dufluMorning hikiko05:50
hikikohi duflu05:50
dufluIt must be morning somewhere05:50
hikikohere :)05:50
dufluI suspected as much05:51
TrevinhoGood morning!07:10
seb128good morning desktopers07:16
seb128hey Trevinho07:16
hikikohey seb128 Trevinho07:22
* desrt yawns07:22
hikikoand desrt :)07:22
seb128hey hikiko07:22
seb128hey desrt07:22
desrthello hikiko and seb128 and maybe also Trevinho :)07:22
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Laneysaulton homoj08:04
seb128howdy Laney!08:04
Laneyhey seb12808:05
Laneyhow are you?08:05
seb128good! you?08:05
Laneyblue sky is back08:05
seb128did you recover from your neck injury btw?08:05
Laneyseems better08:06
seb128it's 19°C grey and raining here :-/08:06
Laneyi went climbing on monday and it didn't get bad again08:06
Laneyso fingers crossed08:06
seb128don't cross the fingers too much while climbing, might give you a less good grip :p08:06
Laneyseb128: can you promote https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wayland-protocols/+bug/1607753 please?08:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 1607753 in wayland-protocols (Ubuntu) "[MIR] wayland-protocols" [High,Fix committed]08:59
seb128Laney, done09:07
seb128hey andyrock, how are you?09:23
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Laneyreally good it seems!09:29
seb128he's probably making some pizza with Trevinho09:34
andyrockhehehe I'm not sprinting with Trevinho anymore XD09:40
TrevinhoEh... Yeah.. They were good times09:54
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willcookewifi now doesnt work at all in the office for me11:20
willcookeseb128, same issue as I had at the hotel ^ :(11:20
willcooketime to change the wifi card again I think11:21
Laneyjbicha: Want to review a gnome-session 3.20.2 package?11:26
Laneypwetty pwease11:26
LaneyI'm not sure about how the wayland stuff there goes together11:27
jbichaLaney: ok, I had been procrastinating doing that update11:28
Laneyjbicha: something (gnome-shell?) ends up wanting it now11:28
Laneypushing in 5 minutes11:28
Laneyneed to freshen the changelog11:28
jbichaLaney: there's some issues with ssh-agent but I don't know if newer software version fixed it https://bugs.debian.org/80470311:36
ubot5Debian bug 804703 in gnome-keyring "gnome-keyring: The race with SessionManager initialization" [Normal,Open]11:36
Laneyjbicha: for Ubuntu that's all in systemd now, would be worth testing for you11:38
* Laney makes a note to update session-migration11:38
jbichahmm, ssh is working fine for me today so I dunno11:43
Laneyjbicha: ok, pushed11:43
jbichaonboard doesn't do well with wayland :(12:04
jbichaLaney: looks good, built and seems to run fine with GNOME and GNOME on Wayland12:17
Sweet5harkheya, all! LibreOffice 5.2.0 is out! As a snap too!12:21
seb128willcooke, that's an annoying one :-/ Did you ever end up testing on a live image?12:23
jbichaSweet5hark: +112:23
seb128Sweet5hark, well done!12:23
Laneyjbicha: nice, thanks13:22
Laneyone of the new things in there is proper journal logging13:24
seb128we might want to look a gnome-logs again this cycle!13:32
Laneyglib got some stuff too13:33
Laneydidn't look at it yet13:33
seb128what does it change?13:34
Laneylogging apis for the journal13:34
seb128makes things listed with the name of the app that print them?13:34
Laneyyou can do structured stuff too13:34
seb128because we sort of already had everything !upstartjob going to the journal it seems13:34
seb128at least every time I lookd for some log I find them there already in xenial13:34
Laneyfrom gnome-session?13:35
Laneythat gets nicer with 3.2013:35
Laneyand then app authors can use the new apis to do it nicer still13:35
seb128ah, that has to do with the catalog thing13:36
seb128I was just reading a bit about that earlier13:36
seb128they added access to it in snappy's log-observer interface13:37
* seb128 has gnome-logs snapped worked under strong confinement with that13:37
ximionLaney: compiling asgen with LDC shows some interesting performance differences...13:47
ximionin general it looks like gdc creates much faster code (with a few exceptions where LDC beats GDC by a large margin) - the more recent druntime version of LDC apparently also reduces the memory usage a lot13:48
ximionall in all, annoying: you apparently can't get all the good things :P13:48
willcookeseb128, @ live image - yeah, same issue.  Must be hardware related14:18
seb128looks like it14:18
willcookesome odd combination of this card and whatever we use for wifi access points.  Works "fine" at home14:20
Laneyximion: so sticking with gdc?14:25
ximionLaney: I am thinking about it - GDC has better optimizers, but also a terribly old standard library and runtime14:26
ximionI need to do proper benchmarks on this14:26
seb128yeah :-/14:26
ximionmaybe the speed advantages and disadvantages cancel each other out ^^14:26
ximionon my (more powerful) development system, I don't notice much of a difference14:27
ximionall effects I saw were on the slower deployment machine14:27
ximionLaney: what's missing for Ubuntu to use asgen?14:29
Laneylangpack and translation14:30
ximionuh, things I don't know much about...14:30
Laneyyou know about translations14:30
Laneyit's the same in debian14:30
ximionGLib has all the functions necessary to read .mo files though :)14:30
Laneywill do it once gnome 3.20 is pushed in14:31
ximiongreat :)14:40
ximionI just added some code to reduce the statistics bloat a little14:40
ximionin a more distant future, we could simply cut of the data after a certain point in time14:41
Laneyyou can compress it14:45
Laneylike rrd does14:45
jbichaLaney: you remember how we built webkit yesterday? well someone bumped the libwebp soname today16:30
Laneytoo busy crying over ssh-agent16:32
jbichaI rebooted and ssh-agent isn't cooperating here either16:34
jbichaI guess I unfortunately caught it at a good moment earlier16:35
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seb128time for some tennis here, bbl16:39
Laneyjbicha: seems like it's a borked zshrc for me16:45
jbichayou don't use bash?16:45
Laney<- hipster16:45
jbichaok, I'm using bash and I seem to have the ssh-agent bug now but I didn't earlier today16:46
jbichabut the Debian bug report said there was a race so that may be why it works some times16:48
Laneythere's a bug in the new gpg-agent.service16:48
Laneythis is systemd user stuff16:48
Laneyit combined with a bug in my zshrc16:49
Laneyto make a second ssh agent get started16:49
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kyrofaAh, I love the new scrollbars in xenial. So much better than 14.0422:50

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