMouse92bekks: Oh, Phacility worked on PHP7 compat, it's just that async signals were an irreplacable piece of their system.20:45
CodeMouse92They're looking at being 7.1 compat, but 7.0 isn't possible due to that one feature20:45
dreaisEriC^, im back on my boot usb20:45
EriC^dreais, why?20:45
texlaupgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.1 when I log in my backlight is about 50% dark I can login about two other time and it is normal--How do I adjust backlight20:45
dreaisi plugged it too early20:45
dreaissorry haha20:46
EriC^oh :D20:46
dreaiswant me to reboot ?20:46
ubuntu862hey guys can someone help me?20:46
EriC^up to you20:46
dreaisif its not needed, i'd rather stay like that20:46
EriC^ubuntu862, ask20:46
dreaisor is it over already20:46
ubuntu862i am having some trouble installing razercfg20:46
ikoniafor the mouse ?20:46
ubuntu862yea for the mouse to change dpi20:47
EriC^dreais, yeah it's done20:47
ikoniadon't bother20:47
ikoniait's too much effort to support and maintain20:47
ikoniado your best to configure it via xorg20:47
dreaisthanks !20:47
dreaisjust hope it will correctly work now20:47
EriC^dreais, no problem!20:47
=== Mob is now known as MobGod
dreaisthen im leaving you there, wish i won't come back for that kind of troubles20:48
texlaupgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.1 when I log in my backlight is about 50% dark I can login about two other time and it is normal--How do I adjust backlight20:54
dahlia_how can i get information about paypal?21:00
naccdahlia_: that doesn't seem on-topic for this channel.21:00
dahlia_nacc, i know where can i go then ?21:01
bekksdahlia_: https://www.paypal.com should answer all your question, and gives you various contact options in case it didnt.21:01
theskillwithinhttps://github.com/pjanouch/sensei-raw-ctl    after running cmake:    http://kopy.io/RmoSr21:02
dahlia_bekks, i just need to know if paypal can block visa card account21:02
bekksdahlia_: Ask them, not us :)21:02
ikonianothing to do with this channel dahlia_21:02
dahlia_i live at iran21:03
ikoniathat doesn't change anything21:03
d0d1d0d1 is here. Bow down!21:04
ikoniad0d1: please don't mess around21:05
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n0vacanesorry ikonia, im just collecting events for my bot. i thought i had commented out that section. sorry21:05
ikoniano problem, accidents happen21:06
ikonian0vacane: please remove the bot from the channel21:06
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DWSRHey all, I have a Ubuntu 16.04 VM inside Hyper-V. I have expanded the VHD and corrected the GPT Table, as well as expanded the LVM partition, but lvextend tells me that the LV is the maximum size. What step am I missing?21:30
arlion[w]DWSR: DWSR have you extend the physical volume in lvm?21:38
arlion[w]DWSR: pvs is the command to confirm21:39
DWSRarlion[w]: It says PSize 249.02g, PFree 021:39
DWSREven though the partition is now 399GB21:39
arlion[w]yeah, that's cause the physical volume wasn't expanded21:40
arlion[w]in lvm you gotta start from the bottom layer and work up21:40
DWSRAlright, I expanded the partition21:41
arlion[w]and then you will be able to do lvextend21:41
DWSRarlion[w]: How do I list the pvs?21:41
arlion[w]you can list physical volumes with pvs21:42
DWSRarlion[w]: I assume there's a shortcut for pvresize for max free space?21:42
DWSRSomething like 100%FREE?21:42
arlion[w]just 100%21:43
DWSROh, just nothing21:43
DWSRThat also does it.21:43
arlion[w]hmm... did that work?21:44
DWSRSo once I have the pv extended, I need to extend the VG?21:44
DWSRIt did.21:44
DWSRvgextend VG PV?21:44
arlion[w]vgextend vg00 /dev/sda4 /dev/sdn121:44
arlion[w]is an example21:44
DWSRarlion[w]: Don't need to extend the vg in the case of extending the partition21:44
DWSRIt's already picked up on it.21:45
=== MobGod is now known as Mob
moop_I havent seen IRC for almost a decade21:48
arlion[w]We are alive and well21:48
DWSRarlion[w]: No shortcut for lvextend for max free space?21:48
arlion[w]lvextend -L +100% /dev/vg01/lvol10 /dev/sdk321:49
ProfessorKaos64does anyone know where the best place is to get help/advice with packaging/pbuilder?21:50
spyhermithey people, had a question about IPMI SOL on 16.04,21:51
spyhermitwhen I set it to 19200 I get clear text, when I set it to 115200 I get control characters21:52
spyhermitbios is set to 115200, serial in /etc/default/grub is set to 115200, I've done update-grub,21:52
