clivejoIm afraid that’s me done for the night!00:16
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Night clivejo00:16
clivejoshould be a few more fixes in the pipeline, but the KCI queue is full and god knows when it will get around to building them00:17
clivejoonly 24 failing packages in yakkety :)00:19
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Nicr00:19
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> *nice00:19
clivejo00:21:09 make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop.00:22
clivejomakes me angry00:22
clivejogood night00:22
MirvI've filed some bugs to please release team a bit more (they didn't ask, but I thought they might) https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.tag=kf52407:25
MirvI left out marble and okteta that I probably fixed now with symbol updates (marble also accepted to get built now), and akonadi-search that I'm still retrying to see if it's only flaky test as it failed only on one arch07:25
Mirvno response from release team however even though infinity said to be looking at the override plea "later" (14h ago)07:26
Mirvso, waiting continues today07:26
yofelMirv: thanks! Having a track list of the tests is useful07:41
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> o/08:24
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soeesomeone is using Enpass ?09:25
soeeuhm desktop app is GTK but at least the icon works and fits pretty nice systray09:30
Mirvwe got the autopkgtest forces!09:44
MirvI'm still waiting for unity8 QA however to fix its tests. after that it's about pondering with release team "why nothing happens", which is usually the case and update_output.txt is needed in addition to the excuses page.09:45
Mirvoh ok missed a single plasma-framework s390x issue. I will ask that once we know whether u8 landing makes that green or not (if not, I'll ask if it could be overridden too and investigated later)09:51
BluesKajHowdy folks10:01
tsimonq2o/ BluesKaj 10:09
BluesKajhey ts10:10
BluesKajtsimonq2,^, it's early, still on my first coffee :-)10:11
tsimonq2BluesKaj: well are you in #ubuntu-community-team ? I thought it was from the joke I literally just started there :P10:12
BluesKajno 10:12
BluesKajguess I missed the humour 10:14
tsimonq2BluesKaj: I PMed you what was said so I don't spam the channel10:14
soeegreen <310:36
tsimonq2that was a nice minute of my life... :P10:49
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> LOL11:23
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Gonna have that stuck on replay in my head all day now11:24
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Thanks soee11:24
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Only 17 broken packages sitting on the wall11:25
soeehow do they become brokne exactyly ?11:26
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> The current ones have been broken for a while11:26
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Most are PIM related11:27
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Upstream changes mostly11:29
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Clifford meanwhile I'll have this garbage stuck in my head all day :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVHJ6OwTYWc11:31
acheronuklibkf5calendarsupport http://paste.ubuntu.com/22018296/11:31
yofelacheronuk: wrap those tests in xvfb-run11:49
acheronuk        xvfb-run dh_auto_test11:51
acheronukyofel: and add xvfb to the build depends?11:53
yofelacheronuk: yes, and yes11:53
acheronukgreat. thanks :)11:53
soeecan someone confirm this ugly clear button for filter field: http://i.imgur.com/xn3gWXs.png ?11:56
mamarleysoee: Nope, sorry, looks fine here.11:57
soeesearch field11:58
ahoneybuncan't read your language11:58
soeeit is not about lang, just the darkest button on the image :D11:59
ahoneybunI see a pixel black button12:00
soeewee..  warranty was goof12:25
soeei will have my monitor chnaged ot new one :)12:26
acheronukyofel: those tests still fail http://paste.ubuntu.com/22025809/13:08
yofelhuh, why does that need glx...13:09
acheronukseems an odd thing to want for that, yes13:10
yofellibkf5calendarsupport_16.04.3+p16.10+git20160803.1257.orig.tar.xz: 13:12
yofelhuh? why isn't that called calendarsupport?13:12
tsimonq2bbl o/13:29
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acheronukummm. so disable that test?13:49
yofelI fixed it, you need to set the screen by hand for GL (took that from an autopkgtest config)13:50
acheronukah. thanks13:51
