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lordievadervalorie: That is the only true way to use IRC :p10:15
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cknavigatorHello. I don't know if this is the right channel but I could use some help. After some trial and error, I think I found the cause of a bug with Ubuntu (reproducible in both 16.04 and 16.10). What should I do? I don't have experience reporting bugs. Please redirect me to the right channel if that's offtopic here.22:59
valoriecknavigator: can you say more about the bug?23:01
valoriehere is fine23:01
cknavigatorYes. Basically I was trying to boot Ubuntu Live USB on a laptop (AMD CPU and GPU) and it would never go past the Ubuntu logo screen into the live session.23:01
cknavigatorIt would work on other machines but not this one23:02
cknavigatorI tried everything - nomodeset, changing pendrives, images, etc23:02
cknavigatorThen I came to the conclusion the problem was due to an existing btrfs partition23:02
cknavigatorfrom a openSUSE Installation23:02
cknavigatorI now delete this partition and Ubuntu boots23:03
cknavigatorboth 16.04 and 16.1023:03
valoriethat's a tough one to assign23:03
valorieI guess I would guess lightdm23:04
valoriethe easiest way to file a bug is via the commandline: `ubuntu-bug lightdm`23:04
valoriethat way apport will auto-collect relevant info and upload it for you to launchpad23:05
valorieif it is filed against the wrong package, the devels will move it23:05
cknavigatorWhen I boot Ubuntu with the nomodeset parameter, I could see on the black screen some text related with btrfs, this is how I eventually related the issue with the presence of the btrfs partition. I took a partition of that text, perhaps it contains useful info?23:07
cknavigator* a picture of that text23:07
valorieyes, you can attach at some point in the bug filing process23:08
valorieit's a bit cumbersome, but so necessary23:08
cknavigatorHowever, do I need to recreate the btrfs partition to report the bug? or can I just run 'ubuntu-bug lightdm' from this live session?23:10
cknavigatorHere's the picture if anyone is interested http://imgur.com/a/X8Ijh23:11

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