spyhermitthe strange part is that with it set to 115200, I get clear text in the grub menu, and clear text on loading the kernel, then ramdisk, then the garbage characters start after that21:53
spyhermitI've tried changing the tty config to 115200 instead of --keep-baud21:53
=== YDU_retiring is now known as YankDownUnder
spyhermitmakes no difference either way21:54
bekksDWSR: you need to expand the PV, then the LV.21:56
DWSRbekks: Got it, thank you though21:56
bekksDWSR: cheers :)21:57
secure_linuxHello everyone. I've got a quite simple question: I want to record a streamed TV program on a daily base using (command line) vlc performed as a cron job. The according command ends with "--sout=file/avi:tv_record.avi". Now I would simply like to add the current date to the filename - How could this be done?21:58
listiatellwazzap everyone? is there a way so gnome software center can show every app?21:59
Ben64secure_linux: maybe $(date +%F)21:59
NRSailhow is the new gnome desktop?22:00
NRSailhow much ram does it need22:00
NRSail& hi everyone22:00
listiatellNRSail, im not liking it22:00
NRSailoh :(22:01
NRSailhow come22:01
NRSailI used to like gnome22:01
k1lNRSail: "the new gnome desktop"? gnome-shell is some years old already22:01
listiatellNRSail, it doesnt show all installable apps22:01
NRSailbut lately i had Ram constraint and speed requirements22:02
NRSailopted for xfce22:02
secure_linuxUnfortunately putting "$(date +%F)" in between the filename and ".avi" doesn't work22:02
NRSailgnome window manager environment22:02
listiatellNRSail, sorry i thought you were talking about the new gnome software center22:03
k1lNRSail: well, details matter. there is the old gnome2. but since 2010 or such gnome provides the gnome-shell which uses the gnome3 codebase22:03
NRSailgnome 3 yes22:03
DWSRHow can I permanently set an IP address on 16.04?22:04
DWSR16.04 Server; nox;22:04
k1lNRSail: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuGNOME#Minimum_System_Requirements22:04
Jordan_UDWSR: Link local or routeable?22:04
DWSRhrm. `routable` or `routeable`?22:05
k1lDWSR: usually that makes the router you use22:05
DWSRspellcheck hates both22:05
Jordan_UDWSR: Behind NAT?22:05
NRSailwhy are you not liking it?22:05
DWSRJordan_U: Sorry, link-local. This is for an internal VM network22:05
NRSailthank k1l22:05
Ben64secure_linux: pastebin everything22:05
NRSailI may decide use gniome on next machine22:06
NRSailwhate are the alternatives22:06
k1lNRSail: any linux desktop you like. ubuntu ships most of them in the repos22:06
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE22:06
NRSailyes i know22:06
NRSailI like to ask to have soem hint22:06
=== gms is now known as Guest20945
secure_linuxNobody any idea how I could append the current date between "tv_record" and ".avi" in the command "cvlc [...] --sout=file/avi:tv_record.avi"?22:06
Jordan_UDWSR: Ok, then just configure a static ip address, outside the DHCP range (that last bit is important if you don't want random unpredictable failures) via /etc/network/interfaces .22:07
spyhermitsecure_linux: change the filename to be in quotes with the date bit you specified already22:07
NRSailnot always all the time to try everything new or updated22:07
k1lNRSail: we stick to actual technical issues in here. for chatting about ones best desktop better talk in #ubuntu-offtopic22:07
MonkeyDustsecure_linux  if you don't get an answer here, ask in #ubuntustudio22:07
spyhermit--sout=file/avi:"tv_record$(date +%F).avi"22:08
Jordan_UDWSR: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html22:09
secure_linuxspyhermit sorry, that doesn't work too22:09
secure_linuxthe resulting filename is "tv_recordF%.avi"22:10
Ben64secure_linux: pastebin everything22:10
Jordan_Usecure_linux: %F, not F%22:10
secure_linuxah yeah, that was my mistake22:11
secure_linuxthanks a lot!22:11
spyhermitdid it work?22:11
spyhermitgreat, I get a beer.22:11
secure_linuxYou deserved it ;)22:12
DWSRJordan_U: Thank you!22:12
oaktreeyoo ubuntu22:12
Jordan_UDWSR: You're welcome.22:12
oaktreeif anyone wants a dope white hat cyber sec community, 0x00sec.org22:12
k1loaktree: no adverts in here, thanks22:13
=== anonymous is now known as Guest88428
DWSR"dope white hat cyber sec"22:16
toxikI giggled  too22:16
DWSROr, how to completely kill any potential interest in that site.22:16
spyhermitso, yeah, anyone have suggestions on the ipmi sol question I posed earlier?22:18
peepsalotis there a way to see when a package was last updated?22:19
k1lpeepsalot: packages.ubuntu.com links the changelog at the right side for each package22:20
peepsaloti mean when it was applied locally, not when the repo updated22:20