davmor2Hey guys there will be a respin shortly for 14.04.5 will someone be available to help out testing it?13:56
yofeldavmor2: maybe, what's the rough equivalent of 'shortly' in hours?14:01
* yofel agrees with infinity that our job is breaking things most of the time :D14:02
davmor2yofel: About an hour I've been told but infinity can give a more accurate time14:02
yofelk, thanks14:02
yofelthe yakkey fix page fits on one screen \o/14:07
yofellet me merge the current state in kubuntu_stable. Those symbols are 16.12 material14:15
acheronukthat was my next question if I got it built. I tried in pbuilder with the tests disabled, and got all those missing!14:19
* yofel is a bit lost about the symbols14:21
yofelhaving the build jobs stay broken is bad, but then we loose symbol tracking for the archive updates which we need :/14:21
yofelpatching debhelper in the ci PPA would be an idea...14:22
acheronukpatching to do what exactly?14:22
yofelnot fail the build on missing symbols14:22
yofelbut the build fails because that really does require an so version change :(14:23
yofeldebianabimanaging all failures would be the perfect solution. But that's an overkill amount of overhead :/14:24
yofelor we keep leaving the MISSING comments in there and just update the symbols14:25
yofelbut then we need to extend our archive QA to actually detect that14:25
yofelwhich probably would mean adding more patches to pkg-kde-tools14:25
yofelhuh, what did *that* build o.O14:38
acheronukset(GENERIC_LIB_VERSION "0.24.80")14:39
acheronukset(GENERIC_LIB_SOVERSION "25")14:39
acheronukset for 16.08 branch14:39
yofelI would postpone marble and okteta until after we've done the release branching for 16.0814:40
acheronukand those latest big changes were in the 16.08 branch as well as master, so are the ok to fix?14:40
acheronukok. won't touch them14:42
yofelwithout a stable job it's hard to say14:42
yofelreally all changes? The diff between 16.08 and master is huge for marble14:42
acheronuklet me check again14:43
acheronukok, this one was in both: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=marble.git&a=commit&h=6c5a0b395dd34457d107780b398fb1df5beb995014:45
acheronukwhich was the big one I got the other night, and then said stop!14:45
yofelacheronuk: I guess lets risk it for both, and remember to re-check once we upload 16.0814:46
acheronukI'll have another look through both before I even think about making changes, and if I'm not sure I'll query14:47
yofelhm, we never did finish 16.04.314:49
soeeALSA 1.1.2 Released15:10
mamarleySomething trout something15:12
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acheronukyofel: if calendarsupport unstable is now merged to stable, are those symbols OK to fix now? or are you still pondering things and would prefer it left?15:29
yofelacheronuk: just fix it15:30
yofelwe'll probably have to cherry pick stuff from kubuntu_unstable anyway, so lets worry about that in a week15:31
yofelsanta_: so agreed, pkg-kde-tools is probably the appropriate place for that. Now I wonder how I would detect that we're building for the CI..15:34
yofelhaving a patched pkg-kde-tools in the ci ppa all the time would be somewhat annoying :/15:34
santa_I have a source of inspiration for that15:34
santa_let me check...15:34
ahoneybunmm there goes tryin got build the telepathy morse plugin15:43
santa_yofel: I think I would go for a shell evironment variable. so the CI would build with this variable15:46
yofelhm, then I need to figure out how to pass that into docker... not sure how the env looks like right now15:47
yofelbut I did consider that too15:48
yofel(as it would be the most straight-forward solution build-system wise)15:48
santa_shouldn't be adjusting the templates for the build slaves enough?15:49
yofelsanta_: the actual binary builds happing on launchpad, not in jenkins15:50
yofelor the ci-tooling injects a file into the source before uploading it15:51
santa_what builds in launchpad you are talking about? the ppa builds or something else in the kubuntu's workflow I am not aware yet?15:52
yofelsanta_: the CI builds. Jenkins generates the sources, uploads that to the kubuntu-ci/ PPAs, then continues its work once the builds are done15:53
santa_ah, ok15:54
santa_yofel: in case you go for "or the ci-tooling injects a file into the source before uploading itor the ci-tooling injects a file into the source before uploading it"(TM) I had an script to alter one packages debian/rules and pass -c0 to dpkg-gensymbols15:56
santa_it supported both packages with and without dhmk15:57
