brandanwhen my laptop goes into lock mode and then I log back in I can't see the mouse cursor00:02
ddhhi have the same problem, did a workaround by deactivating the lock mode00:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1568604 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Xenial) "Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics" [High,Confirmed]00:04
brandanwhat's the fix00:04
brandangiveme a command to run00:05
brandanor something00:05
brandansomeone said if I use lightdm instead of whatever lubuntu it get fixed00:11
ddhhyou can go to options->energy management->security and set light-locker to "never"00:11
Unit193LightDM *is* the default. :P00:11
brandanno it isn't00:12
brandanlightdm is what ubuntu uses00:12
brandannot lubuntu00:12
Unit193Please state your source, then.00:13
Unit193http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/xenial/release/lubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.manifest - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/lubuntu.xenial/view/head:/core#L2700:15
brandanUnit193: believe whatever you want00:21
Unit193...Dude, I just showed you the contents of the ISO and the Lubuntu seed.00:22
Unit193You can uninstall light-locker and use xscreensaver though.00:22
krytarikbrandan: Just different greeters - if that's what you're thinking of.00:25
brandanI dunno00:28
brandanI don't fuck around with this stuff on daily basis00:29
Unit193Please keep it family friendly in here though.00:35
ddhh@Unit193: thx for the hint with uninstalling light-locker and adding xscreensaver. good to be able to use screen-locking again :)00:36
Unit193ddhh: Sure, though that's just a workaround.  I'm hoping the driver gets SRU'd to actually fix the problem soon.00:37
ddhhUnit193: well still better than deactivating light-locker at all (as i had before)00:39
Kamilionbrandan: lightdm most certainly IS the default for lubuntu. I have to disable it.01:16
Kamilionalso, it's a good idea to add RestartSec to it, otherwise when you have problems with Xorg, the screen just rapidly flickers as system restarts the display over and over.01:18
JustAnotherIdiotmy wallpaper isn't showing, nor is the desktop icons04:30
JustAnotherIdiotwhen I expand a window it goes below the toolbar04:31
Unit193I'm presuming pcmanfm (--desktop) isn't running?04:31
JustAnotherIdiotI think I changed the default file manager to nautilus04:32
JustAnotherIdiotor something04:32
Unit193Mmmmmmm, nautilus likes to take over the desktop.  pcmanfm is the file manager and the desktop.04:33
Unit193Alrighty then.04:36
JustAnotherIdiotUnit193: what about, when I expand a window it goes below the toolbar04:37
Unit193I seem to remember something along those lines and a setting in openbox, but that might be too high rather than too low.04:40
JustAnotherIdiotUnit193: how would I fix it?04:46
DanKegelGentlemen!  I installed https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org/xenial/lubuntu-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img.xz.torrent onto a Raspberry Pi 3.  Works great; unlike the image from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi/RaspberryPi3, it survives multiple boots.04:50
DanKegelBut there's a catch: it's missing the include file <sys/cdefs.h>.04:50
Unit193JustAnotherIdiot: Look in panel settings →  advanced for something like 'Reserve space, and not covered by maximized windows'04:51
DanKegelsys/cdefs.h should be in a package like libc6-dev-armhf, but that doesn't exist :-(04:51
DanKegelGuess I'll report it at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker04:53
JustAnotherIdiotthat worked04:54
JustAnotherIdiotUnit193: I installed a dark gtk theme. the digital clock has a black font. how can I change it to white or something?05:05
Unit193Dark themes are fun, moreso with a forever breaking GTK3.  You try Numix?  It's somewhat dark.05:06
DanKegelfun fact:  echo '#include <features.h>' | gcc -E -   works.  So maybe the problem is in the package I'm building...05:07
JustAnotherIdiotUnit193: so there isn't a way to change the text color?05:18
JustAnotherIdiotoh well05:19
Unit193Doesn't mean you can't.05:20
JustAnotherIdiotit is open source05:23
JustAnotherIdiotthere is a easy way05:24
JustAnotherIdiotty google05:24
JustAnotherIdioti dunno05:32
mark__Lubuntu 16.04.1: when i click Preferences->Customize Look and Feel, then click Window Border, Title Bar, then click in the Button order line edit the cursor blinks: is it possible to globally stop cursor blink in Lubuntu or LXDE?07:15
greg___Hey, sorry to bother, my HDD died yesterday so I installed SLAX on a pen to boot from liveusb and use ram only. its my first time with linux and i cant understand anything, so i wanted to change to lubuntu since its more documented. how can i do that i have 0 knowledge in linux and cant even install a application18:16
Matt-__hey. does anyone know if its possible to get screenlet for lubuntu? i tried googling and following some guides but i guess theyre a bit outdated18:34
developer32hi can someone help me?20:35
developer32hi chunkyz20:36
developer32!!! no one is listening me :(20:37
developer32can anyone hear me?20:37

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