tgm4883peepsalot: IDK of a command that would show that, but you could grep through your apt history log file22:20
k1lpeepsalot: yeah, look at /var/log/apt/22:20
tgm4883 /var/log/apt/history.log22:20
peepsalotok, thanks22:23
spyhermithope you don't rotate that one.22:24
f6khi o/22:25
aroonihey folks;  running ubuntu 14.04 on my t420 laptop... any reason i shouldn't upgrade to ubuntu 16.04 ?  it's now a point release right so most of the obvious bugs have been addressed?22:33
spyhermitcan anyone point me in a direction at least with my ubuntu 16.04 ipmi sol question?22:34
naccspyhermit: what was the question?22:35
OerHeksarooni, no reason for me not to check the releasenotes yourself? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes22:35
naccarooni: did you read the release notes?22:35
jkhlpossible to encrypt my hard drive now (_after_) installation?22:35
OerHeksjkhl, possible maybe, but takes more time than a fresh install22:36
aroonii am reading them now...22:36
spyhermitnacc: I'm trying to run ipmi sol on 16.04, when it gets past loading the ramdisk, I get garbage characters, and no login prompt22:36
spyhermitif I set it to 19200, it works perfectly22:36
jkhlOerHeks: simplest way to reinstall, keeping my data?22:37
naccspyhermit: so it's a baud rate issue?22:37
spyhermitanything other than 19200 throws garbage characters. I've set the baud rate in the bios and in grub, I've tried manually overriding the agetty configs, I've reverted those now22:37
OerHeksjkhl, full disk encryption, or just your /home ?22:37
k1lspyhermit: sounds like a hardware limit?22:37
jkhlOerHeks: full disk22:37
spyhermitno, because it works on 12.0422:37
OerHeksjkhl, backup data then22:38
jkhlcool, thanks22:38
OerHeksthis is just for your /home >>  http://www.howtogeek.com/116032/how-to-encrypt-your-home-folder-after-installing-ubuntu/22:38
spyhermitnacc: yes, it's a baud rate issue, but 115200 works in the grub menu and bios, but doesn't work during the boot process.22:38
spyhermit57600 doesn't work either, it appears somewhere in the tty configuration, the baud rate does not get set properly, so it just throws garbage22:39
ubuntu041hello everyone22:57
ubuntu041i need some help before i throw this computer out the window22:57
spyhermitsweet, sounds good22:57
Bashing-omubuntu041: Now, that is no way to talk about your best friend .22:58
OerHeksput it on a corner of a busy street, and run away, what is your issue?22:58
spyhermitguessing he already threw it out the window.22:59
ubuntu041ok so im working with network manager connecting my VPN my VPN needs to go thru port 1194 yesterday i was able to select port 1194 under advanced 'use custom gateway' today i click this option save and X out and go check if it kept the settings and no matter how many trys and going on root user i cannot click 'use custom gateway port it is not greyed out but just not selected even after a save on the root user23:00
ubuntu041i can select any other option and it will save it23:01
ubuntu041but not custom gateway port23:01
spyhermitwhat version of ubuntu, what vpn client?23:01
ubuntu041ipredator and ubuntu 12 i had this working on my other ubuntu and also have had it work well with windows and arch linux23:02
ubuntu041i can get it to work if i allow all ports but i shouldnt need to23:03
ubuntu041i could use ferm to firewall it up so it uses 1194 but i would like to have it set in network manager23:03
SuperMechaCowis anyone here good with virtualization?23:04
spyhermitI really have no idea. I'm guessing you'd have to check if there's an ipredator irc channel, it's not something I'm familiar with.23:05
ubuntu041yes supermechacow what are you using?23:05
spyhermitSuperMechaCow:^^ that23:05
SuperMechaCowqemu+kvm to do gpu passthrough23:05
SuperMechaCowi posted on the forums but no bites23:05
aroonii'm upgrading to ubuntu 16.04 ;  its asking me which default display manager to use>> i assume lightdm?23:05
OerHeksarooni, depends what desktop ou are on23:06
ubuntu041spyhermit: are you able to click the port option on your network manager23:06
spyhermitSuperMechaCow: fun, but I mostly run vps stuff on an enterprisy level23:06
spyhermitlet me do some poking around23:06
aroonii just like the default23:06
arooniso i assume lightdm is that default23:06
SuperMechaCowspyhermit, I'm trying to run a windows gamer inside of my ubuntu23:06
SuperMechaCowarooni, yea lightdm loads unity23:07
spyhermitubuntu041: I'm not running the gui on... 99.8% of the boxes I use23:07
aroonithanks folks23:07
