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cxeqhey guys I set no password on install, now I am being asked for a password and entering nothing doesn't work08:06
appCan anyone point me in the right direction for getting my wireless working?09:34
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:55
knomeapp, and it'd help if you told us what's wront with it too...10:24
appbrand new install of xubuntu on a box with this card. According to these comments it should work, but being a complete noob, I have no clue how to make it work, or what any of what they are saying means10:40
knomeapp, somebody said this -> https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2253877&p=13173452#post13173452 <- would help10:48
knomeapp, fwiw, the process there is fine generally, i just can't confirm it will definitely work with your card10:49
knomeapp, note that on the second line on the first code section, you should not type the part after (and including) #10:50
yansapp, which chipset is it?10:52
yansndiswrapper maybe ;p10:52
knomeyans, if you don't know, please don't guess.10:52
knomesomething like setting up ndiswrapper isn't the easiest tasks to begin with, so you really don't want to go there unless you have to (and it would be totally preferable to know it is indeed the only option and that IT WORKS)10:53
yansthats why i ask him about chipset10:55
knomethe amazon.com link gives you the exact model10:56
* yans got slow inernet connection at the moment10:57
yansapp can you check lspci | grep Wireless11:24
yansi cannot find it anywhere and im such a curious ;]11:25
appnone of this makes any sense to me11:28
appForget this wireless crap...too frustrating to deal with, making me feel physically ill11:29
surkovalexandrqq all12:51
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hkt3020how do i change my password?13:44
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gustavo_hey guys, I've got this message asking me to upgrade: Welcome to Ubuntu 16.04 'Xenial Xerus'16:50
gustavo_The Ubuntu team is proud to announce Ubuntu 16.04 'Xenial Xerus'.:16:50
gustavo_shoud I upgrade my xubuntu through it?16:50
knome14.04 will be end-of-life next april16:52
knome15.10 is end-of-life already16:52
knomeso it's recommended to upgrade from 15.10 immediately or from 14.04 at latest on april16:53
gustavo_knome, thanks16:54
flocculantgustavo_: just to reinforce what knome says - if you are on 15.10 and you don't upgrade soon then it becomes much harder as all the repos get moved out17:05
gustavo_flocculant, i'm on 14.0417:11
flocculantgustavo_: okey doke - you've got 'some' time then - I'd personally be inclined to wait a while if what you have is working for you17:12
gustavo_well, flocculant too late.... I just started the upgrade17:17
gustavo_I hope that will not brake anything17:17
gustavo_I use this machine just for entertainment17:18
gustavo_games, emulators and media17:18
flocculantshouldn't - mostly we've got thunar issues on 16.04 currently - and intel lock issues17:18
flocculantoh right - shouldn't be too much then17:18
flocculantgustavo_: unless you have amd - old driver is deprecated - might be an issue gaming17:19
gustavo_let's hope everything will work... crossing fingers17:19
gustavo_nope, I have intel here17:19
flocculantok - so the lock issue will affect you then probably17:19
gustavo_I hope fightcade and retroarch will work...17:19
flocculantwell ... not probably at all :p17:20
flocculantunless you don't lock screen ofc17:20
gustavo_that's why I have full upgrades.... I just like rolling release stuff17:20
gustavo_I don't lock hehe17:20
flocculantshould be ok then17:21
flocculantafaict it is just a lock issue17:21
gustavo_also I have gnome here.... I think I will have some headache ..17:21
flocculantif 'I just like rolling release stuff' then join the dark side and run dev version :p17:21
gustavo_cause gnome works good for big screens17:22
gustavo_nope haha17:22
flocculantI have to try ;)17:22
gustavo_I have arch and pclinuxos on my main machine17:22
flocculantthough to be honest in the years I've been running 'dev' I have had hardly any issues at all17:23
flocculantespecially now that things go to -proposed first17:23
gustavo_i see17:23
gustavo_at the end, rolling release distros are not so unstable as most people think17:23
gustavo_hey, have to leave17:24
flocculantcya - good luck17:24
gustavo_I will let this upgrade running, brb later17:24
nikolamAnyone actually using yelp?17:32
nikolamDo you know it actually have a bug and can't search a thing?17:32
chris_hello how to disable auto log in in xubunut 16.04.1? I just installed it19:48
xubuntu95whey guys20:41
xubuntu95wcan someone help me installing something(razercfg)20:42
xubuntu95wi started using linux 3 days ago20:43
puckzxubuntu95w Maybe. What software do you want to install?20:46
xubuntu95wi want it because i want to change my mouse dpi20:48
xubuntu95wi already read the readme20:50
xubuntu95wbut i had a hard time to undestand it properly20:51
xubuntu95wsince i am new to this compile thing(i never used linux before only windows)20:51
puckzCan't you change the mouse resolution in "Mouse and Touchpad"?20:52
puckzNot sure about the name, I use Xubuntu in Swedish :-)20:53
xubuntu95wthats is the problem i  already did it20:53
xubuntu95wi cant lower more20:53
xubuntu95wstill too much sensitivity20:53
puckzSorry, haven't installed that software. Not able to help.20:54
xubuntu95wno problem dude20:54
xubuntu95wlet me ask you something can i change the panel apps to show only their icons? like windows7/ windows 1020:54
knomexubuntu95w, sure. edit the panel applet preferences.21:01
xubuntu95wi already search for it and preferences and didnt find21:02
knomeright-click the panel, go to panel -> panel preferences. in that dialog, go to the tab "items", select "window buttons", press the cog icon and unselect "show button labels"21:03
xubuntu95wjust find it thanks man21:04
xubuntu95wenglish is not my native language21:04
xubuntu95wknome do you know how to install razercfg ?21:29
knomeyou should find out from the people who develop it21:30
xubuntu95wis there a way to lock an app on the panel like (windows 10/unity )23:33

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