Feral_MuttHello all. I know this question has been asked 100 times. What free audio mixers are in the ubuntu repos that can be used for commercial use?02:41
Feral_MuttI have looked at a few on search engines but cannot find expressed consent in the license.02:44
Feral_MuttLike there is a website that claims audacity is free for non-commercial use but I cant find that part in what I think is their published license.02:46
Feral_Muttdoes anyone know a better irc to ask this question?02:52
Feral_Muttor a link to any audio licensing documentation?03:06
Feral_Muttcan someone say hi to me?03:08
krytarikFeral_Mutt: Hi.  And looks like you need to learn more about open source licenses in general.03:26
Feral_Muttit definitely seems so btw thank you for letting me know that thie names on the side arent there for show. I understand I am a newb to this and I fully understand that I could just use any of this stuff for commercial use like half the people out there. But one thing i do understand is that Some opensource licensing does not allow for commercial use and some does (like the linux kernel although the03:30
Feral_Muttlinux kernel must have a submission of any changes before reproduction and distribution but overall I can sell an unchanged linux kernel if I could or wanted to)03:30
Feral_Muttalso I can mix the music from http://dig.ccmixter.org/free and distribute it for commercial use03:32
Feral_Muttas long as the ahem mixer allows for commercial use03:33
Feral_Muttyou see I read quite a bit about opensource licensing in general but I would like to know about a specific music mixer in ubuntu ahem cough cough like from maybe the studio version of ubuntu which I thought someone might be knowledgable about ahemm here03:35
Feral_Muttorcould at least be generous enough to point me to some documentation03:36
krytarikFeral_Mutt: The used license is always specified along with the software.03:37
Feral_Mutti see03:37
Feral_Muttwell I guess I have a couple days of reading and sifting through programs ahead of me03:38
Feral_Mutta very limited thanks all (well just krytarik) yall keep up the l33t h@xx0ring. really keeping up the community!03:50
studio-user801que mas05:55
studio-user801como hago para05:55
studio-user801trabajar bien el studi05:56
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studio-user546hello, I'm having troubles starting jack using my usb sound card. Jack starts just fine when using the internal audio card, however it's broken so I can't really use it. When selecting the external one in qjackctl I get the following messages in the message window: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21918756/ Can anybody help me?17:44
zequencestudio-user546: Did you really paste the link to your paste, so to speak. I'm not seeing the entire output from IRC right now17:48
studio-user546zequence: i pasted a link to paste.ubuntu.com17:50
zequenceOvenWerks: Thanks.17:52
zequenceThat's a lot of output.17:52
studio-user546Since I was trying to troubleshoot on my own, I enabled verbose output. This is the non-verbose version http://paste.ubuntu.com/21920229/17:55
zequencestudio-user546: It doesn17:56
zequencestudio-user546: It looks like your device should be starable17:56
zequencestudio-user546: But, there are a few reasons why it might not have17:56
zequenceSo, first, let me ask you. Have you tried rebooting, and the starting jack - the first thing you do?17:57
studio-user546that's what I did upon the first boot17:57
studio-user546I later tried to kill pulseaudio and then start jack and, later, running qjackctl through pasuspender - same results every time17:58
zequencestudio-user546: No added PPA's, or changes to system configurations (which would require root access)?17:59
studio-user546No changes at all. I just installed the latest ubuntu studio17:59
OvenWerksit looks like ALSA is not behaving.17:59
OvenWerksdoes your audio interface work correctly with pulse?18:00
studio-user546it does18:00
zequenceHow many I/O?18:00
studio-user546I'm not sure I understand the question. It is a 5.1 surround card with a line in and a mic in, if that's what you mean18:01
zequenceOk. I/O means Ins and Outs.18:02
zequenceThat answeres my question.18:02
zequenceI would guess there is some problem with the selection of Ins and Outs, and perhaps something to do with USB standards.18:04
studio-user546It seems I got it working by selecting "force 16 bit" in qjackctl. I don't even know what it's supposed to do, but jack starts fine and hydrogen seems to be able to play18:05
studio-user546I'm not sure that's acceptable. I mean, shall I consider it a workaround and look on my own for a better solution or it's somehow 'take or leave'?18:06
zequencestudio-user546: USB devices are rarely supported in Linux, not beyond the USB 1.1 standard, which pretty much only enabled stereo I/O in 44.1, or maybe 44.8 kHz18:06
zequenceqjackctl is not as complex in its choices as pulseaudio, when it comes to things like this18:07
studio-user546so, I'm lucky that it's working :D18:08
zequenceThere's only a certain amount of data you can process with that device, most probably.18:08
zequence..because of driver issues18:08
studio-user546I see, I'll play around with ubuntu studio a bit and eventually move it to a better machine (with a decent sound card). Thanks for your help :)18:09
zequenceCould be pulseaudio is able to only use stereo in and out, while qjackctl wants to use all I/O18:09
zequenceOr, rather, you can choose a setting for that in pulseaudio, while in qjackctl you may not18:10
studio-user546pulse can use all the 6 channels with this card18:10
zequenceOk, well, I guess the config you found was the one that did the trick anyway.18:10
zequenceLinux won't be able to use the full power of the device, unless there are drivers for it18:11
zequenceIt's common for USB devices18:11
studio-user546yeah, I fear so, but I guess it will be enough for the time being. Thanks a lot :D18:12
zequencestudio-user546: There are only a few devices that work well on USB. A few more on Firewire, and PCI.18:18
zequenceNorik: Moi21:12
zequence(Finnish for hello)21:12
NorikDo you speak ukraine?21:13
NorikПривіт друзі21:13
zequenceHe never appeared long enough for me to say no21:19

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