harlowjaif u want00:02
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mgagneharlowja: how can I fork or work on cloud-init in LP git?16:38
mgagneok so I create a new repo in my own account and push a clone of cloud-init in their? there is no fork button?16:39
harlowjamgagne it seems so17:18
harlowjalarks documented this in https://code.launchpad.net/~larsks/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/30131017:18
harlowjaits a little different than github17:18
larsksharlowja: yes.17:18
larsksharlowja: but do you have a specific change you'd like to see?17:18
mgagnewill read17:18
harlowjanot me, mgagne was wondering where is the fork button :-P17:19
larsksOh sorry.17:19
* larsks wishes we would all just use gerrit.17:19
mgagnelooks to not be that bad (LP)17:20
mgagnetime will tell =)17:20
harlowjaits better than bzr17:21
harlowjaimho :-P17:21
harlowjacause i only ever understood the basics of bzr, lol17:22
smoserharlowja, going to get over to get completely here shortly.17:22
larsksno argument here :)17:22
smoserwith the changge s that larsks had and mine there.17:22
smoserand then its not ata ll impossible for us to have a c-i that mirrors launchpad to github17:22
harlowjathen my jenkins pipeline will work!17:22
smoserdont know how i feel about that thoguh17:22
smoserie, i coudl put github/cloud-init-dev/cloud-init to jsut be pushed to from lp:cloud-init by a bot17:23
harlowjameh, i'm ok with this launchpad bzr17:23
harlowjanot perfect imho, but good enough17:23
harlowjagithub not perfect imho either17:23
smoserthe big thing is that if i do it there, then it implies we'd take reviews from there.17:24
harlowjaya, meh, don't do it then :-P17:24
harlowjaor u can do what openstack-infra does, and they shutdown all PR(s) that come through that17:24
harlowjafor example17:25
harlowjai'm pretty sure that person though never followed through with the PR17:25
harlowja(for worse imho)17:25
harlowjaso just a warning :-P17:25
harlowjaand i don't think people in projects know about how many/if PR(s) have been auto-closed17:26
harlowjafor example17:26
harlowjathere are 65 lost reviews there?17:26
* harlowja i think i complained about that once17:26
harlowja(ie at least send an email to the PTL when a PR gets auto-closed)17:26
harlowjaso PTL can at least follow up with person (if they want)17:27
JayFharlowja: I think monty emailed the list about improving their generic message pushed up to github, to make it more clear how toa ctually contribute17:35
harlowjaJayF possibly17:38
harlowjai'd like a 'cc' to the PTL that it got closed on also17:38
harlowjai'm pretty sure that not many people (PTL or other) know to go look and see whats been closed17:39
JayFI mean17:40
JayFPTLs haev no time as is17:40
harlowjalife is hard17:40
JayFthat would get filed into a folder and never read ever17:40
JayFat least for the major projects17:40
harlowjai don't accept the life is hard part17:40
harlowjalife is hard, therefore /dev/null17:40
harlowjasounds like a cop-out to me ;)17:40
harlowjaback to sucking my thumb in the corner17:41
JayFit's all a matter of priorities right?17:41
harlowjabut if right now it goes to /dev/null u can't even assign someone from the PTL(s) team to even look at that stuff17:41
JayFlike folks would rather 1) work a reasonable number of hours and 2) spend those hours working on project priorities, instead of holding the hand of someone who can't read a $#@%$!@#ing doc about how to contribue :P17:41
harlowjathats what interns are for?17:42
harlowja3) assign task to followup with the folks that got PR closed on them (that may or may not have submitted code to the gerrit system) and be nice and kind to them, and see if they need help17:42
harlowjatreat others like u would want to be treated, blah blah17:42
mgagneare unit tests really trying to read files in /proc ?19:03
mgagneharlowja: how do you link your personal repo to the upstream one? I'm following steps found in README, reading LP help page and not much details here, there is no Propose for merge in my repo19:16
harlowjaon for example19:18
mgagneyep, link is showing here19:18
harlowjathere was a 'propose for merging' that i clikced thed19:18
harlowjau don't got one?19:18
mgagnethere is none for me: https://code.launchpad.net/~mgagne/+git/cloud-init/+ref/bond_name19:18
harlowja*clicked there19:18
mgagneso I think the repo isn't linked with "upstream"19:19
mgagneand I'm not sure how to fix that19:19
harlowjamaybe it also needs some commits?19:19
mgagnethere is a commit19:19
mgagnewhich I'm trying to propose for merge19:19
harlowjaah, kk, it shows i think the author as scott19:19
harlowjaunsure here19:20
mgagneyes, I didn't code that feature19:20
harlowjai call in smoser who might know, ha19:20
mgagneso I'm not putting my name in there19:20
mgagneharlowja: found it19:26
mgagneChange repository details -> Target: Project: cloud-init19:26
mgagnethis detail isn't part of any documentation if found (cloud-init or LP)19:27
mgagneharlowja: ok merge proposal done =)19:28
smosermgagne, whats up?19:29
mgagnesmoser: a review request? =)19:29
mgagnesmoser: was struggling to find how to link my personal repo to the upstream one19:30
mgagnenow it's done with above steps19:30
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mgagnesmoser: I think the test you are referring to was to test bond_slaves, not bond name. Maybe i'm wrong: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20492837/20:56
mgagnelet me know if I misunderstood the purpose of the test20:57

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