sakrecoerthanks zequence ! so i can just go on and create an 'asset' folder in there?07:42
sakrecoer'assests' even :)07:42
sakrecoerseems all changes in the seed are accomplished, except for the wacom- and studio-controls.. 07:44
sakrecoermaybe you can go on and upload, zequence ? so we can test the new packages, zequence ?07:44
sakrecoersorry, typing from phone, forgot i aledäady typed your name07:45
sakrecoeri will be very much offline until friday guys.. sorry about that.. but i will check in sporadicaly everyday.07:47
zequencesakrecoer: I will upload, but I need to fix a Ubuntu dev system first. Seems when I do it from Debian (even when it is just about uploading a few files) it raises some eyebrows18:57
zequenceAnd, that also explains how little I know about why that matters!18:58
zequenceProbably very little, but for some - a lot more than it does for me!18:58

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