pleia2knome: ok, I'm away from home this week anyway, limited time02:16
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Unit193flocculant: How did the x-d-s/systemd/dbus-user-session stuff go?08:40
knomepleia2, sure, np, just that you don't feel the rush to go moderate with your limited time ;)10:23
flocculantUnit193: well - I crashed out and had to grab systemd from -proposed to get it to work the other morning11:19
flocculantno desktop - no nothing11:19
flocculantbut since then it's been fine11:19
flocculantI'd guess as long as you've got systemd 231 it should be ok11:19
flocculantobviously I had x-d-s from ppa as well11:20
flocculantfwiw latest x-d-s installed ok too11:44
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flocculantso many vm's running I've confused myself - not sure which is a resize or manual test \o/17:06
flocculantbluesabre: so we've got smoketests done for 14.04.5 twice mostly, I'll wait see if we get any from other people before marking them17:17
knomebluesabre, ochosi, Unit193: https://twitter.com/BitSortierer/status/76043154694800179221:01
ochosiwithout having tested it, sounds reasonable if true21:07
knomei have no idea either, just forwarding21:09
* knome shrugs :)21:13
Unit193flocculant: Indicators are broken actually.21:55
bluesabreevening all23:53
bluesabreknome: indeed, sounds reasonable23:54

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