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elachechepong Kilos08:29
Kiloshelloooo africa08:32
Kilosmorning elacheche im going past there on the 30th08:32
Kilos2 hours in abu dabi on my way to aus08:33
elachecheHey! Great! :) I wish happiness  :) :)08:38
elachecheNa3iL: I got a legend "Achievements" in codingame x)15:22
Kiloswell done15:23
Na3iLhahaha elacheche I knnew that you can do it :D15:23
Kiloshi Na3iL15:23
Na3iLKilos, hello :D15:23
Na3iLHow are you today15:23
Kilosok ty and you?15:23
Na3iLokay as well15:24
elachecheL00L.. I'm not a genius, just find a way to get that with a trick that the game devs didn't think about x)15:24
elachecheInfact it's like cheating, but legal one as it's not my fault :p15:25
Na3iLhahaha x)15:25
elachecheSo officially I solved a game using every possible language they offer x)15:29
Na3iLlol xD thats amazing! you are going to be dev guy! :D15:30
elachecheloool.. I bet that when you'll findout what I did that you'll be laughing very high and saying what a dammy x)15:31
Na3iLhahaha xD15:35

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