yofelsanta_: hm, true, that then actually doesn't need any pkg-kde-tools modification at all. As long as people don't accidentally copy that change into git15:58
santa_but altering the source like that is a bit ugly15:58
yofelalthough, that can be detected and the CI build made to fail on that15:58
yofelright, but the only other way I can currently think of is checking whether sources.list contains 'kubuntu-ci', which is ugly :(15:59
yofeldoes sbuild export something useful..15:59
santa_well, looking at the bright side of altering the source this would allow you to select which packages you want to build with -c0 and which ones you don't, right?16:00
yofelit would at least allow the possibility of doing that16:00
yofelon second though, with that we can only disable the check for /unstable, as /stable really should throw errors16:03
yofeland the tooling already messes with the changelog, so adding this won't really hurt16:04
yofeloh fun, I found the reason why the post-publishing checks aren't running16:05
yofel    unless File.exist?('logs/i386.log')16:06
yofel      puts 'found no logs'16:06
yofel      exit 016:06
yofelwe don't build i386 anymore ^^16:06
santa_hmm, what happens with i386 finally?16:07
yofelsanta_: the logs? That's used for the lintian and symbol-addition checks16:08
yofelit also has a rather hacky qml dependency checker. Need to see if harald improved that in neon16:09
santa_yofel: no I mean I remember I read something about dropping i386 suport or something like that16:10
santa_but I don't remember where16:10
yofelsanta_: oh that, I don't think we'll do that for the archive until 18.10, but we did remove it from the ci build list16:10
yofelit was on ubuntu-devel16:10
yofelhm, why is i386 hardcoded there when there's proper archindep handling below that code....16:11
acheronukyofel: another one that produced significant symbols changes - messagelib (kf5-messagelib) https://launchpadlibrarian.net/276544991/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kf5-messagelib_4%3A16.04.3+p16.10+git20160803.1248-0_BUILDING.txt.gz16:11
santa_ah, there's a thread in kubuntu-devel too16:11
yofelyeah, that was partially CCd16:12
yofelacheronuk: maybe ignore that for today. I'll try to get the symbol ignoring added to the CI today after the meeting16:12
acheronukyofel: no problem at all. will do16:13
yofeloh, the host key validation for launchpad is also only done once. I thought that happened for every dput attempt16:17
clivejoyofel: when I build libkolab it puts the lib in usr/lib/libkolab.so.1 but the install file is looking for usr/lib/*/libkolabxml.so.1* do I adjust the install file to match or try and make it put it into /usr/lib/<arch>16:36
yofelclivejo: first of all, that xml part sounds really wrong. But I would see why it doesn't put it into <arch> first16:37
clivejoIve got a number of failed build emails from LP17:05
ahoneybunit's updating trusty still?17:05
ahoneybun[Notice] -queuebot to #kubuntu-devel- Builds: Kubuntu Desktop amd64 [Trusty 14.04.5] has been updated (20160803)17:05
acheronuklibkf5eventview is looking for KGanttConfig.cmake17:22
acheronukbut libkf5kdgantt2 in KCI produces KF5KDGantt2Config.cmake17:23
acheronukso FAIL!17:23
santa_yofel ↑ the script I was usingto automate the addition of -c017:26
santa_I can schedule a rebuild in my ppa simulation of frameworks/plasma/apps to check that it's still in shape17:27
acheronukhmmm. they decided to use kdiagram https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=eventviews.git&a=blobdiff&h=4ae046296e4863b8a2af003c3da5d05e3014473d&hp=6ec8aeb705da8876bac5a796735dc18b009ff472&hb=b8ba0ff8aecd28e97d603bf659cf1c8a0191e291&f=CMakeLists.txt17:38
acheronukwhich I can't see that we have17:39
yofelacheronuk: right, those images need testing17:45
yofelerm, ahoneybun^17:46
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> who wants to see me dance with a chicken? https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/event/c7qcgbtvn089cm84i6jumg2kplo?hl=en18:03
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> awww gosh darnit18:42
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> I missed it...18:42
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> missed?18:42
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> it's still on BBB atm18:42
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> !!!18:43
yofelsanta_: thanks, with that I at least don't need to figure that out, just rewrite it in ruby19:11
yofelyay, I fixed the publication checks, building stuff is failing again \o/19:19