ubuntu041spyhermit: thanks23:07
=== dea is now known as deaincaelo
ubuntu041spyhermit: maybe a network manager reset will help23:08
spyhermitSuperMechaCow: https://wiki.debian.org/VGAPassthrough <-- did you try this guide?23:09
deaincaeloNoob audio question. Skype is using pulse audio and my mic works fine. (one channel disabled) Discord and Curse don't, and keep disabling my mic by leveling both channels. Any suggestions?23:10
spyhermitubuntu041: this really sounds like some kind of an issue with a setting preventing the other settings from working23:10
spyhermitbut I don't have enough experience to know what would cause that.23:10
spyhermittry backing up and then blowing away the profiles and see what happens?23:10
SuperMechaCowspyhermit, i'll read through it now. I'm on a live disk now while I move a partition23:10
ubuntu041spyhermit: indeed im thinking of doing a fresh install23:10
spyhermitsorry deaincaelo, I run server side so I have no experience with that23:11
krizoekrip btc23:12
deaincaeloThanks anyway spyhermit. Do you play minecraft? I was thinking about trying to find a good modpack to run in ubuntu.23:13
spyhermitmight talk to people in #ubuntu_offtopic, I'm actually here hoping someone runs servers and has experience with IPMI SOL23:15
deaincaelofair enough.23:16
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alex5771So I installed a live USB stick with Ubuntu,in unebutin I created 1 gig persistent partition. But when I start the liveUSb the whole thing is persistent,like by magic,across reboots. It remembers my browser sessions,it remembers thing i put in my /home dir,it remembers WIFI keys,what the hell. I need it to not remember anything between reboots for security23:44
YankDownUnderalex5771: Why not create another user on that system, then delete the user as required...?23:46
bpromptalex5771:   I thought that is what persistent storage is for :)23:47
Jordan_Ualex5771: If you don't want persistance then get rid of the casper-rw partition. I'm now wondering what you were trying to accomplish by adding persistance in the first place though. What is your end goal?23:49
YankDownUnderbprompt: It is...however, that being said, even on the "liveUSB" data will be kept in between reboots/re-use...minor, but still data...therefore, if you really want to be secure, you create a new user. use that account, then delete the account when you're done...OR...use a CD/DVD - obviously, you can't write data to a CD/DVD...23:49
bpromptYankDownUnder:    sounds like an option :)23:49
alex5771The goal is to have a separate partition on USB stick for persitence ext3,but everything else should not be persistent. So things which I explicitly want to store across reboots get stored23:49
Jordan_UYankDownUnder: Without persistance what data are you talking about that is kept?23:49
alex5771if i want to save a file,i will move it to that /data partition23:50
YankDownUnderJordan_U: There is still residual data left in the ~/ directory. Test it, you'll see what I mean.23:50
Jordan_Ualex5771: That's not "persistance" then, that's just a data partition. Change the filesystem label so tha it's not "casper-rw".23:50
alex5771where do i change it?23:51
YankDownUnderI've been in this situation (more than a heap of times) and the result is that I use a "persistent" USB but create/delete accounts as required...works best...FOR ME...23:51
Jordan_UYankDownUnder: I have tested it, and I'm also familiar with the implementation. Your experience doesn't match my experience or understanding. unless you have a casper-rw partition.23:51
alex5771My problem is that I dont want it to even hit the memeory chip on a stick,for security reasons,i want it all in RAM, if i loose the thing,i want to be 100% sure no one can recover my sessions. Deleting things,is an explicit action,which I might not be able to take if power is out23:52
alex5771where is that casper-rw on a stick?is it a file or partition?23:54
=== nerd is now known as Guest35510
Jordan_Ualex5771: I think you can change the filesystem label with GParted, if not then (carefully) "sudo tune2fs -L new_label_here /dev/sdXY". Where sdXY is the partition currently labeled casper-rw.23:54
Jordan_Ualex5771: It's an attribute of the filesystem on the partition.23:55
Jordan_Ualex5771: Also make sure that no swap partitions from your local drives are being used automatically. I don't remember off hand if Ubuntu Live systems automatically use detected swap partitions.23:56

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