dholbachhey hey07:04
Kiloshi dholbach svij and others08:36
dholbachhi Kilos08:44
tsimonq2o/ Kilos and dholbach08:45
dholbachhi tsimonq208:45
tsimonq2o/ czajkowski, how are you?08:47
czajkowskinot bad thanks you/08:51
czajkowskiheading to london for the day for work08:51
tsimonq2great czajkowski :)09:03
Kiloshi tsimonq209:07
Mister_Qdholbach I emailed Jess about the comments and questions and we have to discuss some of that on next weeks meeting09:51
dholbachcool, thanks09:52
Mister_Qdholbach will you be on next weeks meeting? dpm is still on vacation then09:56
dholbachI'm not sure yet - I'm quite busy with dpm being away09:56
dholbachis there anything super important I could help with?09:57
Mister_Qno, it should be enough if I will write up our summary and decisions and send it to you09:58
dholbachok cool - let me know if there's anything which needs my input or of anyone else and I can help09:59
Mister_Qwill do09:59
tsimonq2o/ Mi10:07
Mister_Qo/ ts10:08
svijo/ ts Mi10:09
tsimonq2o/ svij10:09
tsimonq2home alone, just made myself some homemade mashed potatoes, tastes great :D10:10
tsimonq2although I stubbed my toe a little bit on the milk I think10:13
tsimonq2(reason why I mentioned being home alone is the fact that I don't have to share :P)10:15
popeydid you stub your toe on a cow?10:18
Kiloshi guys10:19
tsimonq2popey: no, because that would be utterly terrible10:52
tsimonq2I know so many cow puns, there were only 8 8th graders last year and that was a running joke we had, cow puns :P10:52
tsimonq2we really did milk out all the cow puns we could ;)10:53
tsimonq2popey: cow puns got so cheezy ;)10:54
tsimonq2should I moooooooove on from them now? :P10:55
dholbachdavidcalle, mhall119, popey: team call?15:03
dholbachor do we skip?15:03
dholbachall right - I call it a day - have a good one everyone!16:06
Kiloscheers dholbach16:06

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