acheronuklol "It would very much appear that symbols have been retracted"19:25
yofelfunny enough, akonadi is one of the packages that has -c0 set by default19:29
yofelwhich really shouldn't be the case19:29
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yofelbut yeah, i'll have to disable that check later on ^^19:30
acheronukothers will work though? I did wonder where they went, but thought it must have been by design19:31
yofelor hm19:31
yofelacheronuk: no, there was a weird requirement for an i386 buildlog, so that's why they stopped working19:32
acheronukyeah, I saw where you worked that out earlier.19:32
yofel19:17:10 KCI-E :: E: libkf5akonadiwidgets5: symbols-file-contains-current-version-with-debian-revision on symbol _ZN7Akonadi19ManageAccountWidget23setDescriptionLabelTextERK7QString@Base19:33
yofelI can't really disable that though...19:33
jimarvanclivejo: please record Rick the next time he says it19:43
jimarvani want it as a ring tone19:43
* tsimonq2 does it19:43
jimarvanty ;)19:43
tsimonq2I have it up in Audacity19:44
jimarvanOMG you are awesome19:46
jimarvancan you send it on irc? xD19:46
yofelhm, figuring if something is for 'stable' or 'unstable' is again complicated by the existence of frameworks :/19:48
yofelas those are - by design - only built in unstable19:49
yofelbut are in fact only-stable19:49
tsimonq2jimarvan: soon one sec19:51
tsimonq2jimarvan: http://picosong.com/Dk8m/19:56
tsimonq2lol, look at the song metadata19:59
yofelguess I'll ditch the QA checks for frameworks for now20:04
yofelI might bring that back once the metadata for stable is back20:04
tsimonq2again, see the song metadata :P20:20
jimarvangn peeps :)20:38
acheronuknight Jim20:39
tsimonq2yofel: so I'm seeing if I can fix that ^21:04
tsimonq2yofel: but I'm wondering why it's doing thast21:04
yofeltsimonq2: 21:03:41 dpkg-source: info: the patch has fuzz which is not allowed, or is malformed21:05
tsimonq2I see that, but I'm having trouble actually seeing what the error is21:05
tsimonq2I'll try some more locally but I don't know... :/21:05
yofelfuzz means that parts of the context lines around the patch block have changed21:06
tsimonq2oh that's helpfuk21:06
yofelso a simple quilt refresh of the patch should be enough to fix this21:06
tsimonq2there's a couple of them that I would like to fix21:06
yofelas long as it still applies with fuzz21:06
yofelthe fuzz check is only applied at build time, not while unpackging and patching the source package21:07
yofelthen it's just a warning21:07
tsimonq2well I learned something new today, thanks yofel :)21:08
* yofel deploys experimental code to linode21:09
yofelif akonadi wasn't building..21:10
tsimonq2yofel: what's mgmt?21:12
yofeltsimonq2: "management" - CI maintenance jobs21:12
tsimonq2oh okay21:12
acheronukI taking a look now at the YY FIX page with only 17 items, because if those tests work again that is going to fill right back up I think21:15
yofelwhee, I wrote ruby code that actually works \o/21:20
* clivejo cheers21:22
tsimonq2could someone let me know what the *correct* procedure is for fixing fuzz errors? I'm trying but failing miserably...21:23
tsimonq2or rather, how are patches created (correctly) in the first place?21:24
clivejoanyone about?22:54
clivejoacheronuk: ping22:54
tsimonq2clivejo: yes, waiting for someone to respond to my question :P22:55
tsimonq2what's up?22:55
clivejowhat was your question22:55
tsimonq204:23:09 PM < tsimonq2> could someone let me know what the *correct* procedure is for fixing fuzz errors? I'm trying but failing miserably...22:55
tsimonq204:24:53 PM < tsimonq2> or rather, how are patches created (correctly) in the first place?22:55
clivejoI dunno what the correct procedure is, but I tend to read the patch and if the lines are out, fix them22:56
clivejoor create a new patch by manually doing the edits22:57
tsimonq2good idea22:57
clivejoif its a bit more complicated22:57
clivejoso I would do quilt new Simons_new_ubber_fix.patch22:59
clivejoquilt add <the file you are editing>22:59
tsimonq2yeah I have a guide somewhere, thanks ;)22:59
clivejothen make the changes22:59
clivejoand so fore22:59
santa_tsimonq2: what are you trying to fix in what branch?23:00
clivejotry and keep the original descriptions and headers23:00
clivejosanta_: are .h files usually installed into -dev packages?23:00
santa_clivejo: usually yes, why?23:01
clivejogot a ton of header files not sure what to do with them23:01
santa_what package?23:02
clivejoit seems to be a new one23:02
santa_from pim23:02
clivejoIm building a test package23:02
santa_which one?23:02
clivejoits called kdiagram23:02
santa_is the packaging already on git?23:03
clivejocant find it23:03
clivejolibkf5eventviews wants KGanttConfig.cmake23:03
acheronuknot in debian either23:03
clivejothis package seems to provide that23:03
clivejoIm just making skeleton packaging to see if it works23:04
santa_and d you have kgantt packaged?23:04
santa_* do you23:04
santa_you say it's suposed to be provided by kdiagram, right?23:05
acheronukthe eventview devs switched to building with kdiagram for some reason https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=eventviews.git&a=blobdiff&h=4ae046296e4863b8a2af003c3da5d05e3014473d&hp=6ec8aeb705da8876bac5a796735dc18b009ff472&hb=b8ba0ff8aecd28e97d603bf659cf1c8a0191e291&f=CMakeLists.txt23:09
clivejosanta_: yes, its building two libs23:11
clivejokchart and kgantt23:11
acheronukthe 16.08 branch of eventviews still uses the old KF5KDGantt2. so far23:12
acheronukso that shoudl be fine I hope23:12
tsimonq2santa_: kde-baseapps23:14
tsimonq2santa_: kubuntu_unstable23:15
tsimonq2santa_: so don't touch until I'm done please :P23:15
santa_tsimonq2: I don't have git perms yet, just want to know what are you doing23:15
tsimonq2oh k :)23:16
santa_tsimonq2: so it's the enable_debianabimanager.diff what is failing right?23:17
tsimonq2ahhhhhhhh *pulls hair out*23:19
tsimonq2clivejo: can you please lend me a hand?23:19
clivejothats the Debian ABI Manager23:21
clivejobasically it added a line or two to the CMakeLists.txt file23:22
clivejodownload the source and see whats changed23:23
clivejoits probably just line numbers23:23
tsimonq2I tried...23:24
tsimonq2I'll try again...23:24
acheronukthat's not the only patch in the series that will fail ;)23:25
tsimonq2acheronuk: we'll get there when we get there... :P23:26
acheronuk dpkg-source -i --before-build kde-baseapps23:27
acheronukdpkg-source: info: applying enable_debianabimanager.diff23:27
acheronukdpkg-source: info: applying enable_dlrestrictions.diff23:27
acheronukdpkg-source: info: applying kubuntu_folderview_livecd_directory.diff23:27
acheronukdpkg-source: error: LC_ALL=C patch -t -F 0 -N -p1 -u -V never -E -b -B .pc/kubuntu_folderview_livecd_directory.diff/ --reject-file=- < kde-baseapps/debian/patches/kubuntu_folderview_livecd_directory.diff gave error exit status 123:27
acheronukcan't find file to patch at input line 1023:27
santa_tsimonq2, acheronuk: how can I download the source package?23:28
santa_or just the orig.tar.xz23:28
acheronukthere are snapshot links for .bz2 etc on kde quickgit, or you can do a shallow clone from git and tar it yourself23:30
clivejosanta_: from unstable PPA23:32
clivejosanta_: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+packages?field.name_filter=kde-baseapps&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=23:33
clivejoie https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+files/kde-baseapps_16.04.3+p16.10+git20160802.0908.orig.tar.xz23:34
acheronukclivejo: that would be the last source it managed to patch OK though?23:34
acheronuknot the newer source snapshot that is failing to patch23:34
clivejoah yes23:35
santa_yeah, I got the last one which was built23:35
santa_(which works)23:35
santa_gona clone from kde git then if nobody has a better suggestion23:36
santa_how are you guys doing it?23:36
acheronukthe workspace build directory on KCI also contains that last snapshotted source I think? 23:36
acheronukbut you need to log in to get to that?23:37
clivejothis is true23:37
tsimonq2aaaargh I need help23:38
santa_I don't have access to that23:38
acheronuksanta_: that was more for tsimonq2 23:39
acheronuktsimonq2: what is the trouble23:40
tsimonq2acheronuk: I can't get this stupid thing to build23:40
tsimonq2acheronuk: everything I try doesn't work23:40
tsimonq2acheronuk: I tried to recreate the patch23:40
tsimonq2acheronuk: I tried to do it locally, works fine23:41
tsimonq2acheronuk: I'm struggling23:41
acheronuktsimonq2: so that patch applies locally with quilt, but doesn't when you try to built the source package?23:42
tsimonq2acheronuk: I can build the source package fine locally23:43
acheronukagainst what source? as it should fail on other patches in the series, even if you fix the first one23:45
tsimonq2acheronuk: I'll try grabbing that git repo then23:53
santa_tsimonq2: in your local stuff, can you paste the output of "quilt pop -a && quilt push -a"?23:55
tsimonq2FINALLY I can locally reproduce it23:59
santa_tsimonq2: passing an option to fail on fuzz I presume23:59

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